How to Adjust Lazy Boy Recliner

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: February 4, 2022

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How to Adjust Lazy Boy Recliner

Is your Lazy Boy recliner not working as you hoped? Maybe all you need is to alter its tension or footrest. Adjusting a Lazy Boy recliner is super simple, as you’ll soon see.

This guide elaborates the various methods on how to adjust Lazy Boy recliner.

Firstly, you can adjust the tension on a Lazy Boy recliner by twisting the wing nuts. Next, you adjust the footrest on a lazy boy recliner by loosening the cable tension. Also, you adjust the pitch on a Lazy Boy recliner by twisting cam bolts. But, you can’t adjust the height of a Lazy Boy recliner.

However, it’s more than it appears as Lazy Lift chairs decline at a raised height to ease dismounting.

Dive in for more.

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How to Adjust Lazy Boy Recliner

Simple fixes allow you to get a comfortable sitting position based on whether it’s the reclining mechanism or your footrest that has issues.

Let’s begin with Lazy Boy tension adjustment.

Can You Adjust the Tension on a Lazy Boy Recliner?

Lazy Boy recliners allow you to dictate how your chair reclines. If your recliner’s tension springs need tightening or loosening, these tools ease your work:

Pliers or multi-tool: While you can turn spring wing nuts with your hands, a multi-tool helps if your hands are too large to fit in the available spaces. Even if they fit, recliner springs become tougher to turn as they tighten. That is where the pliers come in.

Flashlight: If your recliner is in a dimly-lit room, you may need additional illumination, which a flashlight provides. You can hold it yourself, though having someone else do so eases the adjustments.

Locating the Faulty Wing Nuts

Flip your recliner over to access the bottom. Your recliner should be on its leg rest or backrest.

Locate the tension springs and wing nuts needing adjustment.

Adjusting the Wing Nuts

Tightening or loosening a wing nut is similar to doing the same on a screw. If you want to make it more difficult to recline, twist the wing nuts anticlockwise to tighten them.

On the other hand, if you want to make your recliner simpler to push back, loosen the wing nut by turning it clockwise.

Assessing the Work

It’s best to work with half turns followed by checking the effects until they are sufficient. This way, you balance your wing nut’s adjustments while easing the process.

To monitor, return your recliner to its original position and check whether the pressure needed to tilt suits your weight and body type. If so, your recliner’s tension springs are right for your comfort.

Otherwise, flip it back, give the nuts another half turn, and retest. Continue doing this until you get your recliner to operate as you want it.

How Do You Adjust the Footrest on a Lazy Boy Recliner?

Adjusting your Lazy Boy recliner’s footrest is amongst the simplest adjustments. To do so,

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How Do You Adjust the Pitch on a Lazy Boy Recliner?

Pitch refers to your Lazy Boy recliner’s front height when it’s upright. Changing the pitch is as simple as altering the ease of reclining.

Retain an upright posture while the chair reclines to determine if its pitch needs adjusting. The pitch needs altering if your feet don’t touch the ground or your knees bend.

If the chair’s pitch is overly high,

If its pitch is lower than needed, slide its frame downwards towards the front. This way, you move the recliner’s front further from the floor.

Can You Adjust the Height of a Lazy Boy Recliner?

The only way to get your Lazy Boy recliner to a higher level is by manually employing height raise techniques. You may add cushions to your chair, have a platform, or use risers depending on how much height increment you need.

That said, you can also get the Lazy Lift chairs that allow you to raise your recliner as you decline. You may wonder, “what is the purpose of a lift chair?”

Well, lift chairs are recliners with a motor that helps people get off securely and easily. Inside, a powerlifting system assists the person standing by raising the entire chair. While it may seem luxurious, it’s necessary for many.

Elders with difficulty sitting or standing alone may rely too much on their arms, which may cause sliding and injury. Lift chairs ease the sitting process for elders. Simply set it to maximum decline and allow it to ease down slowly. (Here’s the guide on how to keep the elderly from sliding out of recliner)

These chairs also decrease the excess fluid buildup and promote circulation.

To use a Lazy Lift chair, press your controller’s up or down button based on whether you need to incline or decline.


Are There Any Adjustments on Lazy Boy Recliners?

There are adjustments on Lazy Boy recliners though they need quite some effort to use. You can alter how easily your Lazy Boy recliner inclines and declines by twisting the wing nuts at its bottom. Moreover, you can adjust the pitch and allow your legs to sit properly.

How Do You Reset a Lazyboy Recliner?

You reset a Lazyboy recliner using your remote.


Indeed, this is a beginner-friendly brand considering the simplicity of the steps on how to adjust Lazy Boy recliner. Whether you are a crazed DIY enthusiast or novice, you can go about altering the tension and footrest to suit your requirements.

So, you don’t need to call a technician every time you want to make changes. Instead, you can do it yourself with just a few simple instructions. Plus, it barely eats into your relaxation time. Let’s not even cover the expenses you would incur for something so simple.


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