Sidiz T50 Review: The Award-Winning Chair

by Derrick Haywood| Last Updated: March 28, 2022

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Sidiz T50 Review

Take a risk that is worth it by trying out the T50 chair. Featuring an ergonomic S-curve design— this exceptionally made chair is a must-have. After all, it’s durable and flexible as well as easy to customize. The Sidiz T50 review discusses this award-winning chair in detail so that you can have an easy time deciding if you need to add it to your office or not.

Thankfully, the company gives you a 30 days trial option, just to be sure you’re not going to count any losses after buying the chair. So, if you don’t like it, you can ask for a refund. The three-year warranty covers any damages and repairs you may want.

Though the seat cushion isn’t as thick as the Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair, it’s still a great buy for everyday office use. 


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Is Sidiz T50 Worth It?

SIDIZ T50 Ergonomic Office Chair : High Performance Home Office Chair with Adjustable Headrest, Lumbar Support, 3D Armrest, Seat Depth, Mesh Back Computer Chair, Alternative Gaming Chair (Black)

Commonly identified as a sturdy chair, Sidiz T50 is worth it. The seat depth and tilt limiter, which offers five unique settings, make this chair an ergonomic product. Besides, you can adjust the seat height to allow short and tall people to use it.

Even so, it’s not as comfortable as some office chairs since the seat isn’t well padded. The lumbar support is another drawback as it doesn’t offer excellent support. Apart from these, the Sidiz T50 chair is worth buying.

Sidiz T50 Review: Get To Know Your Chair Today!

The Sidiz T50 Air review below discusses both the negative and the positive aspects of this model. So, reading the review to the end will help you know why you need this chair or why you should avoid it. Let’s take a closer look. 

Customize As You Wish

Not every chair allows you to switch to five different tilt angles. You, therefore, agree with me that you’re paying for a top-quality chair when you buy the T50 chair. Besides, I’ve had a chance to review so many chairs. I can count the chairs that allow me to tilt the seat to have a closer look at the computer screen or the book I’m reading. They’re few! 

Value for Your Money

Though the Sidiz T50 air is made of plastic material, it’s designed to last. Besides, this plastic is non-toxic as it’s certified by GreenGuard. So, you can rest assured that its’ an eco-friendly chair that is suitable for use on a daily basis without hurting your health.

Moreover, it has also passed the BIFMA tests, which makes me believe it’s the best chair for anyone who can afford it. 

Ergonomic Design

SIDIZ T50 Ergonomic Office Chair : High Performance Home Office Chair with Adjustable Headrest, Lumbar Support, 3D Armrest, Seat Depth, Mesh Back Computer Chair, Alternative Gaming Chair (Black)

Maintaining your S-curve not only keeps you comfortable through the day but also protects your spine from injuries, which is why you should buy this chair. Unlike the Modway Veer drafting chair, which doesn’t support the lumbar, Sidiz T50 home office desk chair supports it. 

Easy to Clean

The T50 seat has a cover that you can easily remove to clean. So, you don’t have to worry about stains when spillage occurs. The ability to remove the cover is not only good in that it makes cleaning easy, but it also means you can give your seat a new look by using a cover that has a different color. 

A 30-Day Trial

Buy and try it—if you don’t like it, send it back! Considering that it’s easy to damage a chair even on the first day of purchase, a 30-day trial is a huge risk on the manufacturer’s side. But they still gave you this option to prove that they trust the quality and build of their chair. Moreover, if you have a quality concern, you can ask for a replacement as long as it’s within three years from the day you’ll buy it. Nevertheless, the foam and upholstery warranty lasts for only one year. 

SIDIZ T50 Ergonomic Office Chair : High Performance Home Office Chair with Adjustable Headrest, Lumbar Support, 3D Armrest, Seat Depth, Mesh Back Computer Chair, Alternative Gaming Chair (Black)
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What Other Customers Are Saying

Both Chung and his wife tried out this chair. However, their Sidiz T50 chair review differed due to their different body heights and weight. While Chung felt that the chair wasn’t as comfortable as expected, his wife was impressed with the seat’s firmness and cushion. 

She, therefore, felt comfortable. Unfortunately, they both were unhappy with the wheels, which were gliding easily. 

What I like

What I Don’t Like

How Do I Adjust My Sidiz T50?

SIDIZ T50 Air Series (Mesh Black + Fabric Black Cover)

The Sidiz T50 highly adjustable ergonomic office chair offers unmatched comfort. To achieve this comfort, though, you must follow the given adjustment instructions keenly. Not following may malfunction your chair. The warranty gets nullified under such circumstances. 


Correct armrests adjustment relieves your shoulders of strain. So, have them at the right height by pulling them upwards. Ensure you’re pressing the button inside when doing so.  The opposite direction works by lowering them. You can also move them backward or forward. 

Else, turn them in or away from you. To have the correct posture, have the angle from the elbow to your arms at 90 degrees.


The headrest should give your neck full support. Thankfully, the Sidiz T50 headrest adjusts up and down. Besides, you can adjust its angle for better neck support depending upon what you’re working on. 

Adjusting The Multi-Limited Tilt Mechanism

Tilt the back to a comfortable angle, then gently lift the lever to set the correct angle. If you want to lean all the way back, simply press the lever downwards. The lever is on your right-hand side (when seated).

By turning the handle, which is on your right side (when seated) forward after pulling it out, you increase the tension. Turn it until you have the right tension. Turning it forward increases the tension, the opposite works to loosen the tension. 


Hold the lever on your right and pull it upwards to increase the chair’s height. Move it downwards whenever you want to lower its height. You can do this while gently seated on your Sidiz T50 executive chair. However, when increasing the height, you must slightly lift your height. Ensure that your feet are at the correct angle (90 degrees).

Tilt And Seat Depth

Firstly, always stand when adjusting the tilt and seat depth. By switching the lever on the back (left side) of the cushion, you can successfully tilt the seat cushion. This makes your seat recline forward, thereby giving you a better studying or typing posture. 

Consequently, your back doesn’t strain, nor does your waistline. In case you need extra seat depth, pull the grip outwards when standing to increase the seat depth. Use the grip to carefully push the seat forward. The grip is underneath the cushion (right side). 

For extra comfort on your knees, allow 2 to 3cm between the knees and the front of the seat.

Lumbar Support

SIDIZ T50 Ergonomic Office Chair : High Performance Home Office Chair with Adjustable Headrest, Lumbar Support, 3D Armrest, Seat Depth, Mesh Back Computer Chair, Alternative Gaming Chair (Black)

By pulling the lumbar up or down, you adjust it to offer sufficient back support. So, move both hands backwards and hold the lumbar on each side and pull it upwards when you need it to move higher. 

Inside the lumbar, there’s a lever that allows you to customize its tension. If unsure of the correct tension, have the lumbar slightly above your pelvis.  

How Do You Dismantle A Sidiz Chair?

You dismantle a Sidiz chair by removing its part, starting with the headrest. A few tools are necessary when dismantling the chair. 

They include:

Before getting started, a few things are necessary: 

Gas Cylinder

Turn the base upside down. A wide pipe range is a necessity when removing the gas cylinder. Carefully clinch the cylinder right at the bottom of the seat mechanism. Once you have a tight grip, turn the pipe range until the cylinder is loose enough to pull from the mechanism. 

Next, cautiously remove the gas cylinder from the seat base. Use a rubber mallet to hit the head. You may have to gently tap the sides of the cylinder to loosen it if hitting its head doesn’t help remove it.  


Casters are probably the easiest to dismantle. Simply turn the seat base and hold the base with one hand and the other on the casters. Gently, pull the casters. 

A little rotating makes the process easier. 

The Headrest

Two bolts are used to fasten the headrest. If there are any cover plates, remove them. You can use a screwdriver to remove them successfully. Next, use an iron ring screwdriver to remove the two bolts so as to remove the headrest, after which you should return the plates. 


The backrest is held in place by the bolts, which are at the back. So, dismantle it, use an iron ring screwdriver and remove the bolts as well as the bolts plates. 


If your chair has bolts, use the iron ring to loosen them and remove them from the chair. If, however, there are no bolts, simply pull the bolt, which is underneath the chair. 

Where Are Sidiz Chairs Made?

Released in 2013—Sidiz chairs are made in South Korea. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t available in other countries. Indeed, you can also buy them in America. However, there are more sales in Japan and Korea than in any other country. The company has been in operation since 1987. The Sidiz T50 adjustable ergonomic office desk chair has won several awards since it’s a high-end product. 

The Verdict

SIDIZ T50 Air Series (Mesh Black + Fabric Black Cover)
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Basing my verdict on the Sidiz T50 review that I’ve just written, I would say that this is a comfortable chair. For some, though, the seat feels so firm, thus denying them the comfort they need. So, it depends on your taste. 

Also, eco-friendly material is a factor that everyone is considering when buying an office chair. So, this one has passed that test. You’re the determining factor of what level of comfort to have by how you customize it.  


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