Soft Vs Firm Recliners: Which One is Best for You?

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: May 28, 2021

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Soft Vs Firm Recliners

Never underestimate the importance of your sofa – it’s the piece de resistance of your living room. You spend hours on it bonding with your loved ones, nap on it, relax on it after a long day at work and watch your favorite movie. Therefore, choosing the right one is a big deal.

Besides the overall look, color, upholstery, and price tag, your comfort is also paramount. Before you make a choice, you should therefore ask yourself: Which one should I choose? The soft or firm recliner?

To help you answer these questions, here are some valid arguments on soft vs firm recliners.

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Soft Recliner Chairs

Soft reclines are more popular than firm recliners. So much that if a poll was created, they would take the trophy. It’s not surprising, though. Who doesn’t look forward to sinking in his favorite sofa after a long day?

Although they are comfortable, they may not be good for you. But don’t misinterpret us. We are not saying that if you have one, you should get rid of it. No! We imply that it comes with a few issues if not used properly.

For starters, soft recliners have been known to cause a lethargic sleepy mood. This is not so wrong if you are tired and want to take a nap or have been struggling to fall asleep. However, if you’re going to sit through your favorite movie or get some work done on your laptop, a soft recliner may not be a good idea.

Another drawback of soft recliners is they don’t provide sufficient lumbar and back support. If you sit on a soft recliner for long or often sleep/nap in one in the odd position, it could affect your back. Read more recliner guides for lower back pain.

Soon enough, you’ll start experiencing backaches. That translates to spending money on medical expenses.

But sinking into a soft recliner feels so good and comfortable at first. What causes the discomfort?

You see, the chair doesn’t have the appropriate structure to support the curve on your back. You’ll therefore end up slouching over, bending your spine to C-shape. After long hours in that position, you are bound to have back pains and a stiff neck.

Looking on the bright side, soft recliners blend in with most homes’ interior décor. That’s why they are more preferred. Also, there are some ways to mitigate the drawbacks of the softness. How?

You can replace or restuff the soft cushions with form or filler. Alternatively, you can add firm toss pillows to help support your spine if your chair is too soft.

If you are a lover of soft recliners, don’t let the drawbacks stop you from getting one. They are still a majority’s favorite. They will therefore be a great choice if you regularly host guests.

Firm Recliner Chairs

Before we get into the detail of firm recliners, we’d like to clear a widespread misconception that firm recliners are uncomfortable. Firm recliners are more comfortable than their soft counterparts.

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A firm recliner prevents you from lounging around in a poor position while relaxing on it. They also offer excellent lumbar and neck support. So, even when you sit for long or even sleep, you won’t have a stiff neck or backache.

Further, firm recliners come with more bounce and structure. They don’t have the excessive softness that’s likely to put you to sleep shortly after you sit. This makes them an excellent spot when you want to read a book or watch a movie to the end.

These recliners blend in better with formal sitting areas and décor. They are therefore a great addition to a sitting room or a library.

Moreover, the firm options are the ones that come with advanced technology and high-end functionalities such as remote control, swivelling, massaging, and heating. The soft models, on the other, mostly come in traditional stationary models with nothing much to offer other than reclining.

Some people argue that firm recliners have a longer lifespan than soft recliners, but that’s not entirely true. Both types can have either long or short lifespans depending on their construction, materials used and how you maintain them.

If you find your firm recliner a bit uncomfortable and you’d like to soften it up, you can add a fluffy toss pillow or two. They will add to the comfort of your chair.

Which One Is Better for You?

Like most furniture, your choice of a recliner between the soft and firm model majorly depends on you. Your preferences, budget, space, and your needs and wants.

Are you in budget? Lets check out this best budget recliners reviews.

If you are looking to furnish a formal space, say an office or a sitting room, then the firm recliner will be the best option. A firmer choice would also be good for you if you have a back problem as it offers better back and spine support.

On the other hand, if you want to furnish a more comfortable space, say the TV room where you can curl up in a plush chair and watch your favorite show, then a soft recliner will be your best bet.

Parting Shot

After reading the above information, you probably already know which option you prefer between the firm and soft recliner chairs. If you are still unsure which recliner is best for you, we recommend that you revisit your wants and needs. Consider what you want the recliner chair for, where you want to furnish, the condition of your back and the extra features. When you put all the factors together, making the decision should be easy.


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