Where Does the Spring Go on a Recliner?

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: February 3, 2022

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Where Does the Spring Go on a Recliner

Has your recliner troubleshooting session gone wrong? Are you trying to place back your spring? Maybe, you’re trying to install your replacement spring on the chair?

If you’re incompetent or unsure about the steps you’re performing, don’t attempt to replace your recliner’s springs alone. Missed steps could cause recliner damage during spring repair.

That said, an expert’s help is quite costly. Hence, you may wish to fix your chair’s spring by yourself. So, where does the spring go on a recliner?

Dive into my simple guide to determine the location of a recliner’s spring and how to repair it when damaged.

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Where Does the Spring Go on a Recliner?

Each recliner primarily contains two spring types. Both spring types are typically in the same location and include:

Now, to determine the location of the springs on a recliner, overturn your chair. Afterward, locate the bolts and unfasten them with a wrench or similar tool to access the springs.

Before reinstalling your new springs, assess their length against the old ones. If longer, trim the excesses with clean scissors, insert them through an end, and secure them on the opposite side.

Below are detailed steps for fixing recliner springs. 

How Do You Fit a Spring on a Recliner Chair?

Repairing a chair’s wonky springs saves time, money, and uncomfortable sittings. To fix a recliner spring, identify the type you are dealing with and proceed thus:

How Do You Replace a Tension Spring on a Recliner?

Carry out the fixing in a place with ample lighting and ventilation. Get compatible and rightly-sized recoil spring and proceed this way:

Want to learn more? Follow this simple DIY guide on how to replace a recliner spring by yourself.

How Do You Attach a Zigzag Spring?

To attach a zigzag spring, get a compatible and similar-sized replacement spring and:


Do you now know where the spring goes on a recliner? Did you proceed to fix missing, loose, or broken recliner springs? Indeed, repairing a recliner’s springs isn’t hard. It only needs patience and practice, and the results are worth it.

Even though replacing a recliner spring doesn’t demand professional help, sometimes you need assistance. The zigzag spring, in particular, is a tad challenging to fix. In such cases, you may opt for expert repair but assess if it’s worth the money.

Once you know whether it’s your tension or zigzag spring needing attention, handling the rest is quick. So, try saving the professional repair cash for a classy recliner slipcover or affordable reupholstery.


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