How to Remove the Back of a Catnapper Recliner

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: March 10, 2022

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Remove the Back of a Catnapper Recliner

Catnapper recliners are perfect for purchasers with shoestring budgets. Besides their cozy designs, these recliners offer smooth times during repair and maintenance.

With some recliners, disassembling the back is a daunting task. You may need lots of equipment followed by relatively lengthy detaching procedures. Conversely, you need at most one tool and under five minutes to detach your Catnapper’s back.

This guide indicates how to remove the back of a catnapper recliner in six steps.

Begin by accessing a spacious and well-lit spot to remove the back of a Catnapper recliner. Next, remove the back of a Catnapper recliner by detaching the screws or unlocking the tabs. Then, gently pry out the back.

Let’s discuss this further comprehensively.

How to Remove the Back of a Catnapper Recliner

Before starting the back removal process, begin by identifying a suitable spot. You need to get an area with ample space. This way, you can move around the recliner with ease.

Also, you need to tip your Catnapper recliner to detach the back, which demands more space than when upright.

Get an area with ample lighting to easily spot the position the back secures to the rest of the recliner.

How Do You Remove the Back of a Catnapper Recliner?

After spot identification, proceed this way:

  • Position your Catnapper recliner to rest on its arms and headrest to access the reclining mechanism easily. You can layer newspapers, rugs, or nylon paper where you’ll tip your recliner if the surface may dirty the fabric.
  • Check for a velcro strip or tape that secures the upholstery draping over your recliner’s back. Unlatch or detach this tape and place it in a secure spot as you’ll need it during assembly.
  • Now expose your recliner’s mechanism by rolling back the fabric. Carefully remove the upholstery to avoid ripping it. Also, you don’t need to strip it off the back entirely, as this makes it challenging during the back reattachment. Stop rolling the upholstery once you can see the entire reclining mechanism.
  • Determine what secures the recliner’s back to the seat. Most Catnapper recliners feature metal tabs. If you can’t locate metal tabs, search for thumbscrews. Thumbscrews are typically close to the recliner’s bottom. Alternatively, look around the arms.
  • For Catnapper recliners with metal tabs, press the tab and push their backs forward to detach. Pull the recliner’s bottom towards you to unlock the mechanism. Detach the back using a flathead or standard slotted screwdriver for those with thumbscrews. Unfasten the back with your screwdriver and place the screws at a secure spot.
  • Upon detaching the metal tab or screws, disengaging the back should be easy. So, gently pull the backrest upwards. If you’re having trouble prying it off, carefully rock it to loosen its grip. Be sure, though, not to rock violently to avoid wearing down the brackets and upholstery.

Video Guide on Removing the Back of Catnapper Recliner Sofa


How Do You Separate a Catnapper Recliner?

You separate a Catnapper recliner by unbolting the bottom rails. The number of screws depends on the sofa’s sitter number. For instance, a two sitter has eight bolts, two at each end and four at the center.

How Do You Take Apart a Catnapper Recliner?

As with most other brands, you take apart a Catnapper recliner by unscrewing, unbolting, and pulling. Parts like the backrest are the simplest to detach as some only need you to press the tabs. With most parts, you may need to flip your recliner before detaching.

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Winding Up: Back Replacement

How to remove the back of a Catnapper recliner is easy. Once through with the fix you needed on your recliner’s back, you’ll need to place the backrest back.

Lift the back, ensuring that the back brackets are just over your recliner’s lower section brackets. Then, slip the back into position. If not fitting correctly, remove the back and re-align everything.

Whether your recliner has screws, tabs, or adjustment levers, replace them snugly. This way, you can use your recliner without its back popping off.