Steelcase Gesture Review: Why You Should Buy It Today!

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: March 23, 2022

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Steelcase Gesture Review

If a high budget is not something you worry about, your major concern is quality, keep reading. In today’s Steelcase gesture review, I’ll introduce a chair that has beaten the odds by offering armrests that adjust up to 360˚.

With a lifespan of about two decades, the gesture chair is a money-back investment that you can never regret. Thankfully, due to the high trust of their products, Steelcase gives you a warranty of 12 years from the day you buy it.

Better still is that you can adjust the seat until you get the comfort you want. The back is equally adjustable.

While there are a few things I didn’t like about this chair, what I liked was more. Let me walk you through this ergonomic chair.

Sale Steelcase Gesture Office Chair - Cogent: Connect Licorice Fabric, Medium Seat Height, Wrapped Back, Dark on Dark Frame, Lumbar Support
Sale Steelcase Gesture Office Chair, Licorice
Sale Steelcase Gesture Office Desk Chair with Headrest Plus Lumbar Support Cogent Connect Licorice 5S26 Fabric Standard Black Frame

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Is The Steelcase Gesture Worth It?

Steelcase Gesture Office Chair - Cogent: Connect Licorice Fabric, Medium Seat Height, Wrapped Back, Dark on Dark Frame, Lumbar Support

I would measure the worth of Gesture by its features and durability. Talking of its durability, of course, without exaggerating, Steelcase Gesture lasts up to 20 or more years. That’s two or more decades. During this time, you can easily clean to maintain its original color and appearance.

Secondly, among other adjustment options available on gesture, for example, the seat and backrest, armrests adjust up to 360 degrees. Quite a unique feature!

So, while the chair costs more than $1000, I would say the Steelcase gesture is worth it, especially if you spend long hours in the office or gaming. Also, if you have any special needs, like back problems, don’t hesitate to buy this chair.

Steelcase Gesture Review: Why is it Worth it?

My work has shot, and I need a bigger table to accommodate more gadgets. With such needs, a chair that would help me reach any gadget and operate it from its position is something I desperately needed. Not only does that save me time, but it also lowers the number of movements I make in my office.

 In return, I get less fatigued. I decided to do a detailed Steelcase gesture review to explain why this is the best match for you.

Rotating Arms (360 Degree)

Until you want to turn from one side to the other of your working table, you cannot fully understand how essential a rotating arm is. Most importantly, 360˚rotating arms. But does it matter anyway? Indeed, it does.

Rotating arms offer utmost support to your arms as you move your hands around the working area.

With Steelcase gesture, regardless of the angle of recline, the arms remain parallel to the working table. Consequently, you never suffer from Overuse Syndrome, which occurs due to the extended use of the computer.

Excellent Seat with Uncompromised Comfort

Steelcase Gesture Office Chair - Cogent: Connect Licorice Fabric, Medium Seat Height, Wrapped Back, Dark on Dark Frame, Lumbar Support

Long sitting hours increase pressure on things and butts. Not with this chair, though. Gesture seat is designed with you in mind. Around the perimeter, the seat tends to be flexible. As a result, when you sit, the seat bends slightly to minimize pressure on the thighs.

On the other hand, the cushion conforms to your body shape. This is possible due to the inbuilt air pockets. You’re likely not to notice that your working hours are over since your butts won’t hurt, not even for a minute.

Superb Back Support

A healthy spine equals long and happy life. Therefore, a seat that offers superb back support is key. To Gesture, every movement you make matters.

Hence, the seat offers 3D LiveBack TM Technology. Subsequently, the seat mimics your spine whenever you make any change in posture.


Steelcase Gesture Office Desk Chair with Headrest Plus Lumbar Support Cogent Connect Licorice 5S26 Fabric Standard Black Frame

While spending your money on an expensive seat may not be something you would want to do, the Steelcase gesture would prove you wrong. Here’s something to consider. Gesture seat offers 24/7 comfort, regardless of your height and weight.

Its wheels move on carpeted floors without any strain or breakage. That doesn’t mean that you must always use the chair on such floors. Not so. You can use the seat on any flooring you wish.

This, too, is a chair that is easy to clean and maintain since it is made of polyester, a durable and washable machine fabric.

You just need to know the right washing setting. Avoid hot water, too. Warm or cool water is a great choice.

So, whether you use the seat for 5, 10, 25, or 30 years, you can make it look new every day. Needless to say, frequent cleaning of your seat helps to maintain its original quality.

Ergonomic Seat

Steelcase Gesture Office Chair - Cogent: Connect Licorice Fabric, Medium Seat Height, Wrapped Back, Dark on Dark Frame, Lumbar Support

Besides the arms, Gesture has numerous seat adjustments, all aiming at offering utmost comfort. Take, for example, the recline lock can adjust in four different positions. Not only does this feature offer comfort, but it makes working stress-free regardless of where you’re working from or how long you’re working.

To accommodate users of different heights; the Gesture seat offers seat depth adjustment features, too.

The pneumatic height of the seat adjusts as per your current requirements. The same case applies to the recline tension.

The upholstered seat and back are wrapped to give the seat an appealing look. Such chairs give your office a remarkable appearance. To blend well with other assets in the office, gesture chair frames have a light color.

High-End Warranty

Even companies that clearly know their products are durable, most don’t dare to give a warranty of more than five years. That clearly sets Steelcase apart. Like earlier mentioned, the Steelcase Gesture seat has a warranty of 12 years.

Bearing in mind that gesture can carry a weight of 400lbs, 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, then this warranty is enough evidence that the brand offers high-end quality chairs.

No Assembling

Don’t assume everyone knows how to assemble, or it’s pretty easy as saying a, b, c. While it may be easy for some, it can be a hard nut to crack for others. Thanks to the gesture, it comes fully assembled.

Just unpack and sit. Probably what you might need to do is to adjust the seat and arms height so that it can accommodate your needs depending on your height.



Do you suffer from back pains due to long sitting hours? Are you working in a busy office where you have to use different devices?

Does your office work require constant body movement as you do different tasks? Steelcase Gesture is your number one chair.

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Where Is Steelcase Gesture Manufactured?

Steelcase Gesture is manufactured in Mexico. Due to this, some potential buyers think that this chair isn’t high-quality. Wrong!

How Comfortable Is Steelcase Gesture?

Though Steelcase Gesture doesn’t have a highly padded chair, it attained a score of above 80 percent for comfort. That’s to say, it offers the desired support to most of the people, and only a small percentage felt that the 2-inches thick pad needed some improvement.

Is Steelcase Gesture Better Than Leap?

While there is a close similarity between the two, Steelcase Gesture is better than leap. As a matter of fact, Gesture has a score of 91 percent, which is one point higher than the leap chair. Gesture offers better armrest and seat adjustment options.

Is Steelcase Gesture Good For Gaming?

Gesture seat was primarily manufactured for office work, like when using a computer. However, since the Steelcase gesture offers all the features a gaming chair should have, it’s definitely a great choice for gaming enthusiasts. Try it.

Does Steelcase Gesture Have Adjustable Lumbar?

Steelcase gestures have adjustable lumbar, but it all goes down to your preferences when making a purchase. Here’s what I mean.

You can buy a gesture that doesn’t feature an adjustable lumbar, or you can order the one without it. The price goes higher, though, if you order the one with adjustable lumbar as it also comes with better comfort.

How long does Steelcase Gesture last?

Given that you’re giving your chair the right care and maintenance services, Steelcase Gesture lasts for not less than two decades. In case anything happens and you need a replacement or repair, Steelcase takes care of that as long as it is within 12 years from the date of purchase. And of course, if you haven’t gone against the warranty requirements.

Even so, the warranty doesn’t cover the entire chair. It covers the vital components of the chair, for example, the gas cylinder.


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Bottom Line


Steelcase gesture review clearly offers a chair that is equal to none in regards to quality.  This is the chair that will serve you for years.

Bearing in mind that you cannot adjust the height, then this may not be your best match if you’re above 6’4 inches tall. Also, if you weigh more than 400lbs, then another chair would do you good.

Apart from that, every other person can use this chair. Furthermore, it’s an ergonomic chair that allows you to adjust the armrests, seat, and back to enhance comfort. With such features, though, Steelcase’s gesture needs a high budget.

So, if you have a high budget, consider buying this chair over any other make.


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