How to Adjust Herman Miller Aeron

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: March 28, 2022

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How to Adjust Herman Miller Aeron

While some aspects appear similar, the position and design on others differ, depending on whether you have an Aeron Classic or Remastered. So, before checking an adjustment guide, determine which of these you have.

Irrespective of your model, though, learn how to adjust Herman Miller Aeron for the best ergonomics, as illustrated below.

You can use six features to adjust Herman Miller Aeron, with some varying with the design. For instance, you adjust your Aeron lumbar by sliding or dial-turning based on whether butterfly-shaped or simple. While considering other adjustments, you should use forward tilt Aeron for demanding tasks.

How to Adjust Herman Miller Aeron

Below are the Aeron’s height, lumbar, tilt tension, and armrest controls and how they contrast between the Classic and Remastered options.

Height Adjustment

Like most chairs, height change is the simplest to conduct on the Herman Miller Aeron. Locate the lever on the right side of your HM Aeron. Ensure there are no weights on the chair and pull the lever up. Consequently, your chair’s height raises.

If you raise your chair higher than needed but want to adjust it, sit. Pull the right-side lever again to lower the chair to your desired height.

Lean Back Tension

Tension increment makes it tougher to lean back, while reduction minimizes the effort needed to lean.

A little underneath the height adjustment lever on the Aeron Classic is the lean-back tension control knob. Turn it clockwise to raise the lean back tension and otherwise when lowering. Besides, it has decrement (-) and increment (+) symbols, should you forget how to turn it.

To shift from peak tension to minimum or otherwise, you need to turn the dial 100 times. Hence, you have many resistance levels to set your chair.

This knob is the foremost to the right on the Aeron Remastered and has similar markings. Nonetheless, Remastered has a more responsive lean-back tension control than the Classic. So, you need lesser turns to achieve a given resistance.

Arm Adjustments

The Aeron features two arm adjustments allowing you to position your arms in line with your working surface. Both are optional. Hence, you may see them on your Aeron or not.

The first is the arm height adjustment. Check for a wheel or lever close to the point where the arm attaches to the backrest. If using the lever, pull it up to release the arm and position it accordingly. Once you have the desired height, press the lever down to lock the arm.

You also get a pivot adjustment to direct the arm inward, straight, or outward. Pivot alignment requires no levers. Move the arm to either of the three positions by pulling.

While arm adjustments are almost identical for the Classic and Remastered, the latter seems more robust. 

Tilt Limiter/Lock

The rearmost lever on your Aeron Classic’s left side controls the tilt limit. If you pull the lever up while your backrest is upright, it locks the back. Hence, it prevents the chair from leaning back.

Now, push the tilt limiter down and lean backward wholly. Next, pull it back as you return to an upright position. You’ll hear clicking noises that denote the different positions to set your limiter. So, lock your limiter accordingly, depending on how much tilt you need.

If using the Aeron Remastered, this control is the left side’s innermost dial. When turned fully clockwise position, it allows unlimited tilting. A single click reduced backward tilt by half while another forward click hampers tilting.

But, even when fully engaged, this feature permits a slight heave, as is the case with most chairs.

Should You Use Forward Tilt Aeron?

Next to and appearing identical to the Classic’s tilt limiter except in direction is the forward tilt lever. It works similarly to the tilt limiter. Therefore, you should use forward tilt aeron to achieve the right seat settings. 

How? As you lean back, pull it up to activate. However,  when deactivating the lever, lean back and push the control down.

The Aeron Remastered has it as the most outer knob to the left. Lean back and click it forward to activate. Lean back and click the forward tilt knob back to deactivate.

Whether or not to engage a forward tilt depends on the intensity of your engagement. If watching your favorite show over the lunch break, leaning back is more suitable.

However, while typing or signing documents and attending to paperwork, use the forward tilt to achieve a better-fitting posture for your task.

How Do I Adjust My Aeron Lumbar?

There are two lumbar support systems you can use on the Aeron.

Simple Lumbar Pad

With the simple lumbar pad, you can slide it upward or down to achieve your desired lower back support. You can also remove the piece by sliding it up. With the sides having different thickness levels, you can install the support in your desired direction.

Posturefit Lumbar

This option features a butterfly-shaped design, unlike the simple option with an oval outline. Unlike the first that you slide up or down, this support requires adjustment using a right-positioned knob. Its knob has a circular tip on the Classic from which three pegs protrude.

Turn it forward to enhance the pressure and press the support more into your lower back. Turning it otherwise lowers the pressure, reducing the support offered.

Aeron Remastered has a dial attached to the lumbar support on the chair’s back. Rotate the dial clockwise to heighten pressure and otherwise to lower.

Unlike the oval-shaped option, posture fit lacks height adjustability. Nonetheless, the enhanced flexibility on the pressure to your lower back is enough for most individuals.

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Where Do You Put the Lumbar Support on Aeron?

You put the lumbar support on Aeron behind the backrest. Butterfly-style support sits at a stationary location, allowing you only to change its’ pressure. On the other hand, you can slide the oval-shaped support in and out and change the thickness and height as you please.

Does Aeron Need Lumbar Support?

Aeron needs lumbar support to minimize or prevent lower back strain. Given the diverse adjustability of Aeron lumbar support, you can position it to fit your body size, height, and health. With lumbar support, you also minimize pinched nerves and sit better.


Getting a suitable chair height, coupled with an armrest flushing with your desk and the desired tilt tension, is crucial for seamless working.

Thanks to the variable pressure and height-adjustable lumbar support, you can achieve the desired level of lower back support. The forward tilt feature makes you want to stay upright when dealing with intensive tasks.

With this guide touching on how to adjust Herman Miller Aeron, you shouldn’t have issues reaping the best support your Classic or Remastered can offer.