How to Raise the Height of a Recliner

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: February 4, 2022

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How to Raise the Height of a Recliner

The means you use to raise your recliner depends on the chair’s working mechanism and weight. For instance, the relatively light reclining office chairs allow you to use tiny wood blocks, which won’t work on your recliner couch.

Also, whether you have a power recliner or manual model affects the options available. Manual recliners have more methods because of minimal movements.

Below are elementary guidelines on how to raise the height of a recliner.

You raise the height of a recliner with risers, a cushion, or a frame. Besides these methods, you can make your office reclining chair higher by changing the gas lift, caster replacement, or using a drafting kit. Lastly, you make a recliner riser by cutting or welding measured wood/metal pieces.


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Can You Adjust the Height of a Recliner?

You can adjust the height of a recliner with various methods based on preference, budget, and the simplicity of the fix. Cushioning is the simplest method, followed by riser installment and, making a DIY frame comes last.

Besides, if using an office reclining chair, you can employ caster changes, drafting kit equipment, changing your gas lift, and more.

How to Raise the Height of a Recliner

If you’re too tall for a recliner, you don’t have to get a new one. Here are three ways to raise your chair’s height. But, as you decide, ensure you pick a safe method.

Raising the Height With Risers

Furniture risers attach to your recliner’s legs and allow you to adjust the height in several-inch increments. Nonetheless, these risers are also available for regular chairs and stools.

Buying risers designed for a tinier or lighter chair may lead to the risers breaking if used on your heavier recliner. So, purchase furniture risers designed specifically for recliners.

You may find that your recliner is still lower or higher than intended. Turn it to its side and adjust your risers’ height to suit your requirements (if applicable).

Here’s Most Comfortable High Leg Recliner to buy in 2022.


The simplest and safest method of increasing your recliner’s height is adding some extra cushioning to your seat.

You can make it as stylish or as bland as you want. If you only need a slight height boost, fold a blanket and place it under or on the cushion. If you have an electric recliner, you can also buy a gel-filled cushion that offers additional support.

However, adding height with a cushion or blanket provides the tiniest height increments. This may not work for raising the recliner by several inches.

Make a Custom Frame

A third alternative is to construct your frame. This option is superb if dealing with a power-lift chair because you can build the frame solidly to handle your chair’s weight. Simultaneously, you can create it large enough to fit the whole frame.

One significant advantage is that doing this allows endless customization. You can either add a non-slip surface to the top to keep it in position or bolt the recliner to it. Moreover, you can create it as big as you wish and decorate it to blend with your recliner’s upholstery.

One disadvantage is that gathering the materials takes time. It’s beneficial if you are already accustomed to DIY projects.

How Do You Make a Recliner Riser?

Here’s how to make a recliner riser platform:

How Can I Make My Reclining Office Chair Higher?

You can raise the height of a reclining office chair by changing the casters or gas lift mechanism using a drafting tool, cushions, risers, and platforms.

Changing Casters

Office chair casters are typically 2-2.5 inches in diameter. If your desk is taller than your reclining chair, swap your present casters with bigger sizes. You can choose 3-4-inch wheels for a slight raise.

More oversized casters not only provide more height but also roll more smoothly. Their wider diameter allows them to disperse weight better.

Drafting Kit

This kit offers your chair the maximum lift allowing you to use a standing desk. The seat height of most reclining office chairs ranges between 16 and 21 inches. A drafting kit’s height can reach 30 inches.

With this kit, you can accomplish a 9-inch or even higher rise. However, many drafting kits operate with specific models. So, get suitable equipment if considering this option.

Changing the Gas Lift

A gas lift raises and lowers your office chair. A typical office chair pneumatic cylinder is five inches long. Nonetheless, the market has diverse ranges like 4 – 10-inch models. To elevate your reclining office chair, replace your present cylinder with a taller one.

To change your gas lift:


Can You Raise a Lazy Boy Recliner?

You can raise a Lazy Boy recliner using cushions, a frame, or risers. The cushioning method is the simplest yet the least effective. If you can’t find suitable risers for your recliner, make a customized frame to attach to the La-Z-Boy recliner’s base.

How Do You Raise a Lazy Boy Chair

You raise a Lazy Boy office chair using the Lazy-Lift mechanism. The mechanism features a 3 ½ – inch base and fits in position without slipping. However, if this mechanism isn’t available on your chair or doesn’t meet your requirement, then:

What Are Recliner Risers?

Recliner risers are attachments that help you raise the height of your recliner. These risers have the build to support the chair’s weight plus yours even when reclining. While some risers are adjustable, others come in fixed height.

Wrap Up

Improperly using risers or blocks under chair legs could cause a fall. While risers can support a couch or bed, a reclining office chair on risers may tilt or fall, causing severe injuries.

Also, the additional height from a cushion can keep the arms beyond reach for pressing as you get up. So, consider what works best as you evaluate which ways on how to raise the height of a recliner to use.


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