Steelcase Think Vs. Leap: A Quick Comparison Guide

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: November 24, 2022

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Steelcase is among the leading brands you should consider when you think of upgrading your regular desk chair to an ergonomic one. Steelcase Think and Leap are among the brand’s models you’re likely to come across in the market. Although they come with comfort, amazing features, and ergonomic designs, these office chairs are different.

So, Steelcase Think vs. Leap?

The main difference between Steelcase Think and Leap is the reclining mechanism. For the Think chair, you use one knob to control the reclining of the seat. On the other hand, the Leap operates under a glide system. Additionally, the Think has a mesh material option that lacks in the Leap category.

This article provides sufficient information to enable you to make an informed buying decision and pick the right choice between the two chairs. Let’s get started.

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Steelcase Think Vs. Leap: Which Is The Better Option?

Your preferred chair between Steelcase Think and Leap depends on several factors including the usage, features, and price among others. For that reason, understanding each of these chairs is vital. Also, knowing their similarities and differences helps in making the right choice. 

Steelcase Think

The Steelcase Think chair is an adjustable office chair that’s sensitive to the current needs of your body. It’s fitted with an Integrated LiveBck System that holds to your body and changes with any posture move you make. Additionally, Think has an advanced weight-activated seat, accommodating all body types to provide comfort quickly. 

Here are the chair’s specifications:

Steelcase Think features

Like other ergonomic chairs from Steelcase, Think is a high-end office chair with high longevity. It’s designed to support you 24/7 and provide maximum support.

Steelcase Think Pros

Below are the advantages that come with this ergonomic office chair. 

 Steelcase Think Cons

There are a few drawbacks associated with the Think chair, including:

Steelcase Leap

The Steelcase Leap ergonomic office chair has a softer seat and superior backrest, providing the utmost comfort. It’s a high-quality office chair which is a major cause of its being pricey.  If you can afford it, it’s an investment worth your spending.

Here are Think chair specifications:

Steelcase Leap Features

The Leap chair backrest conforms to your body shape as you change posture to support your spine. That ensures maximum comfort. The high-end quality and durability of this chair also contribute to the unparalleled comfort of your body all day long. 

Steelcase Leap Pros

Here are the benefits accrued to this great ergonomic office chair.

Steelcase Leap Cons

The downsides of this chair include the following:

Think Chair Vs. Leap Chair: Differences

After looking into the different worlds of the Think and Leap chairs, you notice that the two chairs have both similarities and differences. In this section, we focus on the major differences in this section. 

Below is an explanation of how the two chairs differ in the above areas. Keep reading.

1. Dimensions

The Steelcase Think and Leap have some dimension differences as tabulated below. 

Steelcase 3D Knit Think Chair, Platinum Frame, Licorice
Steelcase Leap Office Chair, Black Frame and Buzz2 Black Fabric
Steelcase ThinkSteelcase Leap
Overall Chair Height37.25″ – 42″38.5″ – 43.5″
Overall Chair Depth22″ to 24.25″21.75″ – 24.75″
Overall Chair Width28.5″27″
Seat Height from Floor16.5″ to 21.5″15.5″ – 20.5″
Seat Depth15.5″ to 18″15.75″ – 18.75″
Seat Width20.25″19.25″
Arm Height to Floor22″ – 32″22″ – 31″
Back Width24.75″18″
Back Height from Seat22.75″25″

2. Adjustability 

Adjustability is the core feature of every ergonomic chair. Steelcase knows it all well and manufactures chairs fitted with adjustable parts.  So, you can customize your sitting experience and personalize your comfort. Proper adjustability enhances good overall health and correct posture.

When it comes to the Think vs. Leap chair, adjustability is as explained below.

Steelcase Think: It has a self-adjusting mechanism that adjusts simultaneously with every change of posture you make. That is made possible by the LiveBck Technology fitted in the backrest of this chair. The Think has a knob that you use to control the back tension, and you can choose between four different reclining positions. Each dail clicks to a different setting.

Steelcase Leap: The chair also has a LiveBack Technology in the backrest that provides maximum comfort as you move around. It conforms to your spine’s shape to offer the needed support during your movements. For the easy functionality of this chair, it comes with adjustment instructions under the arm pads.

Verdict: Steelcase Think beats its Leap counterpart in adjustability because it allows you to fully customize your chair’s back tension and recline settings. As a result, you attain a personalized sitting experience with maximum back support.

3. Material Options

Steelcase Think Office Chair
Image Credit: @Steelcase

An office chair’s upholstery is key to its looks, feel, and price. Also, you want to have a chair in your favorite color or one that matches your office decor. The Think and Leap vary in this area too.

Steelcase Think: The chair comes in leather, fabric, and 3D mesh material options. While leather and fabric variants “represent” a luxurious feel and comfort respectively, the mesh option enhances breathability. It allows a free flow of air throughout your seating, so you won’t sweat during prolonged sittings.

Steelcase Leap: This office chair is available in leather and fabric materials. If you choose luxury over comfort, the leather option is the best for you. Where comfort comes first, the fabric Leap chair is ideal. 

Verdict: Again, Steelcase Think carries the day. In addition to offering you luxurious and comfortable choices, it has 3D breathable chairs that prevent sweating during high temperatures.

4. Design 

Steelcase products are known for their innovative designs, and the two chairs are not exception. Nonetheless, they’ve some differences.

Steelcase Think: It has a minimalistic and comfortable design, offering full back support. The seat and backrest are wide enough to provide an excellent sitting experience for more than 8 hours. The outer backrest is made up of flexible plastic grids and 3D mesh for sufficient air circulation.

Steelcase Leap: The Leap chair has a  tall and wide backrest but has a narrower overall design. Its nylon material makes it durable and easily portable without harming your flooring. Additionally, the chair has a grid in the lumbar region, enhancing air circulation.

Verdict: Steelcase Think allows sitting for long hours due to its wide seat and backrest. It’s therefore ideal if your work involves a lot of sitting. Its minimalistic design also places it on the upper edge for lovers of the same.

5. Comfort 

Steelcase Think Vs Leap Office Chair | Steelcase Leap Office Chair
Image Credit: @Steelcase

Sitting comfortably is the main reason you’re investing in a good office chair. It prevents health problems resulting from poor postures and increases your productivity. However, comfort is relative and depends on your preference. While some seats are softer, others are firmer and stiffer.

Steelcase Think: This office chair has a standard design with adjustable armrests and lumbar support. They provide a comfortable sitting experience for long hours. However, the chair has a limited recline, and its plastic grids can be uncomfortable during prolonged sitting.

Steelcase Leap: It’s one of the most comfortable chairs on the market due to its innovative design and excellent padding. Although the chair has a thinner seat, its design and padding make it more comfortable. Furthermore, the Leap has a padded backrest that adds to the chair’s comfort. Also, its LiveBack Technology allows conformity to your body shape as you move for maximum comfort.

Verdict: Our comfort prize winner is the Steelcase Leap. It provides the utmost comfort no matter the period you sit in the chair. It also supports your back in diverse body postures.

6. Features

Steelcase Think Vs Leap Office Chair | Steelcse Leap Office Chair Features
Image Credit: @Steelcase

Although Steelcase Think and Leap have similar features, they vary in one way or the other.

Steelcase Think: This chair has a standard semi-adjustable design. Its recline and adjustable knob are fitted with four recline positions, lacking the midpoint one. This office chair also falls short of the 4D adjustable armrest present in its Leap equivalent.

Steelcase Leap: Unlike its Think equivalent, the Leap has a fully adjustable design. From the adjustable seat height to multiple reclining positions, Steelcase Leap v2 is a great choice. It has all the vital, flexible options you need. Additionally, the chair has a recliner and back tension with adjustable levers for more customization. Also, it offers five reclining positions, which places it at a higher edge than Think.

Verdict: The Leap is the winner in the Steelcase Think vs. Leap v2 features league. It’s more adjustable and offers a wider range of reclining positions for more comfort. 

7. Pricing 

Steelcase has already built its name in the office chair industry. Hence their products are relatively expensive, and our two chairs in question are not an exception. Nevertheless, the two vary in price.

Steelcase Think: Generally, it’s less expensive than Leap. However, this chair is only affordable at the base level and is an ideal choice when working on a tight budget. You’ll have to dig deeper into your pocket if you need one with more customizable features.

Steelcase Leap: It’s more pricey due to its ability to offer more adjustability options. These include the 4D adjustable armrests, headrests, and casters, among others. They allow more customization for a personalized sitting experience.

Verdict: A more customizable office chair is ideal; hence, the Leap carries the day. However, if your budget can’t allow it, the Think still offers basic adjustability. 

Steelcase Think Vs. Leap Chair: Similarities

Although the two chairs offer different degrees of support and comfort, they still have a few points of convergence. The most profound ones include:

Are Expensive Office Chairs Worth It?

Yes, expensive office chairs are worth it. An office chair plays a major role in overall performance and health. While a cheap choice may not offer a good sitting experience, an expensive chair may be your ideal option for the following reasons.

The above price-determining factors are discussed below. Read on.

1. Utmost Comfort

Comfort is the key reason why you’re investing in an expensive ergonomic office chair. Modern office chairs are highly customizable to comply with your preferences and needs. For that reason, these chairs allow adjustments to an ideal sitting position. 

Hence, you can adjust your chair to obtain the correct seat height and depth, headrest and armrest positions, lumbar support, and more. These functionalities make up a good office chair which is a bit costly. Nonetheless, these chairs are worth the money because of the great options and the value for money they offer.

Note that the less expensive alternatives may offer comfort at first, but before long, wear and tear is evident. You’ll have to bear with the discomfort or visit the deal once again!

2. Improved Productivity

A good office chair boosts your productivity. Sitting in an ergonomic office chair ensures your physical well-being, reduces stress and maintains efficiency. This office chair costs more because of its high quality. 

On the other hand,  a less expensive office chair isn’t ergonomically fit. This chair may cause health problems that can be a major source of distractions from work. You also become prone to making mistakes due to a lack of concentration, where your focus goes to pain and undue stress.

For that reason, investing in a good office chair is brilliant because you become more productive when you sit in the correct posture.

3. More Durability

Expensive office chairs are more long-lasting. The high price tag results from the high build quality and the extended warranties that come with these chairs.

Cheap office chair options have poor quality components, such as plastic casters that can be destroyed quickly or damage your carpet. The adjustable parts also break down within no time.

So, why invest in a less expensive office chair only to get you back to your furniture dealer a few months after purchase? A costly ergonomic office chair saves you much in the long run. It serves you over an extended period, if not a lifetime.

4. Health Benefits

An ideal ergonomic office chair comes with tons of health benefits. It adjusts to suit your body posture accordingly, providing a healthy working atmosphere.  The major ones include:

5. Better Build Quality

Expensive office chairs are made of better materials than typical office chairs. The materials are more durable, appealing, and breathable and that adds to the overall cost of the chairs.

Additionally, high-quality materials enhance the chairs’ comfort. Consequently, these chairs encourage you to sit for long hours without straining. Also, good-quality materials are easy to clean without the help of an expert.

Furthermore, expensive chairs’ frame is made of wood, high-end plastic, and aluminum. These materials are long-lasting and can hold a weight capacity of up to 400 pounds.

6. Usage Level

How long you’ll be sitting in an office chair is a crucial consideration. If your work demands you to sit all day long, an expensive office chair is an ideal investment. This chair guarantees you maximum comfort and eliminates all potential health problems. 

Moreover, the high longevity of these chairs is essential. They allow you to sit 24/7 without experiencing wear and tear or breaking down months down the line. For that reason, the benefits of these chairs overshadow their high cost.

7. Research And Development

Behind a perfect ergonomic office chair is research and development. The exercise costs the brand a lot of money which contributes to the final price of the chair. After all, you’re paying for the solution to your posture problems.

 For instance, Steelcase’s global study of over 2000 people’s postures birthed SteelcaseGesture. The researchers discovered nine postures that other office chairs in the market hadn’t put into consideration.

Consequently, the brand developed Gesture as a solution to modern workspaces’ interactions, a wider range of postures, and body sizes. That cost it time and resources leading to the chair’s high price.


Is Steelcase Think Worth The Money?

Yes, Steelcase Think is worth the money. It may not be the best among its Steelcase counterparts but has the high-quality standards the brand offers. It has a self-adjusting mechanism that ensures your comfort without much effort from your end. Moreover, it has an above-average size, an exceptionally comfortable seat, and amazing design choices. 

Is Steelcase Leap Worth It?

Yes, Steelcase Leap is worth it. This office chair is fully adjustable to suit your needs and preferences. It’s an all-body-size chair and provides enough comfort over a prolonged period and in different postures. Also, this chair comes in a wide range of colors, so you can choose your favorite or one that blends well with your decor.

Does The Steelcase Think Have A Synchro-Tilt Mechanism?

Yes, Steelcase Think has a synchro-tilt mechanism. Its backrest and seat are designed to move simultaneously in a certain ratio. When you lean on the backrest, the seat moves concurrently to support you in your reclined posture. Also, your feet remain on the floor while you look straight ahead with your chest stretched without pressure on your thighs.

Is Steelcase Leap Hot?

No, Steelcase Leap isn’t hot. The Leap chair has a breathable backrest offering a cool back solution. The back allows the free flow of air between you and the chair. Its specially designed foam and slat system maintains standard temperatures when you’re seated and prevents sweating. 

What Is Steelcase Return Policy?

Steelcase’s return policy is the money-back guarantee you get when you return the chair within 14 days after purchase. You can do so for any reason as long the chair is still in new condition and in its original packaging to receive your refund in full. Usually, the customer may just dislike the piece of furniture or no longer need it.

Steelcase Think Vs. Leap: Which Is The Better Option

The two chairs are among the best ergonomic office chairs around. They come from a renowned brand and promise excellent support and comfort. Hence, you won’t regret choosing either of them. Nonetheless, the Steelcase Think office chair and Steelcase Leap office chair have differences. 

The Think chair has a mesh back for breathability, a firmer seat, and a fully customizable back tension and recline. It’ll cost you less than its Leap counterpart. On the other hand, the leap has a softer seat, more adjustability features, and superior lower back support.

This article has equipped you fully to make an objective decision. The choice you make depends on your need, preference, and budget.


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