5 Best Saddle Chair for Dental Hygienist

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: December 6, 2022

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Best Saddle Chair for Dental Hygienist

A dental hygienist needs a saddle chair that matches good posture, cost, and quality. The style and design of your saddle chair depend on how you plan to use it as a hygienist. 

An ergonomic or friendly saddle chair can improve your posture, which means that when you sit in the saddle chair for long periods, your body will not be strained.

Besides, since dental hygienists sit for long hours, you don’t want to be strained when you sit. Below, I have compiled the best saddle chair for dental hygienists. Not only are these products affordable, but their quality is also outstanding. 

So, check them and pick the best out of this list of top picks for saddle chairs for dental hygienists.

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5 Best Saddle Chair For Dental Hygienists

1. DR.LOMILOMI Hydraulic Saddle Chair 506: Best Overall

Dr. Lomilomi is an excellent dose for relieving back and spinal discomfort and tension induced by long-term sitting in a saddle seat. This is the ideal overall dentistry chair for hygienists matching cost, quality, and comfort.


Ladies and gents, behold the #1 best dental nurse chair saddle. No other saddle chair is quite like this one from my testing.

Here are Some Things you will Love

  1. Flame-Retardant Model: You get to enjoy the benefits of high-reliance molded foam because it creates an authentic memory foam effect.
  2. 100% PU Vinyl Upholstery: The abrasion-resistant furniture upholstery ensures that this saddle chair will last for years to come. Thus, you avoid the have to pick up a replacement at a later time.
  3. Top-Class Hydraulic Cylinder: Dr. Lomilomi’s hydraulic cylinder mechanism guarantees that the chair’s movement is smooth and responsive. The pressure varies – depending on your input force, it will have either a fast- or slow-acting response.
  4. 100% Aluminium Leg Base: The base is an aluminum die casting that places the weight on all four contact points. The hard-wearing construction ensures durability while at the same time ensuring smooth and quiet running.




I am not saying that the Dr. Lomilomi saddle chair 506 is perfect, but it will meet your needs as a hygienist who works with dental patients. If you are a professional member of dental services, you should try this high-class model. You will be glad about your choice!

2. Kaleurrier Saddle Stool: Runner Up

The Kaleunrrier saddle stool can help you maintain a more upright posture while protecting your back and neck with its ergonomic seat. Much more soothing and comfy than a regular stool.


Here is the #2 best saddle chair for a dental hygienist. This saddle chair beats other saddle chairs by its budget and safety points.

Here are Some Things you will Love

  1. High-Density Foam: The comfortable cushioned seat is covered in high-density foam, making it a good seat option for people with stiff joints who need support. The additional cushioning reduces pain and discomfort when working on your feet all day.
  2. 360 Degrees Swivel: The chair is stable and easy to manipulate at will, thanks to a 360 degrees swivel base. In addition, it’s pretty ergonomic in terms of position adjustment. If sitting on one leg, simply rotate the right footrest around so your hips are underneath the seat instead!
  3. Nylon Twin Wheel Casters: The great thing about these casters is that they come together in the package, so there’s no need to fork out your hard-earned cash. The twin-wheel configuration gives you high back support and excellent corner stability.




Overall, even though not perfect, the Kaleurrier Saddle Stool will provide a super sturdy and comfortable saddle stool for you to put at your dental practice. Go ahead and get one today!

3. Kaleurrier Saddle Stool Rolling Swivel Height Adjustable with Wheels: Premium Pick

The design of this Kaleurrier saddle stool’s ergonomic seat and backrest promotes good posture and protects the back and spine. The method of this stool chair is significantly more soothing and comfy than a typical stool chair.


Ladies and gents, my premium saddle chair is for a dental hygienist. Known for its radiant ergonomic seat and backrest, the Kaleurrier Saddle Stool allows you to maintain good posture during work, which could ease your body aching. Get yourself one today!

Here are Some Things you will Love

  1. Reinforced Chrome Metal Base: With smooth-rolling casters, the base of this stool is made from high-quality chrome metal, which will stay looking good for a long time. What’s more? The reinforced shape of the ground means that it can support up to 400 lbs in weight!
  2. Well-Padded Contoured Backrest: This seat has decent padding for the backrest, so you can rest easy even when sitting on your Kaleurrier saddle stool to adjust a lower leg brace or have a foot massage.
  3. High-Density Foam: The seat of this saddle stool is designed from high-density foam and covered with a luxurious, soft pad so that it sinks comfortably into your body as you sit down.




I am not saying it’s a perfect saddle chair, but this saddle chair will satisfy your dental hygienist. I love how it fills up my back and spine, giving me complete comfort so I can be relaxed while conducting power cleanings on patients’ teeth. Go ahead and purchase it today!

4. Ergonomic Adjustable Rolling Saddle Stool Chair: Value Pick2xhome

The 2xhome dental hygienist saddle chair is of tremendously high quality and durable chair. This saddle chair can be carried around in your busy schedule and remain sturdy when used as a carpeted floor stool.


Ladies and gentlemen, behold the 2xhome saddle tool chair. The dental hygienist saddle chair from 2xhome is a hospitable, sturdy, well-designed seat that fits any Dora the Explorer room.

Here are Some Things you’ll Love

  1. Thicker Padding and Backrest Design: The backrest of this dental hygienist stool is relatively thicker than other available saddle stool chairs. This gives back support to the user,  which can be what you’re looking for with a dental hygienist saddle stool.
  2. Dual Wheel Nylon Casters: The dual wheel nylon casters allow the user to move it where they need it without any hassle.
  3. Forward Titing Sea: The forward tilting seat of this saddle stool gives the flexibility to lean one’s back forward to adjust leg braces or sit comfortably on a big lap desk.
  4. Made from PU Leather: The PU leather covering of this saddle stool and the entire seat frame are resistant to mold and stains.




I recommend this saddle chair to anyone who needs a stable, smooth-moving seat with plenty of armrests. If you are looking for a comfortable dental hygienist saddle chair, I recommend purchasing the 2xhome cruiser.

5. Antlu Saddle Stool Rolling Chair: Best Budget

The Antlu Saddle Stool Rolling Chair is a great saddle stool chair for dental hygienists wishing to maximize their comfort during work hours.


Ladies and gents, here comes the Antlu Saddle Stool Rolling Chair. This saddle chair made it to my top five list because it offers more value through its advanced innovative design. The core feature of this saddle stool is that Antlu created several “cavities” which allow you to adjust your neck, shoulders, and hips.

Here are Some Things you’ll Love

  1. Innovative construction: This product is well-made with Faux leather and offers an aesthetically pleasing design that just pops out from the crowd.
  2. Adjustable Height: The seat height of this rolling chair can be adjusted from 21″ – to 29″. The average height range for a dental hygienist is between 23″ – 25″. For the perfect fit, this saddle stool chair must be adjusted to the average height of your consumers (in the clinic or office).
  3. Sturdy Steel Base: The sturdy steel base of this saddle stool is built to last. This sturdiness makes the Antlu rolling chair one of the most comfortable that it has been compared to in professional reviews, thus making it a suitable choice for dental hygienist doctors and clinics.




I wouldn’t say the Antlu saddle chair is the most comfortable and attractive dental chair, but it is undoubtedly an excellent option for some of you! The price is also considered to be quite reasonable. So if you’re looking for saddle chairs that can offer full adjustability, I would recommend trying this one out. Choose this one today!

What Is a Saddle Chair and Why Do You Need One?

A saddle chair is a dental hygienist’s tool in their office to aid them while they are seated and working. Saddle stools are especially useful in dental offices because many information and procedures need the dental assistant to crouch down on their knees or from a stooped position.

Why do you Need a Saddle Chair?

You may be able to go closer to your work without stretching out your muscles if you sit on a saddle stool. Your pelvic floor will not be under as much pressure when you have a split seat, which will result in a cooler temperature in the genital region.

Additionally, a saddle chair allows you to maintain good posture, and ergonomic saddle stools can also make it possible to keep a correctly positioned abdomen.

What to Consider Before Buying a Dental Hygienist Saddle Chair?

According to a recent study, musculoskeletal problem pain is common among dentists, ranging from 93 to 95 percent of the population. Hence, you need to choose the best dental hygienist saddle chair to provide a comfortable seating position.

If you are looking at purchasing a dental hygienist’s saddle chair for yourself, before making your choice, here are six factors that you need to consider before buying a saddle chair:

1. Make Sure you Choose the Right Height

You must be tall enough to get the most out of your saddle. You can widen your hip angle and sit in a more comfortable and natural position when you have enough height. While sitting, your upper legs should naturally conform to the curve of your chair. This is your ideal sitting height.

As a result, you can maintain a 130-140-degree hip angle while maintaining an equitable weight distribution between the saddle stool’s seat and the floor. Thus, your hips, knees, and ankles will function as a single unit when using a saddle chair for dental hygienists.

2. Select the Seat that is Most Practical for You

An extended period spent sitting in traditional dental chairs can be excruciatingly painful. Poor posture and decreased productivity are both possible outcomes. Finding a saddle seat tailored to your unique needs will enhance your comfort and performance.

Additionally, the best dental hygienist saddle chair should fit your body type, pelvic dimensions, weight distribution, and posture needs.

3. Dynamic Sitting


Invest in saddles that encourage movement and flexibility to avoid any future problems. Thanks to an expanded range of motion, workplace productivity will soar, and back injuries will decrease.

Tilting Seat

An alternative to the mechanical balance seat with a forward and backward adjustable angle is available. As you work, you’ll be able to switch up your posture, even more, thanks to the tilting seat.

You should also opt for an adjustable saddle with a tilt mechanism occasionally. Fine-tuning the neck and head position keeps even more control of your posture because these aspects have to rely on day-to-day imperfections.

4. Closeness to your Patient

It is critical to sit nearest your patient to prevent bending over unnecessarily. You’ll be able to work more productively and safely because you won’t have to constantly re-adjust your position.

Moreover, you’ll get perfect access to your patient’s mouth in a resting posture.

Make sure to choose a dental hygiene saddle chair close to your patient’s mouth.

5. Adjustable Pedestal Height  (Optional)

If the height of your dental hygienist saddle chair is too high, you might have to reach down further than necessary, which can be distracting and uncomfortable for both you and your patients!

Treatment procedures may also prevent you from using some common orthodontic appliances or traditional stainless appliances.

A good saddle chair-dental hygienist chair will have an adjustable pedestal height. This allows you to raise the unit, meaning your arms are at a comfortable level once treatment begins.

6. Extra Supportive

Maintaining excellent posture and a healthy spine is all about varying your position. Dentists can operate comfortably in various seating positions using a saddle with lumbar support.

The best dental hygiene chairs for hygienists range from lumbar backrests to armrests and leg support to find the perfect position for your work.


Are Saddle Seats Good for Your Back?

Yes.  ​Saddle seats are well designed to minimize pressure on the back. Special padding pampers your lower back and helps you sit comfortably for long hours at a stretch.

Are Saddle Chairs Worth It for Dental Hygienists?

Saddle Chairs are worth it for dental hygienist doctors. Saddle chairs feature cushioning that prevents the wearer from injuries during long hours of working in your office or clinic.

Bottom Line

Our list of the five best saddle chairs for dental hygienists should help you select the best one for your clinic. Before buying any dental hygienist saddle chair or doctor’s chair, you should consider the nature and comfort you need in your office.


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