12 Best Recliners with Ottoman Reviewed – Choice is Your

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: June 3, 2021

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If the standard recliners with a built-in footrest don’t appeal to you, why not try the best recliners with an ottoman? Besides, relaxing with your feet up on an ottoman brings much comfort as well. Even though a regular recliner has an adjustable and functional design, easy to operate and ergonomic, the ottoman recliner adds a touch of style and décor to your space.

Furthermore, the ottoman can also function as an additional seat when you have plenty of guests or even a side/coffee table. Remarkably, the swivel function therein allows you to face any direction you want freely without getting up from the chair.

Even with this in mind, the problem comes from deciding on recliners’ best choice with ottoman from numerous market choices. But, worry not. With your best interest at heart, our experts did the legwork for you and narrowed down the search to 12 best worth considering.

Also, there’s a comprehensive buying guide on several factors to consider before taking out that credit card. After spending a considerable amount preparing this in-depth review, we are confident that you will a perfect match for your needs here. Read on.

Lets have a quick look at the list of best recliners with ottoman

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List of Best Recliners with Ottoman

1. Flash Furniture Love Seats Recliner with Ottoman

Imagine your weekends on this recliner. It is a perfect complete set with an ottoman for your comfort needs. It features leather material, swivel function, plush arms, integrated headrest, and fire retardant foam.

Design and Construction: The wooden arms, swivel base, and ottoman base accentuate the décor for your home or office as well as ensure strength and stability. Also, the leather upholstery adds a classy touch to its general appearance and ease of maintenance; it is easy to clean.

Comfort: With an in-built pillow top headrest, your neck will rest comfortably for as long as you want. The plush padded arms reduce arm fatigue and enhance circulation for extended use, not to mention the overall thick padding on the back and seat areas that ensure maximum comfort and support.

Functionality: It features a sturdy wooden swivel base with a ball-bearing that makes the function effortless. You can rotate and face any direction either for a conversation with multiple people in an office or grab a bag of popcorns as you continue to enjoy your movie in the house. Even better, the reclining feature entails a smooth operation. Generally, it is a knob adjusting recliner with unlimited adjustments.

Durability: A combination of high-quality wood structure, steel-reinforced reclining mechanism, and leather upholstery speaks loud of the sturdiness of this recliner and ottoman. Rest assured of long-lasting service and style.

What I like

  • In-built pillow headrest
  • Thickly padded arms, back, and seat
  • Sturdy swivel base
  • Easy knob adjusting recliner feature
  • The durable and classy leather material

What I Don’t Like

  • Assembly was a challenge when aligning the bolts on the arms


Are you looking to upgrade your office furniture? This is it! With a great design to facelift your office, the construction is also exceptional. The wood is micro-laminated maple finish plywood, which guarantees excellent strength and stability, not to mention the swivel function convenient for meetings.

2. HOMCOM Recliner and Ottoman 

Do not settle for less and relax with utmost comfort even though it costs less. This unit features plush padding, ergonomic design, leather upholstery, lockable positioning, and a 360-degree swivel feature.

Design and Construction: This recliner ottoman combo has an ergonomic design that is adjustable and lockable tilt function with a knob. It stands on a durable and stable metal frame and a circular swivel base. Rest assured of a great match for the comfort of an office or living room. Nevertheless, with sufficient legroom, it becomes suitable for most body types.

Comfort: Moreover, the recliner thick foam padding on the armrests, headrest, and interior padding. The armrests are in a curve design to support your arms and provide extended comfort. Still, the footrest ottoman improves your comfort to elevate your legs and feet in a world-class relaxation mode. Even better, the PU leather upholstery is soft to the touch and easy to clean.

Operation: For starters, the 360-degree swivel base enhances easy movements in all directions and has PU leather-wrapped with an anti-slip and wear-proof feet mat. The adjustable and locking positions tilt function offers 90-145 degrees recline; this allows you to sit and even take a nap.

What I like

  • 360 degrees swivel base
  • The lockable position adjustment feature
  • Durable PU leather
  • Ergonomic recliner design with ottoman set
  • Thickly foam-padded armrests, headrest, and seat

What I Don’t Like

  • Height of seat and ottoman not adjustable


Have you ever won a lottery? Well, this chair gives you a lasting winner feeling every time you use it. It has a perfect ergonomic design, durable construction, and impressive functionality that serve your needs conveniently and super comfortable. Besides, it is ideal for those on a tight budget.

3. Flash Furniture Palimino Recliner with Ottoman

Comfortable and stylish ottoman recliner is the perfect blend that will work out during a hectic day. It boasts plush padding, a wood base, a reclining lever, and leather upholstery.

Functionality: There’s a lever suitably located under the right arm that adjusts the chair to a full reclining position. The chair and ottoman’s wood base have a ball-bearing assembly that provides both pieces easy swivel movement. Even better, the base consists of floor glides to protect your floors by smoothly and quietly sliding in times of activity.

Comfort: First, the plush, thick arms provide an extended period of comfortable rest. Still, the foam padding on the neck, back, and seat areas enhance comfort and total support. Also, PU leather material is soft and easy to maintain. You will not want to leave this chair.

Durability: The recliner and ottoman’s base structure is from sturdy wood and finished in a high-quality mahogany color for an ageless look. The broad base is also stable, offering you enough balance for a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds. Better still, the PU leather is durable and tough to scratches and scrapes.

Design: It also comes in 3 other colors giving you a chance to select the best for your interior décor. The bold leather and mahogany finish look gives a contemporary finish to any space setting.

What I like

  • Dual functions of recliner and swivel
  • Classy and contemporary design
  • Optimal comfort of foam padding
  • Durable construction and leather upholstery
  • Easy operation

What I Don’t Like

  • It rests low, making it hard to get out


It is what it is! Generally, you get this leather recliner with an ottoman that looks great, effortless to assemble, comfortable sitting in, and relaxing for the low price. What more would you ask for?

4. Newport Taupe Swivel Recliner and Slanted Ottoman

If you are looking to add comfort into your living room, then the Newport Taupe with ottoman will make a perfect choice. It consists of bonded leather, a sturdy structure, swivel function, and a slanted ottoman.

Design and Structure: It has a sleek and modern design that blends and facelifts any living room. Also, it has an elegant wood walnut finished base, perfected with taupe bonded leather upholstery. The bonded leather will make sure that this recliner ottoman combo is long-lasting. Besides, the slanted ottoman design is unique and stylish as well.

Functionality: With both a recliner and matching ottoman, it becomes a valuable asset for your relaxation needs. This is because it consists of a 360 degrees swivel function and can also recline to a 45-degree angle.

Comfort: It comes with steel springs and fire retardant Dacron foam filling on the headrest, armrests, seat, and even the ottoman for superior comfort and support. The plush armrests are wide to allow you adequate support for as long as you desire. Nonetheless, the bonded leather is soft to touch and easy to maintain for an easy and comfortable life.

What I like

  • Sleek and stylish profile with slanted ottoman
  • Comfortable steel springs and fire retardant foam filling
  • Bonded leather material
  • Multi-function with swivel, recliner, and ottoman features

What I Don’t Like

  • Ottoman is too light; hence slides easily on the floor


Are you looking for a chair that meets what you need? This recliner with ottoman offers an exceptional taupe color, super comfortable, and it is easy to get up, not to mention the convenient swivel function. Besides, the ottoman is comfortable in either direction despite the slanting design. Look no further!

5. Mcombo Recliner with Matching Ottoman

Why not own both comfort and style? This elegant style consists of a streamlined design, matching ottoman, swivel base, PU leather, and high-quality thick sponge.


Functionality: As long as you find a great position to sit in and perfect for the ottoman, you will enjoy every minute spent on this recliner with an ottoman. The seat angle adjusts automatically using a knob to enable the slightest body movement to infinite positions. Also, the ottoman allows you to rest your legs while reclining. Moreover, the exclusively designed recliner consists of a ball-bearing swivel base that makes an effortless 360-degree swivel for your convenience.

Structure and design: The comfortable, streamlined design allows total support even to tall people due to the high back. The high-quality wooden frame and leather upholstery ensure durability and stability.

Comfort: Comfortably padded, offering comfort and support where it is highly needed. High-quality thick padding sponge in the headrest, back, armrest, loin, and ottoman sections. The thick sponge reduces the pressure on your neck or lower back and eases muscle tensions.

What I like

  • Top-notch thick sponge all-over
  • Comfortable, streamlined design
  • Durable and stable structure
  • Soft and easy to maintain PU leather
  • Adjustable reclining function
  • 360-degrees swivel operation

What I Don’t Like

  • Covering damages quickly from pets or items scratches


For a reasonable price tag, this is a winner. You will get easy assembly instructions for a quick process and a sturdy structure to hold up to 330 pounds. Besides, the color variations offer you an easy time selecting the perfect blend for your interior.

6. Giantex Recliner Chair w/Ottoman

A comfortable solution for your living room; precisely what you need for the work/stay at home. It features an adjustable backrest position, high-quality material, durable structure, and cross-function.

Functionality: Adjustable backrest easily adjusts between 90-135 degrees, making it convenient for you to choose a desirable position. It also features an additional ottoman to meet your different leg rest needs and upgrade to more comfort.

 The seat can spin 360 degrees for both fun and convenience of work. This feature allows you to engage in several functions at once. The flexible and smooth swivel mechanism is long-lasting for an extended period.

Comfort and Support: The backrest involves lumbar support to ease your waist fatigue when you sit for long hours. The soft padding on the head, back, armrests, chaise, and ottoman ensures you have a comfortable experience to relax your body, especially after a tiring day at work.

Structure and Durability: It has a top-quality reinforced iron frame that provides lasting service. It also ensures this swivel recliner with ottoman is resilient to carry the weight of 330 lbs. moreover, the soft and smooth PU cover is also tough enough to lengthen your comfortable experience.

What I like

  • Adjustable backrest
  • Durable iron frame and PU leather structure
  • Comfortable padding, especially for lumbar support
  • Convenient swivel, recliner, and ottoman function
  • Classy and modern design with color variations

What I Don’t Like

  • Padding on the lumbar section wears off quickly


Who doesn’t appreciate value for their money? For starters, it can make a good gaming chair and an office and living room addition. Still, the assembly is easy with clear instructions, and the operations are smooth and convenient. Worth it!

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7. Best Choice Electric Massage Recliner with Ottoman

For updated comfort, functionality, and design, look no other way! It features massage and heat, charming design, leather upholstery, and sturdy construction.


Functionality: With the lasting benefits of technology, this recliner ottoman combo impresses the user with upgraded functionality. It comes with a remote-controlled massage operation with five modes that relax your tensed areas such as the upper and lower back, thighs, and feet. All you need to do is select the nodes to target, intensity, and also heat. Remarkably, the ottoman also has a massage function allowing your feet to enjoy a relaxed experience.

Design and Structure: This cozy addition to your space provides an elegant, welcoming appearance that makes the room feel warm, like home. Moreover, it has a solid metal frame that offers support for a maximum weight limit of 250 pounds, with the ottoman itself supporting up to 200 pounds.

Comfort: First, the PU leather is soft and easy to clean. The double-padded backrest reclines for heavenly relaxation, not to mention the soft armrest, seat, and ottoman cushions deliver supreme comfort. To top up comfort with convenience, you can store a book or magazine in the built-in storage side bag.

What I like

  • Integrated massage and heat functions even on the ottoman
  • Easy wireless remote-control function
  • Durable metallic structure for 250 pounds
  • Soft and easy to maintain resilient PU leather
  • Elegant and alluring design

What I Don’t Like

  • Intense smell for some days


When technology runs and advances than our ages, you get a leather recliner with ottoman with massage and heat functions included. Go ahead and bring your little heaven into your space with the utmost comfort, style, and durability of the structure and upholstery.

8. HOMCOM Ergonomic Recliner and Ottoman

A touch of comfort and modern stylization in the house. This contemporary piece features faux leather, sturdy steel construction, plush padding, and ergonomically designed.

Structure and Design: Constructed from a heavy-duty metal frame, it shows off three color variations of cream, black and brown. The construction is sturdy enough to hold a maximum of 285 pounds of weight. Besides, the chair takes pride in a modern design that will blend well into an office or living room. Even better, it is accessible on the pocket.

Operation: The chair swivels to 360 degrees full circle for your convenience of work conversations or fun. Still, it can recline up to 45 degrees with an easy-to-reach adjusting knob that allows you to lock into a favorable position. The inclusive ottoman is steady, relatively flat, and fixed to double up as an extra seat.

Comfort and Durability: First, the faux leather is skin-friendly and easy to clean as it is also water-proof. It also has 2.5-inch thick padding on the seat and arms, making it super comfortable for relaxing. The curved armrests offer better support to your arms and enough legroom to fit most body types. Because of its ergonomic design, your neck and back will enjoy adequate support and comfort as well.

What I like

  • Infinite positions with locking adjusting knob
  • Soft and easy to clean PU leather
  • Comfortable padding with ergonomic design
  • Elegant and contemporary design
  • 360-degrees swivel for fun and convenience

What I Don’t Like

  • The Assembly process is quite a challenge hence takes long


Surprise yourself with this best swivel recliner with an ottoman chair. The functionality is impressive, as well as the general construction of PU leather and metal frames. Better still, the elegant appearance boosts the style of your living room or office.

9. Reclining Glider with Matching Ottoman

There’s no age limit to the back and forth rocking of a chair. This unit features fabric pattern chenille, glider mechanism, and sturdy construction.  

Construction and Design: It comes in a fabric pattern chenille that is soft and tough at the same time. Besides, it makes the entire chair look classy and attractive for your space. Also, the solid metal construction ensures durability and stability to hold 250 pounds of weight.

Comfort: Wrapped in thick and soft padding all around the head, back, chaise and armrests. This thick padding offers nothing but comfort and support, even on the most sensitive areas like the lower back. Still, the ottoman also has thick padding to give your legs supreme comfort.

Functionality: A matching ottoman is always an addition for relaxation, not to mention the swivel base as a cherry on the cake. These elements advance its heights of comfort while making maneuvering in this glider recliner a breeze.

What I like

  • Multi-function
  • Thick and soft padding and fabric
  • Sturdy metal construction
  • Classy and attractive design

What I Don’t Like

  • Additional pillow necessary for adequate lumbar support


Satisfaction comes easy with this glider recliner with an ottoman. Despite being fabric and not leather upholstery, it feels soft and tough to endure long as well. The metal construction is nothing to air complaints, and the design is impressive to use even in the nursery.

10. Glider Recliner with Matching Ottoman Brown and Black

Since the ottoman involves a rocking hinge, you can move your whole body without having to bend your legs as you relax. It comes with PU leather, metal structure, and glider function.

Functionality: The rocking ottoman is a plus. It allows you to rock yourself alone gently or with your baby into the ultimate level of relaxation. Still, it reclines to desirable positions, offering you the versatility of comfort.

Comfort and Convenience: It has thick paddings wrapped in soft, brown, or black PU material with a lavishly soft feel, including the bonus of easy cleaning. The soft and thick padding is on the entire chair and ottoman ensuring support and comfort on the head, back, chair, and armrests to the lounge for as long as you please.

 Better still, it comes with a side pocket to store your readable within easy reach.

Durability: Also, it features a sturdy metal-reinforced structure for its stability and strength to carry 250 pounds of maximum weight. The PU leather is not only soft and easy to maintain, but it is also tough and durable against stains and spills.

What I like

  • Sturdy and stable structure
  • Comfortable padding and material
  • Glider/rocker and recliner functions
  • Convenient side storage

What I Don’t Like

  • Extremely lightweight that it moves when you rock/glide


Are you looking for an ideal chair for the nursery? Undeniably, this piece results from a perfect blend of sturdy construction, soft and comfortable material, elegant design, and multi-function. Your perfect selection!

11. Mcombo Massage Reclining Chair with Ottoman

For the next-level type of relaxation and design. It comes with a streamlined design, PU leather, multi-function, and durable structure.

Functionality: Features a ball-bearing swivel base that ensures an effortless rotation. The reclining function works by adjusting the knob feature for endless adjustments. Both the 360-degree swivel and recline features provide fun and easy movement in a place.

 Remarkably, this recliner ottoman combo comprises a heat and massage function for your heavenly relaxation. It works on four programs for specific areas of the lumbar, thighs, legs, and back. It also includes five vibrating massage modes and eight massage nodes with different and adjustable intensities to suit your needs.

Construction and Design: High-quality steel and solid design provide enough stability to support up to 330 pounds. Hard-wearing PU leather upholstery is skin-friendly and easy to clean hence easy to maintain as well. Moreover, the streamlined design gives you the advantage of a lighter product while retaining your interior space style.

Comfort: The ottoman allows you to comfortably relax your legs, especially after a hectic working day. Better still, this unit has thick and soft fillings on the back, neck, armrests, and chair sections for ultimate comfort and support.

What I like

  • Streamlined and classy design
  • Massage and heat features on the chair and ottoman
  • Convenient and easy wireless remote control
  • 360-degrees full circle swivel
  • Comfortable material and soft fillings

What I Don’t Like

  • Loud vibration massage


Are you looking for the best birthday gift for your gamer? This leather recliner’s functionality with an ottoman allows the gamer to feel relaxed even after a whole night of endless matches and combats.

12. Flash Furniture Contemporary Recliner with Ottoman

Still ahead of the competition due to its quality and design. It comprises leather, sturdy mahogany structure, plush padding swivel, recliner functions, and contemporary design.

Comfort: Appealing first impression of plush arms, soft leather material with thick padding, and a comfortable headrest. It also features a seat box from a back and front portion which delivers a snug experience. The well-made thick padding and leathersoft upholstery certainly provide an excellent body rest position.

Functionality: To recline the chair, you will need to use a lever on the underside of the right arm, letting you easily adjust the seat to an angle of your choice. Even better, the recliner with an ottoman combo also allows for a 360-degree swivel movement boosted by the ball like mahogany ottoman’s base. The extra-base floor guides help guard your floor against scratches when moving the chair.

Structure and Design: For an office set-up, you can always do away with the matching ottoman. Besides, the alluring contemporary design makes an excellent match for both the living room and office spaces. Still, it is available in 2 more color options of beige and black for your selection to suit your interior. The plush arms allow tension-free sitting for an extended period, and horizontal stitching enhances the general appearance. Without a doubt, the mahogany finish and metal frame reinforcement ensure a solid and stable structure.

What I like

  • Sturdy and stable structure
  • Elegant and contemporary
  • The convenient full circle swivel feature
  • Easy to recline function
  • Comfortable material and padding

What I Don’t Like

  • The headrest not adjustable, and low armrests


Easy assembly, excellent quality, convenient operations, and comfortable chair, precisely what you are missing and looking for to add to your space!

Buying Guide

Chair dimensions: It is advisable to go for a chair that fits the available space and ensures it suits your body well. Take note of the seat height, depth and foot position. Have the correct measurements of your doorway while you shop to compare with your choices.

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Ottoman: The size of the ottoman is something worth considering. It would be best if your feet did not squeeze on it or even fall over. Flat ottomans make for excellent fittings because they can double up as seats or tables, while the diagonal variety tends to put your feet in a perfect resting position.

Recline mechanism: This can either be a knob or a lever. A lever is convenient because you just need to push appropriately for the seat to recline. However, the shape of the lever makes loose clothing gets caught on it. Conversely, the knob involves turning around to start lounging then locking it in the desired position. The downside of knobs is that they become loose over time.


Having the best recliner and ottoman in for your space can be an excellent way to advance your living room or office’s comfort. Remarkably, the above versatile sets come in different designs, colors, and sizes, making them ideal for other preferences and needs.


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