Workpro 12000 Mesh Mid-Back Chair Review

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: March 28, 2022

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Workpro 12000 Mesh Mid-Back Chair Review

I work from home. During my regular working days, I spend at least 10 hours everyday typing, five days a week. I decided that my office would be in my bedroom. So, I needed a small desk and chair since there isn’t much space left.

I bumped on a workpro 12000 chair in my search, which I thought would be ideal. I wrote the WorkPro 12000 review based on my actual findings. Firstly, the back has a mesh that cools the back. Still, there’s lumbar; hence easy to retain a good posture all day.

I was more impressed to know that my health was prioritized when designing this chair. I know this because it is certified by GreenGuard, and it meets all the BIFMA and ANSI set standards.

But there’s more below. So, stay on.

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Workpro 12000 Review: Just As It Is!

The features of a chair determine its price, durability, and comfort. They also determine who should use a particular chair and why. It’s for this reason that I’ve given my views after carefully searching through the features of WorkPro 12000.

Let’s keep the ball rolling.


Cool Back

After sitting for more than an hour on any seat with a lower back, your back begins to heat. Consequently, you sweat, and the rest of the day becomes uncomfortable and stressful. A cool back comes in handy, and that’s why you need the WorkPro 12000.

Due to the mesh on the mid-back, there’s enough aeration. So your back stays cool even in summer. But is the mesh better than fabric? Indeed, the mesh on this Work pro chair soothes the back. So, your back won’t hurt after 8 or 10 hours of working.

Adjustments Available

WorkPro® 12000 Series Ergonomic Mesh/Premium Fabric Mid-Back Chair, Black/Black, BIFMA Compliant

Even when using a comfortable chair, it’s impossible and uncomfortable working from one angle for many hours. That’s why every good chair should have adjustment options. The WorkPro 12000 series is one of those high-end ergonomic chairs since I can adjust the backrest height.

Besides, I can lock and unlock the backrest. One thing, though, that I didn’t like is that the backrest tension isn’t adjustable. It, however, features an automatic mechanism. The seat height and depth adjust easily, making the chair a good choice for tall and short alike.

That’s not all—the armrests angle, height, and depth adjust, too.

It’s Safe

My health comes first! It doesn’t matter if the chair is cheap—if it threatens my life, then it’s not a perfect match. I bet—it’s the same for you. Companies such as the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), GreenGuard, and BIFMA ensure that any product is safe for every consumer. For example, the BIFMA certification confirms that the product is environmentally friendly.

Since WorkPro 12000 has this certification, you can use it without ever worrying about skin irritations. Also, since the chair doesn’t emit life-threatening chemicals, I can comfortably use it in my home without worrying about the kids. Additionally, I don’t have to worry about allergic reactions that may cause endless sneezing or skin irritations.

Top-notch Comfort

WorkPro® 12000 Series Ergonomic Mesh/Premium Fabric Mid-Back Chair, Black/Black, BIFMA Compliant

I didn’t want anything lesser than an ergonomic chair. If you’ve sat on a stool when typing, gaming, or doing any other office work, you’ll agree with me that it’s tough to sit for more than two hours. I’ve been there, and consistent back and neck pains beckoned all the time, thus making it hard to work or focus.

WorkPro 12000 series ergonomic chair offers incomparable comfort that lets you focus and do what you do best without any distractions. Take, for example, the seat. It’s made of fabric, and the cushion is soft. To balance comfort and durability; the cushion is firm and well contoured. It, therefore, gives excellent support.

Did you know that this WorkPro chair features a waterfall seat cushion?

What does this mean? It has a downward curving, which makes the seat comfy by lowering pressure on your limbs. With the curve, there’s no direct contact between your knees and the seat edge. What’s more?

A waterfall feature also enhances the proper use of the backrest to give you excellent lumbar support. Consequently, you can’t slide down regardless of the angle you’re working in. Moreover, when you recline, there’s no tension in your thighs.


Using the chair every day means that the chair must be durable as it is prone to quick wear and tear. I needed assurance that the chair was well built. Bumping on a WorkPro 12000 series review by Brendan assured me that the chair was what I needed.

After using the chair for one year, every day, Brendan noted that the quality was still intact and the comfort was excellent. Frasier, from the USA, had two words for it, “Solidly built!” So, what makes this product a durable chair? Its frames are made of aluminum and rugged nylon.

Smooth Castors

WorkPro® 12000 Series Ergonomic Mesh/Premium Fabric Mid-Back Chair, Black/Black, BIFMA Compliant

The presence of smooth casters eases mobility of the WorkPro 12000 chair. Unlike the Workpro quantum 9000, which isn’t suitable for hardwood as it causes the floor finishing to wear out over time, these casters are ideal for all floorings.

They move smoothly on the floor without leaving marks, which would otherwise wear out your floor. Besides, WorkPro casters don’t rust.

Easy to Assemble

Ease of assembly got a rating of 4.7. Such a rating confirms that it wasn’t stressful for most buyers to assemble the chair. One buyer, MIDAVE, said that one person is enough to assemble it.

The only essential thing to do is follow every step in the instructions guide to ensure that every part is correctly installed.



What Other Customers Say

Tabby, who made a recent chair purchase, gave a precise and helpful WorkPro 12000 series ergonomic executive chair review. To her, it wasn’t the most comfortable chair, but she loved all the available adjustments.

Further, she noted that it was comfortable enough for 10-hours of daily use. Additionally, Tabby noted that the arms and back move pretty well. With a three-star rating, Tabby said the chair was pretty good.

What I like

What I don’t Like

My Verdict


There you have it—a WorkPro 12000 review written after hours of research. My verdict, therefore, is that this is a comfy chair that is worth trying. In addition, it’s made of steel and nylon, which makes it a sturdy product for those who hate buying new chairs after one to three years.

Moreover, since the seat height is adjustable, it accommodates both tall and short guys equally. What’s more? You don’t have to break your bank to get one as the cost is not high.

So, if, like me, you sit for more than 10 hours a day, don’t hesitate any longer to get this ergonomic WorkPro 12000 office chair. 


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