10 Best Office Chair for Neck Pain in 2022

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: November 9, 2021

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Best Office Chair for Neck Pain

Everybody wants a comfortable and attractive office chair that will not subject them to neck pain. Despite sitting too much being harmful, we can never ignore that most of us sit for long hours at work. Apart from causing harm to the lower body, office chairs with inadequate support can cause neck and shoulder pain. 

Getting the right office chair for neck pain can be challenging due to the variety of chairs in the market. Worry not!

In this review, I will be looking at the ten best office chairs for neck pain in the market. The selection is a result of the quality, design, comfort levels, and durability. A buyer’s guide section helps you focus on essential elements when making your choice. 

Here are our top recommendations for you to take a quick look:

Top 10 Best Office Chairs for Neck Pain Review

1. Steelcase Gesture – Best Office Chair for Neck Pain

Are you in the market for an office chair for neck pain? Then, this is for you! It is a perfect choice as an official and a great aesthetic enhancer for office setup. 

Performance:  Never let the simple design of this chair fool you. Whenever you rest your body against the back of this seat, Steelcase’s 3D Live back technology sets in and adjusts automatically. It synchronizes with your spines’ curvature and naturally follows your body’s movement. That explains why it is a perfect chair when it comes to accommodating the different positions. 

Design: Instead of designing the chair to function as an office desk, this chair can also accommodate different positions. You can make adjustments to the height, swivel, and tilt, giving you an excellent opportunity to get the most comfortable position. 

Value: Despite being expensive, you will get an office chair that will serve you for years to come. 

What I Like

  • Comfortable back:  The nice curve ensures support, making one feel like a rug and helps remove back pain. 
  • Headrest feature: The headrest curve gives an excellent posture for taking a nap. 
  • Impressive Material Quality: The quality of the material is more significant than those in the ordinary mesh desk chair. 
  • Perfect Tilting Angle: Has an excellent tilting angle that enables one to start moving back any time. 

What I don’t Like

  • Arm Pads not soft: Although the adjustable arms are a great feature, the arm pads are not smooth, making them uncomfortable. 
  • Optional lumbar support height adjustment: The chair lacks lumbar support height adjustment despite being a high-end model. 


Steelcase Gesture Office Desk Chair is the right product for you. It supports different sitting positions, is comfortable, and supports your back.

2. Duramont – Best Ergonomic Office Chair for Neck and Shoulder Pain

This best office chair for neck and shoulder pain is an executive chair that will help keep you cozy and friendly. You will be able to perform your day-to-day work at home or office. 

Breathable Mesh: The chair consists of a breathable mesh at the back that offers support, ensuring your back is comfortable and calm. It provides excellent circulation of air through the mesh. The feature ensures your back is sweat-free and allows you to sit for more extended periods. 

Fully Adjustable Back Support: This office has adjustable lumbar support that moves up and down, in and out. There is also a recline feature that makes sure you sit straight or tilt the backrest back. 

Easy to Install: The user manual is easy to understand. Instructions are simple, enabling anyone to set up this office chair within a few minutes. You can always make adjustments to the chair to suit your personal needs. 

What I like

  • Entire Backrest: The full backrest feature ensures it can support the whole back of a tall individual. The presence of mesh material ensures better air circulation. 
  • Comfortable cushion: The cushion of this chair is thickly padded, making it comfortable for those who weigh more. 
  • Significant tilt and recline function: This will help give your back and back movement and control the backrest resistance. 
  • Easy-glide wheel casters: With this, you will be able to move the office chair smoothly. There are also caster coverings that help in protecting the house or office floor from damage. 

What I don’t Like

  • 2D adjustable armrests: You can only adjust the depth and height but not the pivot or width. 
  • No depth adjustment: Most people expect to control the depth of the seat. Surprisingly, the feature is not available in this chair. 


Dumont’s ergonomic adjustable office chair is second to none. It is a perfect office chair that will last for long periods. 

3. NOUHAUS Ergo3D – Best Back Pain Office Chair

NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair is an excellent option. It is a heavy-duty task chair that will allow you to work for long periods. It has a solid metal base that helps in holding the comfortable cushion seat into a great position. 

Support: This is the best office chair for upper back and neck pain. The chair will provide you with the type of back support you need from an office chair. This office chair offers you the proper support. It will enable you to sit for long working or gaming. 

Comfort:  You can always trust this office chair when it comes to comfort. A solid metal base below the chair helps hold the cushion seat in a comfortable position.

Adjustability: It is possible to change this best office chair for shoulder pain into a 135 degrees back tile. The heavy-duty base offers users several adjustment options. It will allow you to get an excellent position for a long office workday or a great gaming session. 

Breathability: The airflow is constant from behind and below; hence, you will never have to worry about hotspots.  

What I Like

  • Breathable Elasto mesh: Helps in preventing sweating and stickiness by ensuring the flow of air is optimal. 
  • Adjustable 2D headrest: Can move upwards or downwards and angles well with the ErgoTilt supporting the neck in any sitting position. 
  • Adjustable 4D armrests: Glides back and forth, up and down, and sideways while pivoting left and right. It allows you to place them at the right height. Positional settings ensure excellent support on your neck, shoulders, upper back, and arms.
  • Recline is Super Lounge: Can allow tilting of up to 135 degrees. Recline lock will ensure you are comfortable while doing different tasks. 

What I don’t Like

  • Not suitable for tall people: If you are tall or big, this is not a perfect office chair for you.
  • Aesthetics: It is not a big deal for individuals. If you care more about form, then it is not an ideal chair for you.


NOUHAUS Ergo3D ergonomic chair is an excellent chair if you are in the market for a heavy-duty office chair. It is a perfect option for big and tall people. 

4. Glitzhome High Back – Most Stylish and Modern Office Chair 

Glitzhome high back office chair is of a stylish and modern touch. It makes it an excellent furniture piece to purchase for your office or work at home. The chair comprises an adjustable seat cushion and can hold weights of up to 275 pounds. 


Support: You will enjoy better support from this office chair than what you will get from most other office chairs. It offers both neck and lower back support thanks to its heavy padding. Although you will not get adjustable lumbar support, it comes with comfortable armrests that are easy to set up. 

Comfort: Unlike other office chairs in the market, Glitzhome high back office chairs have an adjustable cushion. Allows you to lean on to ensure more comfort. Cleaning it is very easy since the PU leather is soft to touch and resistant to water. 

Adjustability: You will be able to adjust to the reclining angle and height of the seat with lots of ease. In addition, the backrest ensures a soft and gentle recline of 106 degrees and has five rolling casters that allow a 360 degrees swivel. 

Breathability: Glitzhome high back office chair comprises a PU leather material that ensures a consistent airflow. Leather material is soft and handles when cleaning; you will not experience issues in keeping it tidy. 

What I Like

  • Easy to set up: Assembling this office chair is very easy and does not require any professional help. 
  • Flexible adjustment: The backrest can have 87 degrees to 106 degrees adjustable angle. The seat cushion has 3 degrees and 10 degrees adjustable angles. 
  • Multi-functional: Helps people evaluating reports, responding to emails, or brainstorming with their work colleagues. 
  • Load Bearing: Uses safe pressure rods that work together with a sponge cushion. 

What I don’t Like

  • Low Armrests: Thecolossals’ armrests are very lo,w leading to lots of pain to the hands
  • Low-quality lumbar support: The quality of this chair’s lumbar support is deficient and not durable enough. 


Glitzhome high back office chair is perfect for anyone who prefers a good-looking and comfortable office chair. It is easy to set up and made using a sturdy metal frame that will keep you going. 

5. Serta AIR – Best Health and Wellness Office Chair

A high back, a lumbar support office chair capable of holding up to 350 pounds incapacity. It is a high-quality, tall and colossal chair that offers excellent neck support. The design of the headrest suits tall individuals. The lumbar support system enables one to be comfortable for long periods without encountering pain. 

Support: Quality big and tall office chair that will offer you excellent neck support thanks to the design of its headrest. The lumbar support system ensures you are comfortable for long periods without feeling pain. 

Comfort:  Upholstery is of black leather and contrast stitching that brings together style and comfort. This office chair with neck support comes with a comfortable armrest and headrest. It will provide you with the support you require ensuring you feel comfortable.

Adjustability: The pneumatic gas lift will adjust the seat’sSeat’s height with an easy lever flight never will help unlock the reclining mechanism. It will enable you to lean back, ensuring you are in a comfortable position. 

Breathability:  Despite not having a mesh back like most airflow chairs, you will still get hotspots in terms of breathability. Being adjustable will ensure one maneuver their position consistently, benefiting from a great flow of air. 

What I Like

  • Comfortable: It is an ergonomic office chair whose body pillows are very comfortable. Armrests have thick padding to ensure hands are comfy. 
  • Executive style: The design is of a king’s level and makes the entire body relax and cool. 
  • Smooth-rolling: Comes with dual wheel casters making it very easy to move around. 
  • Air lumbar technology: The chair’s lumbar helps in cushioning the pivot whenever you move. It offers back support and ensures good posture. 

What I don’t Like

  • Support up to 250 Lbs.: Can only support up to 250 lbs; hence not a better option for big people. 
  • Less adjustable feature: The chair lacks features like a deep recline, which affects its overall comfort levels. 


Serta AIR Health and Wellness Chair is an excellent option, a high quality, tall and big office chair. You can be sure of excellent neck support.

6. La-Z-Boy Delano Big and Tall Office Chair

La-Z-Boy Delano Big and Tall Office Chair is a universal office chair that any person can use. It uses air technology which makes it breathable. 

Support:  The chair depends on air lumbar technology to offer enough support to the user. Air lumbar technology will react to your movement in the chair. It ensures you are comfortable, although it is not adjustable. 

Comfort: You will see it is very comfortable to sit on, thanks to its heavy memory padding foam. The seating area of this best home chair for neck pain is quite large. Padding is heavy, ensuring the seat cushion takes the design of the waterfall seat. This office chair method will help improve the flow of blood, especially on the legs. 

Adjustability:  Adjustments are easy to make, allowing you to make modifications to your particular preferences. It comes with easy to reach seat controls that will enable you to modify the height and seat tilt.  

Breathability: Air lumbar technology helps the chair by ensuring it is calm and pleasant. Helps in dissipating air through upper, lower, and mid-back areas. 

What I Like

  • Luxurious Bonded Leather: Comes upholstered with soft bonded leather with solid and rich wood arms and base, ensuring a great look. 
  • Memory foam cushioning: Uses memory foam cushions that provide the body I comfortable.
  • Tall and big design: It can accommodate up to 350 pounds making it a perfect option for big and tall users. 
  • Exceptional comfort levels: Its design allows you to sit comfortably for long periods. 

What I don’t Like

  • Lacks headrest: This office chair does not have a headrest despite having a tall backseat. 
  • Requires assembly: It requires assembly, which can be time-consuming.


The La-Z-Boy Delano office chair is an excellent option that you can use at home, school, or office. You will like its unique and attractive design. 

7. STAPLES Hyken – Best Technical Task Office Chair

STAPLES Hyken technical task office chair will ensure you are excellent on long workdays. Its high technical design will ensure you remain productive for long hours. 

Support: Features high backrest of a master design sporting built-in lumbar support and has a neck support and headrest. Furthermore, the nylon frame offers maximal support for three back regions, from the neck base to the shoulders to the lower back. Your back will always be comfortable, while the spinal column will rest thanks to its comfortable mesh fabric properly. 

Ergonomics: There is a pair of removable and easily adjustable armrests. The features ensure extra support and even distribution of pressure throughout the essential areas. Adjusting the height of the armrests is possible so is the seat tilt and height. In addition, the pneumatic lever, together with the recline feature locking the backrest to the right angle, controls the size of the seat. 

Durability: A combination of nylon and mesh helps in creating strong support for the entire body. The support will last for a long time despite daily use, thanks to the high-quality materials. Mesh consists of nylon and polyester, making it have a solid and smooth finish. 

What I Like

  • Easy to adjust: It comes with an adjustable tilt lock and tilt tension that enables you to find an excellent seating angle. 
  • Breathable mesh: Uses a breathable mesh material that offers a perfect and modern look while ensuring calm and comfortable. 
  • Great Design: The chair is of organizational design, ensuring you are comfortable and can sit for long periods. 
  • Maximal Support: Nylon frame ensures all three back regions have maximal support. 

What I don’t like

  • Cost: Quite expensive hence not suitable for people on a tight budget. 


STAPLES Hyken technical task office chair comes with a back frame, armrest, and five caster bases are premium nylon. Also, this makes it one of the office chairs that will guarantee you comfort for long periods. 

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8. Hbada – Best Affordable Ergonomic Office Chair

It is one chair that comprises several great features that most top-quality office chairs have. A perfect office chair if you are on a tight budget. 

Performance: You can make adjustments to its height and seat. However, you can only adjust the center on the high back version. It reclines at 155 degrees which are perfect for the spine shape. 

Design: It comes with a breathable fabric mesh that helps reduce back pain. Its padding system offers excellent lumbar and neck support. Furthermore, the plan is striking due to the use of a back seat cushion and black mesh. 

Value: Apart from being a fabulous computer and gaming chair, shipping is free when you place an order on Amazon. 

What I like

  • Modern design: The chair will refresh your office set up thanks to its fashion and modern sense. 
  • Complete recycling system: tilt mechanism of the chair will offer an effortless and smooth recliner
  • Comfortable: Ergonomic mesh will allow air and body heat ensuring you stay comfy for up to eight hours. 
  • Eases pressure and pain on the back: Comes with a headrest and backrest that creates full spinal support to ensure the spine is in a good position. 

What I don’t Like

  • Does not recline: The backrest can only rock and tilt but cannot recline, making it uncomfortable for different sitting positions. 
  • Armrests not adjustable: Armrests are at a specific height which is not ideal for all people. 


Hbada ergonomic office Chair is an excellent option for anyone on a tight budget. It is an orthopedic, portable, and comfortable chair. 

9. Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

Are you in need of the best ergonomic chair for neck pain on a decent budget? Gabrylly’s ergonomic mesh office chair is a great option. It can hold up to 280 lbs. of weight and comes with an easy-to-understand user manual. 

Design: This office chair offers four supporting points; hands, head, hips, and back and efficient lumbar support. It is easy to adjust to the headrest, height, and backrest, enabling you to have an excellent sitting for long hours. 

Armrests: It is possible to adjust the armrests of this chair up and down to suit your height. The padding on the armrest is great hence;, you can rest your arms comfortably for long periods. 

Headrest: Has an adjustable headrest that will ensure you move the headrest shaft upward or downward to your height. You can flip it 45 degrees either upwards or downwards to ensure the alignment with your head is perfect. The headrest comes with a button that you can press to help adjust the entire headrest bracket.  

What I Like

  • Ergonomic design: It offers four supporting points and excellent lumbar support. 
  • The armrest is easily adjustable: Raising or lowering the folding armrest is easy, thanks to its great adjustability. 
  • Easy to install: The user manual is straightforward to understand, making it fast and easy to assemble. 
  • Large seat: It comes with a large seat making it suitable for large and tall people. 

What I don’t Like 

  • Hold Weights of up to 250 lbs.: This makes it not a perfect office chair for big and tall people who weigh more than 250 lbs.
  • Costly: It is a bit expensive hence not suitable for people on a tight budget. 


Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair is an affordable top chair for neck pain. The quality of this chair is relatively high, offering reliability and comfort through its ergonomic features. 

10. SIHOO – Most Comfortable and Adjustable Office Chair

Are you in need of a chair that comes with a wide array of adjustability options and has a high backrest? Then, this SIHOO ergonomic office chair is a perfect option for you. 

Support: This chair for neck pain with adjustable lumbar support makes it possible to move right, left, down, or up. It makes this chair an excellent option for users suffering from back pain. You can easily configure the backrest to take the shape of the spine. 

Comfort: It is of ergonomic design and comes with a comfortable seat cushion made from a breathable mesh material. The chair also has a detachable headrest that you can always do away with whenever you feel you need it. Armrests have thick pads and are capable of rotating 360 degrees. 

Adjustability: This ergonomic chair with neck support will offer a wide range of adjustability options. SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair has provisions for knob tilt for controlling tension, adjustable lumbar support, and height adjustment. In addition, it also has a backrest capable of tilting 30 degrees back when you need it to rest. 

Breathability:  The chair has a breathable mesh that allows for more flow of air. With this, you will never have to stress yourself with a warm seat cushion or sweaty backs. 

What I Like

  • High quality: Materials are of high quality, which ensures it offers excellent performance. 
  • Cozy Padding: The seat has excellent padding, which makes you comfortable and able to sit for a long time. 
  • Sturdy and Safe: Heavy duty and solid materials ensure the chair is not broken and is very safe to use for extended periods
  • Easy to Install: Installing this office chair takes only 20 minutes and comes with an easy-to-understand user manual. 

What I don’t Like

  • Expensive: Only people with good financial muscle can confidently afford it. 


You can always count on SIHOO ergonomic office chair due to its ergonomic design, easy adjustability, and back support. It is an excellent office chair that is of great design and very easy to set up. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing The Best Office Chair for Neck Pain

When in the market for the next office chair, there are essential factors you need to consider. 


Going for chairs with neck support will allow you to work and sit in a great position. These will be healthy for your hips, wrists, neck, shoulders, and back. Top ergonomic office chairs are capable of accommodating people of different sizes. 

Build Quality

Build quality is an essential factor when in the market for a top office chair. You have to think about the duration you will be using it. When you are working from home, you will need a chair that you can use for six to 10 hours. When you settle for a low build quality office chair, it will not serve you for long. 

Metal Support

Although there are chairs for neck pain made from high-quality plastics, nothing beats brutal metal. When in the market for a top-quality office chair, ensure you settle for one made of a metal base. Chairs made of metal base will serve you for a long time. 

Quality Mesh

Most top-quality office chairs consist of mesh as it is breathable and supportive. Ensure the mesh is not fraying. If possible, you can always go for chairs featuring a high-quality line mesh. 

Back Support

An office chair having great back support will help your shoulders and neck. When the chair lets you slouch, you will not look at the computer screen and type comfortably. 

The first thing you have to do is shop for an office chair with adjustable lumbar support. It is a typical slider protruding in and out, ensuring you pinpoint a perfect pressure amount to support the back. The proper lumbar support will have adjustable firmness, depth, and height. 

Apart from the lumbar support, it also has a backrest that can tilt to around 20 degrees. If you are experiencing back pain, you will have to invest in an office chair that can recline 135 degrees. When the office chair doesn’t recline, you will not stretch your lower back during the day. It is essential to ensure the backrest is height adjustable. 

Tilting is significant because it allows the back to make micro-movements. The right office chair will allow you to lock in a particular recline position that can be comforting. 

The comfort of the Seat

You will not want to sit on an office chair that is too hard for long periods. Human bodies are not comfortable sitting on hard surfaces for long periods. The body muscles can quickly get tired while supporting your body’s total weight. However, when the seat is too soft, you will sink in, exhibiting poor posture. 

Most people prefer office chairs with memory foam. They are firm enough to support you. However, they are cushiony, preventing the body muscles from getting tired. 


Moreover, you should research the cost of chairs before you shop for a particular chair. With this, you will be in a position of weeding out cheap or expensive office chairs. 

Although most expensive office chairs are of higher quality, the cost is not the sole quality indicator. There are several office chairs of low cost that are of high quality.

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Tips to Avoid Neck Pain While Sitting At a Desk

Here are five tips to help you avoid neck pain whenever you are sitting at a desk. 

1. Good Posture

Whenever you are sitting on a desk, ensure you place your feet on the floor. The black flush should be against the office chair. The head needs to be in a good position, while the ears should be directly above the shoulders. 

Adjust the height of the chair, allowing the thighs to angle down slightly. Will ensure you avoid rounding the lower back. The position will help in keeping the weight even on the sit bones. 

2. Make Adjustments to Monitor Keyboard Placement and Height

Place your computer’s monitor directly in front of you, ensuring the screen center is level with your nose. If the monitor is low, you will angle the head downwards and increase stress on the neck. When working from a laptop, ensure you are using a secondary monitor. 

Also, ensure the keyboard is close and elbows slightly bent at 90 degrees when typing. Set the keyboard high enough to ensure you do not slump down through the shoulders.  

3. Stand More

Although sitting on the office chairs seems straightforward, it can be very fatiguing. The longer you sit, the more difficult it is to hold onto a good posture. Try spending a minimum of 1-2 hours on your feet. One excellent option is using the standing desk. 

4. Limit Usage of Phone Screen

Most people tend to bend their heads forwards whenever they are looking at their tablets or phones. The habit is common when using a touchscreen to email or send an SMS. 

Holding the head forward posture to look at your mobile device for long periods can cause muscle pain. Try answering emails using the desktop instead of the phone as it will offer an excellent chance for good posture. 

5. Walk Around

Consider walking around the office after every half an hour. Besides, it reduces the risk of developing neck, back, or shoulder pain while sitting. Walking around will also help when you start feeling dizzy, tightness, or achiness developing. 

You can achieve this by setting the alarm after every 30 minutes. You do not have to walk around every time the alarm goes off. It is a perfect reminder that you need to take some rest from sitting. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which chair is best for neck and shoulder pain? 

Best chairs for neck and shoulder pain have proper armrests and a correct backrest that suits users’ bodies. The chair should have a 15 degrees back angle, while the seat height will allow your feet to touch the floor comfortably. 

How to stop my neck from hurting in the office? 

Ensure sitting posture is good by having your feet flat on the floor while the backflush is against the chair. Stand more and reduce phone screen use. The placement of the keyboard and monitor should be in the correct position. 

Is Neck Support Important in an Office chair? 

Yes, neck support is essential for chairs because they help reduce neck pain after working for long hours. Getting office chairs with a headrest will help protect your neck and shoulder. 

How do I choose a chair for neck pain?

Settle on one with the right muscle, a proper backrest for the body, and the correct seat depth. 


We hope the above best office chair for neck pain review has been of great help to you. Before you choose any product, ensure that you go through the buyer’s guide section.

Furthermore, it will help familiarize you with essential factors to consider when shopping for the right office chair. Reach us for any questions or suggestions.