Why Are Stressless Chairs So Expensive?

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: March 10, 2022

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Why Are Stressless Chairs So Expensive

To some, $9,000 is only enough to hop onto a weekend cruise and enjoy the delights along the Mississippi or amazing coastal views. For others, it’s an opportunity to get a great PC, buy a task chair and workstation and start a multi-million blog.

How about spending the same amount on a stressless sofa that won’t add a dime to your account or give you unforgettable memories? It almost seems impossible to consider, right?

So, why are stressless chairs so expensive?

Stressless chairs are so expensive due to their sturdy, customizable, and long-lasting construction. Plus, Stressless chairs are so comfortable due to a specially-engineered design that conforms to the user’s movements. Despite their price and contemporary style, Stressless recliners are worth it.

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Why Are Stressless Chairs So Expensive?

Stressless chairs have numerous aspects designed to suit many tastes but which up their prices. Here are the top reasons explaining their prestige pricing.

Quality Upholstery

Leather is amongst the best upholstery materials, and getting real leather is a bonus. Each time you sit, the sight, feel, and the scent of genuine leather on stressless chairs reminds you of their superior quality. With mass-manufactured furniture, you won’t get a similar experience.

Real leather holds up well to frequent usage. It offers a timeless look that keeps your Stressless chair stylish amidst the trends continuously springing up.

Although the leather is sturdy, the color tends to fade faster than the chair’s component. So, after two years, consider restoring color to your Stressless chair to maintain its look.

Quality Assurance and Longevity

Stressless chair parts craft from quality materials, including strong stainless steel. Because the company is comfortable in its work, all its merchandise has guarantees against everyday wear and tear.

Stressless creates furniture that lasts. Your Stressless chair should still appear elegant after ten or more years.

Provide Versatility

The benefit of simplistic styles is that they often complement various furnishings. Whether you love a contemporary modern appearance or a traditional look, Stressless chairs blend in seamlessly.

You can personalize the wood hues, upholstery, and leather on Stressless chairs. This lets you express your style while also ensuring that you get a chair that complements your existing décor.

Why Are Stressless Chairs So Comfortable?

Achieving an American Chiropractic Association endorsement for impeccable construction isn’t easy. So, what’s special about Stressless chair ergonomics?

Stressless chairs have clean and minimalistic, Norwegian-inspired designs. These chairs have swivel bases for freedom of mobility and create an airy sensation.

If you have back difficulties or wish to maintain proper posture when sitting, a Stressless chair is an intelligent choice. Stressless chairs ensure ample support thanks to their ergonomic engineering.

Even as you adjust your position in the chair, it ensures the most critical regions continue receiving the cushioning they need.

Stressless chairs feel wonderful. The internal technology in each model supports your body’s natural contour. These chairs cushion you and allow you to unwind.

Engineers use the latest ergonomic research and anatomical concepts for the base and structure. This way, they can meet the physics and proportions of the body while relaxing.

The chair responds to your movements and adapts to your desired position without levers or buttons.

Are Stressless Recliners Worth?

While providing quality furniture, the $2000 to $9000 pricing is quite outrageous. That explains the top reasons many dislike the brand despite its premium offerings.

Another aspect you may dislike is the styling. Stressless chairs are pretty unique, with a contemporary design that may not suit those looking for classical pieces.

That said, Stressless chairs are still excellent for ample comfort and long-lasting performance. So, these are a great addition to your home or office as long as your budget allows.

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Do Stressless Chairs Have Lumbar Support?

Stressless chairs have lumbar support. In fact, they allow flexibility to ensure adequate support to your lower back. Besides the lumbar support realigning to sync with your shape and movements. Also, they come in various sizes to meet many individuals’ needs.

How Long Does a Stressless Chair Last?

A Stressless chair lasts at least a decade, given proper care. However, warranty durations on the components vary. Some may wear out faster, prompting repair. But, the mechanism lasts the longest and should serve for a considerable duration.

Internal mechanisms, however, have a decade-old warranty. The base’s warranty, on the other hand, is half that time. The Leg Comfort Battery has two years, while the upholstery is one.

Is Stressless Good for Your Back?

Stressless is good for your back as it conforms to your body when you recline. Hence it ensures complete support from head to toe. The adaptable lumbar support moves with your body to keep your spine in a healthy position.


Simply put, ergonomics, sturdiness, and customization answer the query: “Why are Stressless chairs so expensive?”

Selection and spending on Stressless chairs depend on what works best in your house and lifestyle. Like any other furniture, it must satisfy your aesthetic, comfort, and practical needs.

If thinking about whether or not to buy Stressless chairs, the best strategy is to try out the different types and see which ones work best for you.


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