Workpro 1000 Series Mesh Mid-Back Task Chair Review

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: March 28, 2022

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Workpro 1000 Review

Whenever you want to spend more time in your office, you need a chair made of breathable materials. Setting it up doesn’t have to be a hard thing to do either. A simple design that can fit in any small or large office space is also a vital factor.

I did the hard work by selecting such a chair—just for you! But you’re the final say, so carefully go through the WorkPro 1000 review below and see what I have for you.

Please note that the chair under discussion is comfy. And? It’s a top selection by many due to its affordable price tag. Like any office chair, though, it has some drawbacks, too. I’ll discuss each of them so that you can make an informed decision that won’t cost you won’t regret after several years.


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Who Is Workpro 1000 Series Chair Made For?

WorkPro® 1000 Series Ergonomic Mesh/Mesh Mid-Back Task Chair, Black/Black, BIFMA Compliant
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This model is for office users looking for a chair with a breathable back, maybe because they sweat a lot or their rooms are super-hot. Also, if you don’t plan to clear your bank balance because of an office chair, this is your ideal chair.

Do you spend half of your day in the office and half elsewhere? Then, here’s a good ergonomic chair that won’t compromise your comfort in any way.

If your major concern is the lower back support, then the WorkPro 1000 series mid-back mesh task chair review reveals that this is your ideal choice. Why? The breathable back also features an S-Curve, which conforms to your natural posture.

What My Research Says About the Workpro 1000 Review

Do you weigh 250 lbs or less? This review gives you a chair best suited for you and others who love a breathable back and seat.

Read on.


Adjustable Parts

Though the WorkPro 1000 series has been accused of not having more adjustment options, I believe that it has what you need for its price tag. So, what adjustments does the chair feature? The recliner, seat depth, height, and padded armrests are all adjustable.

For a comfy, working day in your home office, these adjustments would be enough for 8 to 10 hours a day.  Think about it—it’s easy to tilt your chair back when you need to relax in your office. Moreover, the tilt is lockable, so you have it as long as you need it. What’s more? The control of the tilt tightness is right in your hands. So, you adjust it depending on your preferences.

If you work in shifts and your co-worker is taller or shorter, all you need is to adjust the seat height. The WorkPro office chair has a pneumatic gas cylinder that features a height adjuster. You can, therefore, adjust the seat height to 22.64 inches for the taller staff. Else, lower the height to 19 inches or thereabout for the shorter staff.

The ability to adjust the seat depth makes the WorkPro 1000 task chair a good buy.  The seat depth slider allows your back to get sufficient support. Consequently, there will be enough circulation in your knees—hence eliminating chances of numbness or heaviness.  So, you can slide your seat forward or backward to get the right comfort and back support.

Fast Assembly

WorkPro® 1000 Series Ergonomic Mesh/Mesh Mid-Back Task Chair, Black/Black, BIFMA Compliant

Like the WorkPro 12000 series, the 1000 series is easy to set up. In fact, this series comes pre-assembled.  Therefore, the only parts you need to assemble are: the casters, pneumatic cylinder as well as the armrests, then finally, the seat unit.

Starting with the caster, fit them onto the base. Connect the pneumatic cylinder correctly and ensure that it’s firmly connected. Next, attach the seat to the base before attaching the armrests. In his WorkPro 1000 chair review, an Amazon customer said that it was as easy as 1-2-3 to put his chair together. He further added that it’s straightforward even for people who aren’t experts.

Worth Every Coin

A healthy posture saves you unnecessary visits to the doctor. The natural lumbar support that this chair offers keeps you relaxed all day. Your body gets enough support due to the ergonomic design the chair features. Besides, the available adjustment choices—for example, the armrest and the seat depth and height give extra choices to increase your comfort.

 The simple design may not be a choice for everyone, but you can be sure that it’s easy to match a back office chair with almost every other asset than it is with a red or green seat.

Friendly To The Environment

Environmentally friendly office chairs are hard to find nowadays. Most chairs, even the most expensive ones, may expose you to harsh chemicals. Not so with the 1000 series mesh task chair. Here’s why? Plenty of its material is post-consumer—approximately 95 percent.

Besides, it has several eco-labels that confirm its eco-friendliness.  So, if you want to buy a chair for your daily office tasks, this is your go-to chair.

Breathable Material

WorkPro® 1000 Series Ergonomic Mesh/Mesh Mid-Back Task Chair, Black/Black, BIFMA Compliant
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If your room gets hot most days, you need a chair with breathable material. Such chairs are made of a solid mesh that also allows enough airflow.

So sensitivities that result from constant back sweating will no longer be a part of your life when you buy this model. Moreover, the seat, too, has a mesh.

Wheels And Casters

The plastic wheels found on this model are easy to install. While they don’t work on all floorings, for example, soft carpeting, they’re ideal for hard flooring.

Even so, the type of floor should not hinder you from making your order as long as you love everything else. Here’s why. You can always change the wheels as well as the casters at any time. Besides, you don’t need any tool to remove or change them—your hands are all you need.

The WorkPro 1000 chair five-star base can spin up to 360 degrees. It, therefore, makes movement easy. On the other hand, the frames made of nylon material make the chair a long-lasting investment.



What Other Customers Are Saying

I couldn’t say it better than Jennifer, who couldn’t get enough of this WorkPro 1000 series mesh task chair. Jennifer says that this is the best chair, easy to set up, and very comfortable. She now has three of these chairs. No doubt, she loves them.

Chad had something to add, too. During the pandemic, they bought some chairs that left their backs hurting. After buying this chair model, Chad and the wife now have no back issues. He says, “These are a great value and outperform some of the most expensive chairs on the market!”

Would you still hesitate to buy this chair with a five star from Chad, his wife, and Jennifer? I doubt it!

What I like

What I don’t like

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Can You Move The Arms Out Of The Way To Have The Chair Under Your Working Desk?

If you want to create more space in your office, you can lower them up to about 26.5 inches. When you want to use the chair, raise the chair arms again. The most they can go is 33 inches. However, note that adjusting the arm height may also mean adjusting the seat height.

Other past buyers said that they had to remove the chair arms. This allowed them to push the chair under their working desks as the arms couldn’t move to the height they wanted. It’s a drawback, though.

Does 1000 Workpro Series Seat Have A Cushion?

No! It doesn’t have a cushion. The chair features a mesh seat. This explains why it doesn’t match the quality of some top models, such as the Steelcase Gesture chair, which you can use all day. Even so, the mesh feels comfy and is airy.

Besides, it’s firm. However, when you sit, the seat slightly goes down due to the hydraulic action—nothing to disrupt your comfort, though. Your weight, too, determines how far down the seat goes.

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Parting Shot


The WorkPro 1000 review above is all about a sturdy, comfortable chair that most people can afford. Though the mesh seat is a drawback to some, it’s ideal for people who spend about 4 to 6 hours in their offices.

With most parts assembled, and several adjustments to pick from, you are the sole determinant of how much comfort you’ll get while you work. Only remember that the armrests don’t lock. Nonetheless, you can remove them if you wish.


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