How to Measure a Recliner for a Cover

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: January 14, 2022

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How to measure a recliner for a cover

Recliners come in many dimensions amongst other dissimilarities like working mechanisms. At times, you may want to hide unsightly places or customize your space’s look.

Guidelines on how to measure a recliner for a cover aren’t challenging but have a twist.

You measure for a slipcover by adding a few allowances to your chair’s reclined dimensions. Afterward, you make a slipcover fit by neatly tucking it in. However, you measure a recliner chair by taking its upright measurements.

How to Measure a Recliner for a Cover

Step one is to adjust the recliner to have it completely upright. Doing this raises the recliner to its maximum height.

How Do You Measure for a Slipcover?

Once your chair is down;

  • Take measurements from the top: To find the back’s maximum height, measure it from top to bottom. Record the measurements.
  • Determine Width: Take the measurement from one of your recliner’s arms to the other arm’s outer edge to determine the width.
  • Measure the Chair While Reclined: Measure the length of your chair while wholly reclined. Measure from its top, across the back edge to the tip of the footrest. This measurement is only vital if searching for custom slipcovers. Also, you only do this on a version featuring a  footrest.
  • Ottoman Dimensions: If your recliner includes an ottoman, take measurements of the height, depth, plus width. Nonetheless, not all recliner slipcovers include ottoman covers. Even so, if you want one slipcover for the entire recliner, you need those measurements.
  • Getting the Best Slipcovers for Recliners: Elastic slipcovers provide additional space for expansive, upholstered recliner arms. Additionally, these slipcovers provide a more secure fit. Slipcovers with ties allow for less cushion space though you can adjust them for a more relaxed fit. (Our guide on how to make a slipcover for a recliner)

How Do I Make a Slipcover Fit?

Place your measured slipcover on the piece of furniture and follow your manufacturer’s instructions for the best fit possible.

  • Remain a safe distance away from the chair and take note of any regions it bulges, sags, or doesn’t fit properly. Make notes, as it’s easy to forget about trouble spots once you remove the cover.
  • Remove any encased cushions or those fitted from your recliner. If you have individual slipcovered cushions, tweak their fit afterward as well.
  • Remove your slipcover and invert it.
  • Reattach the cover to the furniture, attempting to keep it as close to its original position as possible. Occasionally, elastic sections and ties make this difficult.
  • Pin the cloth to the chair in the shape that it takes.
  • Adjust your slipcover’s seams (if any) to match the bends, as a single set of seams will look better. Begin by pinning from the back, over its top, to the floor.
  • Collect extra fabric, then pin new seams.
  • Next, pin from the seatback to the floor, crossing over the seat.
  • Circulate around each arm. Avoid working on the hems. Determine whether you can remove your slipcover.
  • Adjust the pins until the cover is easily removable.
  • Sew the pinned seams together with a basting stitch. This may necessitate re-adjusting ties and elastic areas.
  • Turn your cover over and reattach it to the chair.

There may be bulges where the excess fabric remains, but your cover should snug significantly better. Adjust as necessary, re-sew, and fit the cover until it fits snugly using normal stitches.

How Do You Measure a Recliner Chair?

Consider the following measurements when sizing your chair for a specific room in your home. Measure the width of the recliner from the armrest’s outer edge to the other. Also, get the reclining length — from the top edge of the footrest to its tip.

Once you note these parameters, you can determine if the recliner fits by measuring the lengths of the space in which you intend to place it.

For instance, if your recliner measures 75 inches long and 40 inches wide when fully reclined. In that case, you need at least an  80-inch long and 40-inch wide location to accommodate it.


How Much Fabric Do I Need for a Slipcover?

Your chair’s dimensions are first to consider when you need to know how much fabric you need for a slipcover. Another factor is how snug you want the cover. Plus, consider the pattern you may sew on if it’s a DIY piece. Here are some tips on how to cover your recliner with a sheet.

What Is the Size of a Regular Recliner?

Recliners have wide dimension dissimilarities, and you want to ensure yours fits. The size of a regular recliner can range in width from 32 to 36 inches. On the other hand, its height can be 60 to around 66 inches.

How Do You Know What Size Slipcover to Get?

As noted, you know what size slipcover to get based on a few factors. Key among them are:

  • Recliner size
  • Slipcover fit desired
  • Slipcover design

Parting Shot

Now that you know how to measure a recliner for a cover, what designs are you planning to use?

If you’re unable to locate a slipcover that precisely fits your measurements, purchase one that is a bit bigger than your recliner. Next, modify it to fit as you wish. Slipcovers that are too small may rip when you recline.

Before installing your slipcover on the chair, remove any armrest covers. Otherwise, bunching on the armrests may occur.