How To Fix A Recliner Pull Handle [Step by Step Guide]

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: May 3, 2021

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Picture this: you’ve reached home feeling worn out after a rough day in the office. All you want is to relax. You pick a cold beer from the fridge and start loosening your tie as you walk towards your favorite chair. You sit and stretch your hand to reach the pull handle on the side. You pull the handle, and nothing happens. You can feel the handle is a tad bit loose, but you don’t read much into it. Feeling already agitated, you pull again, but harder this time and your haven still don’t recline. Your envisioned relaxed night has been cut short by a broken recliner pull handle.

Frustrating huh! The good news is, this is a minor glitch that’s both easy to fix a recliner pull handle and inexpensive. But first, you must know how to do it. And that’s what this article is all about: DIY tips on how to fix a recliner pull handle.

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How to Fix A Recliner Pull Handle [Replace]

A recliner pull handle is a crucial part of your recliner chair. When it’s broken, missing, or not functioning, the backrest can’t recline.

How to Fix A Recliner Pull Handle

A recliner pull handle malfunction is a common problem. It’s mainly caused by rough and reckless use of the pull handle. Therefore, it would help if you were gentle on the pulling to decline the wear and tear in the end.

The pull handle can also get worn out for constant use over the years. Either way, it can be fixed.

Generally, there are two methods of fixing a recliner pull handle. Here are easy to follow steps for the two methods:

Method 1: Replacing the Recliner Pull Handle

To replace the pull handle, you need a new one. You can buy it online or from a furniture retailing store near you. Make sure that the new kit is for your specific recliner chair brand or model.

1. Get all the equipment ready.

Before you begin, you should put all the things you need nearby. This includes a screwdriver and your new replacement kit.

2. Flip the recliner

For easy access to the recliners reclining mechanism, the chair should be in an upside-down position. Before flipping the chair, ensure that the footrest is closed.

3. Unfasten the handle

Once you locate the handle, prepare to remove it. It’s most likely held in place but some screws, so you will need a screwdriver to loosen the screws. Put the screws safely and separately.

4. Remove the handle

Pull out the broken handle and remove the escutcheon (the protective cover below it).

5. Replace the handle

Start by replacing the escutcheon with a new one and then put the new pull handle over it. Ensure that you have correctly placed them—also, test whether the handle is working correctly.

6. Return the screws

Insert the screws and fasten them. If your recliner doesn’t have screws but a cover, put it back into place.

7. Flip the recliner

Flip your recliner back into an upright position

Method 2: Fixing the Pull Handle

This method is as easy as the first one. Before you start, you should obtain a cable and other requirements online or from a retail store near you.

1. Gather your tools

Having all the tools, you need near you will make the fixing process quicker. You should therefore bring them all together before you start the repair. You’ll need a screwdriver and a pair of pliers.

2. Remove the screws

You’ll notice that the handle has two screws that hold it together. Use a screwdriver to gently unfasten the screws. Be careful not to twist the screws out on the screw hole as you unfasten them as you need to put new screws on the same spot.

3. Turn the chair

Turn the recliner chair over or tip it on its side. This will give you easy access to the area underneath.

4. Locate and remove the cable

After removing the cover, you’ll see a cable with a small holder clip running from the handle. Squeeze and pull out the cable holder. Now pull the cable to remove it from the small hole on the actuator.

5. Replace the cable and cable holder

You’ll use a reversal mechanism to replace the old cable and cable holder with new ones. First, slide the cable into the hole, pop the head in the hole and then clip the lid back.

6. Screw the handle

Use your screwdriver to return the screws in place. Make sure to fasten them properly. Then, flip back the recliner chair in the upright position and check if the handle works.

Maintenance and Proper Care Of Your Recliner’s Pull Handle

Sometimes, fixing or replacing a pull handle is inevitable. You see, even with gentle use and proper cleaning, the pull handle is likely to wear out with many years of use. Luckily, you now know how to fix and replace a recliner pull handle now.

Nevertheless, you need to take care of your recliner chair properly. If you want to enjoy its comfort and relaxation for as long as possible. How?

Like anything else, you should handle the pull handle gently. This will reduce its wear and tear and increase its lifespan. Avoid tugging or grabbing the pull handle and pulling it too hard. A smooth and gentle pull will still make the chair recline.

Additionally, clean the pull handle surface from debris and dust regularly. These things could jam the mechanism and stop it from working.

Also, buying a new recliner wouldn’t be such a bad idea if the one you have is too old. Check out our reviews for the best recliners of all kinds.

You will also find these 7 ways to prolong the life of your recliner fascinating.

Final Thoughts 🔻

As you can see from our guide on how to fix a recliner pull handle, a broken handle is a minor glitch. You can fix it without having to spend money on a professional. We recommend that you take proper care of your recliner by being gentle and often cleaning to avoid such a malfunction.


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