Herman Miller Aeron Review: Why Aeron Chair Is The Best?

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: March 23, 2022

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Herman Miller Aeron Review

After going through so many reviews, one thing stood out; clients were skeptical about buying the Aeron chair. Each of the Herman Miller Aeron Review I read portrayed a mixed bag of reactions from buyers. So, it can be scary for potential buyers, and many may end up looking for any other best 8 hour office chair as an alternative. You don’t have to.

HM Aeron chair features a gorgeous modern design. In fact, HM was recognized as one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies for 2021. It has an award in regards to the same. Besides, this chair gives a luxurious feeling. 

What’s more? It is designed with you and the environment in mind, evidenced by the C2C Silver Certification possession.

With the HM chair, you can only expect to have minimal health problems related to extended sitting hours.

Let’s have the HM chair under our microscope.

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Why Are Aeron Chairs So Popular?

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Recognized as the American Best Selling Chair, Herman Miller Aeron office chair has been famous for decades. The co-reason for its popularity lies in the fact that it’s highly linked to the dot-com era.

While the world embraced the new normal initiated by the World Wide Web (WWW), Herman Miller introduced this chair. Ever since its introduction HM Aeron has stood out as a stylist and spontaneously designed chair.

Its impact was hugely felt when people started setting up offices to counter the birth of WWW in the 90s. With several more advancements being made to this chair, it hasn’t lost its popularity since it gets better by day as the company upgrades it. 

The key thing is that the company retains its original aesthetics when upgrading it, making the Aeron office chair the best for all dot-com offices.

Is The Herman Miller Aeron Worth It?

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Upon purchasing the Aeron chair, you enter into a long-term investment. So, you don’t have to worry about the trouble of buying another chair after several years. Thankfully, Aeron chairs are comfy. Offering a natural recline and an arm height that can be changed at any time for good comfort, Aeron chairs are worth it.

How Long Do Aeron Chairs Last?

Any chair that lasts for more than 10 years is a great buy.  Aeron is one such chair as it lasts for approximately 12 years. But most standard office chairs will last for 5 years. Therefore,I would say that the Aeron ergonomic chair is one of the durable chairs.

But if you need a chair that lasts way more than the Aeron chairs, I would advise you to consider buying any of the Herman Miller Aeron alternatives.

Most of them last more than 15 years. Of course, just like any other chair, Aeron chairs wear out. How soon they wear out is dependent on care given. Also, Aeron chairs are made of different materials to suit the different needs of different buyers. Even so, the most common wear issue occurs on the wheels.

It’s, therefore, wise to use the plastic casters on the correct flooring, as stated in this Herman Miller Aeron chair review.

Herman Miller Aeron Review: A Closer Look at The Dotcom Chair

Why exactly does the HM Aeron chair still stand out among other chairs, even after many years after its conception?

It’s simple, its features!

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The Aeron chair features 3 distinctive chair sizes to fit everyone. Available sizes are: A, B, and C, with size A being small, B is medium, while C is large. So, if you weigh 300lbs or less; buy the size A Aeron office chair. Your height should range between 4’10 inches and 5’4 inches.

If, however, you’re taller (5’2 to 6 inches), and weigh between 300 to 350lbs, then buy the size B. Else, buy the size C. It’s best for people with a weight capacity of 350lbs, those who are 5’10 to 6’66 inches tall.

Wondering what the other dimensions of this chair are? Check out the table below:

Maximum weight300lbs350lbs350lbs
Width Between the Armrests in (inches)161718
Depth of the seats (in inches)16.7516.7518.5
Seat back height (in inches)2121.522.75
Seat to floor height in inches (Adjustable)14.75 to 1916 to 20.516 to 20.5
Chair width (in inches)25.752728.25
Seat back width (in inches)20.2521.522.75
Armrest height in inches (Adjustable)21.75 to 30.2523 to 2724.75 to 26.25
Width of the seats (in inches)15.751718.25
Total seat height (in inches)38.54143


Herman Miller Classic Aeron Task Chair: Tilt Limiter w/Seat Angle Adj - Lumbar Pad - Fully Adj Vinyl Arms - Standard Carpet Casters

Herman Miller Aeron is a comfortable chair. To enhance comfort, HM Aeron mesh back is made from a patented 8Z pellicle. Being an elastomeric weave, it provides excellent support to your back. How? It stretches up as well as across the seat.

So, let not the slightly padded seat and the mesh back make you step back from ordering this chair today; past customers couldn’t applaud it enough.


At least, 90 percent of this chair comes assembled. So, you’ll have to assemble the remaining 10 percent. Thanks to the Herman Miller Aeron chair instructions, use them to do the remaining assembly. You may need a Phillips screwdriver to do the assembly.

Note, however, that if you buy an Aeron chair with an add-on, more assembly will beckon.

Available Adjustment

Herman Miller Classic Aeron Task Chair: Tilt Limiter w/Seat Angle Adj - Lumbar Pad - Fully Adj Vinyl Arms - Standard Carpet Casters

To allow you to have a comfy, relaxed seat set up; Aeron chairs allow you to tilt the chair as desired. Current working needs may make you adjust the seat to a 5-degree forward tilt.  Alternatively, you could adjust the seat to make it parallel with the floor.

As you’ll see later in this Herman Miller Classic Aeron chair review, you can use the available tilt knobs to choose a perfect seat tilt.  

Using those knobs, choose to have the full or mid recline. Else, use the upright posture. You, however, need to use the tension adjustment knobs to have the HM Aeron seat in a full recline angle. On the other hand, the footrest could be adjusted to make your feet comfortably rest on it to attain the right posture.

The well-padded armrests can move to any angle.

That is, back and forth or up and down. You can as well move them to either of the sides, right or left.

Aeron Lumbar Support

Herman Miller Classic Aeron Task Chair: Tilt Limiter w/Seat Angle Adj - Lumbar Pad - Fully Adj Vinyl Arms - Standard Carpet Casters

There are two pads at the rear of the backrest that separate and adjust to mimic your spine curve. As a result, the lumbar and the sacrum get sufficient support.

Let’s hear it from the horse’s mouth: Jack and Gail bought this chair because her husband had a lumbar spinal fusion as well as a laminectomy. As such, he needed a chair that had good lumbar support. Also, bearing in mind that her husband is in the tech industry and needs to sit for extended hours, it had to be a comfortable seat.

Jack and Gail say that the chair was a great investment, and the Herman Miller Aeron lumbar support was perfect for her hubby. However, you can use the guidelines provided later in this Aeron chair review to change the lumbar and backrest settings when you need to.


What Other Customers Say

‘THEBOUNCEHOUSE’ placed his order on February 28, 2018. One week later, to be precise, on March 8, he got his chair. Frantically, he was hesitant to buy the chair due to the mixed reactions on Amazon pages. The buyer was, however, happy with the chair, noting that the chair was 100 genuine and in perfect condition.

Sitting more than 8 hours a day, the buyer stated that his back had sufficient support. Unfortunately, the chair had a tiny scratch, which the client believed was due to shipping for several days. Needless to say, the Herman Miller Aeron chair review earned a five-star rating from this buyer.

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What I didn’t Like

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How Do I Make My Herman Miller Aeron Higher?

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It’s easy to make your Herman Miller Aeron higher. It all starts by knowing what height you want depending on your height. Next, slightly take your weight off the Aeron seat and then lift the lever. You’ll see the lever on the right-hand side of your seat. It’s paddle-shaped and easy to maneuver.

If you’re short, lower the Aeron seat height. The same way you increase the height, the same way you lower it. This time, though, you’ll be slightly adding your weight on the chair to move it down to the right, most comfortable position. 

In this position, your feet should rest flat on the ground and the knees at ninety degrees.

What Other Adjustments Can You Do on the Aeron Chair?

It doesn’t end at the seat height, there is more on this chair. Let’s have a look.

Lumber Height

Use the adjusting pads on the Aeron lumbar support to set the appropriate posture to comply with the curve of your spine. To have a balance (not to have one side higher than the other), balance the pressure you’re applying when moving the adjusting pads.

Arm Height

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Ensure you’re comfortable while seated, and then unlock the lever. Do so by lifting it. Now, place your hands on the base of your Aeron chair and adjust the height. To do this, lower or raise them.

To be sure your arms are in a healthy, non-strenuous position, let them be in contact with the seat’s armpad. Your shoulders should be in their natural position to confirm your arms are in the correct position.

You can now lock the lever by lowering it.

Adjusting the Tilt

Do you want to recline or sit upright? You can do so easily by using the tilt limiter. How? On the left side of the Herman Miller Classic Aeron, there’s a tilt limiter. Grab it and use it whenever you want to limit the tilt. To successfully do this, grab the knob and rotate forward until you’re content with its new position.

On the contrary, you can release the limiter by rotating the knob backward.

To set a forward tilt on your left side, use the outside knob. Rotate it forward while leaning back. You can rotate the lever back if you want to have the horizontal position again. Ensure you’re seated when engaging the knob. Tasks such as keyboarding may require a forward tilt. This position is necessary for ensuring that your thighs get enough support.

The resistance you get from your Aeron seat when you lean back is based on the resistance you’ve created. How do you set the right tension?

To adjust the Aeron seat tension, use the long stem that has a knob. When seated, it’s on the right-hand side. There’s a plus sign on it. Turn the knob towards that sign to increase the tilt tension. The opposite works to decrease the tension. So, turning the knob towards the negative sign lowers the tension.

Adjusting the Footrest Height

First of all, not all models have this feature. You should adjust the footrest to ensure that your knees and feet are in the correct position to avoid strains. So, ensure that the feet are resting on the footrest. The knees, on the other hand, should slightly be below the hip height.

Alternatively, let them be below your hip height. Having changed the height of your Aeron seat, any time you want to change your current seating position, your footrest moves.  So, you don’t have to move your body, not even one inch.

So, how do you adjust the footrest height? Firmly hold the base using one of your hands. Change the height of the footrest by turning the footrest counterclockwise using the other hand.

Next, use both hands to adjust the height by lowering the footrest to increase the height. Set the footrest in a lock position to tighten it once you have a perfect height based on your preferences. Do this by turning it clockwise.

Arm Depth and Angle

Maybe, arm depth is the easiest thing to do. Simply hold the front end of the pads. Based on what you want to achieve, slide the armpad to the front or back.

Does your work require a change of posture and sitting angle? No trouble. Swiftly change the arm angle when you need to. Let’s assume you use a computer like me every day. To use the mouse without any strains, simply swing the right armrest (or left if you’re left-handed) out. On the contrary, swing the armrests inward to fully support your hands when using your keyboard.  

To adjust the arm angle inward or outward, hold the armpad on the front end and move either to the right or left.

Posture Change

You should maintain a healthy posture when working. To achieve this; your spine should assume the natural S-curve. On the other hand, your lower back should have full support.

So, use the knobs behind the seat to set a perfect posture. Both right and left sides of the seat have a posture adjusting knob. Therefore, sit down and move your hands behind the seat to reach the knobs on each side. Turn them forward to have a good posture.

 After having the correct posture, disengage the knobs by turning them backward.


How long does it take to receive a Herman Miller chair?

It takes approximately eight days to receive the Herman Miller chair. In simpler terms, here’s how the Herman Miller delivery works: the order takes about 24 hours to process the order. On the other hand, Herman Miller takes about seven business days to ship it.  Unless you have ordered an add-on such as the headrest, 90 percent of the chair comes assembled.

Why is Herman Miller Aeron so expensive?

Brace yourself; Aeron chairs need a good budget. But why? Herman Miller Aeron is so expensive because of its unique quality. Besides, the HM Aeron ergonomic office chair is one of the few that guarantees the maintenance of a safe sitting posture regardless of how long you sit.

With a keen interest in your wrists and back, your comfort never goes down. Besides, due to their top-quality material, they last long, hence the cause of the high price tag.

Why is Herman Miller Aeron good?

Herman Miller Aeron falls in the category of the most comfortable office chair for long hours, and it encourages a healthy sitting posture. What does this mean? Apart from the ability to adjust the chair settings, the elbow maintains a 90 degrees angle when you sit. The same also applies to the knees.

As a result, there’s a minimal strain (if any) when working; hence your productivity shoots. Not to mention the mesh back that allows maximum body airing while you focus on your work. Indeed, Aeron is a good chair.

The Closing Remarks

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You’ve read it as Jack and Gail said it in the Herman Miller Aeron Review. So, if you’ve also had lumbar spinal fusion in the past or a laminectomy, then this is your chair. Also, as a sciatica patient or someone who sits for 50 hours a week, don’t hesitate to get this chair.

Even so, be sure to order the correct size based on your height and body mass.

The price, though, is a bit high, so arm yourself with a reasonable budget before making your order.


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