Staples Carder Mesh Office Chair Review

by Derrick Haywood| Last Updated: March 30, 2022

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Staples Carder Mesh Office Chair Review

When over 80% of Americans encounter back problems, mainly caused by improper sitting, ergonomic chairs are critical for your office. You may know that poor posture leads to lumbago. But do you know there are many posture-induced issues, including incontinence and heartburn? You had that right!

Staples Carder is a masterpiece, featuring many aspects, some exclusive to high-end office chairs. If you want to improve your posture while receiving ample support, this desk chair suits your needs.

Check out the comprehensive Staples Carder mesh office chair review below. Discover its unique qualities and why it offers superb value for your buck despite a few shortcomings.

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Staples Overview

Since its 1985 establishment, Staples services and products have increased and improved to appeal to many. Based on location, you may access their various offerings, including

They supply many products like cleaning, food, school, electronics, paper, and more. Additionally, you can access various office goods, of which their excellently-valued desk chairs are among the best.

Staples Carder Mesh Office Chair Review: All You Should Know

There’s always something distinguishing one Staples chair from the other. The Staples Carder has various tricks to guarantee workplace comfort, as you’ll discover soon.

Read on!


Staples Carder comes with unique armrest adjustments from other alternatives like the blue Staples Kroy, Hyken, and Dexley. Unlike them, its top parts have a curvature, making them cradle your hands. 

With their smooth surface, the armrests feel fantastic under your arms while providing support. Also, you can press the button on the armrests’ sides to raise or lower them to a proper height.

Overall, the armrests on the Staples Carder are arguably the company’s best within this price range.

Forward Tilt

STAPLES Carder Mesh Office Chair (Black, Sold as 1 Each) - Adjustable Office Chair with Breathable Mesh Material, Provides Lumbar, Arm and Head Support, Perfect Desk Chair for The Modern Office

The ability to tilt your seat forward is a unique feature not available on Staples Kroy, among other pricier Staples chairs. You may wonder, “Is forward tilt on a chair good?”

If you’re in heavy tasking or computation, a forward seat tilt allows you to be more upright. Hence, you can achieve an ergonomic posture over many hours. A forward seat tilt lets you easily reach your desk while facilitating proper blood circulation to your legs.

The simplicity to engage the forward seat tilt is another refreshing aspect. Unlike some chairs that need you to turn knobs several times, you simply pull a lever up to get the Carder seat forward.

Not all office chairs with the forward seat adjustment allow the back to move forward. Hence, they leave a space between your back and the seat, meaning you’ll lack lumbar support.

Luckily, the Staples Carder adjusts its backrest enabling your back to receive ample propping in the perched, forward position. 

However, the forward seat engagement is quite jerky. You’ll also get some noise, but nothing overdramatic.

Besides, it has a forward tilt tension control knob, which isn’t always available, especially at affordable prices. So, if you find engaging the forward tilt too sudden, increase the tension for a slower, smoother operation.

Lumbar Support and Backrest

STAPLES Carder Mesh Office Chair (Black, Sold as 1 Each) - Adjustable Office Chair with Breathable Mesh Material, Provides Lumbar, Arm and Head Support, Perfect Desk Chair for The Modern Office

You can adjust the lumbar support pressure to ensure optimal lower back comfort. For those who dislike this aspect or think they don’t receive as much support as desired, you can detach the support.

The lumbar support attaches at the back with four screws. However, the space between it and the mesh is little. So, you may strain to get it off the back.

Thanks to the meshed back, the chair allows breathability. The ample air circulation provides comfort during hot days.


Laying back while doing less demanding tasks, watching or gaming is a big plus. The Staples Carder lets you push back against the backrest for an angled position during breaks.

Sadly, there’s no option to adjust the tilt tension, unlike many comparable Staples chairs.

Height Adjustment

The Carder has extensive height adjustability, serving a broad user-height range. Although it’s only 0.6 inches shorter than the Kroy at maximum height, it goes much lower.

You can place it as low as 37.9 inches. So, you have up to 6.5 inches to set it at a suitable height, based on your size. That makes quite a difference against the Kroy, only providing a 3.81-inch difference with a 41.19-inch minimum height.

One of the main concerns with the Staple Carder is height. Some users hastily purchase the unit only to realize it’s a bit low for their size. If you’d wish for a taller chair, consider options like the Staples Dexley.

In fact, Dexley’s lowest height, 45.3 inches, beats Carder’s highest height of, 44.4 inches, by 0.9 inches. So, before getting your office chair, ensure its height range is ideal for your ergonomic support.


The seat features an upholstered cushion with a black shimmer, unlike the matte finish on the blue Kroy. Notably, it isn’t as soft as you may expect from an office chair. Still, it feels cozy and has adequate padding to ensure your butt doesn’t hurt after extended sitting.

However, the cushioning tends to thin over several months, like many padded office chairs.

STAPLES Carder Mesh Office Chair (Black, Sold as 1 Each) - Adjustable Office Chair with Breathable Mesh Material, Provides Lumbar, Arm and Head Support, Perfect Desk Chair for The Modern Office

Noticeable features

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What I liked

What I didn’t like

What Customers are Saying

Many liked the simplicity of the installation. According to one Staples Carder chair review, the parts were hard to misplace, given their nice packaging and labeling. However, they advised users to get help when attaching the seat and backrest to the lift piston.

Another review liked the versatile tilting features stating that it allowed them to relax while sewing. A different review commented that the chair was excellent even for gamers over extended sessions. However, they wished that the back could have a more extensive recline angle.

How to Set Up the Staples Carder

The beauty of getting Staples chairs is their affordability. Among the reasons for their insane prices is the disassembled nature most shipments come in, unless otherwise requested.

It isn’t worth it to spend $60 to get your Carder assembled when the installation process is a cinch. So, in under an hour, set up your Staples Carder using the following steps:

Step One

Overturn the wheelbase and plug the five wheels into the sockets. If difficult to get in, gently hit the wheels into position with a rubber mallet or other non-marking, soft tool.

Step Two

Insert the hydraulic lift into its wheelbase position. Then, drape the telescope cover over the lift.

Step Three

Get the armrests. They have L/R labeling so you can tell which should be to your right and which is to your left. Still, getting the armrests to position properly shouldn’t be challenging, as you can tell their arrangement by looking. 

Place the seat upside down onto a desk or other platform to ease the attachment. Set the armrest as close to or as far from the seat based on how you align the slots. Be sure to position the arms based on the most frequent user, as you can’t adjust the width without disassembling.

Slightly screw in all the fasteners before tightening them. This way, it’s easier to get the armrests correctly positioned. Use the L-wrench to fasten the C screws.

Step Four

Position the under-seat mechanism based on its and the seat’s direction labels. You’ll use two screw types. While the larger B screws go at the front, the smaller A screws attach the assembly’s back.

Like the armrest screws, begin by twisting all the screws into position with your hand. Then tighten one screw after the other.

Step Five

Insert the backrest into position. To ease things, unscrew the knob attached to the seat’s rear. Once your backrest is in its slot, re-install the knob, turning it clockwise to tighten. Then, insert the pin at the bottom of the backrest’s bar to secure it further.

Step Six

Attach the seat to the hydraulic lift and sit in it to lock the two into a secure connection.

Staples Carder Vs. Staples Kroy (Differing Features)

The Staples Carder chair looks quite identical to the Staples Kroy blue chair, save for the color and the height range. If you aren’t overly enthralled by mix-matched colors, the black Carder is an excellent pick allowing more users ergonomic support.

Carder mesh back fabric computer and desk chairKroy mesh chair
Width [inches]2728.4
Depth [inches]25.627.8
Height [inches]37.9 – 44.441.19 – 45
ColorsBlackBlue-Black (comparable option)Black (mesh-seat)
Seat typePaddedMesh and padded
Adjustable seat panYesNo
Back tilt tension controlNoYes


To What Angle Does Staples Carder’s Backrest Recline?

Staples Carder’s backrest reclines to around 110 degrees. The chair offers adequate support while chilling, binging on shows, sewing, and other non-demanding tasks. You can’t adjust the recline tension, though you can do so with the forward tilt.

Does the Staples Carder Lumbar Adjust up and Down?

Sadly for tall users, the Staples Carder lumbar doesn’t adjust up and down. You can only change the pressure applied to your back. If the lumbar support is uncomfortable, remove it. 

Though, the tiny screw with little space for a screwdriver makes detaching challenging.

Can You Use the Staples Carder Chair With or Without the Arms?

Thanks to their detachability, you can use the Staples Carder chair with or without the arms. Using the available slots, screw in the arms close to or far from the seat. Lastly, adjust their height by pressing the side button then pushing or pulling the armrest.


To recap the central message relayed by this Staples Carder mesh office chair review, this unit is an excellent choice for short users. Its inclusion of a forward tilt at such a covetable price is attractive and suitable for those with intense desk work.

You also get to recline, alter your height, and position the armrests as you desire. Its pricing is fair considering the various perks available. So, getting the Staples Carder mesh back fabric computer and desk chair for your home or office is worth it.


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