Sidiz T80 Chair Review: Pay Less Get More!

by Derrick Haywood| Last Updated: March 29, 2022

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Sidiz T80 Chair Review

Are you a gamer or an office user who needs a comfy chair? I wrote the Sidiz T80 review with you in mind. I know what it takes to use a computer all day—I’m a victim. Therefore, my primary concern is a comfortable seat with an ergonomic backrest that supports my body fully—I don’t have to break my bank account by spending half of my wages to buy such. Do I? 

It’s likely—these too are your concerns. Don’t worry as the T80 easily adjusts to support your entire body while you stay focused. Did I mention that the T80 also features a patented ultimate sync tilting system that gives uncompromised comfort? What’s more? 

Just like the Sidiz T50 chair, you have a 30-day trial window, which allows you to refund the chair if you wish.  

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Is Sidiz A Good Brand?

SIDIZ T80 Premium Ergonomic Office Chair : Extreme Comfort Home Office Desk Chair, Adjustable Headrest, Lumbar Support, 3D Armrests, Forward Tilt, Seat Depth, Alternative Gaming Chair (Black)

Though the company is yet to beat some of the top models, such as the Steelcase Gesture, I would still say that Sidiz is a good brand.  Why? The company takes pride in winning more than 24 awards due to the unique design of its products.  

This has prompted companies such as IBM, Toyota, and General Electric to choose this brand for their chairs. Manchester United couldn’t look elsewhere either—they prefer the SIDIZ brand.

Just to mention, Sidiz has won at least five IF Design, RedDot Design, and IDEA awards plus nine JAPAN GOOD Design Awards. 

Besides, the company tests all the chairs to meet the necessary BIFMA standards and ensure that their products are ultimately safe. Making an annual production of 1.5 million chairs, it’s clear the world is impressed with the brand’s quality. 

Sidiz T80 Review: Could Demand Cause the Cost To Shoot?

Though the chair was manufactured in 2014, it wasn’t until 2019 that the T80 became famous through a video by Dr. Disrespect. In it, he said that the chair did transcend him beyond perfection. 

But why would the Sidiz T80 highly adjustable ergonomic office chair become so popular from just one video? Its outstanding features say it all!

Premium Comfort

Measuring comfort by the quality of the seat, armrests, and backrest, I would say T80 qualifies as a premium chair. Here’s why. The seat pad, which is made of premium, top-quality foam, isn’t hard on your butts. Besides, it also has an elastic sponge. This conforms well to the shape of your butts for extra comfort. 

Apart from preventing a sweaty back, the mesh back, which is made of premium-blend polyelastomer, tops up your comfort. Considering that there’s a 3.2mm space between your back and the backrest, you can comfortably use the chair for hours. 

What’s more? You don’t have to keep stretching to relieve your spine, which is what gamers and office users want.

Build To Lasts

SIDIZ T80 Premium Ergonomic Office Chair : Extreme Comfort Home Office Desk Chair, Adjustable Headrest, Lumbar Support, 3D Armrests, Forward Tilt, Seat Depth, Alternative Gaming Chair (Black)

Made of solid material, the Sidiz T80 adjustable ergonomic office chair lasts for a couple of years. With a lot of energy and time going into research work, the combination of the Sidiz technology and the ITO design studio’s Authentic German design yielded a strongly built chair. Due to the materials used, the chair is heavy. As a result, the chair is meant to hold a heavyweight, for example, 300lbs. 

Ultimate Sync

Decide what tilt angle to use, and with only one touch of the lever, set it. The T80 chair, which features four easy-to-set multi-limiter, gives you full control of the tilting angles. Using the lever, you can decrease or increase the tilt’s strength. 

The lever rotates up to 2.5 turns to adjust the tilt’s strength.

Ergonomically Designed Adjustable Chair

SIDIZ T80 Premium Ergonomic Office Chair : Extreme Comfort Home Office Desk Chair, Adjustable Headrest, Lumbar Support, 3D Armrests, Forward Tilt, Seat Depth, Alternative Gaming Chair (Black)
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Forget about T80’s captivating and award-winning design—the countless adjustment features will win your heart! Not to mention the high-end chairs that offer such adjustment options have an eye-watering price that leaves you at the mercy of your money lenders. 

Not so with this ergonomic T80 chair whose price tag is much lesser than you could imagine, yet it offers more.

Picture this—you can adjust pretty much everything on this chair—the headrest, backrest, the armrests, the seat depth as well as the seat height. So, if you’ve been searching for a Herman Miller office chair alternative with similar features as the HM, simply end the search here. 

Headrest: Do you hate using a chair with a headrest? Let not that stop you from buying the T80 office chair because it slips off easily. If you wish to have it, you can tilt it to and fro. Generally, it tilts up to 33 degrees. Still, you can raise or lower it.

The Seat: It adjusts from 15.5 inches to 19.5 inches from the ground level. Moreover, the T80 chair seat is wide, so people with huge hips must not have to buy an office chair for wide hips. Also, you can slide the seat forward. This is ideal when you want to view your computer screen closely or when you want to type on your laptop keyboard. 

Backrest: With a recline of up to 25 degrees, you can adjust the tension of the tilt easily. It’s a masterpiece! The lumbar, whose support is unmatched, is a quarter inch away from the seat backrest. Consequently, you can comfortably and easily use the synchro-tilt feature, which enables you to customize the recline as per your taste. 

Armrests: Like most other ergonomic chairs, T80’s armrests adjust by moving upwards or downwards. They also move inward and outward. 

Assembles Fast: You don’t have to gather your whole clan to assemble a gaming or office chair. The Sidiz T80 assembles in less than 10 minutes. Some ‘experts’ say they could assemble it in only 3 minutes! How true that is, I may not know, but the chair is easy to set up. 

The assembly instructions come in two languages—English and Korean. Unfortunately, the English instructions miss a lot of crucial information that may make the set up process a hard nut to crack. 

A good alternative is the 1:21 minutes long T80 assembly guide video, which you could closely follow to assemble the chair successfully. 


What Other Customers Are Saying

A client, who at first felt underwhelmed by this chair, gave a comprehensive Sidiz T80 review after carefully going through the user guide. After doing all the settings correctly, he realized that the tilt tension, as well as the seat height, were perfect. The same applies to the lumbar. 

To Jon, T80 is a premium chair. Ever since he bought T80, he has ceased worrying about a sweaty back, which was annoying. The seat cushion is excellent. After editing his review two times, Jon still recommended T80 to anyone who doesn’t wish to spend 1200 dollars on a chair. 

What I like

Ergonomic Chair: It’s a jewel you don’t want to miss in your office! The plethora of adjustment options is beyond comprehension. The armrests, the tilt,  the head and backrest, and the swivel all make the T80 fit in the list of modernized ergonomic chairs. 

High-end seat: There’s enough cushion, so it doesn’t make the butts feel like they’ve been sitting on a piece of wood all day. Besides, the cushion is wide and deep. It, therefore, allows enough blood circulation around the thighs. 

The Price: I don’t have to spend a year’s salary to get the ergonomic features high-end chairs offer. The T80 has everything I need, yet it costs less than $1200. 

Stylish: It’s not always about quality—style, too, is vital for me. Though the plastic used to make this chair makes it heavy, it also gives the chair a gorgeous look. So, if you never leave out ‘style’ when making a purchase, then consider T80. You’ll get a top-quality chair sealed with beauty. 

What I don’t Like

Set up guide: It’s written in Korean, and the English one is not of much help. However, most buyers admit that it’s easy to follow both languages as they’re easy to understand. 

Nylon casters: The casters may not last long as they’re made of nylon. Upgrading them is worth considering. Meanwhile, you could consider ordering the STEALTHO wheels, which are strong. They also glide well, and their breaks are superb, so the chair won’t slide when you sit or work.

The Closing Line

SIDIZ T80 Premium Ergonomic Office Chair : Extreme Comfort Home Office Desk Chair, Adjustable Headrest, Lumbar Support, 3D Armrests, Forward Tilt, Seat Depth, Alternative Gaming Chair (Black)
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What do you think after clicking the Sidiz T80 review? Do you think it’s the type of chair you’ve been looking for? I’m not sure what you think, but based on the awards Sidiz has, I would say the Sidiz upholds quality when manufacturing the T80 chairs. 

Moreover, the amount of research involved before designing the chair is incredible. No wonder, the chair has the BIFMA approval, which means you’re safe whenever you use it. What’s more? Even though its warranty is way lesser than what the HM chairs give, T80 costs hundreds of dollars less than most chairs in the market. 

Take the leap today and buy this chair. 


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