5 Tips on How to Keep Recliner from Sliding on Wood Floor

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: March 29, 2022

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How to Keep Recliner from Sliding on Wood Floor

You’ve just bought a new recliner and can’t wait to have it grace your living room. You love that it’s plush and elegant, its perfect size, and how comfortable it’s going to be, compared to your previous lounger.

But wait!

When you add furniture into your space, you’ll realize that it keeps on sliding across your hardwood floor, and that’s annoying. So, how to keep recliner from sliding on wood floor? 

You can prevent a recliner from sliding on a wood floor using non-skid mats. It helps keep the recliner from sliding on your wood floor. Also, you can take advantage of the hidden part of your recliner and put a cork or rubber grippers to stop your recliner from sliding on your wood floor.

Don’t worry – there’re different options you can use to stop the recliner from moving around the wooden floor. And most of these options are cheap, quick fixes.

Let’s discuss these options further:

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How to Keep Recliner from Sliding on Wood Floor

Now that you have an understanding of why recliners slip on your wooden floor, let’s help you understand how to stop this occurrence in the future:

1. Rubber Grippers

The primary purpose of rubber grippers is to stop your recliner or any furniture from slipping on the floor. They have rubber and other materials used to make them and come in a circle or square shape. 

Rubber grippers are a lifesaver because they’re not only affordable but they’re also easy to use. However, people’s only complaint is that they’re not aesthetically appealing. But, if you correctly size up your recliner, you’ll get to use a gripper that’s the same size as the recliner leg or frame and is, therefore, not noticeable.

Also, rubber grippers are the only viable option for recliners or chairs with legs but not a metallic underside. 

2. Caster Cups

Caster cups are a similar option to rubber grippers. They have a shape that allows the recliner legs can fit into them like a cup rather than how furniture grippers fit. Caster cups are better in aesthetics because they have a wood-like finish. 

Accordingly, caster cups are a great option if you’re looking to have a minimal approach to stopping a recliner from sliding. Please note that caster cups only work best with recliners with legs made of wood, not with a metallic framework.

3. Small Mats

A small non-slip mat works well with a recliner to keep it from sliding around your wooden floor. Thus, the key is buying a mat that’s small enough such that it’s completely hidden under the recliner. 

Alternatively, you can try to get a mat with a color similar to the wooden floor, which makes it less noticeable, even when you’re not using the recliner. Most importantly, the mat should be non-slip, and you’ll have sorted out the problem. 

Also, keep in mind that the recliner is likely to damage the mat due to its weight, so spending a lot of money on the mats isn’t prudent. 

Instead, look for cheaper options.

4. Rugs

Most chairs and sofas in most living rooms sit on rugs, as I mentioned earlier. You can opt to put a rug under your recliner to stop it from sliding. Besides, rugs are a great option if you have multiple furniture pieces, and they also work pretty well with recliners.

This option isn’t my number one choice because sometimes it can be a challenge finding a rug that fits a single recliner. Also, smaller rugs tend to roll up on the sides, especially close to the furniture.

There may be fantastic rug options in the market, but the only time we’d want to consider them is when there’s only one piece of furniture that needs covering or a single recliner sofa. 

5. Cork

Corks are incredibly cheap and easy to find options. In addition, they provide thicker cushioning than the typical furniture gripper. However, the downside to using a cork is that the recliner or furniture sinks in it with long-term use. 

Thus, you need to regularly check on them to ensure they don’t break without your knowledge.

How to Move Heavy Furniture Without Scratching Your Wood Floor

Place cardboard or plywood to help protect the floor if you need to move furniture across your wood floor. 

Another option is to use furniture sliders designed explicitly for hardwood. The good thing is that they’re affordable. 

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What Can I Put Under My Recliner to Stop It From Sliding?

Using square or pre-cut round gripper pads with a specific design for placing under the furniture feet does the trick. Experts recommend using the pads because of the recliner feet’ smooth finish, sliding easily. Therefore, you may opt not to use an adhesive, but lining up the pads under the recliner can be challenging.

How Do I Keep My Recliner Couch From Sliding?

You simply need to trace your furniture legs on cardboard, then cut it using the pattern drawn. Once done, place the cardboard blocks between the wall and furniture, which will stop the couch or recliner from slipping out of place.

How Do You Keep a Recliner From Sliding on a Tile Floor?

You’ll need to place a grip pad beneath the recliner on each leg of the recliner to keep it from moving. The pad’s material should be rubber-like and thicker than felt pads. Remember that a grip pad doesn’t stick onto the legs of the recliner; each leg rests on top of a pad.

How Do You Protect a Wooden Floor From a Recliner?

Having a rug under the recliner is one of the best ways to protect your hardwood floor against getting dents and scratches from the furniture. Thus, this prolongs the life of the furniture while creating comfort and making your living room warmer.

In addition, when you place a thick rug under the recliner, it helps prevent it from sliding on the hardwood floor. 

How Do I Keep My Chair From Sliding Off?

There’s the option of using an anti-slide cushion suitable for a chair. It’s a non-resistant product that keeps you from sliding off the chair. 

Therefore, ensure the user’s feet reach the footplates when on a wheelchair or the ground when using it. Thus, don’t leave feet dangling off the floor. 

The Final Verdict

Before considering purchasing a furniture gripper, you’ll need to confirm whether the recliner has a wooden frame or four legs reaching the floor. Once this information is clear, you’re free to consider the tips given above. 

Every time you move your recliner, you may or may not realize the damage it causes to your floor. But with the above options, you’ll keep your wood floor from long-term damage.


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