What Is a Glider Recliner?

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: March 10, 2022

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What Is a Glider Recliner

As more people resort to less demanding, remote working ventures, the need for cozy sitting arrangements keeps rising. Gliders and recliners are amongst the furniture gaining popularity, with the latter projected to rise at 7% annually.

But even as more interest or recliners grow, people seek setups that do more than reclining. Glider recliners are attracting considerable interest in the current decade.

But, what is a glider recliner, and should you get one?

A glider recliner is a chair that can tilt back while allowing you to sway horizontally, front to back. A gliding recliner does sliding motions in this manner, creating smoother movements than rocking. That said, you can lock a gliding recliner to relax at a stationary position or for baby safety.

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What Is a Glider Recliner?

Glider recliners are similar to rocker recliners but with different construction and movement patterns. Rather than swaying along arching courses, they horizontally slide forth and back on a linear axis and some swivel.

Thank God, your toes won’t get stuck underneath the recliner with a glider. You can also get models with plush, durable cushioning and upholstery, providing enhanced comfort.

You can obtain a glider featuring springs under the seat for more comfort. However, the price goes up.

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What Does a Gliding Recliner Do?

A glider’s mechanism is on a metallic base that produces the horizontal sliding motion. It may appear huge, complex, hefty, and not as movable as rockers, but the degree of pleasurable experiences when using it are immense. 

Soft padded armrests boost your glider’s comfort. Many versions include ottomans to offer feet and leg rest. You can stretch these out using the side-positioned levers.

Some glider recliners offer side pockets for remote controls, accessories, notebooks, baby toys, and more.

The most exciting thing, though, is that some recliners have up to seven adjustable reclining positions for greater relaxation. Several firms even allow you to pick an upholstery shade or print to match your decor.

Can You Lock a Glider Chair?

Do you have curious youngsters who like to shove their fingers anywhere, including your chair’s sliding mechanism? Don’t worry about them getting hurt. You can use your glider’s locking feature to ensure their safety.

Sometimes, though, you don’t want to slide in your recliner, and the locking mechanism is handy during such days.

These Gliders are also ideal for nursing and comforting your infant. With the locking mechanism set, you can get up from your recliner without waking a baby, resting in your arms.

Which Is Better Glider or Rocker?

Rocking and gliding recliners share many similarities. The chairs are pleasant to sit in for individuals who want to sway or rock.

The distinction is in their motions. While rockers travel vertically, gliders move horizontally. Although both rhythms are soothing, many users love the glider recliner’s gentler and smoother operation.


The vertical movement originates from rockers traveling back and forward on an arched route. A rocker can tip you out if you lean too far forward.

Glider recliners move in a straight line. The motion is frequently softer than a rocking chair. Both give comfortable mobility, so it depends on your preference.


Rockers are popular chairs when soothing newborns (been for ages). A glider recliner, though, is a relatively recent invention, offering numerous modern perks, including comfort. (See our top picks for the best rocker recliner for nursery)

Choosing a glider with a seat height matching your own is critical to avoid dealing with a glider that is too lofty or too small for you.


Most rockers have lightweight materials. Wooden rockers carved entirely out of wood ease transportation.

Meanwhile, glider recliners feature a range of materials that are heavier than wood. The base and gliding mechanism are usually metallic. Adding a hardwood frame plus upholstery makes for a heavy chair.

Swivel rocker recliners can reduce some of the requirements of relocating a chair. They face a different direction since the swivel function works without shifting your complete chair.


What is the Dissimilarity Between a Glider and a Recliner?

The dissimilarity between a glider and a recliner is that the former serves users by continuously moving back and forth while a recliner tilts back or forward. However, both chairs have locking mechanisms to fixate them on desired settings.

Besides, glider recliners allow users to enjoy both the aspects a recliner and a glider have. Many recliner types exist, offering different functionalities from those a glider or a glider recliner provides.

Do Gliders Recline?

Gliders don’t recline unless they incorporate reclining capabilities, making them glider recliners. If you have a baby, gliders are an excellent choice when you need to soothe them. Recliners, on the other hand,  are fantastic when you want to feed your baby while sitting comfortably.

Are Gliders Safe for Babies?

Gliders are safe for babies, and they offer multiple advantages as you care for your young. They’re ideal for soothing, cuddling, and reading.

Plus, they’re good spots to bottle feed. The gentle motion of glider chairs replicates the womb, helping babies relax and sleep and providing back support for parents.


With the answer to “what is a glider recliner” settled, you may want to go shopping. As with any chair, choose a glider with a seat height that allows you to sit with your legs resting correctly. Get a chair from a reputable brand with sturdy frames that won’t squeak with time.

Ensure the fabric is durable, non-toxic, and easy to clean. Some glider recliners are also waterproof.

Additionally, always choose a glider that precisely matches your body. Nonetheless, if you don’t need 360-degree swiveling or an ottoman, go for a budget model.


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