Staples Dexley Mesh Task Chair Review

by Derrick Haywood| Last Updated: March 30, 2022

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Staples Dexley Mesh Task Chair Review

Do you seek an ergonomic office chair that offers value for money? Does a comfortable desk chair suitable for tall users sound like your quest? Do you desire a sturdier, bigger alternative for the Staples Hyken? The Dexley mesh task chair ticks all these boxes and more.

As you’ll see in this Staples Dexley mesh task chair review, this rig has one-of-a-kind features considering its cost. If you seek breathable, cozy desk chairs to last you the next decade or more, this versatile unit fits the bill.

Read on to determine:

  • Why its the best office chair for tall users
  • How it compares to its smaller sister, the Hyken
  • Unique features you won’t find, or you’ll get at exorbitant prices on premium-priced competitors

Shall we?

A Little About Staples

Staples is your go-to brand if seeking budget furniture featuring all crucial ergonomic adjustments. You get ample comfort at about a fifth the price you’ll spend on pricier alternatives from reputable competitors like Herman Miller and Steelcase.

Besides cozy office furniture, the company also provides excellent solutions in various niches like breakrooms, cafeterias, and business products.

Staples Dexley Mesh Task Chair Review: Best Chair for Tall Users

With only a few dollars between it and the Hyken, the Dexley has a surprising allure. It’s the perfect grab for any plus-size user, weighing up to 275 pounds, who spends 10 hours seated daily.

Let’s check out how good it is in the comprehensive Dexley chair review below.


The Dexley is like the good big sister to the Hyken, more compassionate and accepting. Even before looking at figures, size differences are pretty apparent.

The Dexley’s vast size means large individuals won’t strain against the armrests. Together with the flexible armrest attachment slots, its broad seat and backrest allow anyone within the weight range to enjoy unobstructed comfort for ages.

While the height range is between 45.3 and 50.8 inches, the width is 28.2 inches, and the depth is 28.6 inches. That provides 1.1 inches of more width space and 1.4 inches of more depth than the Hyken for a better versatile fit.

Whereas the Union & Scale Flexfit Dexley has a height range of 5.5 inches, the Hyken moves through 4.48 inches. Now, the Hyken rests at a slightly lower height of 45.28 inches, which is barely noticeable against the 45.3 inches on the Dexley.

So, if you need to accommodate more individuals, the Dexley is a better option. The additional 1.02-inch height over the Hyken allows users beyond the six-foot mark to fit without bending their legs.

More height range means you won’t pinch any nerves, and there’s proper blood circulation to your lower body.


Staples Dexley Mesh Task Chair

Like the Hyken, the Dexley has limited armrest adjustments, though you can still achieve optimal arm support.

The Dexley’s armrests are a tad softer than the Hyken, allowing you to achieve more ergonomic support. Moreover, the armrest height change mechanism is a cinch to use, especially when seated.

Did you know the Staples Dexley mesh task chair includes an armrest width adjustment? Most owners who get the chair assembled may not know this as you can’t adjust the closeness of the arms without disassembly.

Using the different slots, you can screw the arm closer or further to give you adequate support based on your body type and main activity.


The Dexley’s mesh lacks contouring yet has a suitable design for ample comfort. The mesh, strung straight across, though not quite up to the chair’s edges, has raised and slightly curved margins. In contrast, the Hyken has contoured mesh to the edges.

The contrasting mesh designs make the Flexfit Dexley chair a suitable chair for the heavier user, while the Hyken better suits a petite and light individual.


Even pricier chairs like the Herman Miller lack a headrest, a big selling point. Besides, it isn’t some mediocre attachment strapped onto the backrest of your Dexley office chair. Its height adjustability allows people of different heights to have great neck and back support.

Noticeably, the shorter Hyken impedes extra-tall individuals from using the headrest without upward tilting. Hence if you’re more than six feet or with a taller upper body, you may not use its headrest while typing or looking at your computer screen.

Given Dexley’s taller height, more people can enjoy head support during intense tasks.


While having dual-casters like the Hyken, the Dexley Staples ones are bigger and slightly better. They feature a webbed car style designed with spoke-like extensions creating a classy look.

Nonetheless, this appearance may mean little on chair wheels. But it’s easier to pull out easily-removable strings without having to disassemble your casters.


If you enjoy going overboard with your office furniture color, the Dexley is a fantastic choice. Unlike the Staples Hyken featuring charcoal gray, red, and black, Dexley comes in black and blue.

Both colors appear stylish in most setups. Still, I prefer black as it tends to suit more spaces than blue.


As with other ergonomic office chairs, the Dexley allows you to recline and give yourself a break from time to time. Sadly, it doesn’t lock in reclined positions. The single lever allows you to raise or lower the chair, and when pushed in, it acts as the tilt lock.

So, if tilting is a significant determinant, the Hyken is better than the Dexley as you can keep your chair reclined.

Staples Dexley Mesh Task Chair

Noticeable features 

  • Color: Black and blue
  • Recommended Weight: 275 pounds (max)
  • Material: Textile
  • Form Factor: Mesh
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What I liked

  • Warranty: Backed by a 7-year warranty, the Union & Scale Flexfit Dexley mesh task chair presents a hard-to-beat deal at this price point. Interestingly, unlike most chairs with exclusions or guarantees varying based on features, the warranty covers all parts.
  • Wheels: Being more extensive than those on the Hyken, Dexley casters roll smoother and support the heavy user better. Besides, their spoke design looks stylish and eases the removal of lightly-wound threads.
  • Color: Both black and blue versions look stylish and fit nicely in any office.
  • Comfort: Thanks to its more extensive height adjustment, the Dexley is more accomodating to varying heights than the Hyken. You can also tweak the arm height based on your desk. Additionally, the headrest prevents strained nerves around the neck and allows for proper blood circulation and head propping.
  • Affordability: You rarely get a chair with all these features and longevity at such an attractive price. Plus, it includes a headrest, which you’d have to buy separately on a Herman Miller, despite the latter being five times pricier.

What I didn’t like

  • Weight: At 275 pounds, the Dexley is quite limited in its maxim weight capacity. While it has all the design qualities ideal for large individuals, it misses out on the robustness to accommodate extra-heavy users.
  • Recline: Unlike the Hyken, the Dexley doesn’t allow locking the chair in a reclined position.
  • Armrest width: Although the chair allows tweaking how far the armrests are from each other, you need to disassemble them. It’s time-consuming to adjust your armrest width, which may require you to try severally before achieving your sweet spot.
  • Installation: Aligning the backrest and bolting it is a bit mind-boggling. Moreover, positioning the headrest screws is somewhat frustrating, especially with your chair upright.

What Customers are Saying

One customer points out that it has the “right price for their home den.” So, many are pleased with the excellent value for money.

Another Staples Dexley review highlights their immense appreciation for Dexley’s ample support for a 6’6″ individual. However,  he pointed out that the headrest is still low and digs into their back.

How Do You Assemble a Dexley Chair?

Like the Hyken, the Union and Scale Flexfit Dexley chair come with components in cute labeled pouches and a manual. So, installation is pretty straightforward. 

Step One: Wheels, Wheelbase, and Gas Lift

The chair includes dual-style casters with a plug-in mechanism. So inserting them into the base socket is quick. With your wheels attached, push the gas lift into its socket at the wheelbase.

Step Two: Armrests

The seat base features metal-lined holes, three of which you’d use to attach each armrest.

The corresponding sections of the armrests have several slots allowing you to position the armrests closer or further. Depending on your thickness, you can align the arms so that you aren’t squeezing or hovering in your chair.

It’s best to get a 3/16 hex screwdriver to attach your armrests. There’s substantial screwing required, and the provided Allen wrench isn’t fun. 

Unlike the Hyken with metallic screw-in parts on the armrests, the Dexley features plastic ones. So, you wouldn’t wish to overtighten to ensure longevity.

Step Three: Underseat Mechanism

Next is attaching the under-seat assembly using the four screws. Position the mechanism based on its labeling and that on the seat’s underside.

Step Four: Backrest

The backrest is slightly challenging to insert. You need to hold it suspended while inserting the green screws. You can keep the backrest in place with your foot while attaching it. However, using a prop like a wooden block or other furniture allows you to maneuver easily.

The backrest features slots allowing you to adjust its depth based on whether you position it backward or forward while screwing.

Step Five: Headrest

It’s best to attach the headrest with your seat upside down since it’s challenging without proper visibility. Mount the headrest using the two yellow screws.

Step Six: Finalizing

Lastly, insert the gas lift into the chair assembly socket and sit on your chair.


Is Dexley Better Than Hyken?

Dexley is better than Hyken, particularly for heavier, plus-sized users. For such a small price margin between them, the Dexley has lots of features appealing to a broader clientele.

With the Dexley, you get:

  • A wider seat
  • More taut mesh
  • More robust and wider wheels
  • Taller height
  • Higher headrest

Overall, both units are amongst the best affordable ergonomic office chairs. Nonetheless, each has different users best suited to it. While the Hyken is ideal for petite to average-sized people, Dexley serves bigger and taller users.

Features like armrest softness and tilt lock are secondary, and nothing much to fuss about while picking.

Is the Dexley Comfortable?

Thanks to its numerous ergo features, the Dexley is comfortable. You can alter its height, allowing you to sit at 90-degrees whether you’re five feet or over six feet. That said, it’s more suitable for taller individuals.

The armrest adjusts in height, allowing you to use multiple desks of varying sizes without issues.

With its tilt and height-adjustable headrest, you can achieve neck and back support.

You also get a reclining feature though you can engage the tilt lock while reclining.

How Do You Adjust a Dexley Mesh Task Chair?

Adjust a Dexley mesh task chair based on your physique. The first trick is to place the armrests at a suitable slot position while installing so that they aren’t too close or far from your body.

Press the button on the armrest sides to raise them such that they’re the same height as your desk.

Tilt, then raise or lower the headrest to get back and neck support while allowing you to handle tasks on your desk without issues.

Then, set the height such that your legs are flat on the floor or good footrest, with your knees at right angles.

Closing Remarks

As this Staples Dexley mesh task chair review illustrates, this unit is a great steal for the budget shopper with a heavy, tall body. Even as I wind up, I can’t stop gushing over the height-adjustable and tiltable headrest, unavailable amongst many pricier competitors.

Who doesn’t want extra versatility? With its extensive height adjustability, smother, adjustable armrests, and reclining back, the Dexley is the best office under $300.

If I were you and weighed 275 pounds or less, I wouldn’t rethink adding this masterpiece to my collection.