Herman Miller Aeron Chair Size Chart

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: March 28, 2022

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Herman Miller Aeron Chair Size Chart

HM Aeron chairs come in three sizes. So, as you shop for one, size selection is imperative so that the chair suits your body type. Luckily, Herman Miller includes a size chart to guide you on what Aeron chair provides the best ergonomics for your weight and height.

That said, this chart may be challenging to figure out for online shoppers unable to try out the Aeron in person.

Check out the Herman Miller Aeron chair size chart and a guide to what size suits you best.

The Herman Miller Aeron chair size chart includes C, B, and A options with suitable weights and heights for each. Like A versions, dimensions and capacity are different between B and C on an Aeron chair. That said, you know what size Aeron chair to get based on your height and body weight.

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Herman Miller Aeron Chair Size Chart

For starters, you’ll need to distinguish the three HM Aeron sizes. The first is size A, best suited for short and slim users.

Old HM Aeron size A has a weight rating of 300lb and below, though it’s ideal for people ranging between 90 to 160lbs, too. Size A is perfect for individuals between 4’10” and 5’4” tall when it comes to height. 

Size A Aeron chairs have a width of 25.75 inches. Aeron A’s seat height ranges from 14.5 to 19.5 inches, with a 41-inch chair height.

The new Aeron size A accommodates a taller group beginning at 4’8” to 5’9”. Nonetheless, the most suitable weight range remains 90 to 160lbs.

What Is Different Between B and C on an Aeron Chair?

Like size A, old B-sized Aeron chairs have a 300lbs-and-underrating. Size B Aeron chairs are the intermediate size, so they fit the biggest number. B-sized Aerons are best for those between 130 to 300lbs. On the other hand, the recommended height for this size is 4’10” to 6’6”.

Aeron B chairs have a 27-inch width and seat height between 15 and 21 inches. There isn’t much difference in height from the size A, with the B-sized option only an inch taller.

The size C Aeron chairs make the model’s most extensive collection. Old size C is best for those weighing between 180 to 300 pounds and 5’3” to 6’6”. Like the other sizes, these chairs’ peak capacity is 300lbs. 

C-sized HM Aeron chairs are 1.25 inches wider than size B options. Conversely, seat height ranges remain similar to size B at 15 to 21 inches.

However, there’s a more significant height difference between sizes B and C than B and A. At 45 inches, Aeron C chairs are three inches taller than their closest counterparts.

Things are slightly different for the new collection. Size B chairs are best for those between 130 to 320lbs. The height range is also an inch more, from 4’8” to 6’7”.

Meanwhile, new size C chairs suit 300 to 350lb individuals with heights between 4’8” to 6’7”.

How Do I Know What Size Aeron Chair to Get?

Consider your weight and height to determine which HM Aeron chair size suits you. You can evaluate whether C, B, or A chairs are perfect based on the chart.

That said, you may find yourself falling at an intersection range. So, you’re unsure whether to pick A or B on the lighter end or B or C for the mid-heavy individuals.

According to Herman Miller, you should get the Aeron B chairs since they suit the most people. Nonetheless, if you’re closer to size A than B, get an A-sized Aeron. Likewise, if you’re closer to the C-exclusive range than the B-range, grab a C-sized Aeron.

Ultimately, both height and weight impact the best option. For instance, a person at 4’8” with a 330 to 350lb weight should get a new Aeron C chair.

On the other hand, a 6’7” individual weighing 190lbs is okay with a New Aeron B or C. Conversely, a person at 5’9” and weighing 160lb is okay with the New Aeron A, though size B is a better purchase.

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Should I Get Aeron Size B or C?

Like size A chairs, you should get Aeron size B or C depending on your size and weight. Individuals between 130 and 300lbs are better with the old size B if their height is 5’2” to 6’6”. The old size C is a better pick for those between 5’3” to 6’6” and weighing 180 pounds to 300.

If purchasing the latest Aeron, go for size B if 4’8” through 6’7” and weighing 130 to 320lbs. Those with a similar height but weighing 300 to 350lb should seek the New Aeron size C.

How Do You Tell Which Herman Miller Chair I Have?

If you bought an Aeron unit, you tell which Herman Miller chair you have by looking at its back. Check between the mesh and the back frame’s upper section behind the HM logo. You should feel one, two, or three raised dots.

Size A Aeron chairs have one dot, B versions have two, while C chairs have three.


Using the Herman Miller Aeron chair size chart to pick a suitable option is crucial in attaining an appropriate sitting height. You also want your chair to be wide enough for your body size.

With these conditions met, you can sit at a suitable posture. As a result, body strain risks are lower and less discomfort lets you focus on your tasks better.


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