5 Best Office Chair For Guitar Playing

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: December 18, 2021

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Office chair for guitar players

If you happen to sit for long hours working, then you need a comfortable office chair. Most people think office chairs are only meant for office workers. Wrong!

Guitar players, just like office workers, spend long hours seated. They, too, need the best office chair for guitar playing to support their backs for hours.

Guitarists need a comfortable office chair to support long sitting hours. What’s more, they can combine the chair for their home office and guitar studio. That’s what we call killing two birds with one stone.

So, if you’re into guitar playing, finding the right chair is crucial. And, I want to help. I’ve researched and tested five chairs that I believe are the best for guitar playing.

Therefore, you don’t have to analyze hundreds of chairs on the market. Read through my carefully selected picks and choose one that suits your guitar playing needs.

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The 5 Best Office Chair For Guitar Playing

Below is a quick overview of the out top picks.

1. Amazon Basics – Best Low-Back Swivel Computer Desk Chair

Amazon Basics desk chair is an ergonomic guitar chair with a breathable and contoured mesh back. The chair supports 275lbs of weight capacity.

It also features an adjustable seat height and a thickly padded seat, hence comfortable.


While playing guitar is fun and exciting, prolonged sitting hours can cause pain and fatigue in your back. Luckily for you, the chair’s contoured mesh back provides good back support. 

Below are some of the benefits you stand to gain from the Amazon Basics office chair.

What I Like

Contoured back soft seat: The Amazon Basics is a comfortable office chair due to its contoured back. The back molds to your spine for optimal support. Besides, the 2-inch thick padded seat helps reduce pressure points.

Pneumatic seat height adjustments: The pneumatic seat height adjustments ensure you sit and play guitar at the perfect desk height. What’s more, the seat adjusts in height and locks in place for safety.

Breathable back: Amazon Basics office chair also features a highly breathable mesh back. You get to enjoy good ventilation throughout the day.

What I Don’t Like

Little: It is a great little chair but not suitable for tall and big persons.

What Other Reviewers Say

Most customers call it a ‘comfortable and easy to assemble’ office chair. The chair is lightweight but extremely solid. Besides, it is easily adjustable and rolls smoothly in the office.

One customer claims it took a 70-year old woman 5 minutes to assemble it.


Amazon Basics is the best office chair to play guitar in the home office or guitar studio. While the back is a little short, the chair fits short and average-sized people perfectly.

Not only does the chair feel comfortable, but it also supports seamless office movement. So, if you’re looking for a versatile chair for your home office and guitar studio, buy this one today.

2. HON ValuTask – Best Low Back Task Chair

HON ValuTask office chair is a dependable and stylish guitar chair. It is a low-back chair with a sandwich mesh back and seat. The chair also features double-layered seat cushions.

It also features ergonomic adjustments of a reclining back, seat height adjustments, and a center-tilt mechanism that rotates the seat.



This is a low-back chair with a contoured sandwich back and seat to keep your body comfortable and supported. It is a versatile office chair with fully adjustable ergonomics.

HON ValuTask swivels smoothly, allowing for easy office collaboration. Additionally, the chair is solidly built with a 5-star resin base. Here’s more about the chair:

What I Like

Easy ergonomics: Let the chair comfort and support your body by adjusting to your liking. You can recline the back and adjust the seat height accordingly. What’s more, the center-tilt mechanism rotates for comfortable reclines.

Breathable mesh: The chair also features a sandwich mesh back and seat. It allows good airflow keeping your back cool and dry, especially on hot summer afternoons.

Smooth swivel wheels: Swivel around smoothly as you play your guitar due to the durable wheels. Furthermore, the wheels are versatile and glide on most floor surfaces.

What I Don’t Like

Firm cushion: While the cushion is comfortable, it does feel a little firm when new. It also tends to go flat faster.

What Other Reviewers Say

Most customers say the chair works well, but the cushion goes flat faster. However, there are those that disagree, calling it a quality chair at the price.

Apart from the seat cushion issues, most buyers love the chair and would buy it again.


I think you can find a better chair but not in the same price range as the Hon ValuTask chair. If you’re on a budget and want to play your guitar on a comfortable and stylish chair, then consider the HON ValuTask guitar playing office chair.

You’ll love the chair features, especially when you consider the low price range.

3. Kaleurrier – Best Adjustable Stools Drafting Chair with Backrest & Foot Rest

The Kaleurrier drafting chair is an extra-large chair with a wide seat and backrest. It features a fully padded contoured cushion and a high-density soft sponge.

Moreover, the chair is height adjustable and easy to operate. Most adjustments are made through a hand lever. Besides, the stool is heavy-duty with a solid aluminum base.


From a stylish design to high-density cushioning, there is a lot the Kaleurrier office chair has to offer. The extra-large seat and backrest and thick padding ensure optimal comfort and support. 

However, that is not everything about the chair. See more below.

What I Like

Heavy-duty construction: Kaleurrier office chair features a sturdy and durable base. Due to the heavy aluminum base, the chair can withstand heavy daily use. Moreover, it is stable and safe.

Easy operations: Equipped with a smooth lifting gas cylinder, the chair ensures easy height adjustments. You can adjust the seat height from 19.7 inches to 27.6 inches using the hand lever.

Supportive seat and back: The chair also boasts an extra-large seat and backrest. These two contours to your back to ensure maximum support and comfort.

What I Don’t Like

Seat design flares on the edges: In spite of the good adjustment capabilities, the seat edges flare and cut into the legs.

What Other Reviewers Say

Most customers are happy with the chair. While they didn’t expect to love the chair, they were surprised at the ease of assembly, adjustments, and great back support.

Apart from the seat edges digging into your hips, the chair has all features guitar players want.


Kaleurrier is a suitable office chair for guitar players looking for optimal support and comfort. You’re getting a great balance between comfort and style.

It is a versatile chair that you can also use in the spa, clinic, kitchen, classroom, workspace, and design studio.

4. ComHoma – Best Ergonomic Office Chairs with Flip Up Armrest & Smooth Casters 

The ComHoma office chair is an ergonomic design chair for tight shoulders, cramped hips, and back pain. It is a premium office chair with flip-up arms and adjustable seat height.

Additionally, the chair features a reclining back and 360-degree swivel casters. You also get to enjoy a cooling back due to breathable mesh fabric.


ComHoma is a good ergonomic that supports extended guitar playing hours. The ergonomic features ensure optimal comfort so that you focus on your guitar playing skills. What else does the chair offer?

Let’s see below.

What I Like

Breathable mesh mid-back: A breathable back mesh fabric helps keep you cool and dry on hot summers. The free airflow dissipates heat away and prevents sweating and sticking.

Flip-up arms: This is an exciting chair for playing guitar with flip-up arms. Flipping arms makes it easier to get in and out of the chair.

Adjustable features: Easily adjust the chair’s seat height, back recline, and rocking. You can rest your back at a desirable angle and play guitar at a suitable desk height.

What I Don’t Like

Tilts forward: The chair does tilt forward a little, putting unnecessary pressure on the back.

What Other Reviewers Say

“It is a great buy.” Most customers were looking for a budget-friendly chair that offers most office chair features.

The ComHoma office chair stood out with exciting features. Most customers were happy.


I believe the chair is an exceptional deal to seriously consider buying. It boasts superior office chair features and comes at a great price.

Buying this chair will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

5. OFM ESS Collection – Best Racing Style Bonded Leather Gaming Chair

The OFM ESS chair is a race car-style gaming chair to use during long guitar-playing sessions. It is a comfortable and luxurious chair.

What’s more, the chair features flip-up arms, height adjustments, center-tilt control, and a 360-degree swivel.

No products found.


The OFM ESS office chair is a personal favorite and one you will surely love. Although it features bonded leather instead of genuine leather, the chair looks executive and upgrades your office décor. 

There is a lot more to gain from this chair apart from the great looks and customizable features.

Here is more about the chair.

What I Like

Segmented padded seat: Segmented seat and back design molds to your body and ensures optimal support. You can sit for hours without fatigue and back pain.

Stylish leather upholstery: The bonded leather finish brings a luxurious and executive office feel. In addition, the black stitching adds some elegance to any office.

Flip-up arms: Flip-up arms also allow you to get in and out with ease. What’s more, the arms are padded for superior arm support.

What I Don’t Like

Assembly: The assembly is a little difficult with misalignment in the screw placement.

What Other Reviewers Say

One customer calls the chair ‘a cautiously optimistic 4-star deal’. While the chair works as described, the assembly can be a pain.

On the good side, most customers call it a darn comfortable chair. The price seems reasonable, with most hoping the durability is also great.


I consider the OFM ESS the best chair for guitar playing since it is comfortable and budget-friendly. It is a suitable choice for most people looking for extended sitting hours.

Apart from issues with the assembly, the chair features work as described. Order it now! 

Features To Consider When Choosing The Most Comfortable Office Chair For Guitar Players

What makes a great chair for guitar players? You need to consider the following factors before choosing a suitable chair.

Adjustable Seat Height

You must sit at the right seat height to support your legs and hold the guitar properly. You’re likely going to lose balance if you sit too high or too low.

Because of this, consider a chair with adjustable seat heights. Learn how to adjust office chair height, from here.

Flip-up Armrests

While most office chairs feature armrests, the armrests are usually fixed. For guitar playing, consider flip-up armrests. This prevents the guitar from touching the armrests when playing.

Besides, flip-up armrests allow guitarists to get in and out of their chairs with ease.

Comfortable Seat And Backrest

If you passionately play guitar, then you’re going to spend several hours practicing. Subsequently, this means several hours of sitting.

You, therefore, need a chair with a comfortable seat and backrest to support you for those hours.

In addition, you need the chair to have a wide and flat seat base as opposed to the waterfall seat edge. A simple flat and wide seat surface works best for guitar playing.

Low Center Of Gravity

The chair needs to be low enough for the feet to touch the floor firmly. This gives guitarists better support and stability.

It is important to note that stability is crucial when holding a guitar and playing it.

The Design

Choose a chair design based on the shape of your body. Most importantly, consider chairs that contour to your body shape.

You also need the chair to look stylish and elegant since you’re using it in your studio.


Your search for the best office chair for guitar playing ends right here! With several options on the market, my research narrows down your choices.

Guitar playing and practice is an art that requires you to be comfortable. You can combine your guitar chair and home office chair.

Even so, whether you’re an amateur or professional guitarist, finding the right chair is important.


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