Top 10 Herman Miller Aeron Alternatives

by | Last Updated: December 3, 2021

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Herman Miller Aeron Alternatives

Are you looking for Herman Miller Aeron alternatives? Then look no further. Herman Miller is one of the most popular chairs globally, but they can be pricey and sometimes hard to find. 

Even so, it’s great for those looking to improve their posture. But if you’re on a budget or just don’t want to spend as much money, don’t worry. 

I’ve compiled a list of ten alternatives to Herman Miller Aeron chairs that provide the same level of comfort and functionality. So, if you’re on the hunt for one chair or want to change your office space, this review has you covered!

10 Best Alternatives To Aeron Chair

Here are the 10 Best Herman Miller Aeron alternatives listed under a table. Give it a quick go before you dive right in.

1. WorkPro(R) Quantum 9000 Series – Best For Hot Rooms 

Mid-Back Mesh Office Chair is an attractive choice for any office setting. This ergonomic mid-back chair features breathable mesh fabric upholstery. Also, it has height and angle adjustable arms, synchronized lumbar support, and elastic polyester webbing that keeps you cool. 

It also features adjustable tilt tension control and tilt lock. Most importantly, this chair is built to last, with a heavy-duty powder-coated five-star base.



  • Color: Black
  • Weight capacity: 250 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 28 x 29.5 x 37.5 inches
  • Material: Mesh 

This chair is ergonomic and made for comfort. Consequently, your body supports itself naturally. Furthermore, it has a breathable material.  You don’t want heat buildup and strain on your back while seated. 

Once more, it has an armrest that locks at any height you desire and which can be adjusted quite easily. 

What I Like 

  • Warranty: It has a long warranty. This shows that the company stands behind its product and believes in the longevity of its quality.
  • Comfort: The adjustable functions make you remain comfortable for prolonged periods of sitting. 
  • Variety of colors: The chair comes in many colors, and therefore, it can complement different office looks. 

What I Don’t Like 

  • Size: It can feel like the armrests are too long for small people. This is because the arms rest at an angle instead of flat against your side.

What Customers Are Saying

They love the curved base on this chair. They say it is more stable than most other chairs on the market. Also, they love the lock functions that make them not worry when getting up. 


This chair is a great option for office chairs, and I highly recommend it! In addition, this model can slide the seat high enough to fit your desk’s height. 

2. Steelcase Amia Task Chair – Best For Home Office Use 

The Steelcase Amia is a great alternative to chairs similar to  Herman Miller Aeron. With many of the same features, it comes at a lower price point. This office chair gets you the comfort of your back and bottom, though at a lower price point. 

In addition, as you recline or lean forward, the seat conforms to your body. What’s more? Its flexible seat edge relieves pressure on your legs. 


  • Color: Black
  • Material: Textile
  • Dimensions: ‎23 x 27 x 39 inches
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs 

The Steelcase Amia Chair is indeed adjustable. That makes it great for any sitting position. Also, it is designed to be ergonomically correct. It supports your lower back and prevents slouching. Importantly, its fabric can be easily kept clean by wiping it with a damp cloth.

What I Like 

  • Back tension: This means you can get the perfect amount of lumbar support for your specific size.
  • Live lumbar support: -The live lumbar support adjusts to your body. This gives you continuous lower back support throughout the day. 
  • Seat slider: Seat slider is a great feature for those who sit in their chair all day and want to change the position of the seat without getting up. 

What I Don’t Like 

  • Takes long to break in: This chair takes a little while to break in. It can take over a month before it is soft enough.

What Customers Are Saying

Many customers love the quality of this chair as well as the value for money it provides. They reported having had a positive experience with the chair.


Are you looking for a  great alternative to the Herman Miller Aeron? Well,  you can’t go wrong with the Steelcase Amia chair. It has many of the same features as its costly counterpart but at a fraction of the cost. 

3. Steelcase Gesture Office Chair – Best For Study Rooms 

Gesture chair comes with a variety of comparable features. It has an ergonomic design with textile material, 360 degrees adjustable arms, and adjustable seat depth. It also features a synchronous adjustment mechanism in the back and seat to minimize shear forces on the body.


  • Color: Graphite 
  • Material: Textile
  • Dimensions:‎23.63 x 29.05 x 44.5 inches
  • Weight capacity: 400 lbs

The Gesture’s 3D LiveBack(TM) technology is a reactive lumbar system that mimics natural movements. Also, the contoured shape of the seat and back adjust to align to your spine in its natural, healthy S-shape.

What I Like 

  • 3D LiveBack(TM) technology: Allows for a reactive lumbar system with recline and sit-up capabilities.
  • Back support: The synchronous adjustment mechanism minimizes shear forces on the body.
  • Adjustable arms: Adjustable arms are located near the bottom of the chair. Thus it’s easy to adjust while maintaining an open under-desk workspace.

What I Don’t Like 

  • Backrest not adjustable: The backrest is not adjustable and cannot offer maximum lumbar support. 

What Customers Are Saying

The vast majority of reviews for the Gesture Chair are positive. They praise it for its adjustable features and good materials. However, some people have found that the arms do not adjust as high as possible.


Are you looking for a chair with great adjustment capabilities? The Gesture Chair by Steelcase may be a great Herman Miller Aeron alternative for you. 

In fact, many customers have noted it as the best Aeron chair alternative because it is very beneficial for back and posture support.

4. Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair – Best For Back Pain

Made of Chrome/polypropylene base, this chair delivers durability and comfort. Height adjustable, the chair is perfect for individuals of all heights to help prevent fatigue. 

With a mesh back & fixed headrest, customers can anticipate a wide comfort range with enhanced ergonomic support.


  • Color: Black
  • Material: Mesh
  • Dimensions:‎ 26 x 29 x 52 inches
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs

The Ergohuman high back chair comes with a mesh back for enhanced air circulation. Therefore, you are sure to avoid heat buildup, allowing for optimal comfort.

Moreover, this chair is height adjustable to encourage healthy posture habits in the workplace. Each individual will be able to sit comfortably, thereby combating fatigue and improving productivity. 

What I Like 

  • Mesh back: Mesh back encourages breathability and airflow to keep you cool and maintain optimal comfort. 
  • Adjustable height: This design enhances healthy posture in the workplace. 
  • Fixed headrest: It has a Fixed headrest for wide-range ergonomic support while working on various projects.

What I Don’t Like 

  • Assembling: Some customers complain about assembled pieces being flimsy and not structurally sound.

What Customers Are Saying

Some customers said that the chair is awesome and very comfortable. “Comfortable chair. While pricey, this is a great chair!”, he said. 


This chair is a great investment for any individual who spends time at their study desk. Also, the mesh back encourages airflow and provides optimal comfort. The height-adjustable design helps maintain healthy posture habits. Importantly, the fixed headrest offers a wide range of ergonomic support.

5. Herman Miller Mirra 2 Chair With Butterfly Back – Best For Office Use 

This Lightweight design chair is not only stylish but ergonomic as well. The office chair features lumbar support that offers good lower back support. The Mirra 2 is unique because it can adjust its height to your liking and recline simultaneously. Therefore, your whole day working is a more comfortable experience. 



  • Color: Black 
  • Material: Recycled Material
  • Dimensions: 18.5 x 30 x 43.75 inches

The chair is made up of dynamic surfaces that respond to the pressure of your body. Also, it uses a patented suspension system called “ProGrid.” 

Additionally, the chair provides great back support while still keeping you comfortable and cool. The Mirra 2 features adjustable lumbar support that allows users to find their perfect sitting position.

What I Like

  • Lightweight: This chair is lightweight but durable. 
  • Design: It features a waterfall front that helps reduce pressure on the back of the legs. 
  • Swivel: The chair can swivel to get you closer or farther from your computer screen.

What I Don’t Like 

  • Non-adjustable armrests height: The armrest height is not adjustable as other options. 

What Customers Are Saying

Customers report that this chair is great for people who spend long hours in front of a computer. Even so, others say the chair feels cheap and uncomfortable after a few hours of use.


So, the Mirra 2 is a great option for people who spend a lot of time in front of a computer. This is because they need some good lumbar support. However,  Miller Mirra may not be the best option if you want to recline often. Fortunately, you may consider other best alternatives to Aeron chair. 

6. Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair – Best For Heavy Use 

Technology engineered to help reduce pressure on soft tissue by responding to changes in your posture. So, you can be sure to maintain a more neutral spine position. 

Also, the easy-to-use controls adjust the seat height, armrests, and chair back as needed to achieve the desired comfort. The multi-dimensional contoured shape supports your back’s natural curvature.



  • Color: Black
  • Material: Textile
  • Dimensions: 24.75 x 27 x 43.5 inches
  • Weight capacity: 400 lbs 

Stable fabric construction with adjustable arms is built for durability and lasting quality. When you sit in this chair, it conforms to your own body weight and shapes over time. Therefore, you get a personalized seating experience. 

Also, the lumbar support system helps reduce pressure on soft tissue by responding to changes in your posture, allowing you to maintain a more neutral spine position. 

What I Like 

  • Back Support– This chair offers more back support than any of its competitors.
  • Airflow– The textile material offers great relief for those who have chronic sweating issues.
  • Adjustable: This product allows you to adjust many different things for customized comfort. 

What I Don’t Like 

  • Size– If you are tall, it may be difficult to fit into this chair as it’s fairly short.

What Customers Are Saying 

Most buyers reported that the chair is comfortable. It looks great in person and feels really sturdy. Also, the lumbar support makes it easier to sit for hours on end without having lower back pain.


If you are looking for something with customizable options that also offers excellent lumbar support, this is definitely the product! However, this is an expensive option, so you might want to look at others if you are on a budget. Still, trust me, this chair is well worth the money!

7. GM Seating Ergobilt – Best Comfort Executive Chair 

The GM Seating Ergobilt high back office task chair features a pneumatic height adjustment. Plus its built-in height locking mechanism, users can adjust the seat easily. Mesh back provides enhanced comfort and ventilation. Its padded seat cushion additionally allows for plush seating support.


  • Color: Black
  • Material: Aluminum, Polyvinyl Chloride
  • Dimensions: 24 x 26 x 45 inches

The GM Seating Ergobilt high back office task chair provides users with optimal ergonomic positioning for their seating needs. 

The polyvinyl chloride material increases ventilation and support. The padded seat promotes comfort and seating support. 

Most importantly, this chair is highly adjustable, making it possible to meet a wide range of users’ seating needs. Finally, the versatile design of this chair allows users to use it in a variety of set-ups.

What I Like 

  • Adjustable seat height: Provides more customization options for different body sizes.
  • Locking mechanism: This allows for easy and precise adjustments to seat height.
  • Good construction: The chair model is known for its high-quality components, hence high durability and stability. 
  • High end looks: This chair has a modern aesthetic that makes it appealing.

What I Don’t Like

  • Costly: The chair costs significantly higher than many other options in the market. 


What Customers Are Saying 

Users of GM Seating typically report that it is highly adjustable. It allows them to find a comfortable seating position easily. 

In addition, the locking mechanism on this chair is particularly popular among users. This is because they appreciate how quick and easy it is to adjust the seat height.


If you are looking for a chair with close features as Herman Miller Aeron, the  GM Seating Ergobilt High-Back Chair is a close alternative.

8. SIDIZ T80 Chair – Best For Lumbar Support

The SIDIZ T80 is a designer chair that has been licensed by Marvel. The name of the manufacturer appears on the 5-star base and all tags. It offers comfort, design, and durability. 

Also, this chair features 3-way armrests and an adjustable headrest. Still, you will get adjustable lumbar support, forward tilt adjustment, and adjustable seat depth.


  • Color: Iron man
  • Material: Polyester, Plastic, Fabric
  • Dimensions: 21.9 x 28.9 x 51.9 inches

T80 series with prestigious design and classic color enhances the style in the office. This is an exciting Herman miller Aeron alternative for those who seek comfort, design, and durability in their furniture. 

The “Ultimate Sync” mechanism optimizes lumbar support. This creates customized support by retaining the shape of the user’s body. Also, the adjustable 3-way armrests allow you to change the arm height, width, and angle for maximum comfort. 

What I Like 

  • Sleek design: The SIDIZ T80 has a very sleek design. This makes it appropriate for any modern office.
  • 3- way armrests: The 3- way armrests are very beneficial because users can adjust them to fit their needs accordingly. 
  • Lumbar support: This chair comes with adjustable lumbar support for top comfort.

What I Don’t Like 

  • Inadequate padding: The padding of this chair is not adequate for weighty people.

What Customers Are Saying 

“I love it and will recommend it to my friends,” Michelle reported. However, I particularly loved the stylish design that makes the chair look classy.


The SIDIZ T80 is a sleek, low-priced alternative for those who seek comfort and durability. It is an excellent choice for those who don’t have money for higher-priced chairs. This chair, surprisingly, has many of the same features as other big brands. 

9. GM Seating Ergolux with Genuine Leather – Best For Executive Office 

The GM Seating Ergolux has many features that are similar to the Herman Miller Aeron. It is made of genuine calfskin leather with chrome armrests. Moreover,  it has an adjustable headrest and a good lumbar support system. On top of that, the chair offers a 5-star swivel function with an easy-to-reach tension control knob located on the side.


  • Color: Black
  • Material: Calf Leather 
  • Dimensions:‎30 x 28 x 20 inches 

The GM Seating Ergolux Executive Chair is a great alternative to Herman Miller but still has many of the same features. Moreover, the 3D Adjustable Arms and Seat Slide  Mechanism allow the user to adjust the chair to their liking. 

Also, it has a great lumbar support system to keep your back aligned properly. A great feature, the unique, genuine calfskin leather keeps the chair feeling soft and comfortable.

What I Like

  • The 3D Adjustable Arms: This allows users to adjust the chair to their liking each time they sit.
  • Lumbar Support: The system keeps your back aligned properly so you can sit comfortably for a long time.

What I Don’t Like 

  • Less adjustability: The chair cannot be adjusted forward and backward like a traditional chair.

What Customers Are Saying 

Mike, a first-time customer, enjoyed the black leather exterior and ergonomic design. Also, he likes how the chair adjusts to fit his body.


The GM Seating Ergolux chair is a great alternative to the Herman Miller Aeron. However, it does come with a price. Still, for those looking for a high-back executive chair with genuine top-grain leather, then this is the product.

Not only that, but the piece offers you a range of adjustable features. Such features are all designed to ease stress and maximize your comfort and productivity.

10. SPACE Seating – Best Big and Tall Exucutives Chair with Adjustable Headrest

This Herman miller Aeron alternative is a well-built chair that will be able to hold up for years. Further, it comes in a variety of colors and has three size options that allow it to fit most users ergonomically. The mesh fabric allows airflow also, keeps your body cool during long hours sitting in the office.


  • Color: Black 
  • Material: Mesh
  • Dimensions: ‎29 x 28.75 x 55.5 inches
  • Weight capacity: 400 lbs

This product is a brilliant breakthrough in design and engineering. It is not only comfortable and adjustable but also very stylish.

In addition to the pneumatic seat height adjustment, its adjustable tilt tension and tilt lock helps you maintain your preferred position.

Also, the mesh material keeps you cool for hours on end. The chair also features a generous 400-pound weight capacity that is sure to hold up weight for a long time. 

What I Like 

  • Colors: The chair comes in a variety of color options to fit different office setups.
  • Material: The mesh fabric allows airflow, keeping your body cool.
  • Tilt Tension: It allows you to balance comfort with proper back support.

What I Don’t Like 

  • Too tall: The chair might be too tall for short people. 

What Customers Are Saying 

After a long search, Reagan finally found this chair. It’s everything they were looking for. He said that this one is convenient enough. The wife could use it too.


The SPACE Seating is the best option for ultimate comfort. This office chair is designed to keep you comfortable while seated for long periods. Additionally, it comes in various styles, from task chairs to executive desk chairs for different applications. 

Why is the Herman Miller Aeron so Great?

First and foremost, looking at the industry-leading Aeron chair by Herman Miller, it’s easy to see the difference. Its physical appearance is irresistibly unique.

Secondly, the Herman Miller Aeron Chair is so popular. Over time, it has become more than just an office chair; it’s a cultural icon. It has been featured in movies, TV shows, and other online platforms.


Firstly, it has a unique design that’s more than just eye-catching. Besides, it focuses on ergonomics to accommodate the way people sit. 

Aeron has a particular standing mesh that stretches across the back, supporting the lumbar spine, encouraging proper posture.

Quality of Support

In addition to design, the chair is incredibly comfortable due to its high-quality padding. 

Its ergonomically sound construction is known for accommodating a wide range of body sizes and types. This is because it can adjust to suit your needs, depending on your size or the task demands! 


The Aeron chair focuses on durability. It was made at the request of Bill Stumpf, who had observed that many staff did not use a chair for long before discarding it for a newer model.


The chair also features several different adjustments with its patented mechanism so that you can find your perfect fit posture!  

Environmental Impact

The Aeron chair was designed to minimize its impact on the environment. The chair is made largely of recycled materials. Also, Herman Miller plants were designed to be energy efficient.

Material Quality

The chair is also made of top-quality materials, making it incredibly durable. Also, different color varieties come with the same material quality. So, you can enjoy different colors that suit your room style without compromising on quality.


The Aeron is designed to be a comfy chair. Therefore, the seat is made of cushioned material, and the back provides support for your lower back. Hence, you can sit in the Aeron all day and feel supported.

Truly, the Herman Miller Aeron is an investment, but one that’s well worth it. You won’t need to replace your chair for years, and you can always be confident in the quality of this product. It makes a great gift too if you’re looking at getting someone new office furniture or accessories!

Are Herman Miller Aeron Alternatives Worth Considering? 

The answer is a resounding yes. Herman Miller Aeron alternatives are worth considering. 

Firstly,  the price of the Aeron chair is exorbitant for most people. 

However, these Alternatives are much cheaper than the original Aeron yet offer excellent value, comfort, and support. Some may argue that it’s not really an alternative if it costs more, but I’m trying to convey that you are not sacrificing quality by opting for cheaper models.

Secondly, some alternatives come with almost the same features as the Aeron, though at a price way lower. Yet, they perform the same functions as the Aeron. On using Herman chair alternatives, some people reported having a similar experience.

Therefore, considering the fact that Aeron comes at a hefty price tag which puts it out of reach for most people, people can go for the alternatives for almost similar experiences.

Lastly, some ergonomic experts have dismissed the Herman Miller Aeron Chair because of its price and reputation for not being very ergonomic. They argue that there are other chairs which provide more value for their price.


Are you on the search for a new comfortable office chair for better posture?  Then I recommend looking at the list of Herman Miller Aeron alternatives. 

I compiled this list to give you an idea of what’s out there without breaking the bank. Yes, you can get a comfortable chair cheaply. Have you found your Aeron alternative yet? Check out this review today for your most suitable office chair.