Steelcase Silq Review: Do You Need it? I’ll Help You Decide!

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: March 23, 2022

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Steelcase Silq Review

Are you looking for a conference room or mobile office chairs? Buying office chairs that need adjustment every time another person sits can be costly. This is why Steelcase Silq Review introduces a highly responsive chair that fits everyone irrespective of their body posture. What’s more, it features a simple design as it is made of 30 parts.

If adjusting the arms, backrest, and headrest is not something that sits well in you, I got you sorted today. Steelcase Silq requires no adjustment, of course, apart from the height, which is as easy as shooting fish in a barrel. The rest of the adjustments purely depend on the input you give while seated.

Besides, Silq is amazingly thin, hence lightweight and easy to move. In addition, the newly-invented Silq chair features a top-performance polymer.

Let’s jump in at the deep end.

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The Birth Of Steelcase Silq Chair

Steelcase SILQ Office Desk Chair Merle Dark Frame Cogent Connect Licorice Fabric 5S26 with Hubless Casters Wheels

With more than 105 years in the business, Steelcase wanted a chair with minimal parts to replace most of the machinery found in other chairs. This was around 2008. With only a design in his mind, Ludwig, who is the vice-president and chief, and Global procurement officer of Steelcase Company, shared his mind with the engineering team.

He wanted a stylish chair featuring tendril-like feet. To his frustrations, the engineering team came up with a more complex chair, which made Ludwig file the design away for several years.

In 2016, Ludwig’s dream was still bubbling within him. Thankfully, he came into contact with a top-quality material that would allow more flexibility when users adjust their seating positions. Carbon fiber, which is a lightweight material, minimized the need for needless mechanical elements. The result was a stylish, lightweight, but pricey product.  The Silq chair!

Steelcase Silq Review: Saying It As It Is!

First things first, Silq’s design caught my attention. Honestly, it’s the first thing I noticed when I first saw this chair. But looks can be deceiving, right? So, I wanted to know if this was really a great buy or some other crooked chairs.

Here are my findings depending on the chair’s features.

Adjusts Naturally

Your height and weight doesn’t matter; the chair adjusts automatically to the way you move. So, whether you sit upright or recline, it adjusts accordingly. Consequently, you’re able to maintain a healthy posture that eliminates chances of body strains.

With so many colors to pick from, Silq gives every user a unique yet comfortable feeling. Most importantly, you don’t have to waste time fiddling with Silq’s adjustments to attain a perfect fit. Only think about the perfect height, and then raise or lower the seat according to your likes. That’s all you need to adjust and get started on your office tasks or virtual meetings.

Durable Material

While Steelcase Silq features simple construction, it’s made of a strong, durable material. Mimicking mesh, Silq is made of an aesthetic material that is also friendly to your body.

Long use of the chair may cause the material to sag or become stiff, not with Silq. The high but excellent tension applied on the seat as well as the back frame ensures that the material stays intact even under heavy use. After all, the use of patented technology is a confirmation that you’re getting a top-quality chair.

The Arms

While the Silq’s arms can’t be adjusted, their shape enables you to sit in any posture you wish. They support your hands regardless of the move you make.

Unique Design

Steelcase SILQ Office Desk Chair: Fixed Arms - Standard Carpet Casters - Seagull Frame - Carbon Metallic Base - Graphite Fabric

Technology has advanced, and no one wants to rug behind, not even with the chair they buy. Steelcase Silq chair characterizes a modern design.

Consequently, its top cutting-edge technology, credited to its unique working mechanism and artistry, sets the Silq Steelcase chair apart. With a couple of Silq chairs in the conference room, it will be a sight of flair and class.

It’s For Everyone

You heard me right! Whether you’re 6’3” or 5’3 inches, Silq gives a unique comfort. Better said, small and big, tall and short, large and slim can all use this chair without worrying about their body looks.

It’s for that reason I come to a conclusion that Silq is for everyone.


Steelcase SILQ Office Desk Chair Merle Dark Frame Cogent Connect Licorice Fabric 5S26 - Hard Floor Casters Wheels

Days, when you had to work from the office are long gone. Today, you can work from your bedroom, living room, and balcony. You may also be a staff member on an assignment away from your office. Else, you could be hosting frequent meetings to discuss vital issues.

In such a working environment, buying bulk chairs with countless adjustment requirements may not only cost you more, but it will also inconvenience you greatly. Still, some people may not be familiar with how to adjust the chair, hence tamper with it, leaving you counting losses. It doesn’t have to be this way.  Buy a Silq today; it’s the best chair for dynamic work. It’s also designed with a flexible working environment in mind.

No mechanical elements, no springs, and no pivot points, either. It’s just a simple chair with 30 parts in it! 


What Customers Say

Technerd, from the United States said that he was happy with the chair. The chair works for him. Worth noting, he chose to buy Silq after falling in love with the Leap V2 and Amia chairs from Steelcase. At first, the lack of adjustment pissed him, but after sitting for 12 hours, the whole story changed. The back was comfortable, and the armrests were in a good position. Hence, he felt comfortable.

To him, though, the back of the chair wasn’t as high enough. The lumbar, too, wasn’t in the right position. At least, for him! Therefore, since he was happy with everything else, he gave Silq chair a 4-star rating.

What I like

What I don’t Like

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How Does Silq Chair Work?

The back cradle of the Silq chair works more like a compliant mechanism. As such, this strong, durable, and flexible material offers optimal body support to users.

This flexibility eliminates the need for hinges in the chair without neglecting the need to mimic the users’ body movement when they lean back. Therefore, the carbon fiber material bends to fully support your new posture. But what happens when you sit up? The angles in the Silq Steelcase chair create tension to support your back fully.    

Below the seat, you’ll see two wings. When each wing curves, it forms an armrest.  Your hands, therefore, feel relaxed whenever you sit or lean back.


Why are Silq chairs overpriced?

Silq chairs are overpriced due to the type of material used, carbon fiber. As you may know, most airlines and expensive car seats have this material for several reasons: It’s strong and low density. These features make carbon fiber pricey, consequently affecting the price of the chair.

Besides, this material needs to be accurately layered before pressing together. The polymer, on the other hand, has to undergo traditional injection molding. Without a doubt, you can almost understand why Sliq is pricey.

Why are office chairs so bad?

You get what you pay for! So, if you pick a low-quality chair due to its charming price, you’ll end up getting a bad chair. That’s not to say that office chairs are bad; it’s your choice that treats you badly.

The solution lies in getting top quality from top brands such as Steelcase. But your budget must match the quality.


Steelcase Silq review couldn’t feature any other chair! While Silq seems to be a chair for the top-class individuals, Steelcase has sought a substitute for the Carbon fiber material, which is polymer, thereby making it cheaper. So, they’ve come up with a unique carbon-fiber alternative. The chair is, therefore, now more affordable than it was initially.

Interestingly, you can always customize the chair to blend well with other office assets. All you need is to buy your preferred printed fabric and give your chair a new or better look. Moreover, Steelcase has numerous standard coverings that you can pick from.  

You can’t wait longer; get your Silq Steelcase chair NOW.


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