Staples Hyken Vs Ikea Markus: A Detailed Comparison of 2022

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: May 10, 2022

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Gaming enthusiasts often ask, Staples Hyken Vs Ikea Markus, which is the best? Surprisingly, I hear the same question from people looking for an ergonomic office chair. To determine the best, it’s vital to know what features set these chairs apart. 

The main difference between the Staples Hyken Vs Ikea Markus is in their design. The Staples Hyken features more adjustable parts, such as armrests and seat height. The Ikea Markus, on the other hand, is more durable and ideal for tall guys who don’t mind chairs with non-adjustable armrests. 

It’s hard to settle on which one to buy just by reading the above. So, I’ll take the load off your shoulders and share both the similarities and differences that these chairs feature so you won’t make a rushed decision and regret it hours later. 

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Staples Hyken Vs Ikea Markus: What Sets Them Apart?

Like our thumbprints, each chair is unique in design and general features. It’s this uniqueness that makes one chair better than the other. So, Ikea Markus vs Staples Hyken, what are their selling points?

STAPLES Hyken Technical Task (Black, Sold as 1 Each) -Adjustable Breathable Mesh Material Provides Lumbar, arm and Head Support, Perfect Desk Chair for The Modern Office

Let’s find out. 


Staples Hyken Chair Group In Office
Staples Hyken Office Chair

Frankly, an ergonomic chair that features many adjustment parts may not feature a high quality like one without. Obviously, the more there are moving parts in a chair, the more prone it is to breakages.

I mean, the Ikea Markus has minimal adjustable parts. As such, this chair is likely to last longer than the Staples Hyken. 

Indeed, the warranty says it all. While Markus has a warranty of 10 years, its companion, Hyken, has a seven years warranty. Besides, the polyurethane is resistant to wear and tear, thus prolonging the life of your chair. 

What’s more?

Due to the polyurethane material, Ikea Markus is resistant to fungus, mold, and mildew. That’s not the best part, though! So, what’s the best? Ikea Markus is resistant to grease, water, and oil. So, you shouldn’t worry about cleaning this chair. 


You don’t need a prophet to interpret this for you – the longer the warranty, the more the chair is likely to last! Therefore, since Ikea Markus has a longer warranty, it definitely has a longer lifespan and is of better quality than the Hyken. 

Seat Comfort

Based on how you’re using the chair, Staples Hyken Vs Ikea Markus may be comfortable. But so you know what fits you, here’s what you must know. The primary difference between Staples Hyken vs Ikea Markus is that the Staples Hyken seat is made of a breathable mesh material, while the Ikea Markus is made of soft and comfortable polyurethane foam that is generously padded.

While mesh material is ideal for hot offices as it prevents butts and back sweating, it can be a pain to spend more than 6 hours on such a chair.  

Firstly, note that this mesh isn’t elastic, nor is it soft. As such, when you lean back or sit on the chair, your body is likely to demand constant breaks from the harsh mesh. 

When you sit on it, the polyurethane found on the Ikea Markus chair feels like a mother’s love for her newborn because it has strong bonding properties. 

But wait, there’s something I love about the Staples Hyken — while the Markus has a great seat material, it lacks a waterfall design, which the Hyken features.

Consequently, your thighs are more friendly and comfortable while you sit on the Staples Hyken than you would on the Ikea Markus chair.


It’s a mixed bag! While the mesh material on the Hyken is uncomfortable for extended sitting hours, the waterfall edge is suitable as it allows your thighs to have a good blood flow.

Though Ikea Markus has a high-quality material that is breathable and friendly to your butts, your thighs, especially if you love crossing your legs while seated, may not thank you! 

Backrest Comfort

No products found.

The mesh on the Staples Hyken backrest extends to the headrest section, which is totally uncomfortable for your head. 

However, the Ikea Markus headrest features a soft polyurethane. Prolonged working hours may be unbearable because your back would feel like it’s leaning on hard metal. 

Besides, the fact that the mesh isn’t elastic also means that it doesn’t conform to your body.

That’s to say – you have to adjust instead of the chair adjusting so as to keep you comfy.  

While the Ikea Markus also features a mesh on the backrest, at least the headers and the lower back feature a soft, comfortable material. 


If you spend more than 8 hours on your office chair, I would suggest you avoid the Hyken model. Rather, consider the Ikea Markus chair because it has a soft, adaptable material and the headrest, as well as the lower back, are also well padded. 


Staples Hypken vs Ikea Markus features a huge difference in regards to adjustment because while Hyken’s armrests are adjustable, the Ikea Markus armrests aren’t. 

I would give the Hyken chair a rating of 90 percent when it comes to adjustment because, apart from the armrests, the seat height and tilt tension adjust easily. So, you can lower or increase the armrest height based on the position you want your arms to be at. 

Though you can remove the Ikea Markus armrests, the ability to adjust them would be highly appreciated. 

Thankfully, the tilt angle on the Ikea Markus is adjustable. In addition, the height and angle are equally adjustable, so you can find your perfect working or resting position.  


For a buyer looking for an ergonomic chair that adjusts, consider no other but the Staples Hyken chair. You might, however, pay more due to this feature, but you definitely need it if you sit for many hours. No one maintains one posture for more than one hour, do you?


Often, buyers care about the casters, but until you buy a chair that doesn’t move nor allow you to sit calmly, then you begin to know that casters are a vital part of any chair. So, between Hyken vs Markus, which one has high-quality casters? 

Ikea Markus has pressure-sensitive casters that allow for a maximum weight of 242.5 pounds. In addition, these casters, when you stand, the brakes get activated to prevent the chair from any further movement. 

When you sit, they get activated to allow you to move to any position. The Staples Hyken casters, on the other hand, are stronger and can handle a weight limit of 250 pounds.


If you are on the heavy side as far as weight is concerned, use the Staples Hyken chair, as their casters are strong. For a lighter person, the Markus is a good option.


Due to their difference in features, their price also differs, though not greatly. Here’s the thing: Staples Hyken is cheaper in that it costs less than $300. This price may differ based on where you buy the chair and which model you choose.

The Ikea Markus price, on the other hand, is a little high. Again, where you buy the chair determines the price range, too. Also, if you order the Ikea Markus leather model, you’ll pay more than you would if you ordered the mesh model. 


If your selection is based on the available features, consider the Staples Hyken chair model. Otherwise, the Ikea Markus would be ideal. 

Ergonomic Features

Hyken vs Markus has distinguished ergonomic features that make each model a better option over the other based on who is buying and why. Below are the features each chair possesses. 

STAPLES Hyken Technical Task (Black, Sold as 1 Each) -Adjustable Breathable Mesh Material Provides Lumbar, arm and Head Support, Perfect Desk Chair for The Modern Office
HeadrestAdjustable Non-adjustable 
ArmrestsAdjustable Non-adjustable 
Back TypeMeshedMeshed
Lumbar SupportNon-adjustable Non-adjustable 
Seat HeightAdjustable Adjustable 
CastersSupports heavy people (250 pounds) Supports not-so-heavy people (242.5 pounds)
QualityGreat quality, durable chairGreat quality, more durable
Chair Dimensions27 x 24 x 46 inches23.62 x 24.37 x 50.75 inches
Max. Weight capacity 250 pounds242.5 pounds
Product Weight28.22 Pounds47.8 pounds


If I were to guide you on which chair to buy based on its ergonomic features, I would definitely suggest the staples Hyken chair model. What’s more? It can hold more weight, and it allows you to adjust several parts for a better sitting posture. 

Hyken Vs Markus: Pros And Cons

Regardless of the model you pick, both the staples and Ikea Markus have some pros and cons. Below, I’ll discuss these models’ strengths and weak points based on my view. Have a look;

Markus: What I like

No products found.

Markus: What I don’t like

No products found.

Staples Hyken: What I like

STAPLES Hyken Technical Task (Black, Sold as 1 Each) -Adjustable Breathable Mesh Material Provides Lumbar, arm and Head Support, Perfect Desk Chair for The Modern Office

Staples Hyken: What I don’t like

Order Staples Hyken Chair Now!

Factors To Consider When Choosing Between The Hyken Vs Ikea Markus

Don’t just pick any model. As you’ve seen above, both chairs are uniquely designed. So, consider your budget, chair usage, durability, weight capacity, and floor type, among other factors, before making your order.

Let’s discuss these factors below. 


You only buy what you’ve budgeted for unless you have the ability to stretch a little more. If your budget is small and non-adjustable, the Staples Hyken may be your only available option. 

If you’re not in urgent need of the Markus chair, you could save a little more to have the right amount before making your order. 

Chair Usage

Who and how will you use the chair? Where will you use it? These are vital questions to ask yourself. Here’s why. For a chair that is required to hold a weight capacity of more than 224 pounds, the Markus would be ideal.
For a 250 pounds weight limit, the Hyken wins. Do also remember that your weight has a direct impact on the type of castors installed on the chair. A chair with a higher weight capacity has stronger casters than one that holds a smaller weight capacity.   


Definitely, a durable chair is worth investing in, such as the Ikea Markus chair. Needless to say, this is why it’s a little more expensive than its counterpart. A durable chair is good because it saves you money and the hustle of getting a new chair soon. So, avoid chairs that don’t last more than seven years. Better still, go for those whose lifespan is a decade or more. 

Floor Type

Is your floor carpeted, wooden, or tiled? Our floor type determines which casters are ideal for your chair. Based on your flooring, you may need hard nylon or metal for carpeted flooring.

On the other hand, nylon, neoprene rubber, and hard urethane casters are good for wooden flooring. 

For tiled flooring, though, thermoplastic rubber (TPR) wheels are ideal. So, to make your casters last long, consider your floor type before purchasing.


Is The Staples Hyken Comfortable?

From what I gather from most customers, Staples is a comfortable chair that allows good aeration to your back. With the numerous ergonomic features present, the Staples Hyken chair allows you to sit in a good position, thereby maximizing users’ comfort.

How Long Does The Ikea Markus Chair Last?

Since the chair’s warranty is about ten years, you wouldn’t expect the Ikea Markus chair to last for about ten years.
Probably, even longer when well taken care of. Besides, the seat padding is strong, so it won’t shrink after sitting on it every day, for more than 6 hours a day. Therefore, this is the best chair for buyers looking for durable, strong chairs. 

Is Hyken Headrest Removable?

Yes, the Hyken headrest is removable. So, if after you’ve assembled it, you feel it’s better not to have it, then simply remove it. However, since you’re the one assembling the chair, it would be a waste of time to assemble it and then remove it – just store it safely.

Is Markus The Best Chair?

Yes, Markus is the best chair for anyone looking for a chair featuring entry-level lumbar support. Also, if you are light in weight and with a good budget, Markus is a good chair to buy. 

Is The Hyken Chair Good?

Basing my answer on its price versus quality, I would say Hyken is a good chair. Its built quality is definitely worth it, and the available features are great. So, for a $300 price range, this is a good chair to add to your list. 

Parting Shot

Staples Hyken Vs Ikea Markus, which one do you want to buy based on the above comparison guide? If you’re not sure yet, I’ll help you decide. 

If you want a chair that is going to last long and that is sturdily built, please order the Ikea Markus model. It’s also ideal if you don’t weigh more than 242.5 pounds.

For a cheaper chair that features more adjustable options and can still hold a weight limit of 250 pounds, order the Hyken Staples model. Though it may not last for many decades, it’s worth its price.

Nonetheless, both models are good for their price and suitable for any office user looking for an ergonomic chair.


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