How Much Does it Cost to Reupholster a Chair?

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: March 9, 2022

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How Much Does it Cost to Reupholster a Chair

An excellent reupholstery can transform old chairs, giving them a stunning appearance. The fabric, trim, and even filling may need replacement. From cushioned dining chairs to plush recliners, almost all chair kinds could use a reupholstery revamp.

While it’s great to switch the look of your withering furniture, sometimes the cost is restrictive. So, how much does it cost to reupholster a chair, and should you do it?

How much it costs to reupholster a chair depends on the chair’s style, labor selected, construction employed, your locality, and more. For instance, it’s roughly $350-700 to reupholster a parsons chair. Compared to Lazy Boy recliners, it isn’t expensive to reupholster dining chairs.

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How Much Does it Cost to Reupholster a Chair?

Often, a pricier chair commands an equally-matching upholstery cost. Here’s how the cost of reupholstering various chairs varies.

Is it Expensive to Reupholster Dining Chairs?

Reupholstering your dining chairs can revitalize your eating experience if the dining room is old. Reupholstering a dining chair typically costs between $150 and $300. On the other hand, reupholstering a cushioned chair costs between $400 and $700.

How Much is it To Reupholster a Parsons Chair?

Reupholstering a hardwood parsons chair ranges from $350-700. It may appear simple. But it requires covering around the back and on the seat. It’s a moderately-challenging job due to the chair’s designs.

Usually, 2-4 yards of fabric are necessary. The chair’s size also matters. Parsons chairs have distinctive trims that need matched upholstery. So the price goes up.

How Much Does it Cost to Reupholster an Office Chair?

Reupholstering a desk chair may cost between $40 and $700. Repairing the base only is somewhat affordable. The price goes up if the armrests, sides, and backrest need padding and covering too.

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Can You Reupholster Tub Chair?

Reupholstering tub chairs is amongst the simplest chair upholstery tasks. It can cost $100-200. The chairs are usually small, round, and padded and may take 2-4 yards of material.

How Much is it to Reupholster a Stool?

Reupholstering a stool may cost $40-$250. That said, it depends on the inclusions. It’s relatively low-cost when working on a circular stool with a padded seat. A stool with padded arms and back is usually pricier.

What is the Average Cost to Reupholster an Armchair?

Reupholstery ranges from $300 to $350. Adding armrests, seat cushioning, plus a padded backrest takes yards of fabric, often ranging 3-5. But, wider chairs may demand more.

How Much to Reupholster a Recliner?

Reupholstering a recliner typically costs $400-$2000. Most recliners have many cushions within. As a result, a lot of cloth is necessary to cover their expanse. Approximately, you need 3-7 yards of cloth.

How Much is it to Reupholster a Bergere Chair?

Reupholstering Bergere chairs costs $200-400. The pricing depends on the backrest and cushion.

An antique chair requires more time to preserve craftsmanship. However, a chair typically takes 2-6 yards of fabric.

How Much is it to Recover a Footstool?

Footstool reupholstery typically costs $40-$100. The cost depends on the footstool’s design. Using buttons and nails increases the cost of reupholstering. Also, reupholstering antique footstools takes longer to maintain the chair’s vintage charm.

How Much is it to Reupholster a Slipper Chair?

Slipper chair reupholstering costs $250-350 on average. This chair lacks arms, though it’s highly padded and occupies more room. Upholstering the slipper chair takes 2–4 yards of material.

How Much is it to Reupholster a Wingback Chair?

Reupholstering wingback chairs typically cost $360-500. These chairs are large and plush. So it takes a lot of material to cover them. Most wingback chairs require 6-8 yards of cloth. Even so, wingback chair upholstery takes patience and skill.

How Much Does It Cost to Get an Ottoman Reupholstered?

Using mid-grade textiles, reupholstering an ottoman without a skirt costs $300-500. On the other hand, reupholstering a diamond tufted chair with nailhead trim costs $500-1000. It costs $150+ for the nails, buttons, and labor.

How Much Does it Cost to Reupholster an Accent Chair?

Reupholstering accent chairs cost anything from $50 to over $1,000. The process includes dismantling the chair and not simply removing the old fabric and replacing it.

During the reupholstering procedure, the framework may need repairing and the padding requiring replacement.

What is the Average Price for Upholstery Fabric?

The amount varies greatly depending on the fabric used. Let’s see how different materials affect reupholstering costs based on the cost per yard.

MaterialCost ($)Type
Linen Blend18-25Natural
Ultra suede75-110Synthetic
Faux Suede20-200Synthetic
Faux Leather10-200Synthetic
Cotton Blend30-55Semi-Synthetic


Is it Worth it to Reupholster?

It’s worth it to reupholster for various reasons like preserving sentimental worth. Often, the fabric wears faster than the frame within. So, it’s likely better to revamp the exterior and continue using your chair.

Moreover, some chairs like the Lazy Boy recliners are super expensive. Other chairs come customized to your needs. In both cases, though, reupholstery is a superb choice.

Is it Better to Buy New or Reupholster?

It’s better to buy new or reupholster, based on the chair model, age, and what labor is involved. Some upholstery tasks, such as the Lazy Boy models, cost as much as $2000, a price enough to get you a decent replacement.

It’s better to replace old chairs to avoid disappointment as the frame may not hold up longer. So, if your chair is beyond a decade old, replacement may be a better decision.

That said, reupholstery is better when preserving sentimental pieces. Besides, some old chairs have a more robust built than newer options.

How Much is it to Reupholster 6 Dining Room Chairs?

It’s roughly $900-3,600 to reupholster six dining room chairs. However, your chair design, the amount of padding it has, labor selected, and materials employed may raise or lower this estimate.


To answer “how much does it cost to reupholster a chair,” begin with the chair’s type. Next, assess its size and the intricacies and dents invested into its design. Afterward, look at what material you’ll use to change its look.

Lastly, what labor is your reupholstery project going to use? By doing it yourself, you may save even $800. But whether you’ll need to get a seasoned upholster or not also depends on your skill, dedication, and time.


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