Workpro 4000 Mesh High-Back Task Chair Review

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: March 28, 2022

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Workpro 4000 Review

Designed by a company that has been in operation since 1992, Workpro 4000 series is one of the top models you can think of. Not to mention, the brand boasts of top-uncompromised quality chairs. The Workpro 4000 chair review below discusses in detail one such chair.

Featuring a cushioned seat with a waterfall edge, a mesh back, and adjustable arms—this is a comfortable but highly-priced seat. Even so, buying it, as other customers have confirmed, is an investment worth it. After all, it lasts many years because of its excellent construction.

Moreover, the chair exceeds all the necessary standards set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer’s Association (BIFMA).

Let’s spend the next three or so minutes exploring the chair.

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Workpro 4000 Chair Review: The Facts Exposed!

Here’s a purchase you’re not likely to regret. I say so because your back, knees, arms, and neck are all considered during the WorkPro 4000 series chair manufacturing.

The features below explain why.


Guaranteed Comfort

With a weight capacity of 275 lbs, WorkPro 4000 series ergonomic mid back chair features a breathable material. The material, which is a mesh, allows plenty of back aeration.  Comfort is also guaranteed due to the convex-shaped back. This is specifically good for those people who keep visiting the doctor due to scoliosis. To avoid straining to maintain a good posture, this model has good lumbar support.

What’s more? You have the privilege to customize seat height and depth as well as the armrests angle.

Furthermore, unlike the Workpro 1000 chair, whose seat is meshed, the Series 4000 has a comfortable cushion.

Because of the level of comfort this WorkPro model offers, it’s usable for more than 8 hours a day.


WorkPro® 4000 Mesh High-Back Task Chair, Black
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Series 4000 Workpro is one of the easiest to set models. Considering that part of it comes pre-assembled—a few minutes are enough to complete the remaining bit. Furthermore, the assembling instructions are clear and pretty simple to follow, too, which is not the case with some models.

And? WorkPro also gives an Allen wrench that eases the assembly process. So, you’re not buying anything extra to successfully set up the chair.

Be careful with the assembly, though. Even if everything is clear on the set-up guide, a poor way of doing it is likely to multifunction office chair.

Built To Last For Years

On average, office chairs last half-decade before you need to replace them. Let me start with the mesh—it’s made of top-quality. Even with daily use, 8 to 10 hours, this won’t get damaged. The frames used, too, are sturdy. Hence, they’ll last many years.

The spongy seat also looks durable, so countless hours spent on it won’t do it any harm.



What Other Customers Are Saying

After trying thirty chairs in the nearby store, a client who suffers from lower back issues could not get what he was looking for. The experience was different for him when he tried this model. To be specific, Steve wrote down a Workpro 4000 series chair review and said that this was the best quality chair.

While it was not available in the store, Steve ordered the seat, and ever since he got it, lower back pains ceased. He specifically noted that the seat position could adjust forward to backward depending on how you set it. He was satisfied with the overall quality and mentioned that the spongy seat seemed durable, and the mesh back was of great quality, too.

What I like

What I don’t like

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How To Adjust The 4000 series Workpro chair

Choose your happiness by adjusting accordingly, the 4000 series. Here’s the perfect way to adjust each of the available parts.

Arm Height And Angle Adjustments

To adjust Arm height, use the buttons on the chair arms. Press them and move the arms upwards or downwards. Once you have the right height, release the buttons. Now adjust the arm angles by holding the arm pads and pivoting to the right or left.

Tilt Lock And Unlocking

Check the position of the lever. If it’s upwards, then the back tilt is locked. Else, it’s unlocked if the lever is facing downwards. So, grasp the level, which is found on the left-hand side of your Series 4000 WorkPro chair. Push it downwards and do this while leaning on the back of the seat to unlock the tilt.    

Leaning back to any position of your choice and pulling the same lever, you lock the back tilt.

Adjusting Seat Height

WorkPro® 4000 Mesh High-Back Task Chair, Black

Hold the other lever, which is on the right hand side, and gently adjust the seat height by moving the seat up. You need to lift your body slightly while at it. Adjusting the seat height while you’re seated helps you to know when you have the right seat height so as to stop moving the seat further.

You do the same when lowering the seat height only that this time you’ll be gently seated on it as you move it down.

Adjustment Of The Seat Depth

Under the seat, you’ll see lever two (on the right side). It helps you to adjust the seat depth. So, while seating, gently lift your body and slide the chair to the front by two inches. Else, move it backward by two inches.

To give your legs sufficient space to move under the chair, use the shortest depth. The opposite works to minimize the available space under the seat for your legs to move.

Tilt Mechanism Adjustment

Hold the round knob to adjust your series 4000 tilt tension. It’s under the seat (front center).

Carefully turn it anti-clockwise to tighten your seat’s tilt mechanism. Loosening it loosens the tilt mechanism.

How To Professionally Set Up The Workpro 4000 Series Chair


The WorkPro 4000 chair comes pre-assembled. So there’s nothing much to do, and it takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes to do the rest of the assembly. With or without prior knowledge on how to set this chair, it’s pretty easy.

Firstly, double-check if any of the parts is missing in the shipping box. Here’s what you should have:

Simply follow the easy-to-follow Workpro 4000 chair assembly instructions. How’s the way to set up the chair:

That’s all—the seat is ready.

How To Clean And Maintain Your Workpro 4000 Chair

Cleaning the workpro 4000 chair preserves its life and sometimes extends it. So, often clean it by wiping it with a clean damp cloth. To prevent damaging the material of the chair, use a mild upholstery detergent solution.

In case the seat is soiled, a soft bristle dipped in the above solution is suitable as it doesn’t damage the seat fabric.

Also, in case of stains, use dry powder cleaners. Even so, try not to stain it often. Constantly doing so may cost you more than you think, and hiring a professional may be the next solution.

Whether it’s soiling, stains, or just routine cleaning, please don’t use the chair until it’s completely dry.

Closing Line

WorkPro® 4000 Mesh High-Back Task Chair, Black
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A happy customer gives positive feedback. So, when a current user gives this chair a 5-star WorkPro 4000 chair review, then it means he is happy with the chair. Confirming that it was the best investment and that this was the best desk chair he had ever owned, the client said his back loves this chair!

So, if you’ve been hesitating to buy it, you need to reconsider your move and take swift action. Order your chair NOW!


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