10 Best Office Chair for Tall Person (Our Top Picks)

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: November 4, 2021

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Best Office Chair for Tall Person

To many, the best office chair for tall person is simply the one that can carry his weight. However, such a careless approach in choosing a seat where you’ll spend hours is more detrimental than it seems.

Chairs for tall people come in sizes bigger than the standard. For instance, if a tall seated man bends his knees or thighs protrude beyond the seat’s edge, he uses the wrong chair. Consequently, the slouch causes discomfort to his body that hurts his productivity. Besides, the awkward positioning of the body exposes the tall person to health problems.

This detailed review looks at what you need to consider when looking for an office chair for tall people. Moreover, we identify the leading brands in the market to help the tall people go for the right chair.

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How Do We Define Tall?

“Tall” is subjective. Nonetheless, for this review, we will consider a tall person as one who is 6 feet (6’00”) and above.

Such people need tall chairs so that they maintain their comfort while seated.

Additionally, body height is an essential factor in selecting the most ergonomic seat because it determines the ideal seat height and seat depth.

How to Sit

Human beings are highly productive when they sit in their most natural position. In a normal posture, the head faces forward. Besides, the feet are kept flat on the floor rather than dangling from the chair. Further, you should sit up straight and let your hips slide deep into the chair.

A poor posture where a seated user slumps their shoulders curves his spine and protrudes his neck is a recipe for physical pain and poor work moods.

Essentially, your back needs contact against the chair—especially the lumbar region—to keep it well supported.

The shoulders should be relaxed and the knees positioned at the same level or a little lower than one’s hips. In fact, the person should tilt his knees at 90 degrees. Besides, the space between the backside of the knees and the seat edges should be minimal.

Moreover, the forearm should be well supported and parallel to the surface where your feet are resting. Finally, a seated person should bend his elbows into an L-shape!

10 Best Office Chair for Tall Person Reviewed

In our review, we have ten picks for tall people. We are confident that the study will guide you to the ideal chair, accommodating the extra-long legs and lumbar.

Hurry? Check out this quick list of our recommended products below,

1. Meshed Sunnow Office Chair with Lumbar Support: Best Ergonomic Chair

The Meshed Sunnow is an ergonomic chair for tall person. Besides, it comes with movable lumbar support, a comfortable headrest, and a high back.

Further, the chairs offer the ideal comfort needed by gamers—especially the tall ones—who spent hours seated. It also comes with a standard but comfortably padded armrest.

What You May Like

There’s an option for an extra-large size besides the large size

What You May Not Like

When faced with a tough decision to choose office chairs for tall people, Sunnow has to make that list. Let’s have a look at some of the attributes of the chair.

What We Liked

Comfortable Lumbar Support

The meshed Sunnow chair is the best ergonomic chair for tall person because of its movable lower spine support. It can go up and down. The flexibility ensures that it covers different spine lengths.

Additionally, the user can adjust it frontwards or backward to offer the most optimal press on the back of the person using it. With such flexibility, an aching back is a thing of the past.

Further, and quite important for the tall user, the headrest can move up and down or rotate at an angle to provide the desired comfort.

Movable Armrest and Headrest

The armrest can shift up and down. Tall people may need to move the positions of their arms for comfort.

Besides, the headrest is flexible in terms of height and angle. Users of varying sizes can shift the level to achieve the best possible support around the back of the neck. Holding the neck in place reduces the strain that causes cervical pain.

Seat Height

The standard seat height ranges between 16” to 21”.However, the Sunnow chair is a tall mesh office chair that can adjust to a maximum level of 23.5”.However, that is only possible for the extra-large version.

The large version can go to a maximum seat height of 18.1” and is thus ideal for tall users.

Any seat height beyond 20” is ideal for tall people beyond 6’2”.

The Seat Width and Depth

A standard office chair width is 17”-20”.On the other hand, a depth of 17″-18″ is just average.

Sunnow’s giant chair has seat dimensions of 20.3×18.5×18.0 for width, depth, and height.

That is to say, they are office chairs for big and tall guys.

The Mesh Material

With a backrest and seat made of mesh, there’s free air circulation around the seat user. Thus, the clothes don’t stick to the chair, and the user stays cool without sweating.

Tilting Backrest

Sometimes the back needs a change of position to rest the body muscles. Sunnow’s ergonomic chair’s backrest can adjust from the usual 90 degrees to a backward slant of 135 degrees!

What We Didn’t Like

The Durability of the Mesh Material

Though the mesh is highly breathable, it may not support heavy users for long compared to fabric or leather materials.

2. Bowery Highly Adjustable Office Chair: Best Adjustable Chair

Bowery chairs come with stunning adjustability mechanisms for the armrest, backrest, seat depth, and seat height. Their seats are made from poly-cotton foam to provide maximum comfort. Moreover, the backrest-made from a perfectly modeled elastomer- is elastic enough to assume the human back.

No products found.

What You May Like

What You May Not Like

What We Liked

Bowery seats come with the following excellent features.

Multiple Seat Adjustment Mechanism

The seat can slide towards or away from the desk. As a result, it the best computer chair for tall person.

Besides, the seat can slide into five different positions and thus provide several seat depths for maximum comfort.

The depth adjustment capability confirms it as the ideal office chair for long legs.

Recline Feature

The chair can recline at an angle to rest the muscles or enable the user to support his laptop on his lap.

Additionally, the chair’s recline mechanism has four lock angles. It comes in handy when you decide to rest your back by sitting back or raise your feet to the table.

Seat Height

The seat height ranges from 17.5” to an impressive 22.5″, ideal for a tall person of more than 6’2”.As a result, the giant Bowery chair version with the maximum height is an ideal desk chair for tall person.

The Seat Width and Depth

Bowery seats have an outstanding seat depth of between 23”-25”. Thus, if you’re looking for a computer chair for tall person, then you need to consider this chair. It will ensure that the thighs are well supported and not strained.

Armrest Height

Bowery seat’s armrest rises to a maximum of 29″ and can go down to 24″. Hence, tall people can shift their positions to find the most comfortable position.

What We Didn’t Like

No Headrest

The chair is comfortable. However, it doesn’t come with head support. As a result, tall users may find this omission annoying.

Unfortunately, the back is not high enough to provide the missing head support.

3. High Backrest Leather Executive Chair: Best Padded Ergonomic Chair

The High Backrests are the executive chairs for tall men who love a stylish leather appearance. Besides, the ergonomic seat comes with an adjustable headrest, flexible backrest, movable seat pan, and breathable mesh material.

What You May Like

What You May Not Like

What We Liked

Lumbar Support

The seat is well-padded on the backrest, the seat pan area, and the armrests. Therefore, it provides comfort to the lower spine area.

Ergonomic Design

The chair’s backrest is set higher than usual by a few inches to provide neck and lumbar support.

It’s arguably the best tall office chair.

Rocking Function

The chair can swing back and forth from the usual 90 degrees position. Certainly, it can recline back to around 110 degrees.

Ideal for the High Office Desks

The high back executive seat is a tall office desk chair. It complements a raised desk meant for tall people.

What We Didn’t Like

Synthetic Leather Material

The seat material is not pure leather, and it bursts at the seams with time, especially when a heavy person uses the seat.

4. XUER Ergonomic Meshed Computer Seat: Best for Tall Office Tables

Moreover, the XUER ergonomic chair has a breathable mesh, adjustable backrest, movable headrest, and lumbar support.

What You May Like

What You May Not Like

What We Like About the Chair

High Seat Height

The XUER is the best tall desk chair ideal for tall people. It proves high for some people when it’s at its lowest height level.

The seat is adjustable from the 18” seat level to 21″, comfortable for tall people.

Meshed Backrest

The seat backrest is made up of breathable mesh that keeps your back from sweating since it allows air circulation.

Thus, a user can sit on the seat for long without discomfort.

Lumbar Support

The backrest has a “hump” towards the base that fits snugly to the bottom part of the spinal cord to give great comfort.

Adjustable Headrest

The headrest can move up to a maximum of 1.18 inches from its normal position to accommodate different heights of the seat users.

Adjustable Backrest

The backrest can recline from the normal position of 90 degrees to a maximum of 119 degrees.

Adjustable Armrests

The armrests can swivel to a maximum of 36 degrees. They can also move up and down to adjust to different body sizes and levels of comfort.

What We Don’t Like About the Chair

Seat Depth and Shape

The seat shape curves inwards and is uncomfortable for some people. Thus, it accommodates the legs.However, it is not excellent for the buttocks.

Although the curved shape is an excellent design, the size of the seat pan needs redesigning.

Besides, the seat depth is not long enough. Tall people with long legs may struggle to keep their legs comfortable, and their hips will hurt within three hours.

5. La-Z-Boy Delano Huge Office Chair: Best in Elegance, Size, and Height

The La-z-Boy is a highly ergonomic, elegant, stylish-looking chair with stunning seat width, seat depth, seat height, lumbar support, padded armrests, and high backrest. Indeed, it’s the best office chair for tall person.

Moreover, it’s the best tall computer chair which can adjust to suit users whose height is beyond 7’0″.

What You May Like

What You May Not Like

What We Liked About the Chair

Made With Stylish Bonded Leather

The chair is attractively upholstered in soft (brown or black) leather. Additionally, the brown or black leather blends with the Mahogany or weathered grey wood finish giving the chair a classy appearance.

Memory Form Cushion

The seat pan and the backrest are cushioned by a comfortable layer of memory foam that snugly fits the body and keeps the muscles from pressure and strain.

Big and Tall Design

Delano is a tall back office chair that comfortably accommodates every user’s height. For instance, the seat width is 21.5″, and the seat height rises from a minimum of 22″ to 25″.

Besides, the seat has a seat depth of 21″ that’s comfortable for huge and tall users. Further, the back height is above average at 27″.


The stylish seat has simple levers to adjust seat height, recline angle, and tilt the base to provide the best comfort to the user’s body. Therefore, a person can sit on it for many hours without getting tired.

What We Didn’t Like About the Chair

The Material Is Prone To Scratches and Tearing at the Seams

The leather stitches may weaken with time due to strain and stretching, especially where the user is tall and heavy. Subsequently, it bursts at the seams.

The seat is not tamper-proof —sharp edges may accidentally scratch it open.

6. Gesture Licorice Chair: Best in Seat Pan Comfort

Steelcase Gesture office chair combines elegance and ergonomics. Not only is it upholstered in quality fabric, but also the frame blends black and steel grey colors to give it a great appearance.

What You May Like

What You May Not Like

What We Liked

Comfortable Seat Pan

The seat cushion is well-designed with air pockets that lessen pressure on your buttocks.

Rotating Armrests

Do you need support at different recline angles of your office chair? Interestingly, the arms of this chair can adjust in 360 degrees to suit your comfort needs.

Ergonomic Back Support

Built on the 3D Liveback Innovation, the backrest changes shape as your spine position changes. Further, the backrest is contoured to keep the spine in its most natural shape.

What We Did Not Like

Loose Arms

Though the armrest can adjust to different angles, they move too easily and need a lock.

Squeaky Adjustment

The chair has some problems when you’re adjusting it backward or forward. It loudly squeaks.

7. Ticova High Back Office Chair: Best in Headrest Adjustability

Reclining to 130 degrees and flexible lumbar support and a high backrest earns Ticova a slot among the best office chairs for tall people.

What You May Like

What You May Not Like

What We Liked

What We Didn’t Like

Lumbar Support Adjustability

The lumbar support is adjustable up and down. However, it’s not flexible on the forward-backward motion. As a result, you cannot shift how far or how close it goes into your lumbar region.

8. Komene High Back Office Chair: The Best for Size Variety

The Komene seat is a meshed chair with adjustable height, rocking mechanism, and lumbar support. Moreover, the seat height and backrest are adjustable.

What You May Like

What You May Not Like

What We Liked About the Chair

Adjustable Backrest

The chair has a back and forth rocking mechanism. Therefore, the backrest can tilt back from 90 degrees to 110 degrees.

Size Variety

The Komene office chairs come in four size varieties-large, X, X-large, and XX-large. Fortunately, different sizes come in varying dimensions to suit different heights and sizes.

Adjustable Headrest

The headrest is flexible and can shift 90 degrees clockwise and 90 degrees anticlockwise.

What We Didn’t Like About the Chair

Fixed Lumbar Support

Though the chair’s backrest curves towards the base to support the lower back area, the lumbar support is not adjustable in any direction.

9. Ergohuman Chrome Base Chair: Best Sturdy-Framed Office Chair

Ergohuman office chair combines adjustable seat height and seat depth to offer convenient adjustability. Besides, it has lumbar support, a headrest, and a meshed backrest and seat.

What You May Like

What You May Not Like

What We Liked About the Chair

Seat Height Adjustment

The chair has a pneumatic cylinder that makes the shift of seat height fast and efficient.

Seat Depth Adjustment

The seat pan is movable and comes in handy for tall people.

Strong Seat Pan Mesh

The seat mesh is made of strong fabric that can support a weight of more than 250 pounds without distorting.

What We Did Not Like About the Chair

No Lock Function for Armrest and Seat Height

The armrest and seat pan can be adjusted. However, the seat lacks a lock mechanism to keep them in place.

10. Nouhaus Meshed Computer Chair: Best for 3D Lumbar Support Mechanism

Nouhaus chair’s adjustable armrest, backrest, and headrest coupled with its well-designed lumbar support give it the most desirable ergonomic qualities.

What You May Like

What You May Not Like

Lumbar Support Not Movable: With a maximum seat height of 22.4’’, it may not fit tall people beyond 6’2”

What We Liked

Adjustable Headrest: The headrest is movable on an upward and downward motion to the level of the seat user’s head level. As a result, it can fit different heights.

Breathable Mesh Backrest: The high-density mesh, unlike fabric upholstery, allows circulation of air and thus keeps the user cool.

Adjustable Backrest: The back support tilts backward to a maximum of 135 degrees from the normal 90 degrees.

Adjustment and Recline Lock Mechanism: Once you set the desired height or recline angle, you can lock it to avoid further movement.

What We Did Not Like

Lumbar Support Not Adjustable: Though the backrest bulges at the bottom part to create support to the lower back, the bulge cannot move to suit different seat user sizes.

Ortant Features to Consider When Choosing the Best Office Chair for Tall People

When looking for the best tall office chair or, better put, chairs for tall man, there are essential features that the buyer needs to consider.

Seat Height Adjustability

It’s essential that the seat height of an office chair is flexible and can shift up or down. The correct seat height ensures that the feet touch the floor and thus reduce the strain on your back.

Besides, a chair with a high seat height ensures that the arms of a tall person conveniently reach the desk.

In brief, the most straightforward check to determine whether seat height is complementary to your height is the positioning of your legs. The knees should assume a right angle (90 degrees).On the other hand, the feet should be flat on the floor.

Adjustable Backrest

A backrest that can change positions gives the user the ability to move the seat pan area backward or forward.

In doing that, they don’t sit extremely deep into the chair nor too far forward in the seat.  In so doing, the strain on the thighs is kept minimal.

Seat Depth

The seat pan of a tall man’s chair should not be too short such that it cannot fully support their legs, especially from the buttocks to the end of the inner thigh.

There’s discomfort when a portion of the thighs is left unsupported and protrudes beyond the seat. Consequently, this causes strain on the bottom part of the thighs.

Essentially, chairs with a seat depth of 20” and beyond can adequately accommodate the long legs of tall people.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the common questions relating to chairs for tall people.

What Makes An Office Chair Ergonomic?

Ergonomics is all about comfort. Thus, the most ergonomic office seat has a well-padded seat, lumbar support, and whose seat height is adjustable.

Moreover, it should have adjustable armrests, headrests, and the proper seat depth.

On the other hand, comfortable chairs also have wheels to facilitate movement around the office. Nevertheless, the wheels shouldn’t roll too easily.

Do Ergonomic Chairs Have An Impact On Health?

Yes. Comfortable chairs alleviate physical pain and keep the joints strong for keeping them in the proper posture.

Is There A Relationship Between The Desk Size And Seat Size For Tall People?

Yes. An extra tall desk chair should go along with an extra high desk size. To clarify, a tall person should choose a desk that matches their height and a chair that accommodates their leg length.

Final Verdict

We found out that the best office chair for tall person depends on several factors. In the review, we found that all the chairs reviewed were suitable for tall people.

However, tall people come in different sizes. Thus, a buyer needs to go for the seat features and dimensions that fit his body size. Additionally, the seats vary in price, so you can go with the one that fits your budget.


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