12 Best Drafting Chair To Buy in 2022

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: December 30, 2021

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Best Drafting Chair To Buy

Are you an artist, architect, or engineer? If yes, you’ve probably found yourself reaching across the table to access every corner of your design or drawing. If you happen to strain your back reaching every corner of the table, then you need the best drafting chair. 

With more table designs becoming popular, an office chair isn’t a feasible option. You need a quality drafting chair for comfortable sitting. A drafting desk chair is a versatile chair design to consider buying. 

The chair isn’t just for artists, contrary to popular beliefs. You can use this drafting chair for a standing desk or on the kitchen counter desk. Looking for a quality and functional drafting chair? 

Read through my extensive drafting chair reviews to make a wise and informed decision.

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Review For The 12 Best Drafting Chair Ever

1. Herman Miller Aeron Drafting Stool

The Herman Miller drafting stool is an ergonomic design stool. The stool features a sleek design to look great. It’s a high-end chair that creates a professional-looking office.

The stool comes with height-adjustable lumbar support for optimal lower back support. It’s a unique stool that adds a greater height range for wide table accessibility.


The Herman Miller stool is an international brand that creates a feeling of wealth and luxurious feeling. It’s a premium chair for individuals looking for the best comfort money can buy. See below why I like the chair even more!

What I Like

Pneumatic height adjustment: The Herman chair offers seamless height adjustment, which is a comfortable desk height seating. This also makes the stool versatile for multiple users.

Adjustable lumbar support: The lumbar support also adjusts by moving up and down to ensure optimal support. It also features two firmness settings for custom lower back support.

Adjustable arms: You also get to adjust the arms up and down and sideways. The arms provide a comfortable platform to rest your arms.

What I Don’t Like

Price: While it’s a high-end chair with exciting features, the cost is also too high.

What the Customers Are Saying About It

Most customers love the chair and call it a great value for money. Here is a review from one customer. “I doubted the chair at first because of the price. The chair didn’t disappoint and was worth every penny.”

It’s a high-end drafting table chair that enhances office décor.


There is nothing to lose buying the Herman Miller chair. The chair works as described with superior comfort and great aesthetics. Despite the high price, it’s a decent chair to consider buying. Order it today!

2. Flash Furniture Mid-Back Transparent Black Mesh

The Flash Furniture is an adjustable drafting stool that gets the best out of your working space. It accommodates different seating heights hence comfortable sitting.

The chair also features a transparent and breathable back for keeping cool and dry. Its arms also flip up and down for ergonomic support.



This is a top-notch chair with a higher seat range to suit different working conditions. It’s a unique chair designed for creative professionals, engineers, and artists for enhanced back support. 

The chair ensures you sit and work in the most comfortable position. That’s not all!

What I Like

Waterfall front seat edge: It features a waterfall front seat edge to reduce pressure on your thighs due to extended working hours. Furthermore, this enhances your circulation to the legs.

Multiple adjustments: The draftsman chair also boasts multiple adjustments for custom seating. It features the synchro-tilt that lets you recline at different angles.

Breathable mesh material: A breathable mesh back allows for optimal airflow, therefore, keeping your back cool and dry. You get to work for longer without sweating during hot summer months.

What I Don’t Like

Flaking paint: The gold paint finish looks great but does scratch and flake with age.

What The Customers Are Saying About It

Most customers love the chair and call it a great chair for the price. The setup is pretty easy, with assembly taking less than 40 minutes.

Overall, it’s a great chair for stand-up desks getting most customers working at the perfect desk height.


I definitely recommend this mesh drafting chair despite a few negatives. It’s a decent pick with exciting features to provide superior support. 

The chair ensures seamless switching from sitting to standing without fumbling with height adjustments.

3. Ergonomic Mid-Back Mesh Adjustable Drafting Chair

This is a drafting office chair with an adjustable mesh mid-back, thus superior lower back support. It’s an ergonomic chair that follows the human spine.

The chair fits the natural body curves reducing pressure points. It also features ample seat padding and easy seat height adjustments.


It’s a unique design chair that fits your body’s natural curves and ensures longer working hours. The chair’s streamlined shape ensures better body posture. It also boasts a premium and skin-friendly materials for safe use.

Below are more exciting details about the chair.

What I Like

Sturdy nylon base: It’s a stable chair with a large 27.5-inch nylon base. In addition, the chair comes with stable rolling casters, therefore, supports easy office movement.

Quality construction materials: The premium material upholstery ensures long-lasting use. They are also skin-friendly and breathable for comfortable and cool working conditions.

Speedy and easy assembly: You need just about 25 minutes or less to assemble the chair. There are fully detailed instructions and necessary hardware for immediate assembly.

What I Don’t Like

Plastic arms: The molded plastic arms don’t offer the best comfort. They need more padding to ensure optimal support.

What The Customers Are Saying About It

The customers agree that this is a quality chair with thick seat padding. While there are a few complaints about the chair arms, most consider it a great product for the price. Moreover, most were impressed with the easy assembly process.


I’m not saying you’ve found the most comfortable drafting chair. However, if you want a chair with great back and seat support, then consider this one today. It’s a functional and ergonomic design chair that suits different persons.

4. Flash Furniture Mid-Back Mesh Ergonomic Drafting Chair

The Flash Furniture drafting chair is another exciting choice with excellent ergonomic features. It’s a contemporary style chair for high-end offices.

The chair also features a tilt-lever and ventilated curved back for optimal comfort and support.


It’s a best-selling chair that offers customized comfort. You get to enjoy a full swivel seat, breathable back, adjustable lumbar support, and a height-adjustable chrome foot ring. That’s not all! There is more to this chair.

What I Like

Ventilated back: Your back fits perfectly on the chair because of the curved design. In addition, it’s also breathable, creating a cooling effect.

Tilt-lever: You can push the tilt-lever and enjoy a rocking motion. This is a great feature that gets you seated in multiple recline positions.

Full swivel seat: The seat also rotates 360 degrees allowing you to move in any direction. This, coupled with the adjustable seat height, ensures easy access to your table.

What I Don’t Like

Arms height: While the arms are supportive, they don’t adjust in height. This makes them easily bump into most desks when moving around.

What Are Customers Saying About It

Most customers on a tight budget call that chair a bargain and the real deal! It ticks in every box from assembly to comfort. In spite of a few issues about the arms not adjusting in height, the chair does work as promised.


If you want a truly ergonomic drafting chair, then this chair is a perfect choice. The chair is affordable and works as described. Save a lot and have a decent chair that serves you well.

Order it today and enjoy superior comfort.

However, if you want something more luxurious, continue reading.

5. Eurotech Seating Apollo Drafting Stool

The Eurotech stool is a simple yet stylish stool with ergonomic features. It’s a versatile stool with an adjustable seat height, waterfall seat edge, and width adjustable arms.

The chair also boasts swivel casters, therefore, seamless office mobility. It also features a footrest for optimal foot support.


The manufacturers of this chair have combined comfort, quality, value, adjustability, and breathability to design the chair. 

Moreover, the chair features a coordinated mesh back that matches most office decors. Here are more things about the chair.

What I Like

Breathable mesh back: The Eurotech drafting stool with back features a breathable cooling back. It allows for excellent ventilation, therefore, preventing excessive sweating and shirt sticking.

Waterfall seat edge: The unique waterfall seat edge slides your thighs gently, reducing pressure. You get to sit for longer without feeling numb on the legs.

Width and height arm adjustments: Lastly, the chair arms adjust in width and height. You can sit and relax your arms at the most comfortable angle.

What I Don’t Like

A little too high: While the chair adjusts in height perfectly, it doesn’t go low enough. This is the case, especially when typing or working on low-height desks.

What Are Customers Saying About It

Most customers that work on standing desks love and recommend the chair. They call it a great fit for anyone that sits and stands while working.

There are a few concerns about the minimum seat height. However, most customers like the chair and call it a quality buy.


Overall, this is an exciting drafting chair with arms to ensure optimal support and comfort. It’s a favorite stool that offers ergonomic support. Furthermore, the chair design is attractive and a great fit for home office use.

If you want a drafting chair that ticks all boxes, then consider buying it today!

6. Kaleurrier Adjustable Stools Drafting Chair

The Kaleurrier is an extra-large, ergonomic stool with a comfortable backrest and seat. It’s an adjustable height drafting chair that supports multiple seating positions. 

The chair seat and back are fully padded to ensure all-day comfort. It adjusts the seat height from 19.7 to 27.6 inches. Kaleurrier also features heavy-duty construction for durability.


Comfort, spacious and relaxation are what you can expect from this chair. By far, it’s the best ergonomic drafting chair with seamless height adjustments, back tilt, and 360-degree swivel. You also get to enjoy a spacious and well-cushioned seat.

 This is a thoughtful design chair that offers even more.  

What I Like

High-density sponge: The back and seat are fully supportive and comfortable due to the high-density soft sponge cushioning. Sit in a relaxed manner without any pressure points.

Multiple functions: It’s a versatile drafting table stool with a lifting seat height, swivel casters, and a tilting back. The Keleurrier chair also ensures you get through a busy day multi-tasking.

Heavy-duty aluminum base: This is a solid chair with a heavy-duty aluminum base. It, therefore, supports heavy persons weighing up to 350lbs. The solid structure also ensures maximum stability and safety.

What I Don’t Like

Flaring seat design: The seat edge design tends to flare with age, therefore, making the chair a little uncomfortable as it cuts into the legs.

What Are Customers Saying About It

“The chair is comfortable and easy to assemble. It took me only a few minutes,” said a customer. Overall, most customers say it’s a good-quality chair with great ergonomics.


It’s not the best drafting stool in the market, but one that offers great comfort. The stool ergonomics are great, making it suit different office workers. 

If you want a chair with a thick seat and back padding, then consider it today!

7. Boss Office Products Multi-Function Drafting Stool

The Boss Office drafting stool comes with a pneumatic gas lift, thus offering easy height adjustments. Additionally, the seat tilts and locks at different ranges.

It’s an ergonomic stool that provides perfect back support. The chair also features a sturdy nylon base for durability.



The Boss office chair design caters to comfort and productivity in the office. It’s practical, functional, and stylish too. The chair’s versatility offers excellent benefits to workers. 

What I Like

Back angle lock: The back angle lock allows the chair back to lock at specific angle ranges, thus ensuring safety. This is a great feature allowing different people to sit at varying angles, hence offering customized comfort.

Chrome-plated footrest: You can relax and rest your feet on the round chrome-plated footrest. Furthermore, the footrest is stylish and adds to the office’s beauty.

Durable upholstery: The leather drafting chair boasts some of the best quality upholstery. It’s upholstered in black LeatherPlus, therefore, good looking in any office.

What I Don’t Like

Armrest assembly: Despite a seamless assembly process, the armrests are difficult to attach. This is because of the short bolts.

What Are Customers Saying About It

Most customers agree that it’s a pretty nice drafting chair to use with a drafting table. With the exception of the armrests, the chair assembles fast in 5 minutes or less. It’s also solid and promises long-lasting use and durability.


Overall, this is a versatile chair with a wide range of seating positions. It’s a safe design chair that locks in place and ensures comfortable seating. If you’re looking for a solid yet highly adjustable drafting chair, then consider it right away.

8. Modway Attainment Vinyl Drafting Chair

The Modway is a stylish drafting chair with flip-up arms. It’s a versatile chair with a hydraulic seat height adjustment with ranges of 22.5 to 30 inches. The chair adjusts smoothly for standing or sitting desks.

In addition, the chair comes with a breathable mesh back to keep cool and generous padding for optimal comfort.


This is a tall drafting chair with arms to ensure optimal relaxation. It’s one of the few chairs to use for guitar practice, sewing, architecture drafting, and painting. 

Furthermore, the chair design adjusts effortlessly for standing or sitting desks. What else do you stand to benefit from this chair?

What I Like

Hydraulic seat adjustment: You get to enjoy a wide height range of 22.5 to 30 inches, therefore, comfortable desk height. The chair can be commonly seen in reception desks where receptionists see and greet guests while seated.

Flip-up arms: The chair fits nicely with drafting tables due to the flip-up arms. You can fit or flip the arms out of the way depending on your needs.

Lower back lumbar support: The drafting chair with lumbar support ensures excellent lower back support. What’s more, the lumbar support adjusts up and down for customized comfort.

What I Don’t Like

Pneumatic stem: The pneumatic stem tends to sink a few inches, thus making the chair sit lower.

What Are Customers Saying About It

One customer calls it a great buy that meets all his needs. Overall, the chair is highly rated and recommended. It’s comfortable and adjusts to ensure the perfect seating angle.


The Modway Attainment stool might not have everything you need in a drafting chair. However, it’s pretty decent and a great choice for people looking for wide seat height adjustments. This is a perfect receptionist office chair.

Order it today!

9. Office Star Deluxe Mesh Back Drafting Chair

The Office Star drafting chair ticks all boxes with an adjustable foot ring, pneumatic height adjustment, back adjustment, and breathable screen back. It’s a premium chair that fits most working spaces.

It also boasts durable caster wheels for easy mobility.


The Office Star chair is worth every penny because of features that ensure optimal support. It boasts built-in lumbar support to provide good lower back support. 

This is a chair that considers persons that sit for extended hours. Here are more exciting features and benefits.

What I Like

Adjustable footrest: This is a modern drafting chair with an adjustable foot ring. You can adjust the foot ring position to ensure your feet rest at the perfect height.

Breathable screen back and mesh seat: Enjoy superior airflow due to a breathable back and seat. This also makes the chair a great choice for use in the summer when temperatures are high.

Wheel carpet casters: The wheel carpet casters support easy mobility in the office. It’s one of the few chairs that glide smoothly on carpets.

What I Don’t Like

Lightweight plastic frame: The chair’s frame construction might not support heavy people for extended periods. This is because of the lightweight plastic frame.

What Are Customers Saying About It

Apart from the plastic frame, most customers love the chair. One customer calls it a perfect solution for a stand-up desk converter. Customers on a budget also love the price point and call it a bargain buy.


Make no mistake—this  is a perfect drafting stool with wheels to seriously consider buying. It’s a suitable choice for small petite persons. Order it now!

10. HON Volt SoftThread Leather Office Stool

The Hon Volt stool is a comfortable stool with smooth and SoftThread leather seats. It’s a stylish and comfortable chair for stand-up desks. The chair also features multiple ergonomic features for customized comfort.


The HON Volt is a surprisingly affordable architect desk chair to ensure superior support. 

The chair supports extended sitting hours. The stylish finishing and detailed stitching also create a professional and sharp office look. Wait, there is more.

What I Like

Extended height adjustment: It delivers extended seat height adjustment for a comfortable working position. You get to work at the ideal desk height.

High-quality materials: It also features the highest quality materials for durability and value. The SofThread leather and detailed stitching make the chair durable and long-lasting.

Ergonomic adjustments: Finally, you have a drafting chair that provides multiple adjustments for ergonomic support. This, coupled with the generous cushioning, makes the chair a pretty decent purchase.

What I Don’t Like

Price: The high-end features come at a cost. It’s expensive—therefore, make sure you have a decent budget.

What Are Customers Saying About It

Most customers call it a sturdy, attractive, and versatile chair with a wide range of motion. While there are a few complaints about the chair’s price, it’s worth every penny when you consider its features.


I recommend the chair for buyers that are willing to spend a little more for added comfort. The chair works perfectly and delivers optimal comfort and support.

So, order it right away!

11. Harwick Evolve All Mesh Drafting Chair

The Harwick is another heavy-duty drafting chair with ergonomic features for all-day comfort. This is a decent drafting chair with flip-up arms, hence relaxed sitting. It boasts a heavy-duty design supporting up to 325lbs.

There is built-in lumbar support to ease lower back pain.


Artists and lab technicians need a chair that gets them closer to the desk. And, this is exactly what the Harwich Evolve chair does. You can easily flip up the arms and move closer to the desk. 

It’s a versatile chair with more exciting features. Let’s have a look at some of them.

What I Like

Flip-up armrests: The chair’s armrests flip up and down, thus providing space for the chair to get closer or under the desk. You can also use the armrests at your convenience by flipping them.

Built-in lumbar support: It also eases lower back pain due to built-in lumbar support. Besides, the lumbar support adjusts with convenience to provide a great fit.

Duragrid black mesh: Get to enjoy a cooling back on hot summer days because of the breathable mesh back. The entire back supports good airflow reducing sweating and sticking.

What I Don’t Like

Price: While the chair is comfortable and sturdy, it’s expensive and only affordable if you have a bigger budget.

What Are Customers Saying About It

Most customers working for long hours call it a comfortable chair. Despite the high price, most customers were satisfied with the chair. It’s a little heavy but quite sturdy and supportive.


I agree the chair is expensive, but it’s worth every penny. If you’re the kind of person that doesn’t compromise when it comes to superior comfort, then order it right away.

However, if you want something more affordable, check other options in my review.

12. Modway Thrive Drafting Chair

The Modway Thrive chair is a tall office chair for standing desks. It’s a comfortable drafting chair with excellent ergonomic support. The chair adjusts in height and makes a perfect partner to standing desks.


The manufacturers call it a practical studio chair. It’s rightfully so! The simple and elegant design perfectly suits most working spaces. 

You can fit it anywhere due to the compact design. It’s a chair that energizes your office décor with bold colors.

Here are more benefits you can expect.

What I Like

Adjustable height: Easily adjust the seat height using the hydraulic lift. This is a decent feature that gets you working on different tables.

Passive lumbar support: There is excelling lumbar support, therefore, minimal lower back pain and spine pressure. You can also avoid fatigue despite sitting for several hours.

Stylish and sleek: It’s an attractive chair with a stylish and sleek design. The chair greatly enhances your office décor and leaves a good impression.

What I Don’t Like

Assembly: The assembly is moderately challenging since you have to pull and push while bolting.

What Are The Customers Saying About It

According to most customers, the chair was great, and it lasted. The seat cushion does go flat after use but nothing big. After all, it’s affordable and a great value for money.


It’s not the most suitable drafting chair but a decent choice when you’re on a tight budget. The chair feels comfy and supportive, especially when new. You might need to add some seat cushioning for extended use.

Things You Must Consider Before Buying Best Ergonomic Drafting Chair

There are various factors to consider when buying a drafting chair. The factors ensure you choose the most suitable chair possible. They include:


This is one of the main considerations in choosing an ergonomically designed chair. It should be comfortable enough for your body, especially if it will be used all day long. If not, then there’s no point having such a chair at home.


A good-quality chair must have strong materials that can withstand wear and tear over time. 


There are many chairs on the market today with different prices. Some may cost more than others, but this doesn’t mean they offer better features or comfort. 

So, before making any purchase, make sure you know what you want first. Then compare them based on their price range, so you get the right fit for your budget.


When shopping around for a new chair, don’t forget about its size. Most people prefer smaller-sized ones because they feel less cumbersome. 

However, bigger sizes also come with some advantages like being able to accommodate larger desks.


Another important factor to take into consideration is how much style you want from your chair. Do you want something modern-looking? Or do you just want a simple design without frills? These things depend entirely on personal preference.


As mentioned earlier, durability plays a big role in selecting a chair. But another thing to keep in mind is material type. 

For example, leather-based seats tend to last longer compared to plastic models. Also, look out for high-quality fabrics which won’t fade easily.

Adjustable Features

An adjustable feature allows users to adjust the height and tilt of the seat according to their needs. This makes it easier to use while working.


What Is A Drafting Chair?

A drafting chair is considered a hybrid between an office chair and a stool. It’s a chair designed to work on drafting tables by providing easy access to elevated surfaces.

Two main features that make drafting chairs stand out are the ring footrest and extended height range capabilities.

How Comfortable Are Drafting Chairs?

Drafting chairs are comfortable and can provide extended sitting hours. However, you don’t want to confuse them for being as comfortable as sofas.

Typically, most drafting chairs feature a cushioned seat and backrest. Some tend to have lumbar support for excellent lower back support.

Do Drafting Chairs Have Ergonomic Features?

Drafting chairs have ergonomic features to support working in elevated platforms. They feature seat height adjustment, 360-degree swivels, tilt tension mechanism, armrests, back recliner, and footrests.

What Is The Recommended Seat Height For Drafting Chairs?

The recommended seat height for drafting chairs is somewhere between 20 inches to slightly over 30 inches tall.

Last Words On Choosing An Architect Stool

Choose an architect stool that gives you the best ergonomic experience. If you’re sitting at elevated levels, consider an architect stool with a footrest for foot support. In addition, they need to be easy to clean as well.

Final Verdict

Well, that is it! I know choosing the best drafting chair can be quite a challenge. However, it’s a challenge you can manage when you know what you want. 

My review clearly shows you the top choices on the market and crucial features to consider.

It’s my hope you’ve found a chair that suits your needs. A drafting office chair offers a wide range of motion, making it a perfect choice for artists, engineers, and lab technicians.

Make sure you know your specific needs and choose one of these chairs right away. You can never go wrong buying a drafting office chair.


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