10 Best Chair For Piriformis Syndrome To Buy in 2022

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: December 20, 2021

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Best Chair For Piriformis Syndrome

Are you feeling the pain when seated or standing for long hours? The Best Chair For Piriformis Syndrome solves this problem. Generally, it helps in relieving your back and leg pains, as well as improving blood circulation. 

Besides, you can use it while sitting on the toilet. This chair design features ergonomic aspects that are very comfortable. Plus, it comes with an adjustable height and tilt mechanism, making it easy to adjust according to your needs.

Even though the market has plenty of chairs available, there is no guarantee that they could provide a solution to all your problems. Continue reading for more details about the best chairs to help you relieve the pain. There is a buying guide afterward!

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Our Top 10 Pick of The Best Chair for Piriformis Syndrome

1. Steelcase Gesture Chair: Best Overall

This chair comprises adjustable features, smooth graphite, high-quality polyester fabric, and carpet-friendly wheels. Thus, it suits all your office needs.


Gesture Chair design supports the whole-body posture to eliminate pain. Again, the high-quality construction makes it sturdy for your weight.

Because of the premium cushioning, the chair is comfortable. As such, it reduces pressure from long hours of sitting. Besides, the edge of the seat bends slightly around the perimeter to relieve pressure under the thighs.

A friend noted he likes it when the chair rotates through 360 degrees allowing him to pick anything without pushing or pulling the chair.

I liked the 3D-live back technology, which mimics my spine’s natural movement, hence relieving pain and promoting good posture.

What I like

What I don’t like

What customers are saying

Justin says that he bought this chair for the office and he likes that it is comfortable and adjustable. He believes that this is a life-changing experience.

A user noted that this chair has great quality and she is impressed with the gesture.


As usual, you can try out this piriformis syndrome chair and save your back from extreme pain.

2. Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair: Best High Back Support

Duramont chair features lumbar support, wheels, high back, and a breathable mesh. Therefore, it is comfortable for users experiencing back problems.


A high-quality chair with the ability to support over 330lbs is a good piriformis chair. Because of the adjustable height, long back, and breathable mesh, you can spend the whole day relaxing on the Duramont chair without pain.

Notable features include the thick cushion, soft headrest, and armrests, which guarantee a comfortable piriformis syndrome sitting position.

Furthermore, the back lubes support is fully adjustable, thus safe on your back. Although it is easy to install with all instructions available, you need to be keen not to miss details.

What I like

What I don’t like

What customers are saying

George says that he recently had surgery and wanted a chair that could help him heal quickly. He is happy that this chair meets his demands by supporting his weight capacity of 250pounds.

Another Amazon customer noted that he likes the way the chair leans backward allowing him to rest while protecting his back against aching.


If you are looking for the best office chair for piriformis syndrome high-back comfortable chair, this is the deal!

3. Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair: Best Chair for Modern Work Experience

Herman Miller has been there for over 20 years with exceptional products for modern users. First, the chair features a tilt mechanism, breathability, and adjustable posture. Hence, it works well for anyone needing comfort.



Are you looking for a graphite size B chair? Herman Miller Aeron offers a comfortable chair packed with a soft sitting area, tilt limiter with three postures, and adjustable lumbar support.

When in use, you can lean forward or backward to get comfortable in your office. Still, you can adjust the lumbar support independently to curve your spine.

Furthermore, the arms adjust fully and move through 15 degrees to support your elbows. Lastly, the chair features wheels to safeguard the floor against damage.

What I like

What I don’t like 

What customers are saying

One user noted that she had been struggling with back problems but since acquiring this chair, it solved the issue.

On the other hand, Bryan said that the chair helped him solve serious back problems as he was desperately looking for a solution.


 If you have back problems and are looking for an affordable chair, this solves your problems.

4. Serta AIR Executive Office Chair: Best With Bonded Leather

Serta AIR features a high back, lumbar support, swivel, and bonded leather. All these features make it ideal for relaxing and relieving pain.


The Serta comes with layered pillows and padded arms which support your body. Therefore, it is perfect for anyone feeling pain in the lower body. 

Additionally, the lumbar technology is unique since lumbar pivots move to allow the needed support.

I liked the executive style with leather, wood, and fine stitching. They make your chair look attractive and durable hence worth your money.

Moreover, the smooth-rolling casters ease movement from one place to the other. Thus, you enjoy the convenience of moving everywhere for all-day comfort.

What I like

What I don’t like

What customers are saying

A customer noted that the chair is very comfortable and has an excellent lumbar support system for his painful back.

In addition, another customer said that rolling is easy since the casters move and protect the flooring carpet. The unique design matches well to his height.


 If you are shopping for a nice chair with superb quality features, you can bank on Serta AIR.

5. DRAGONN By VIVO Ergonomic Kneeling Chair: Best Chair For Knee Support

Dragonn is an angled seat with a thick cushion to support your weight. Thus, the chair fits anyone kneeling.


Are you looking for a kneeling chair that is very comfortable to improve your posture? Dragonn is lightweight and durable to support up to 250 pounds. Therefore, it fits perfectly for users undergoing pain when sitting.

The stool is very comfortable, thanks to the thick cushion that supports your body. Additionally, the chair’s functional design lets you enjoy the benefits of good posture while keeping your spine aligned.

I liked the heavy-duty stool with a metal base to last for years. Plus, it improves stability.

Lastly, the stool is sleek with a modern design. As such, it fits different offices, houses, and rooms that require a space-saving chair.

What I like

What I don’t like

What customers are saying

A user said that his son has had back problems since his return from the military but this chair has been a savior considering the adjustments and comfort.

Another one praised the chair’s durability and loved how it supports heavyweight. He said he would buy it again since it’s worth the money.


If you are looking for a chair suitable for comfort and space-saving, then try this stool.

6. Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair: Best Environmentally Friendly Chair

Ergohuman is a high-back chair with a tilt function. Besides, it features mesh construction, adjustable tilt, and back angle adjustment. All the features make it suitable for relaxing and relieving pain.


Since the Ergohuman chair has features like a swivel headrest, mesh, adjustable height, and a stable chrome base, it works well for those experiencing pain when sitting.

The mesh surface allows for easy air circulation preventing sweating back when seated for extended hours. Plus, the comfortable seat cushion lets you enjoy sitting for long hours comfortably.

I liked the fact that the chair comes from high-quality recyclable materials; hence, ecological-friendly. Moreover, it is strong to support up to 250 lbs.

My associates like the three adjustment and lock positions where you can adjust and lock the chair in any position for comfort.

What I like

What I don’t like

What customers are saying

A customer said that she likes the ventilated mesh that ventilates her body well during summer. She noted that sitting on the chair for a whole day keeps the pain away.

Another one liked the adjustability of this chair which allows her to get the right position for resting after working for an entire day.


If you are shopping for a customizable chair, get this chair at a reasonable price.

7. Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair: Best Air Circulation

Gabrylly chair features an adjustable headrest, flip-up arms, lumbar support, and wheels. As such, it meets the demands of those experiencing back pains.


Since the chair is adjustable and comes with all features for quick customization, you can use it for a long day in the office. Plus, it is very comfortable with a soft cushioned chair to support your butt when sitting for ache hours.

Features like headrest, backrest, and flip-up arms add comfort to your sitting posture and help the upper body stay comfortable.

The breathable mesh is another prominent feature. Thus, users like it as it offers over 6 hours of comfortable sitting without sweating.

Finally, the chair is easy to install and has all the guidelines and tools for quick installation.

What I like

What I don’t like

What customers are saying

Jane noted that the Lumbar support and wheels relieves her of pain and also moves around the room with ease. She is also happy that her floor never gets damaged.

One customer liked the simple design and ease of setting up the chair for use. He said it takes a few minutes, and the chair is ready.


If you want a comfortable chair that is easy to regulate and use, then get this chair.

8. Everlasting Comfort Office Chair Gel-Infused: Most Comfortable

Everlasting is a super comfy piriformis cushion made of memory foam with premium gel-infused. Thus, the pillows contour well to your spine, offering better support.


Because of the gel infusion in this pillow, users report a super comfortable sitting for long hours. The cushion and lumbar support fit on a variety of chairs for your home and office needs.

Both the seat and cover are easy to remove and clean hence keeping your chair clean. Consequently, making the office look neat.

Since it contours well to the shape of the back and butt, you won’t have painful joints when using the chair for long hours.

I liked the ventilation hole that enabled me to experience a cooler sitting. Therefore, sitting for long hours is possible.

What I like

What I don’t like

What customers are saying

Mike suffers from piriformis and loves this chair since it is comfortable for the back and butt. He said that sitting for a whole day is never a problem.

One user said that she bought the chair for his ailing husband and she loves how he is responding to his situation while improving daily.


 If you want to say goodbye to tailbone pain, get this chair.

9. Everlasting Comfort Office Chair: Budget-friendly Chair

Everlasting is a chair cushion made from pure memory foam. It is lightweight, comfortable, and features a breathable cover for long hours of use.


Because of the small weight capacity, the seat cushion pillow is ideal for travelers. You can put it behind or under the car seat, office chair, or even the regular chair. Therefore, it protects your back and lower body from pain.

It is also very comfortable thanks to the memory foam, which provides endless comfort. Even so, the company replaces the pillow if anything goes wrong.

I liked the simplicity and excellent quality constriction that make the chair classy and durable.

Lastly, the cushion features a breathable cover that prevents sweating hence keeping you comfortable through the day.

What I like

What I don’t like

What customers are saying

A user noted that he has been struggling with tailbone pain for years and since he got this chair, the pain is now bearable because of the comfortable cushion and friendly design.

Another one appreciated that the chair is versatile for all her sitting needs and leaves her feeling pain-free throughout the day.


If you are looking for a work chair for piriformis syndrome, get this one to support your rear.

10. Feagar Chair: Best Versatile Chair Cushion

Feagar Chair cushion is a soft cushion designed to fit on office chairs. It is breathable and has an ergonomic design. Hence, you can use it as an office pillow, car pillow, or computer chair pillow.


Probably you like sitting in your chair for long hours, which leads to painful thighs or back. You need the Feagar chair cushion to soften the back area and let you sit for long without experiencing pain.

The chair has a soft velvet cover with a breathable mesh to keep air circulating for comfortable usage. As such, you spend the day seated without feeling the pain.

Again, users report that this chair’s ergonomics and contoured design are friendly to the back. Different users fit correctly when they adjust the various sections.

Although the chair cushion is small and comfortable, I didn’t like the thin cushion, which won’t let you rest for a long day.

What I like

What I don’t like

What customers are saying

A customer noted that the pillow feels very comfortable on the chair and that it makes him feel at ease through the day.

Another user liked the high-quality construction and believes that it will take her through years of use.


If you are searching for a versatile best office chair for sciatica, try this pillow.

What Is Piriformis Syndrome?

Piriformis Syndrome is a condition where muscles surrounding the sciatic nerve become inflamed because of prolonged sitting. Often, the symptoms include buttock pain, numbness, tingling, weakness, cramping, burning sensation, and difficulty walking. 

Individuals suffering from this problem mainly experience severe leg pain after standing up suddenly. Usually, the condition occurs at any age, although it primarily affects adults aged 30 years old and above. Sadly, the immediate causes of this issue are unknown.

Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Best Office Chair for Piriformis Syndrome

If you understand how to pick the best chair for the piriformis, your investment would be worth the money. Therefore, here are the things to consider.

Very Comfortable Seat Cushioning

A chair for piriformis should be comfortable and supportive. Hence, it must have a soft cushioned backrest with good lumbar support. 

This helps prevent muscle strain in the lower back area. So, I recommend getting an ergonomic office chair that provides better posture while sitting at work. 

In most cases, a lack of a comfortable piriformis seat cushion causes pain on your buttocks or hips. If this occurs, you need to look into buying one.

Adjustable Height

The ideal chair for piriformis syndrome must have adjustable height so that you can adjust it according to your needs. Luckily, many chairs are available today, but not all of them offer such features. 

Some may only come with fixed heights which makes it difficult to change its position at your convenience. So, make sure that the chair you buy offers these options.

Backrest Angle

You should always ensure that the backrest angle is right. Generally, people prefer having their backs straight up against the wall. However, some like to lean forward when they sit down. 

If you are in this bracket, then you might lean backward too much. Therefore, you need to check whether the backrest angle allows you to do just that without causing discomfort.


You should never forget about the armrest as well. They provide comfort and stability during long hours of working. Note that armrests require padding to avoid slipping off quickly. 

Good armrests eliminate pressure points from being formed on your arms.

Seat Tilt Mechanism And Tilt Tension Control

This feature helps you maintain proper body alignment by allowing you to move around freely. A lot of times, users slouch over our desks because there’s no way out. But, if you don’t use a desk chair with a built-in seat tilt function, you won’t be able to correct your posture.

Some models even have a tilt tension control system. With this option, you can choose between two settings: Standard and locked. 

When set to normal mode, the chair tilts automatically based on your weight. On the other hand, when set to locked mode, the chair remains stationary regardless of your weight.


What Is the Correct Sitting Position for People with Piriformis Syndrome?

The correct sitting position for people with Piriformis Syndrome is sitting cross-legged with the knees slightly bent and feet flat on the floor. Generally, this position lets you get a posture that helps relieve tension in your back muscles. 

Besides, you sit comfortably, having no pressure points or sore spots that may cause pain. If this isn’t comfortable, it could be because of tightness in your hamstrings or hip flexors. Thus, get the best office chair for buttock pain.

What Is the Best Chair for Piriformis Syndrome?

The best chair for Piriformis Syndrome is the one that you can sit in comfortably. If your back pain results from sitting too long, then a good quality ergonomic office chair helps to reduce or eliminate this problem. 

Also, consider purchasing an adjustable desk if it’s possible. This is because they are more comfortable than fixed-height desks, and they allow you to adjust them according to how much weight you have on your legs.

Is Sitting Worse for Piriformis Syndrome?

Sitting for long hours is a common cause of piriformis syndrome. Assuming the same position for long hours causes hip and buttock pain. 

However, this pain can be relieved by lying down or standing up. Notably, the patient should avoid prolonged sitting to prevent recurrence of symptoms.


The best chair for piriformis syndrome is a good-quality office chair with proper lumbar support. Plus, it should be adjustable to fit your body type and height. 

Additionally, enough padding is necessary to sit comfortably with no pressure on your lower back or hips. If possible, avoid hard edges in the seat because they could cause pain when sitting down. 

Also, make sure that the chair’s armrests do not touch your shoulders, which may put unnecessary stress on them. Always choose one from our expert recommendations and let us know how it works for you.


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