Staples Tarance Task Chair Review: Must-Know Details

by Derrick Haywood| Last Updated: March 30, 2022

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Staples Tarance Task Chair Review

Finding an affordable, ergonomic, and long-lasting office chair isn’t easy. If you’re looking for a flexible unit on the low-end, you’ll often end up with one that lasts only a year or two.

Staples Tarance, like other Staple chairs, offers a hard-to-beat deal. The support provided by Staples Tarance for years guarantees value for your money. Based on your physique and activity, you can alter the height, headrest, armrest, lumbar support, and tilt tension.

The black chair has a simple yet attractive design. It’s an excellent choice for tall and heavy users, as you’ll see in this elaborate Staples Tarance mesh back fabric task chair review.

Dive in!

Staples Overview

Staples established itself in 1985, making them an experienced brand in many niches. Besides furniture, they offer services like printing, tech, and sustainability.

They sell items in many categories, with their office chairs being popular thanks to their immense capabilities despite budget prices.

Comprehensive Staples Tarance Mesh Back Fabric Task Chair Review

Staples offers fantastic chairs. But, hardly any matches Staples Tarance when it comes to providing support over extended durations.

How does this chair outsmart many office chairs? Let’s see!


Firstly, the inclusion of the headrest means you’re getting more for less. In fact, many premium-priced options like Herman Miller lack a come-along headrest.

Now, you may wonder, “Is an office chair headrest worth it?” 

A headrest supports your neck and head to lower neck strain and allows for proper circulation. It also minimizes the likelihood of pinched nerves.

Does the Staples Tarance headrest perform these functions adequately? Yes, the nice adjustable headrest provides ample comfort. It goes up and down and tilts back and forth, allowing you to customize the support. The mesh snugly fits into the nape of your neck.


Staples 2719543 Tarance Mesh and Fabric Task Chair Black

The Staples Tarance chair armrests are identical to those on the blue Staples Kroy. While I don’t fancy the design as much as that on the Staples Carder, they’re cozy and equally sturdy.

Each arm can raise or lower about six inches. Altering the height is a cinch. Pull up the under-arm levers, then raise or lower your armrest before releasing the lever. Thanks to this feature, anyone can achieve a comfortable armrest height.

Lumbar Support

The Staples Tarance lumbar support is a small adjustable plastic piece. Though it’s petite, it does an excellent job supporting your lower back.

Moreover, it’s one of the most straightforward lumbar supports to adjust. Hold onto the side, then raise or lower it to an optimal position.

An advantage of this adjustment style is that you don’t have to get off the chair to raise the support. Hence, you take less time to get a position that best meets your requirements.

You may not need the lumbar support given the curved style of the backrest that offers lots of support. Still, the Tarance lumbar support is a superb add-on that can adjust to where you need it on the back.

Height Adjustability

Staples 2719543 Tarance Mesh and Fabric Task Chair Black

Since it features an extensive height range, Staple Tarance allows users at varying heights to use it without issues. The chair stands at 52.9 inches at its highest and 47.3 inches at its lowest. While the maximum seat height is 21.9 inches, you can lower it to 18 inches.

Moreover, the height adjustment control is solid, unlike the Staples Hyken one, which may not seem so.

Back Adjustments

The backrest features breathable, curved mesh for adequate support in hot weather. Additionally, you can disengage the tilt lock and recline for a cozier, relaxing angle.

You can adjust the lounging force using its tilt tension knob. Use its tilt lock when handling demanding tasks and need the chair to stay upright.


The casters slide smoothly despite their dual-wheel construction, which some dislike. All are plastic, but that’s unsurprising at this price point. Luckily, they are sturdy enough to withstand up to 275 pounds.


Staples 2719543 Tarance Mesh and Fabric Task Chair Black

Unlike Staples Carder with a shimmering fabric, Staples Tarance has a matte finish that blends into the background. The chair cushion is comfortable and feels like memory foam.

The padding is soft to the touch and conforms to your body. It’s firm, but not overly so, like the DXRacer chairs. Its middle-ground firmness ensures your butt won’t hurt over long sitting periods.

Besides, the Tarance chair seems sturdier than most other Staples desk chairs. For instance, you have up to five hours of daily usage on the Kroy, while the Carder provides six.

On the other hand, Staples Tarance allows up to 10 hours a day. So, it’s an excellent unit for those working over lengthy durations.

Noticeable features

  • Recommended Weight: 275 pounds (max)
  • Form Factor: Mesh with a padded seat
  • Material: Textile
  • Color: Black

What I liked

  • Usage hours: Most Staples office chairs have a 5-6-hour daily usage recommendation. With Staple Tarance, you have up to ten hours which is twice as much. Hence, it shouldn’t be an issue for most office hours.
  • Warranty: You get up to seven years of warranty, which is more than most similar-priced quality chairs.
  • Height adjustment: The Tarance is a versatile chair. With its extended height, tall users don’t strain while using it.
  • Tilting: Since the backrest can tilt, you can lounge back whenever you need to. A tilt tension option allows you to alter how easily you can recline.
  • Headrest: Comparable options like the Staples Carder and blue Staples Kroy don’t come with headrests. This additional support lowers neck strain chances.
  • Budget-friendly: Like other Staples chairs, the Tarance mesh back fabric task chair has many inclusions with budget-friendly pricing.

What I didn’t like

  • Construction: The dual-wheel casters aren’t as good as sturdy, all-surface, single-wheel alternatives. The lumbar support may not align to suit everyone’s height, plus you can’t adjust its pressure. Also, the seat cushion wears after a year or two, though this is common for padded seats.
  • Assembly: You need to assemble the Staples Tarance office chair from scratch or pay $60 to get it assembled.
  • Limited armrests: While the armrests are height adjustable, they lack width adjustment. One needs to have armrests close to their sides. Your arms should rest vertically when typing and not tilt to reach them. This instance, for most people, is unachievable on the Tarance due to no width adjustment.

What Customers are Saying

A customer highlights that the chair suits tall people as the user was 5’9″ and could use it without strain. They said the versatile height adjustment allowed them to sit comfortably and avoid bending their legs. A second user said the chair fits their 6’7″ height without issues.

Yet, a buy explains that the chair suits heavy users. The customer says the Tarance provides “great support for big guys.” Several users liked the simplicity of installation and affordable pricing. Still, one review commends the excellent customer service and timely delivery services.

How to Set Up the Staples Tarance

Unlike some brands like IKEA, Staples provides excellent instructions, with clear pictures and remarkable detail. Plus, the installation is easy.

  • As with other Staples chairs, the Tarance’s plug-style caters typically need no tools to attach. Slide them into their wheelbase sockets. For those challenging to insert, gently knock them into place with a rubber mallet.
  • Next, slide the hydraulic lift into the wheelbase, pushing on it to make it firm.
  • Then, place the seat pan on a table. Position an armrest as desired and insert all three screws before tightening them in sequence. Do the same for the other arm.
  • Afterward, attach the backrest by hand-screwing all screws before tightening them with the L-wrench.
  • Position your headrest accordingly and screw it in place.
  • Attach the mechanism as directed by the “Front” labeling. Insert all screws before tightening sequentially. 
  • Now, attach the seat to the hydraulic lift and sit to lock the base to the upper section.

Staples Tarance Vs Kroy Vs Carder (Differing Features)

Staples 2719543 Tarance Mesh and Fabric Task Chair Black
STAPLES Carder Mesh Office Chair (Black, Sold as 1 Each) - Adjustable Office Chair with Breathable Mesh Material, Provides Lumbar, Arm and Head Support, Perfect Desk Chair for The Modern Office
Staples 2260271 Kroy Mesh Task Chair Black
Staples TaranceBlue Staples KroyStaples Carder
Width [inches]18.128.427
Depth [inches]27.427.825.6
Height [inches]52.9 – 47.341.19 – 4537.9 – 44.4
ColorsBlackBlue-Black (comparable option)Black (mesh-seat)Black
Seat typePaddedMesh and paddedPadded
Foward tiltNoNoYes
Back tilt tension controlYesYesNo
Lumbar adjustmentHeightHeightPressure
Recommended daily usage hours8-1054-6


Will Staples Tarance Be Back in Stock?

Lengthy restocking durations are probably the leading cause why the Tarance isn’t as popular as other Staples office chairs. However, the care team notes that the chair is still active. So, keep rechecking to know when the Staples Tarance mesh back fabric task chair is back.

Staples Tarance Vs. Hyken: Which is Better?

The Tarance and Hyken are excellent chairs, but with a few differences. That said, the most significant dissimilarity is the seat design. While Staple Tarance features a padded one, Staples Hyken has a mesh seat.

If you need a warm seat, the thick padding on the Tarance should do. But, if you tend to sweat while seated, the breathable Hyken may be better.

Is the Staples Tarance Comfortable for 6ft+ People?

Thanks to its tall height, the Tarance supports many people without issues. The chair is an excellent pick for tall individuals, with its height ranging from 52.9 – 47.3 inches. Meanwhile, the seat height is from 18 to 21.9 inches.

Moreover, you can raise the lumbar support to suit you. The extensive armrests allow you to get them at a comfortable height.


Staples 2719543 Tarance Mesh and Fabric Task Chair Black

To summarize this Staples Tarance mesh back fabric task chair review, this is an excellent pick for those wanting budget, ergonomic chairs. It has everything you’d want in an office chair except for armrest width adjustment and seat pan flexibility.

For tall users under 276 pounds, there’s hardly any reason to miss out on its many features. Getting yourself a Staple Tarance is wise if you like to spend many hours working, watching, or even gaming.