Steelcase Cobi Chair Review (2022 Updated)

by Derrick Haywood| Last Updated: March 11, 2022

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Steelcase Cobi Chair Review

An uncomfortable chair draws your attention away from the meetings or lectures. It makes meetings and lecture sessions that would otherwise have been resourceful boring, tedious, and waste time. It’s for that reason; I took the burden of looking for a chair that is best for conference meetings, lecture sessions, or conference halls. From my research, I wrote a well-crafted Steelcase Cobi chair review.

What you’ll love about the Cobi chair is its flexibility and comfort. Most importantly, you can change the sitting angles without worrying about the loss of comfort.

With a single adjustment option, the Cobi chair is excellent for any touch-down table spaces. Not to mention, Steelcase offers a 12 years warranty for most of its parts. You can, therefore, buy it without any fears.

It’s time to leap into the breach.

How Do I Choose A Good Lecture Hall Chair?

Steelcase Cobi Chair
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While some office chairs might still be used in the lecture room, they may not offer all the benefits found in lecture hall chairs.

So, what makes a lecture or conference hall chair unique?


Unless you have a permanent hall for holding seminars, lectures, and conferences, meetings can happen in any room as long as there’s enough space. Nonetheless, moving the chairs around when there’s a meeting can be time-wasting and wearisome.

The Cobi Steelcase chair weighs only 26 pounds. So, it’s considerably lighter to carry around whenever there’s a meeting.


A bulky chair takes more space. Consequently, you may need a larger space to accommodate more chairs than when using smaller chairs. For this reason, conference hall chairs should be small in size to allow more people without the need for large rooms.

Cobi chair measures only ‎23.25 x 24.75 x 39 inches. Definitely, that’s a great size for a lecture or conference hall chair.


Uncomfortable audiences are distracted audiences! It’s that simple. So, if your audiences are not comfortable throughout the session regardless of how long it lasts, then they’ll hardly focus on what you’re saying or what is going on around them.

A chair that conforms to users’ seating position, even when they change positions, is comfortable. Such seats also don’t stress the body. Thanks to Steelcase Cobi chairs, such is what they are!

Steelcase Cobi Chair Review: The Juicy Details About Cobi!

Here are the Cobi Steelcase chair features that make it the best choice for meeting halls.


  • Manufactured By: Steelcase
  • Weight (Max): 300 pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Seat Weight: 26 pounds
  • Make: Textile

Charming Warranty

Ask around; not so many companies offer a five years warranty for their products. Some hardly have any warranty for their pricey products. Steelcase goes the extra mile to give you a decades warranty for the Cobi chair.

But what exactly does the warranty cover? It covers the caps of the arms, max-stacker ii, tablet arms, casters, domino, pneumatic cylinders, nurture recliner components, and wood frame side chairs. The glides, foam, mechanisms, optional accessories, and max stacker are equally included in this warranty. Even so, the internal S Z is not included in the warranty. 


Ever heard people say that their chairs felt a bit uncomfortable when they started using them? I have! The Cobi Steelcase chair is the exact opposite of such chairs. Here’s why. The chair is designed to flex as soon as you sit on it. Consequently, it instantly takes the shape of your body to offer instantaneous comfort.

So, you really don’t have to arrive at the meeting hall 20 minutes earlier to familiarize yourself with the chair’s shape or design. Just sit and focus.

Minimal Adjustments

It matters not, how short or tall you are; if you don’t weigh more than 300 pounds, this chair will adjust to match your needs.

As a matter of fact, the only thing you may have to do is a modification of the height and boom! You’re all set, thanks to the weight activation mechanism feature, too.  

Excellent Flexibility

Do you want to move or shift from one sitting position to another? No problem, Steelcase Cobi seat edge allows users to make any movement they want without neglecting their comfort. What feature makes this possible? The flex edges!

That’s not all. If you’re in a meeting and the presenter changes their position, don’t strain your neck. Simply change your sitting position to have a good view of your presenter. For example, you can choose to sit at the center. Interestingly, you can also sit-off to the side due to the open frame feature.

Whichever way, you’ll still be comfortable.

Not to mention, the back top edge of the seat also increases flexibility. As a result, your arms can comfortably and easily rest on top of the Steelcase Cobi chair.

Steelcase Cobi Chair Back View
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What Previous Customers Say

The client had nothing to complain about after buying the Cobi chair. He, therefore, gave the chair a 5-star rating. Further, he mentioned that the supplier responded swiftly to all his delivery questions. Another buyer confirmed that the chair was a great buy and that it arrived on time.

What I like

  • It’s a light, elegant chair with excellent comfort
  • Perfect choice for conferences and lecture rooms
  • Great and prompt response from the seller
  • Warranty is available
  • Easy to move
  • Adjusts automatically, it senses the user’s center of gravity
  • Suitable for tall and short people since they can modify the height

What I didn’t Like

  • You’ve to swap casters in case you have a hardwood flooring

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you replace your Steelcase Cobi?

They say, you should replace your office chair after about 5 years. I, however, disagree on this one. Why? Steelcase chairs have a warranty of not less than one decade. No way they would offer such a mouthwatering warranty if their chairs can only last for as little as five years.

So, Steelcase Cobi chairs may last up to two decades before you may think of replacing them. 


It’s my sincere hope that after reading this Steelcase Cobi chair review, you found the exact chair you’ve been looking for. Bear in mind that meetings and conference chairs should be easy to adjust (if you have to) and move.

My verdict, therefore, is that Steelcase Cobi is a great choice because you only need to adjust the height. That’s all; any other adjustment is automatic and spontaneous. Besides, it supports any posture your body takes and gives you excellent support even for extended seating hours.

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