5 Best Recliner for Scoliosis

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: April 1, 2022

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Best Recliner for Scoliosis

Do you suffer severe back pain while playing, working, or exercising? If so, most likely, you have scoliosis.

As a result, maintaining a good posture becomes difficult. Therefore, only the best recliner chair for scoliosis can assist you in achieving a better, more comfortable posture and proper alignment since its design gives optimal sitting posture.

So, if you work sitting for long hours or are having scoliosis, having the best recliner for scoliosis is a must. A couple of good ergonomic chairs on the market can support persons with scoliosis, but they don’t offer the best support to your tailbone and spine.

That’s why I have reviewed various chairs with full back and arm support so that you can select the best and make a difference in your life.

Best Recliner for Scoliosis

1. HomCom High Back Executive Massage Office Chair- Most Ergonomic

Homcom is an ergonomic chair with a curved design to support the lumbar. In addition, it has 6 different massage settings with independent massage and vibrating functions, an extra padded back, seat, and armrest.


  • Color: Black
  • Product Dimension: 32″D x 25″W x 14″H
  • Material: Faux leather, plastic, sponge            
  • Weight Capacity: 265 lbs
  • Item Weight: 41 lbs

The chair design allows you to sit for long hours; this makes your day easier. It’s set apart from many other chairs by its superb support, which is suitable for a person who has scoliosis, what’s more!

What I Like

  • Material: The faux leather upholstery gives the chair a premium look. It’s breathable and easy to clean. It is also prone to fading as it’s UV resistant, thus can be used for a long time. Furthermore, it’s heavily padded with a high-density sponge for extra comfort.
  • Color: Apart from the traditional black and brown colors, Homcom comes in various colors, giving you some freedom to choose your preference.
  • Support: Whenever it comes to buying a scoliosis recliner, support is essential. The curved back design supports your spine, neck, shoulders, lower body, lumbar, and thighs.
  • Massage and Heating Feature: It has 6 levels of massage intensity, and you can set a timer for the massage. You can enjoy the in-built heating function for up to 4hrs together with the vibration. The massage and heat functions are at multiple points, which is beneficial for relieving spinal pain, body aches, and muscle tenderness from the upper back, lower back, and legs.
  • Adjustability: A reclining button makes it easy to adjust the seat and an adjustable height lever beneath the seat. The chair has some back and forth rocking, which is convenient when taking a break. Not only that, but the chair has an adjustable headrest and can recline up to 135 degrees. 
  • Comfort: The heavy sponge padding on the back, arm, and seat rest improve the overall comfort of the chair. In addition, the PU leather is soft to touch and breathable. As a result, all these factors combine to make this chair extremely comfortable for an extended time. 
  • Stability: It has a rugged steel frame base that assures stability and support while relaxing, working, or napping. The rolling wheels, the recline, and the swivel features are all simple, fast, smooth, and stable.

What I Don’t like

  • Lacks Footrest: Without the footrest, the chair is uncomfortable, especially while napping or sleeping.

What the Customers are Saying About It  

According to most customers, the chair was comfortable, sturdy, and provided lumbar support. The heating function was also excellent. Nevertheless, some complained that the cord was short and easily pulled out, and still, some said that the bottom seat at the tailbone wasn’t well-padded and was too hard. Honest, on the contrary, stated that over time the chair’s hardness softened, and it became comfortable.


Get this chair if you’re looking for a reasonable budget scoliosis chair. The Homcom high back recliner provides the ultimate comfort needed for long working or sitting hours. It has a sturdy swivel base with smooth-rolling wheels for easy movement. In addition, the thick cushioning and the PU leather makes this chair outstanding. 

2. Signature Design By Ashley Yandel Upholstered Power Lift Recliner- Most Comfortable

Ashley Yandel is an ergonomically designed reclining chair for scoliosis sufferer. It features a wide armrest supporting your shoulders, a high back, thick cushioning on the arms, seat, backrest, and a cornered-block metal frame.



  • Color: Saddle Brown
  • Product Dimension: 40’’DX 35’’WX 42.63’’H
  • Material: Poly fiber       
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Item Weight: 121 lbs 

This recliner has a combination of comfort and style. It outstands in your living room for its sharp, modern look. Also, it gives good support for scoliosis.

What I Like

  • Material and Color: The saddle brown poly fiber upholstery looks exactly like leather. It’s soft to the touch, durable, and strong, but it’s prone to fade. It’s available in black and brown and can match any home decor.
  • Power Lift Recliner: It has a smooth and quiet power control feature. The dual-motor lift chair is controlled with a button and has slow power movement. Then the lift function gets you up and out of the chair with ease without hurting your back.
  • Comfort: Ashley Yandel looks good, and it’s very comfortable. The overstuffed cushioning makes the chair extra comfortable. The seat also is wide enough for an average-weight person and is well cushioned for maximum relaxation.
  • Stability: The fully metallic frame makes this chair sturdy and supports the spine. It can also hold a weight of 300 lbs. 

What I Don’t Like

  • Footrest: The footrest does not lift high enough. 
  • Heavy: The chair is heavy and bulky compared to others I have reviewed here.

What the Customers are Saying About It

Many customers think Ashley is an attractive, extremely functional, and comfortable recliner. They are also pleased with the way the headrest and footrest operate independently. However, some customers suggested that Ashley should improve their customer service by responding on time.


Ashley Yandel stands out as one of the best chairs for people with scoliosis as it provides effortless support when standing up. Additionally, the material is soft, smooth, and very comfortable, and the well cushioning supports the back.  

3. Esright Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair- Most Versatile and Best Massage

The Esright Power Lift is one of the best in ergonomics and the best recliner chair for scoliosis. It has a silent motor lift, heated vibration massage, USB port charge, side pockets, and inbuilt remote control.


  • Color: Gray-blue
  • Product Dimensions: 28.3″D x 33.7″W x 40.2″H
  • Material: Microfibre fabric
  • Weight Capacity: 330 pounds
  • Item Weight: 105 pounds

It’s a recommended power lift scoliosis recliner for people who struggle to stand up from a seated position. Moreover, the chair is helpful for people that spend long hours sitting, whether watching tv, reading or working. There is more to it than that! 

What I Like 

  • Material and Color: The chair is durable and has great colors to match any home decor with the anti-felting and anti-peeling fabric. The micro-fiber is non-toxic, so it’s environmentally friendly.  
  • Structure and Design: From an aesthetic view, the chair appeals to the eyes. It has a sturdy metal frame that can hold up to 330 lbs, and it’s durable. The chair is easy to assemble, and you don’t need any screws.
  • Power Lift Recliner: The chair has a remote control that adjusts the lift and reclining positions. A person suffering from back or mobility problems get help through the lifting function. The chair can recline to 150 degrees, ideal for sleeping.
  • Vibration Massage and Lumbar Heating: Still, remote control operates 8 vibration massage points and lumbar heating. Lumbar heating is essential for a person with scoliosis as it aids back pain.
  • Functionality: Esright is a versatile chair; it’s fitted with side pockets useful for storage and cup holders for securely holding beverages. 

What I Don’t Like

  • Features: The heating feature does not work unless the massage mode is on.
  • Footrest: On some chairs, the footrest is stiff and thus not easy to push down.

What the Customers Are Saying About It

Several customers had their chairs broken or missing some parts on arrival, resulting in inconveniences. On the other hand, the majority appreciated the high-performance heating and massage function, the power lift feature, and the overall comfort of the chair.


I believe this is an excellent scoliosis back support chair because of its ergonomic lumbar support and heating. It has various features and options to provide ultimate back support. Get this quality, durable, and affordable chair and save yourself the hassle.

4. Morgan Java Swivel Faux Leather Recliner- Best Portable and Sleek 

The sleek Morgan Java Swivel is one of a kind chair that you will love; it comes with a swivel ottoman made of solid wood. It has a solid walnut wood finish, steel springs, and is well padded.


  • Color: Brown
  • Material: Faux leather
  • Product Dimension: 35.5″D x 32.5″W x 40″H
  • Item Weight: 49.6 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Base Movement: Swivel

Notably, this chair design provides better support to your back and legs. It has a quality molded foam material that ensures the seat maintains its shape for a long time. 

What I Like

  • Material: The nice-looking chair has durable faux leather upholstery. It’s soft, cozy, and cleans quickly. The base has solid wood, and the arms have a beautiful finish. The recliner is also well padded with a medium to firm density foam. 
  • Color: Has bright colors that can liven any room. So you can choose your preference from the variety.
  • Swivel Base Motion: The circular base easily swivels and reclines at 360 degrees without locking; this enables you to adjust to any direction to watch, read, or look out of the window.
  • Easy to Assemble: Since it’s a simple chair, assembling was easy and fast, and it came with well packed own tools.
  • Versatility: The model and design of this chair can fit well in your living room, office, and bedroom. You will enjoy the easy reclining function of the chair. The ottoman has storage for remote controls, magazines, and books.

 What I Don’t Like

  • Lumbar Support: The chair has inadequate support; therefore, you may need a pillow for enhanced lumbar support. 
  • Swivel Base: In some instances, the swivel base may prove challenging to turn, especially in the early days after purchasing.

What the Customers are Saying About It

Generally from HC, the chair was fantastic, comfortable, simple to assemble, and had a solid wood construction. Customers also appreciate the sleek designs that can fit into the smallest spaces. Although the assembly is simple, some still believe that Morgan could improve the manual assembly instructions. 


Before purchasing any chair, check the product dimension to get the right one for your needs. That aside, this chair is a good scoliosis chair with all that a patient requires; the soft, well-padded sponge for spine support, smooth fabric, and adjustments.

5. Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair- Best Adjustable

It’s a top-notch ergonomic office chair with proper lumbar support. It has a breathable seat and back mesh. It’s easily adjustable on the seat, backrest, headrest, and flip-up arms.


  • Color: Black
  • Material: Nylon
  • Product Dimension: 22″D x 25.2″W x 45.3″H
  • Item Weight: 41lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 280 lbs
  • Base Movement: Swivel 

If you need a unique chair with plenty of adjustments and back support for scoliosis, this chair is worth considering. It’s comfortable, reclines, and can adjust its height and headrest. Check out more!

What I Like

  • Comfort: It’s a very comfortable chair that supports your head, hands, back, and hips. Again, it offers adequate lumbar and back support for scoliosis persons by keeping your posture straight, thus viable for long hours of sitting. The chair’s size also makes it super comfortable as it fully supports your butt and thighs.
  • Mesh Seat and Back: While some people still prefer fabrics, leather, or microfiber, this mesh chair is a plus. It’s breathable; therefore, you can sit on the chair for long sessions even in a scorching hot environment giving extra comfort. Furthermore, the chair frame is solid and stable with a lovely silver finish.
  • Foldable Armrest: It has a couple of additional adjustments apart from the standard ones found in the other chairs I’ve reviewed above. I love the foldable armrest raised and lowered using a button. Apart from adjusting the height, the arms can completely fold out of the way to fit under your workstation. They can as well rotate to the 45-degree range.
  • Adjustable: The headrest is adjustable in height with a press handle and tilted by rotating a knob under the seat. The backrest reclines to 120 degrees and can tilt at an angle. With a few adjustments to the seat height, backrest, headrest, and flip-up arms, you can quickly meet your different needs.
  • PU Mute Wheels: It’s fitted with high-quality and quiet PU wheels suitable for hard floor surfaces like hardwoods. Also, the five-star base is sturdy, stable, and moves silently. 

What I Don’t Like

  • Weight Capacity: This chair seems big and spacious, suggesting that heavyweight persons can use it, but on the contrary, the weight capacity doesn’t fit them.
  • No Padding: The seat needs more padding to enhance comfort and stability.

What the Customers are Saying About It

One shopper, Christopher L., stated that the chair is relatively comparable to more expensive chairs. Unlike many other chairs, it offers maximum support on the butt and back of the thighs. In contrast, a few customers complained that the chair was not fit for short people and that the seat needed more cushioning.


The modern, attractive chairs are specifically designed chairs for scoliosis sufferers. It’s pocket friendly, a high-quality chair with several adjustable positions that makes it perfect.

Things to Consider when Choosing the Most Suitable Recliner for Scoliosis

Whether an office chair or a home chair, investing in the best recliner for scoliosis is worthwhile, it helps improve your sitting posture and reduce back pain. From the above recliners, what should you consider to choose the best?

Let’s take a look.

Proper Lumbar Support

What’s the significance of lumbar support? Lumbar support is essential for absorbing the strain and propping your lumbar up to protect your back from stress. A chair with lumbar support keeps your spine straight and maintains its natural curvature.


Since it’s difficult for a scoliosis patient to sit for a long time, it’s worth considering a chair that reclines at an angle when you need to relax. For comfort, support the legs at an angle. Sleeping in a recliner may be more comfortable for some, so choose a chair that reclines to a nearly flat position. 

The swivel and armrests may also be adjustable to alleviate discomfort, while the swivel allows the user to reach things as the chair rotates easily. Choose the best adjustability for your needs based on your preferences. 

The Height, Depth, and Width

The ideal office chair should allow you to adjust the height while setting the chair at desk height. The depth and width should give enough support for your back.


The best chair should support the upper limbs with a well-padded armrest. You reduce lower back pressure by keeping your arms and shoulders on the armrest when sitting.


Go for a recliner that has soft and enough cushioning plus one that offers lumbar support. Ensure you have an ergonomically designed recliner chair, too. Before buying, you can try out the chair to get the level of comfort, or you can check customers’ reviews online.


The recliner chairs vary in price, depending on what each chair can accomplish, the features, and its functions. Purchase the best that you can afford.


There is no single recliner chair suitable for all scoliosis patients, so select the most comfortable for yourself in terms of comfort. 

All the ergonomic chairs I’ve reviewed above work better for different people. They are all comfortable, of high- quality, adjustable and long-lasting. 

I hope the information from this guide helps you choose the best recliner for scoliosis that suits you. 

My favorite selection is the Esright Electric Power Lift Chair, which has a massage and heating function and is well-cushioned. I recommend Homcom’s High Back Recliner as the best office chair for scoliosis patients. 

Confidently choose yours.