How Much Do Recliners Weigh?

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: February 4, 2022

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How Much Do Recliners Weigh

When shopping for a recliner, weight isn’t always the most important factor. Recliners, power models, in particular, are pretty heavy and not suitable options to move around. However, lightweight is definitely a plus if you’re looking for something easy to relocate.

So, how much do recliners weigh?

Recliners weigh anywhere from around 55 pounds but vary based on cushion numbers. For instance, a recliner sofa is around 230 pounds for a loveseat. In contrast, a Lazy Boy recliner weighs at least 60 pounds. Working mechanisms matter too, and a power recliner weighs about 70 or more pounds.

Check out what factors dictate a recliner’s weight and how to go about choosing a superb recliner weight fitting your needs.

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How Much Do Recliners Weigh?

The question, “How heavy is a recliner?” is pretty common. Well, various factors result in some recliners weighing more than others. These include:

A one-cushion recliner can be as light as 55 pounds, though most recliners average 100 pounds.

Materials Used

The type of frame your recliner has largely affects its weight. A recliner frame is what makes a recliner stand upright. Typically, recliners come in hardwood and metallic frames.

Metal is heavier than wood because it comes from multiple parts that need welding. Hardwood is lighter than metal frames, hence making such recliners lighter. However, a thin metal frame can still weigh similarly or less than a large wooden structure.

The recliner’s design also impacts its weight when it comes to metal. Whereas some recliners use solid metal, others have hollow metal.

Solid frames are heavy and sturdy. They are typical amongst manufacturers who produce high-end recliners. Tubular frames are light and flexible. They are commonly found in budget models.

Consider a recliner with a solid frame. Not only does it provide better stability, but it also looks good.

Besides, different metals weigh differently. For instance, an aluminum frame is lighter than a steel one.

Recliners are also available with different upholstery materials. You may choose between leather or fabric recliners. Leather tends to be heavier than fabric because it’s thicker and denser. Fabric is usually thinner and lighter than leather; hence it doesn’t weigh as much.

Nonetheless, the fabric weight adds a meager difference.

How Big Is Your Recliner?

The size of your recliner affects its weight. The bigger the recliner, the heavier it is. One way to compare recliner sizes is to look at the distance from the floor to the seat cushion. For instance, a recliner seat that is 16 inches off the ground requires more material than one that is 14 inches.

Besides, the more users your recliner can accommodate simultaneously, the more it weighs. Also, look at how thick the arms and backrest are, as more material means more weight.

Features Available

Not all recliners have massage functions, lumbar support, adjustable headrests, footrests, armrests, and cup holders. If you plan on using your recliner often, you may want to invest in a model that comes with all the whistles.

For example, if you frequently watch TV or play games at home, you might opt for an entertainment-focused recliner. However, minimize the recliner’s relocation as all these features add weight.

How Heavy Is a Recliner Sofa?

On average, a three-seater weighs 350, a loveseat 230 pounds, while a single recliner is 150 pounds. Four-cushion and five-cushion recliners sometimes exceed 500 pounds. Roughly, a single cushion increases weight by a third.

If you’re looking for a lightweight sofa, consider buying a manual recliner rather than a power recliner. Manual recliners tend to be easier to move around as they don’t have the electrical systems that add considerable weight.

Also, if you’re planning on moving your recliner often, opt for a smaller model. This reduces the recliner’s weight, making it easier to relocate.

How Much Does a Power Recliner Weigh?

Firstly, power recliners have many advantages over manual ones. They are easier to operate, don’t require any effort, and are long-lasting. If you’re looking for a heavy-duty recliner, then consider getting a power model. This model withstands high loads.

However, the sturdier it gets, the heavier the chair is. Most power recliners weigh between 70 to 170 pounds, though some exceed this weight. 

How Much Does a Lazy Boy Recliner Weigh?

Lazy Boy features some of the sturdiest and hence pretty heavy power recliners. Regardless, they also create some of the lightest yet best recliners available. Below are some Lazy Boy recliners and how much they weigh.

Nouveau Low LegPower97 pounds
Astor PlatinumPower145/147/157 pounds
Pinnacle PlatinumPower137 pounds
Margaret BronzePower120 pounds
Clayton GoldPower143 pounds
Scarlett High LegManual67 pounds
Vail RockingManual62 pounds
Coleman RockingManual70 pounds
Brooks RockingManual73 pounds
Charlotte High LegManual77 pounds

So, you’ll likely get a Lazy Boy power recliner weighing over 100 pounds. If you want manual Lazy Boy recliners, you’ll mostly get them ranging between 60 and 90 pounds.

Also, let’s have a quick look at our list of 10 Best Lazy Boy Recliners for back pain.


Are Reclining Sofas Heavy?

Most reclining sofas are heavy. But, not all models are equal. Some come from lighter materials which make them less sturdy. Others have thicker frames, which increase their weight. Also, the number of cushions determines how heavy your sofa is.

How Much Does a Lightweight Couch Weigh?

A lightweight couch weighs less than 100 pounds. However, you won’t get a recliner loveseat that’s this light. So, a light recliner couch is about double that. The more cushions, the heavier the couch. For example, a three-seater recliner couch is about 350 pounds.


The answer to “How much do recliners weigh?” depends on what type of recliner you choose. Sturdier materials, larger sizes, and more features result in more weight. The heavier the recliner, the harder it is to move.

As such, if you’re looking for a sofa that can handle frequent moves, go for something lighter. However, if you’re going to use your recliner less often, then you could probably afford a heavier one.

Irrespective of the weight, what matters most are the provisions you are after. Do you want to gift your grandmother with a customized lift chair having everything within her reach? Or are you eyeing a small stylish recliner for a petite home theater?


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