Difference Between A Glider and Rocker Recliner

by | Last Updated: March 20, 2021

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There is one piece of furniture that I think we all out to have: a rocking chair. It’s arguably the best invention yet since pizza.

It’s soothing and super comfortable and comes with a whole lot of other health benefits. These seats are not only beneficial to adults but children too. They help lull a baby to school in the shortest time.

You have two options when it comes to rocking chairs: a rocker or a glider. Although they both sway back and forth, they have significant differences that affect how they function.

We want you to know the differences between a glider and a rocker to help you decide the kind of chair you need. Read through to the end to learn these differences.

What Is A Rocker?

A rocker is a chair with two -curved bands  to the fastened bottom of its legs. These bands connects the legs on each side. The bands touches the floor at only two points. You can make the chair rock back and forth by lightly pushing with your feet or shifting your weight.

Rocking chairs come in different types and designs ranging from traditional to modern. The model you choose will depend on your needs and the comfort you seek.

Rocker Recliner

Uses of A Rocker

A rocker, also known as a rocking chair, has many purposes. However, its main purpose is to act as a therapeutic tool that relaxes and soothes the user through its gentle motion. It is also believed to be a fast sleep inducer.

Additionally, it can calm a fuzzy baby, relieve back pain, and is a form of mild physical exercise.



What Is A Glider?

A glider is a version of a rocking chair that sways like a seat swing. A glider’s seat is attached to the base using a double-rocker four-bar linkage. It also consists of suspension arms that enable the chair to sway back and forth or rock.

A glider has smooth back and forth motions compared to the rocker recliner. They are an excellent option for soothing and offer comfort to the mother as she breastfeeds.

Gliders come in a variety of designs and models. Your choice will therefore depend on your preferences.

reclining glider rocking chair

Uses of A Glider

A glider, also known as a platform rocker, is mostly used as a substitute for a porch swing. It is also

a piece of popular nursery furniture that nursing moms use to feed the newborn.



What’s the Differences Between A Glider And A Rocker?

Both the rocker and glider serve a common purpose of offering soothing comfort to the user. However, they have structural differences that make their functionality different. Some of these differences include:


The main distinction between a rocker and a glider is their movement styles. A rocker sways in an arch pattern due to the curved bands that connect its legs. A rocker also has some pretty intensive motions.

On the other hand, a glider sway back and forth on a fixed track and is less intensive compared to a rocker.


A rocker comes with rockers that only touch the ground at only two points upon movement. That can be a safety hazard, especially for kids and pets, as they can get hurt by the pinch points.

A glider’s pinch points are away from the floor, making it more toddler and pet-friendly.


A glider and the rocker are made from different materials. The materials used to make a glider are heavier compared to the materials used in a rocker. Therefore, between the two, a glider is bulkier. A rocker is lightweight and thus easy to transport and move from one place to another in the nursery.


A rocker will take the trophy if you compare the comfort level between a rocker and a glider. A glider comes with a cushion and an ottoman for better relaxation. Although a rocker is also padded, a cushion helps support the back better, especially when you are nursing a baby.


Both a glider and a rocker require sufficient space to rock back and forth. However, rockers are a little compact compared to the modern gliders, thus ideal for smaller spaces.

Bottom Line

Now that you know the differences between a rocker and a glider, you are in a position to make an educated decision. You should also take a look at our reviews to check on the top-rated seats.