Staples Kroy Mesh Task Chair Review: Immense Value for Money

by Derrick Haywood| Last Updated: March 30, 2022

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Staples Kroy Mesh Task Chair Review

Did you know that ergonomic injuries lead to more missed workdays than illnesses? Imagine a third of all missed days result from uncomfortable furniture. The BLS estimates that the average person skips 11 days a year to nurse their ergo injuries.

Hence, chairs with diverse adjustment abilities and longevity are vital for productivity and comfort. Why spend over $500 or even $1,000 to enjoy these benefits. At such prices, you may as well decide to sit on your non-ergonomic desk chair to save your profit.

But wait! As you’ll see in this Staples Kroy mesh task chair review, you can kill these two birds at once. Check out why this cozy unit may be the best-valued chair you came across.

But wait…

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Who Are Staples?

It’s surprising how some people talk about affordability, with chairs going for over $400. Irrespective of how good such chairs are, you won’t get as good a deal as Staples offers.

The brand has many quality office chairs going for paltry sums compared to comparable alternatives.

Besides, there are other furniture offerings for restaurants, offices, break rooms, and more.

Staples Kroy Mesh Task Chair Review: Best Budget Ergonomic Chair?

Like other Staples chairs, the Staples Kroy provides much for less. Dive into what makes it unique from the brand, other mesh chairs, and whether it should be the next best thing in your office.


Back Tilt

Sitting up straight for hours is tiring, and you’ll have to rise more frequently if your chair is rigid. Luckily, the Staple Kroy mesh task chair includes an adjustable reclining feature allowing you to lay back when needed. So, you can relax your back muscles, and spine.

If you pair it with a footrest, you can comfortably recline and watch a skit in your free time. You can stay in recline for hours while receiving ample comfort.

You also get a tilt lock feature to fixate the chair in recline. This is an aspect you won’t find on the slightly pricier Dexley. (Here’s Staples Dexley Mesh Task Chair Review)

So, though you can stay stationary while reclining in a Kroy, you’ll keep moving around in the Dexley, which may be disturbing.

That said, there’s a little creak noise while engaging and disengaging the tilt lock. While some like the clattery nature, others prefer smooth, silent operation.

Moreover, there’s the tilt adjustment knob. Hence, you can set it to the force you desire to use when reclining with a simple twist.

Height Adjustment

Staples 2260271 Kroy Mesh Task Chair Black

Given its prevalence, hydraulic lift on office chairs isn’t a big issue to discuss. Regardless, the ease of using Staples Kroy’s height adjustment lever is refreshing. Like most height change mechanisms on desk chairs, pull the lever when raising or lowering the chair.

Notably, the chair’s height ranges between 41.19-45, giving you roughly four inches of height flexibility. Though some may find this insufficient, the versatility serves most users.

Adjustment Handles

Compared to the Hyken, the handles on the Kroy look and feel sturdier. Hence, adjusting the chair is more enjoyable. Those on the Hyken feel plasticky and cheap, unlike those on the Staples Kroy mesh office chair. (Read Staples Hyken Review)

Seat and Colors

Although everything else is identical, the seat types differ based on color. There’s the Kroy black chair with an all-mesh construction and the blue chair with a padded seat.

The padded option feels softer than the all-mesh black version. However, if you don’t like a warm chair, the padded one isn’t a wise pick.

Meanwhile, the mesh chair allows for proper air circulation thanks to its breathable design. With the black option, you don’t have to worry about a wet spot if the sweating in padded chairs is a challenge to you.

Still, the blue option isn’t overly warm and uncomfortable over several hours. Sadly, you may need to replace the cushion within a few months if you spend over 10 hours daily in your computer chair.


Staples 2260271 Kroy Mesh Task Chair Black

The armrests are height adjustable. A lever positioned underneath each armrest lets you lower or raise them. Pull the lever up, then release upon attaining your choice height.

It would be nice to include an armrest width adjustment to make the chair easily accommodating to various users. While you can get the armrest to a suitable height, they may be too wide to allow you to use them while typing or gaming.

As for comfort, they don’t feel like rocks, though they aren’t the softest. You get a moderate cushioning level from them.

Lumbar Support

Lower back protection is critical, and that’s why Staples Kroy mesh task chair includes adjustable lumbar support. Depending on the region you feel provides the best position, you can slide it up or down.

Still, you may find its height range limited, which makes a few dislike the support’s alignment.

Maneuverability and Width

Thanks to its 360-degrees swiveling capabilities, dismounting in tight spaces isn’t challenging. You can easily rotate and get something on your side or back with this feature.

Notably, the chair is quite wide. It’s broader than the Hyken by over an inch and surpasses the Dexley by a small margin. Depending on your body type, this may be advantageous or a shortcoming.

Large people have ample space to maneuver as the chair’s arms don’t squeeze the air out of you. But for slim people, you may find the armrest too far to use ergonomically. Still, the arms are detachable, so you can remove them if they aren’t helping you much.

Staples 2260271 Kroy Mesh Task Chair Black

Noticeable features 

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What I liked

What I didn’t like

What Customers are Saying

According to one Kroy chair review, the chair’s assembly is a walk in the park, with only the casters being a tad challenging to insert. Many agree with the simplistic assembly, with another reviewer adding that “it’s elementary to sit in as well.” 

Comfort was another strength many noted. One client noted, “No backaches!”. A Kathy gushed over how her back thanked the chair. Nonetheless, a few detested the construction. One commented that the staples on the chair’s seat were coming off, yet they only weighed 210 pounds. 

How to Set Up Staples Kroy Mesh Chair

As with other Staples chairs, assembling the Kroy mesh task chair is easy. The chair comes nicely packaged, with a well-labeled, detailed manual.

Step one: Turn the wheelbase upside-down. Next, insert the plug-style casters in the chair’s base by pushing them into the socket. The wheels are pretty firm, so you have to put some force as you attach them.

Step two: Turn the wheelbase upright and position the wheel ring around the lift piston socket. Install the lift piston into its wheelbase socket.

Step three: Position your seat on a table or high platform to ease working. Then, attach the armrests to the seat. Ensure you get all the bolts started before tightening them down to ease insertion. Each arm is affixed to the seat with three bolts. Attach them using a wrench.

Step four: Next, insert your under-seat assembling using its four bolts. Ensure you properly position the assembly based on its labeling and the labeling on your seat’s underside. Likewise, line all four bolts. Get all bolts started before tightening them.

Step five: Attach the seat back with its bolts. Like the seat assembly and armrest bolts, get these fasteners started before tightening them down.

Step six: Place the seat on the piston. Lastly, sit on your Staple Kroy mesh desk chair to lock it into position.

Comparison of Differing Features With the Hyken and Dexley Chairs

Width [inches]28.428.227.1
Depth [inches]27.828.627.2
Height [inches]41.19-4545.3-50.845.28-49.76
Tilt typeSwivelSynchroSynchro
Locking in reclineYesNoYes
ColorsBlueBlackBlueBlackRedBlackCharcoal gray
Caster designTwin-style solidTwin-style spokes/ Twin-style solidTwin-style solid
Seat TypeMesh and paddedMeshMesh
Tilt locking positions313
Recommended usage hours4-65-105-10


How Much Does Staples Kroy Weigh?

Staples Kroy weighs 40.20 pounds when packaged and slightly lower once assembled. It isn’t the lightest office chair, but nothing to fret about unless you’ll be disassembling it and moving often. Thanks to the available twin casters, you can push it to the next room without issues.

How Do You Get Staples Kroy Wheels Inserted?

If there are no issues, get Staples Kroy wheels inserted by pressing them into the wheelbase’s sockets. If challenging; hit them gently in position with a rubber mallet. Avoid using a metallic hammer as it may damage your wheels.

Is the Staples Kroy Seat Fabric?

The blue Staples Kroy seat is fabric. On the other hand, the black version features an all-mesh design. You can select the version you like based on:

Closing Remarks


Colors ignored, the inclusion of the padded seat and all-mesh options make this chair appeal to many people design-wise. As you can gauge based on this Staples Kroy mesh task chair review, this piece has much to desire and less to rant about.

So, if affordability, versatility, ergonomics, stylishness, and value for money are within your requirements, look no further. Get your Staples Kroy masterpiece today for years of immense comfort.


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