6 Best Chair Mat for L Shaped Desk – Top Picks

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: December 2, 2022

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Best Chair Mat for L Shaped Desk

Are your office chair casters destroying your floor? Have you tried to place a carpet under the casters, which got ruined? If your answer is affirmative, the solution is the best chair mat for L shaped desk.

A chair mat protects your floor from damage and makes your office chair glide smoothly as you roll the casters from one end of your desk to another.

However, there are hundreds of chair mats, especially on Amazon. But not all of them are suitable for your floor type and casters.

I’ve made a list of the six best chair mats to help enhance your comfort and productivity at work.

Continue reading as I make a well-detailed review of these products for your informed decision.

In this review, you’ll know the chair mat that’s perfect for your floor type, and there’s a buying guide to help you choose the right chair mat. So, let’s get started.

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Top 6 Picks For The Best Chair Mat For L Shaped Desk

1. ES Robbins Everlife Hard Floor Chair Mat- Best for Hard Floors

Shield your expensive floor with the ES Robbins Everlife chair mat. This mat is made explicitly for hard floors. You can use it on wood, laminate, and tile floors.


If you’re looking for a chair mat for hard floors, this is it. It’s thick and strong enough to protect your floor from damage, stains, and spills. You’ll fancy this mat because of its anti-skid back that helps it stay in place.

What I Like

 What I Don’t Like


The ES Robbins Everlife chair mat is the perfect mat for you if you want improved productivity at work. It glides nicely when you roll your office chair. It helps you enjoy your work without getting fatigued.

2. Workstation Desk Chair Mat: Best Vinyl Chair Mat for Carpet

If you’re looking for a chair mat for carpeted floors, I recommend the workstation desk chair mat. It’s a commercial-grade chair mat made with heavy-duty construction in mind. It holds up well and comes with a lifetime warranty.


This chair mat does an excellent job of protecting your carpet floor. It gives your office chair the latitude to roll around freely. It comes with molded grippers at the back to securely make the mat stay in place.

What I Like

 What I Don’t Like


This chair mat is the right fit for most workstations. The mat’s top is easy to clean, and the bottom secures it nicely.

3. ES Robbins Medium Pile Carpet Chair Mat: Best For Medium Pile Carpet

Improve the look of your office space with the ES Robbins medium pile carpet chair mat. It stays in place firmly, and it’s mild on carpets. Gliding on and off the chair mat is impressive.


This chair mat for corner desk offers great comfort for everyday office usage. It also provides exceptional floor protection for medium pile carpets and comes with instructions for easy unrolling.

What I Like 

 What I Don’t Like


I won’t recommend this chair mat for everyday usage because it’s incredibly soft and thin. It cannot stand intense pressure. It’s good for occasional use, though.

4. Realspace L-shaped Workstation Chair Mat: Best for Durability

Extend the life of your carpet with the Realspace L-shaped workstation chair mat. It’s expensive to install a new carpet. So, using this mat on your floor means considerable savings in the long run.


This L-shaped chair mat is solid and durable. It holds up well under pressure. It’s the ideal chair mat for a medium pile carpet floor.

What I Like

 What I Don’t Like


This chair mat makes an excellent investment for your office floor. It offers superior carpet protection with impressive functionality and performance. In terms of durability, it’s the best chair mat for L-shaped desk.

5. Lorell L-workstation Medium-Pile Chair Mat: Best Value for Money

The Lorell L-workstation chair mat makes a good choice if you want to increase your workspace’s comfort. It’s the perfect chair mat for L-shaped desk configurations.


This is a chair mat with a studded back to keep the mat in place on various carpet floor styles. The studded back makes for easy gliding on and off the chair mat, thereby preventing the build-up of tension in your body.

What I Like

 What I Don’t Like


This superb chair mat doesn’t move the underlying carpet when you glide on it. It means the chair mat isn’t going to give you any stress. This makes it the right mat for improved office comfort and performance.

6. PVC Floor Mat for L-shaped Desks: Budget Pick

The PVC chair mat is constructed with the best protection. It stands durable and robust since it’s made with durable plastic PVC. It’s made solid to withstand rugged use.


This chair mat is well studded. The stud on the underside of the mat keeps it locked in place. This guarantees the effortless gliding of your chair casters on it. It’s the darling of many because it’s budget-friendly, too.

 What I Like

 What I Don’t Like


The quality of this chair mat is fantastic. Its universal fitment for most L-shaped desks is excellent. Casters glide hitch-free on the chair mat. It means you can work comfortably without stress. It’s highly recommended.

What to Consider When Choosing a Chair Mat for L Shaped Desk?

Now, let’s look at the factors to consider when looking for the best chair mat for L-shaped desk.

Size and shape

 It’s not a wise decision to just pick a chair mat without first measuring the space where you want to place it. You also need to check the mat’s shape to determine if it will fit the space you have in mind.

Flooring type

It will amount to an error of judgment if you purchase a chair mat without knowing your type of flooring. This is because different chair mats are made for different floor types.

The floor types include carpet floors and hard floors. The hard floors comprise wooden, laminate, and tile floors.

So, always choose a chair mat specifically made for your floor type if you care about the durability and sturdiness of the mat. If you have a carpeted floor, go for a chair mat made for carpet floors and vice versa.


Color is another thing you have to consider when purchasing a chair mat. Choose a transparent or clear chair mat if you want your floor visible.

You can choose a black vinyl chair mat if you have a damaged floor to conceal. To add color to your office space, choose a colored chair mat.

Chair casters

Chair casters are another critical consideration that many people overlook when purchasing a chair mat. Your caster type determines the longevity of your chair mat.

Also, chair casters made of steel will destroy your chair mat in no time. So, plastic chair casters help to extend the life of your chair mat.


Why Do Office Chair Mats Have Lips?

A chair mat lip is an extended part of the mat under the table or desk. You need a chair mat with a lip if you constantly move your office chair close to your desk.
Most chair mats with lips are rectangular. When you roll your office chair close to the desk or table, a part of the caster goes under the desk.
If your chair mat doesn’t come with a lip, there’s a chance that the small part under the desk that’s not covered by the chair mat may be damaged by one of the chair casters.
A chair mat with a lip helps protect the carpet or floor under the desk from damage. It also allows you to move smoothly without the caster touching the floor. You can place your feet on the chair mat’s lip to avoid cold feet.
So, if you care about your expensive flooring or carpet, you need a chair mat with a lip to effectively protect your investment.

Do Chair Mats Work on Any Type of Flooring?

No, a chair mat doesn’t work on any floor type. Every chair mat is made for a specific floor type. It means a chair mat made for a carpeted floor cannot be used on a hard floor and vice versa.


You can’t go wrong with a chair mat if you want to protect your floor from damage or spills. A chair mat helps extend the life of your floor and improves your comfort at work.

Always make sure you choose a chair mat made for your floor type. Go for a mat with a smooth surface for easy gliding. Choose a chair mat with a studded back or grippers to make the mat stay in place securely.

Also, follow the buying guide I’ve provided above to choose the best chair mat for L shaped desk. You’ll indeed find a model that meets your needs from the list.


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