Steelcase Leap Plus Review: Conquer Your Fears and Buy This Chair

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: March 23, 2022

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Steelcase Leap Plus Review

Are you in search of a home office chair that is nice with optimum comfort? The leap plus chair is the best. With an outstanding ability to hold up to 500 pounds, leap plus tends to be a perfect choice for heavy officeholders. But that’s not all; the Steelcase leap plus review below discusses more excellent features of this chair, explains if it is worth it, and guides you on how you can use it.

I know; many people tend to confuse the leap v2 and leap plus chair. So, I will clear the confusion by explaining what leap plus is and how long you should expect to use it before buying another one.  

Let’s take a closer look at this chair that is easy to adjust and environmentally friendly.

But first…

What is Leap Plus chair?

Steelcase Leap Plus Chair with 500 lb Capacity, Barley Fabric

Leap plus chair, is an advancement of the Steelcase leap chair v2. It’s a plus-size chair. Actually, the difference between leap v2 and leap plus is the weight and width. Leap plus seat is bigger by 18 percent. On the other hand, the back is bigger by 12 percent; thereby making this chair a good choice for dudes weighing more than 500lbs.

Aside from that, its cylinder has a higher pressure capacity to support heavy people excellently. The base, too, is equally large to offer stability when you sit.

Steelcase Leap Plus Review: Fascinating Reasons Why It’s a Must Buy!

The price and choice of a chair are heavily dependent on its features. Therefore, to determine if to buy this chair, let’s look at its outstanding features.

Excellent for Big People

Being an upgrade of Leap v2 chair, leap plus is designed with people weighing more than 300 pounds in mind.

With an extra 12 percent on its back and an extension of 18 percent on the seat, it is suitable for heavy people. It doesn’t restrict you; you can move any position as long as you wish.


Whether in use daily or once in a while, an office chair should be safe to use. To verify if you are safe using your chair in the office or not, check if it has Indoor Advantage Certification. Thanks to Steelcase Leap plus, it possesses it.

Leap plus also has a Silver Cradle to Cradle Product Certification, which MBDC gives. This, therefore, means that leap plus is not only safe but is responsibly made. So, you can rest assured that there are no deadly emissions from this product.

Adjustable Ergonomic Chair

Steelcase Leap Plus Chair with 500 lb Capacity, Barley Fabric

Make any move at any time, Leap plus will move with you. All you need to do is to adjust the sit like illustrated above to have the best posture while working.

Take, for example, the controls on the lower back. You can use them to set the right amount of firmness in the lower part of the spine. This gives your spine a natural, healthy curve.

The liveback, on the other hand, changes its shape to take the current shape of the whole spine. As a result, you can never have problems with spine ligaments and disc walls.

The presence of a flexible seat edge makes it impossible for pressure to build the back of your legs when you sit for extended hours. To achieve this, every time you sit, the edges flex.

Exceptional Comfort

Steelcase Leap Plus Desk Chair in Buzz2 Alpine Fabric - 500 lb Weight Capacity - 4-Way Highly Adjustable Arms - Black Frame and Base - Soft Dual Wheel Hard Floor Casters

Each part of your body should be in a comfortable position regardless of the amount of time you spend on your office chair. Leap plus offers comfort to your neck, wrists, shoulders as well as forearms all the time.


It allows you to adjust the arms by moving them in and out. You can also move them back or forward. Still, they adjust up or down and pivot as per your preferences. 

So, your entire body finds the best sitting and working position for maximum productivity and relaxation.

Moreover, the Leap plus has slats. You can find them on both sides of the seat. So, regardless of the amount of fat in your body, you’re guaranteed excellent comfort with no sweating problems. The slats balance the heat and your body’s moisture, thereby making sweating while you work close to impossible.


  • Width of the seat: 580mm
  • Height and width (backrest): H 560mm – W 510mm
  • Depth: 425mm – 475mm
  • Total width: 800mm
  • Armrests (height): 180mm – 280mm
  • Recline: 97° – 114°
  • Weight Capacity (Max): 500 pounds
  • Height of the seat: 395mm – 495mm
  • Width between the armrests: 520mm – 620mm

What other customers say

After Kim’s boss bought the Leap plus chair for him, he felt that he needed the same chair for his home office. After purchasing it, Kim had nothing but a 5-star rating for it. Kim also owns other chairs from Steelcase, some as old as 25 years old, still in good condition.

This time, though, Kim needed a Leap plus chair because his right wrist needed better support while he worked. Even so, Kim was disappointed by the fact that Steelcase doesn’t sell seat covers.

What I Like

  • I won’t have to pay for assembling as they come assembled
  • Good for huge guys
  • It’s possible to change the firmness of its back
  • Tilt Lock is effortlessly adjustable
  • Seat depth is adjustable
  • Liveback Technology is a plus
  • It’s stress-free to adjust the upper back

What I don’t like

  • Casters don’t work well on hard carpets
  • You have to buy the seat cover from 3rd party in case your seat gets a stubborn stain
  • Though quality is superb, the price is relatively high
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How Do You Use A Leap Plus Chair?

If you have not used a Leap chair, then you might need some help in using and adjusting the leap plus chair. Thankfully, this Steelcase leap plus review is written with people like you in mind.

So, here’s how to use a leap plus chair.

  • Adjust the seat height by carefully and slowly lifting your weight off your leap plus chair. While at it, pull the lever on your right-hand side to either raise or lower your seat’s height. Whichever way, ensure that your feet are at 90˚.
  • Next, depending on the posture you want, adjust the depth of your seat. Your posture is determined by the measurement from the front edge of the leap plus chair to its back. It’s the key factor to how far back you’ll sit. So, maintaining a minimum of one inch from the edge of your seat to the back part of your knees, slide your seat to the back or front. Do this by pulling the lever on your left-hand side.
  • How about the tilt angle? There are five unique tilt levels to pick from. So, choose the one you want and adjust. How? Flip the lever on your right-hand side.
  • It’s now time to adjust your chair recline. There’s a knob on your chair. It’s on the front side of your leap plus seat. Turn it to have a perfect recline tension. Whenever you turn it clockwise, you tighten the tension. In contrast, turn it anti-clockwise to have loose tension.
  • You can now change the firmness of the lumbar. To do this, turn the knob of your leap plus seat to the right side. Alternatively, on both sides of your seat, pull the handles; up and down. This way, you’ll excellently adjust the seat lumbar to offer good support.
  • Is the arm’s height too low or high? Adjust them. If they’re too high, pull the buttons and lower them. If too low, pull the buttons on both sides of your seat arms to lower the arms. To be sure your arms are in a healthy position, have them at a 90˚ angle.


How long do Leap Plus chairs last?

With good care and maintenance, your leap plus chair can last for a couple of decades. That is anything to do with 20 years and above.

Is the Steelcase Leap Plus chair worth it?

To genuinely answer this question, think about leap plus’ comfort and adjustable parts. Don’t forget about its ability to hold a weight of about 230 kilograms, too. Its lifespan is something we cannot ignore altogether. 

Therefore, I wouldn’t be wrong to conclude that the Steelcase Leap Plus chair is worth it. Buy one today.

Closing Line

Steelcase Leap plus review ends here! If you’ve been keen, you’ve noticed that this is a big chair. Though you need a high budget to offset its quality, one thing is sure; superb comfort is paramount in your day-to-day office work.

Bear in mind that Leap plus, from a 3rd party study, increased the productivity of its users by a whopping 17.8 percent.

You couldn’t ask for more! So, buy the Leap plus chair and watch your productivity increase, too.