Staples Hyken Vs Dexley: Which One To Buy?

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: May 10, 2022

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Staples Hyken Vs Staples Dexley Featured Image

Just by looking at the two chairs, Staples Hyken and Dexley chairs, it can be so confusing on which one is right for you and what their difference is. 

Well, apart from the obvious distinction – the mesh, there are many differences between these two models, and your preferences determine which one to buy.

The main difference between the Staples Hyken Vs Dexley is that the Hyken pivots while the Dexley doesn’t since its back and seat are joined. If you’re a tall guy, the Hyken would be better for you than the Dexley.  The Staples Hyken is for short people, and Dexley is for the tall ones. 

But these aren’t the only differences you’ll find on these chairs. Read till the last sentence to find more features for each of the chairs so you can decide which one to buy. 

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Staples Hyken Vs Dexley: Quick Glance at the Unique Distinctions

If you don’t have much time to read the entire review, please have a quick glance at this table before you decide which model to purchase.

STAPLES Hyken Technical Task (Black, Sold as 1 Each) -Adjustable Breathable Mesh Material Provides Lumbar, arm and Head Support, Perfect Desk Chair for The Modern Office
Staples Dexley Mesh Task Chair
FeaturesStaples HykenStaples  Dexley
Dimension 24L x 27W x 46H (Inches)45.3 – 50.8H x 28.2W x 28.6D  (Inches)
Capacity 250 lbs275 lbs
Material Breathable mesh Breathable mesh
LumbarFavors the short dudesGood for people of different heights and weight capacities
ColorBlack (other colors available: maroon, charcoal gray) Black
HeadrestNon-adjustable, but tiltsTilts, moves up and down
ArmrestsAdjustable, narrowAdjustable, wide
Armrests AdjustableQuite a sweat to adjust themWith only a button, stress-free to adjust them
Assembly Easy Stress-free 
UsersShort people (less than 5 foot 10 inches)Tall people (Above 5 foot 11 inches) 
PriceExpensive than the DexleyCheaper than the Hyken
Recline Reclines to 10 degreesReclines to 140 degrees
LeversGoing upwards and downwards lever and Lock-in levers (2) Single lever for reclining and going up and down
Chair Height49.7 inches 50.8 inches
Padding (seat)Features foam padding (under the mesh)Features foam padding (under the mesh)
Recliner lockReclines back, lockableDoes lock in reclined position
Casters/wheelsSmall wheels, not good qualityBig wheels, great quality

Staples Dexley

Dimensions and Capacity

The Staples Dexley Mesh Task Chair supports a weight of 275 lbs. If you’re that heavy guy, buy the staples Dexley. This is a great buy, too, if you spend most of your time on your seat. The Dexley has a height ranging between 45.3 to 50.8, a width of 28.2, and a depth of 28.6 (in inches, too).  

Staples Dexley Chair Dimensions


The Dexley seat features an adjustable back height, headrest, and arms. The lumbar support and seat depth are also adjustable. Change the tilt tension if you wish; it’s equally possible. 

Better put, Dexley offers maximized comfort. Based on your comfort requirements, you can customize the tilt lock as desired. 

If you’re spending more than 6 hours on your seat, please consider buying the Dexley seat. Where so? Long sitting hours demand that you adjust your seating angle. That’s what this chair offers. 

Hot rooms make people sweat profusely, and a mesh chair would definitely come in handy. Thankfully, the Dexley is made of a meshed material. So, it’s breathable. 


Staples Dexley Design details
Staples Dexley Design Details

Do you want extra support on your head? Forget about buying expensive office chairs only to buy an extra support system to support your head. How do you deal with shame when friends come around? Simply get the Dexley chair. Its headrest supports the head, and you can also adjust it if you wish. 

With the backrest being made of a mesh material, you don’t expect this chair to weigh more than 40 pounds unless when packaged. 

The wheels, on the other hand, make the Dexley great for any office since moving it is trouble-free. Its black color leaves you with many options of where to use it. After all, black blends with all colors. 


Coming at a slightly lower price than the Hyken, Dexley is affordable. The market price, though, can change based on where you’re buying it and when. Application of coupon codes would cause the price to reduce, and you could enjoy great discounts. 

Is Dexley Better Than Hyken?

Yes, Dexley is better than hyken when used by tall people — at least, 5 foot 11 inches and above.  It’s also better for heavy people, at least those weighing 275 lbs. 

Using Dexley gives your body maximum comfort as your arms rest well on the chair’s armrests, there’s enough legroom, and the seat fully supports the butts. 

The best part? Dexley comes at a lower price than the Hyken chair. So, if every other feature aligns with your needs, you’re lucky; this is much more affordable than the Hyken. One key feature that makes the Dexley better than hyken is the adjustable headrest, which also moves up and down. Due to this feature, this chair is suitable for any tall person regardless of their height. 

How Long Do Dexley Chairs Last?

Featuring a mesh material, you wouldn’t expect the Dexley chair to last long, probably 5 years. That sounds like a scam, right? Not really. The chair doesn’t cost much, so it’s still worth it. Besides, at only 15 or 20 bucks, you can order the staples protection – which lasts for 3 complete years. 

Order Staples Dexley Chair Now!

Staples Hyken

Dimensions and Capacity

Hyken supports a maximum weight capacity of 250 lbs. Staples Hyken has a length of 24, a height of 46, and a width of 27 (all in inches). If short, consider ordering this model. Regardless of your working hours, the Hyken model will support you as long as you’re not tall.

Featuring a weight capacity of 250 pounds, the Hyken is suitable for average people, and they can use it for more than 6 hours comfortably. This weight capacity also indicates that this isn’t a bulky seat and thus is suitable for small rooms as well as large ones.

Staples Hyken Chair Dimensions

Level of Comfort

So, what level of comfort do you get with the Hyken staples option? Like the Dexley, the Hyken chair tilt tension is also adjustable. Height adjustment is bliss, too. Due to the tilt lock feature, you can enjoy various seating angles as you wish. 

One main difference between the staples Hyken vs Dxley is that the height of the Hyken’s arms adjusts independently. Your arms will, therefore, remain supported regardless of the current height of the chair or table. Also, if you’re looking for a computer chair, then Hyken could function as one since you can adjust its height to use your desk. 


The Staples Hyken chair is one of the fairly priced chairs in the market. What’s more? If you use a coupon code, then the price goes down incredibly. Though it may not outlive some highly-priced office chairs, for its quality, the price is great.  

Who Makes Hyken Chair?

Staples makes the Hyken chair. They’re a vast company, though, that also sells other products as well as services.  Such include; breakroom supplies and business technology, among others. From them, you can buy products that you could use in your school, working area, and home office, such as a hyken chair.

With their well-knowledgeable team, Staples produces good chairs for their price. 

Is The Hyken Worth The Money?

Firstly, it’s vital to note that the Hyken model is lowly priced. See, the backrest and the seat are made of mesh, which, in the real sense, is hard on the back and butts, respectively. 

Aside from the mesh, the other parts don’t feature very high-quality materials. Consequently, the lifespan of Hyken may be around 5 to 7 years or thereabouts. Definitely, most of us want to invest in a chair that we can only replace after a decade or more. So, 7 years seems to be a short time for its price.

Sadly, due to the quality of materials used, some parts may break down during the five years, and replacing them may cost an arm and a leg! 

What’s my verdict, therefore? If you only weigh 250 pounds, are short, and spend not more than 8 hours on your office chair, this could be a great deal. 

However, take good care of your chair and remind the children that your chair isn’t a “playing ground!”

Is Hyken Better Than Dexley?

Hyken is better than Dexley for people who are short – at least less than 5 feet 10 inches tall. For such people, the feet get enough room to rest so that there is no strain that may eventually cause the legs to swell upon extended sitting. 

Short people’s heads also lean on the chair’s headrests without any problem whatsoever. Otherwise, the headrest would align with your neck, which is strenuous! 

Hyken is also better than Dexley for average-sized people as their weight gets distributed evenly, thereby feeling comfy throughout the day.  Since Hyken has been there for a longer time, it’s more expensive but also of better quality than the Dexley. 

Even so, one key difference between the Hyken and Dexley is that some parts, which would otherwise make users more comfortable, for instance, the headrest, don’t adjust. Even so, it tilts. 

How Long Do Hyken Chairs Last?

In most cases, with great care and maintenance, the Hyken chairs last for about 7 years. This, however, is the case for chairs that aren’t under heavy use. For Hyken chairs that are under heavy use, their lifespan would range around 4 to 5 years. 

Staples Hyken Chair Group In Office
Staples Hyken Office Chair

Is The Staples Hyken Ergonomic?

Wait, what’s an ergonomic chair? I would say it’s one that supports your entire body so that you experience no strains whatsoever. To be categorized among the ergonomic chairs, staples hyken should feature: 

Indeed, it features all of the above; thus, staples hyken is an ergonomic chair. 
That’s not all, here are more features that make staples hyken an ergonomic chair that you should consider buying today:

Backrest: Featuring synthetic mesh upholstery, the backrest locks in 4 different positions. Also, it reclines, thereby keeping you comfy. 

Headrest: Contrary to most office chairs, the hyken features a tilting headrest that is ideal for full head support. 

Lumbar support: This allows users to adjust upwards or downwards as per their liking. 

Armrests: Hyken’s armrest height adjusts as per your settings. 

Order Staples Hyken Chair Now!

Staples Dexley Vs Hyken: What Are The Similarities?

Though there are major differences between the two models, as discussed above, there are also some similarities, as you’ll see below. 

Usability: Both the staples Hyken and Dexley can be used in a traditional or home office. However, the chairs are designed for use by adults only.

Price: Though their price differs, both are affordable. Hyken and Dexley aren’t among the highly-priced chairs in the market. You don’t have to sell the earth to own them. 

Color: They come in black color, so they can blend with any office colors. 

Material: One major similarity between the Dexley vs Hyken is that they have a mesh material. Not only does this make them breathable but also light. 

Headrest: Another major similarity between the Dexley and Hyken chairs is that they feature a headrest. This means that they’re comfortable, and your head gets excellent support.

Armrests: The armrests on either Dexley or Hyken are adjustable; thus, you can have your hands at whatever height you desire. 

Hyken Vs Dexley Chair: Which One Should You Buy?

When deciding which model to buy, there are many factors you need to consider. For example;

Cost: You can only order what you can afford, period!

Quality: You don’t want to spend your money on a worthless chair that will cost you more after a couple of years. So, quality is a must-check. 

Purpose: Why do you want to buy a staples Hyken or Dexley chair?  Your purpose determines which is the best option between the two.  Go for whatever fits your needs.

Color: When picking the chairs, there would be no issue since both the Hyken and Dexley models feature a black color. 

Headrest: While both models have a  headrest, Dexley’s is adjustable, while the Hyken’s isn’t. Thus, there could be nothing much to do if your weight and height block you from buying the Dexley chair. 

However, your body size and weight might limit you when choosing between dexley mesh task chair vs hyken. In this section, therefore, I’ll discuss what you must not ignore before making your order.

Weight: How many lbs do you weigh? Well, the main difference between staples Hyken Vs Dexley is that Dexley comfortably supports people with a weight of 275lbs or less, while the Hyken supports those with a weight capacity of 250lbs or less.

Buying a chair that can’t support your weight effectively only makes it vulnerable to breakage. Worst still is that it might break down while you least expect it – a time when you’re sitting on it and working. Don’t even imagine how painful it could be. 

Height: There’s nothing to think about here – you’re either short or tall. Period! Bear in mind that another main difference between the staples dexley vs hyken is that hyken fits people who are 5 feet and 10 inches tall or shorter, while the Dexley fits people who are 5 feet 11 inches tall or more. 

Not following this height limit only makes you buy a chair that would cause your body to strain. So, if your spouse is much taller than you, these chairs might not be ideal if you want to use the same chair in turns. Of course, not unless there’s a small difference between your heights. 

Thankfully, the Dexley model allows you to adjust the height 

How Do You Adjust A Dexley Chair?

One great thing about the Dexley chair is that you can adjust most of its parts, for example, the backrest.

Here’s how to adjust a Dexley chair using simple and easy-to-follow steps as shown below:



 Recline Level adjustment

Recline Tension

Lumbar Support Adjustment

Adjusting the Staples Dexley is easy, and anyone, young and old, can do it. Simply follow the above keenly. 


How Much Does The Hyken Chair Weigh?

Before packaging, the hyken chair weighs only 28.2 lbs. This means it’s a light chair that won’t require the whole family to come together to move it. The mesh material makes it light.

Does The Hyken Recline?

Yes, the hyken reclines, which is one of the reasons why I’ve said it’s an ergonomic chair. Therefore, you can recline and lock at 90 to 100 degrees. With a low budget, you wouldn’t be wrong going for this chair.

Is Hyken Headrest Removable?

If you’re not comfortable with the headrest, you can always remove it. Hyken headrests are removable. What’s more? The headrests are easy to remove.

Is The Staples Mesh Task Chair Comfortable?

Staples mesh task chairs are comfortable as long as you don’t sit on them all day. While their design is favorable, the mesh seats may make your butts and back hurt.
Here’s why. Mesh isn’t a soft material and thus cannot conform to your body shape. As such, it will be hard on your body and make you uneasy after a couple of hours of work.

Closing Line

What’s your decision upon reading this comparison review? Between staples hyken vs dexley, which one do you love most, and which one are you going to order?

Here are the major differences between the hyken vs dexley chair, just in case you’ve forgotten by now.

The Staples Hyken

Buy Staples Hyken Chair Now!

The Dexley 

Buy Staples Dexley Chair Now!

There you are — let your height and body weight guide you in choosing the best chair.


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