Recliner Vs. Zero Gravity Chair

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: May 5, 2022

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Recliner Vs. Zero Gravity Chair

The main difference between a recliner and a zero gravity chair is the chair’s resting position. Recliners have various reclining positions, while a zero gravity chair leans to a specific posture. Nonetheless, the two pieces of furniture share various similarities, but they still differ.

So, recliner vs. zero gravity chair?

A recliner provides four major reclining positions, including sitting, book reading, TV watching, and sleeping. You obtain these positions by using a lever or pressing a button. On the other hand, a zero gravity chair offers a zero-gravity leaning position where weight is distributed evenly along your body.

When presented with the two chairs, you need sufficient information to help you choose the right chair for your need. This article provides you with just that! 

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Recliner Vs. Zero Gravity: What Makes Them Different?

Although recliners and zero gravity chairs function almost the same way, they still have differentiating features. We’re going to explore the various dimensions of each of these chairs to help you get a better understanding that can enhance an informed buying decision. Read on.

What Is A Reclining Position?

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A reclining position is when your body leans back while your upper body part is raised to a nearly horizontal position.  The arms support the upper trunk and the head, while the lower trunk lies on the supporting surface.

A good recliner provides various seating positions, including reading, TV watching, sleeping, and sitting upright. All these postures provide maximum comfort and relaxation to your body, causing its rejuvenation.

A 135-degree reclining posture reduces stress on your spine and minimizes back pain risk. If your daily routine involves sitting for long hours, investing in a recliner is brilliant.

 When sleeping in a recliner is beneficial, you should do so in moderation. Why? It can be health hazardous. Sleeping in a recliner every night can cause your muscles to tighten around joints restricting your mobility and posture.

What Makes Up A Recliner?

A recliner’s makeup comprises the following parts:

Additionally, the chair has extra features, including:

Which Are The Categories Of Recliner Chairs

There are two significant categories of recliner chairs, including manual and power recliners. 

A manual recliner relies on your body weight to function. You adjust the chair by pushing on the armrests while your back leans against the backrest. Your weight raises the footrest and adjusts the shape. Nonetheless, most manual recliners use a lever to adjust to a position.

Power recliners use a motor or a rechargeable battery to operate. The chair allows you to recline by simply pressing a button. However, your recliner must be connected to the main power supply or fitted with a battery pack. 

Moreover, recliners come in various types, and your choice highly depends on your need.

Types Of Recliner Chairs

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Below are the various types of recliner chairs you’re likely to find.

What Are The Benefits Of A Recliner Chair?

Recliners offer many remarkable benefits in addition to comfort, including the following.

Let’s expound on each of the above benefits hereunder. 

1. Increases Productivity

Staying in one seating position for long can cause boredom, lowering your productivity. A recliner allows you to break the monotony by stretching, raising your legs, and supporting your back from time to time. Consequently, your work becomes more fun as you can refresh without leaving your workstation. 

2. Alleviates Pregnancy Discomforts

The baby adds to the mother’s weight heightening the pressure exerted on the lower back. The experience makes it difficult for pregnant women to sit on a regular chair, and a recliner becomes the ideal solution. They can relax by leaning backward while their legs rest on the raised footrest in recline posture.  

3. Relives Stress

A recline position keeps your body off by providing maximum comfort and support. At this point, your spine is at rest, your back has full support, and your legs are raised to offer a relaxing environment. As a result, all the stress is alleviated as your body and mind rejuvenate.

4. Enhances Proper Circulation

Sitting on a common desk chair for long can cause blood to rush to your legs, leading to inflammations. A recliner comes in handy to correct this mess. When your legs rise above your heart, gravity naturally improves your circulation.

5. Minimizes Back Pains

Your back is your body’s support system. Hence, a lot of pressure goes on your back during your daily engagements. Regular use of a recliner fitted with proper lumbar support reduces this stress and eliminates lower back pain.

6. Boosts Easy Movement

A lift recliner can ease your standing and sitting with a simple button push. That gives you mobility independence even if you have issues getting out of your chair.

What Are The Drawbacks Of A Recliner Chair?

The drawbacks of a recliner chair are outlined below. Even so, they can’t outweigh the benefits you gain from using this chair.

Are Recliners Worth it?

Yes, recliners are worth it. These chairs offer you the utmost comfort and relaxation you need after your strenuous day’s schedule. You can enjoy your favorite movies and TV programs, read a book, or even nap after work.  Even though it can hurt your back, it’ll only do so when you use it without moderation. 

Also, the many benefits of these comfy chairs outshine their high cost. For that reason, I would advise you not to evade the high price at the expense of your comfort.

Whether you stay alone or have a small family, invest in a recliner and reap the tons of benefits that outweigh the drawbacks.

What Is A Zero-Gravity Position?

Svago ZGR Plus SV-395 Dual Power Infinite Position Zero Anti Gravity Recliner with Heat and Massage - Cognac Faux Leathe-Cognac-Standard Ground Curbside, Vinyl

A zero gravity position is a posture you obtain by raising your head and knee line slightly above your heat. At this point, your body trunk and the legs are positioned at about 120 degrees. This posture supports your nervous, spine, and heart.

A zero-gravity position features include:

A zero-gravity position is ideal for your relaxation and sleeping. The posture reduces your weight’s pressure on your body. How? The decompressed spine’s vertebrae,  less tension on your hip, and raised knees remove pressure from your lower back. 

What Makes Up A Zero Gravity Chair?

A zero gravity chair is made up of the following key feature:

Which Are The Categories Of A Zero-Gravity Chair?

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There are two major categories of zero-gravity chairs: fixed zero-gravity and zero gravity recliner chairs.

Instead of reclining from a normal posture, a traditional zero-gravity chair has a fixed zero-gravity position. These chairs resemble a typical lounge and are designed with elastic cables allowing the chair to have indoor and outdoor functionality.  

On the contrary, a zero gravity recliner chair reclines from an upright regular chair posture to a zero-gravity position. This functionality makes the chair more flexible and ideal for your home as a piece of luxurious furniture. What’s more, they come in different types.

Types Of Zero Gravity Recliner Chairs

There are four major types of zero gravity recliner chairs, including the following: 

What Are The Benefits Of A Zero Gravity Chair?

There are several benefits of a zero gravity chair to your body, including:

Below is an explanation of each of the above benefits. Keep reading.

1. Improved Posture

There’s sufficient scientific evidence that a zero-gravity chair provides a health-friendly posture. How? By decompressing your spine. The zero-gravity position aligns your shoulders and neck, reducing pressure on the vertebral column.

2. Snoring And Boosts Breathing

Lying flat can cause partial obstruction of your airwaves by the excess fat around your neck and the soft tissues. Consequently, there are vibrations when the air tries to force its way through. A zero gravity position elevates your head and upper body and thus, reduces your snoring and improves breathing. 

3. Provides Back Pain Remedy

A zero gravity position puts your spine in a neutral position where the tension on your back is minimal. As a result, you experience relieved or no back pain. The relief occurs because the pressure is evenly distributed between the spinal muscles and the individual vertebrae. That reduces discomfort and soreness in your lower back.

4. Improves Your Blood Flow

The neutral position allows your body to relax because your elevated feet reduce pressure on your heat. Consequently, you maintain constant blood pressure and palpitations. Your blood flows more efficiently without much effort.

5. Reduces Stress And Anxiety

Most massage experts worldwide acknowledge the great impact of therapy on stress and anxiety alleviation. A zero gravity chair with a massage function provides a high notch massage relieving any stress you get from your daily tasks. The posture offers both physical and mental relief.

6. Enhances Proper Digestion

The upright position of your head at zero gravity allows easy passage of food from the esophagus into the stomach. Furthermore, the posture prevents acid reflux and heartburn. The contained stomach acid functions without any irritation on your esophagus.

7. Loosens And Relaxes Sore Muscles

When your body “stretches” beyond its capacity, the muscles become sore and stiff. In such a case, having a massage from your zero gravity massage chair provides great relief to your sore muscles. 

8. Minimizes Body Swelling

Pressurized vessels cause excess fluid to build up around your ankles and feet, leading to swelling of those areas. A zero gravity posture reduces pressure on those parts, and consequently, the water distributes evenly throughout your body.

9. Boosts Your Immune System

A 45 minutes massage can improve your white blood cells/ lymphocytes levels. These cells are responsible for fighting health threats by defending your body against diseases. A zero gravity massage chair boosts your immunity by increasing lymphocytes’ production. As a result, you experience quick recovery from sicknesses or keep them at bay.

10. Offers More Convenience

The zero gravity position allows you to carry out activities like reading,  watching, or catching up with your inbox. Your raised head enhances proper posture for looking at your phone, TV, or a book. The comfort you get keeps off the distress of a regular desk.

11. Reduces Pregnancy Distress

A zero gravity chair lowers the risk of sleeping challenges resulting from hormonal and physical changes in the body. Sleeping on your back is comfortable and safe for you and your unborn baby.

What Are The Drawbacks Of A Zero Gravity Chair?

Besides the lengthy list of zero gravity chair benefits, there are also some disadvantages associated with this piece of furniture. They include:

Are Zero Gravity Chairs Worth it?

Zero gravity chairs are worth it. These chairs offer the healthiest way to sit. A zero gravity position helps your legs to recover from swelling. How? It allows your legs to rise above your heart, enhancing better blood circulation in your body. As a result, the excess water distributes evenly throughout your body, eliminating the swelling.

What’s more, the chair gives your back a break from the stress and pressure you get when working or sitting upright. A relaxed spine prevents the risk of lower back pain. Also, a zero-gravity position is an ideal cure for neck or back problems. A “daily dose” of seating in this position can heal your body from such complications.

In short, a zero gravity chair is worth investing in because the cons are insignificant compared to the benefits.


Is A Zero Gravity Chair Worth It?

Yes, a zero gravity chair is worth it. This chair is ideal for use both outdoors and indoors. It provides many benefits, including boosting your blood circulation, reducing the risk of varicose veins, and preventing leg swelling. The neutral position improves heart function and expands your lungs due to the thighs and torso opening angel.

What Position Of The Bed Is Zero Gravity?

The zero gravity position of the bed is the neutral sleeping posture of your body on an adjustable bed base. In this position, your head is tilted up while your feet are raised. That way, your heart, nervous system, and spine are well supported, providing a comfortable sleeping atmosphere.

How Long Can You Sit In A Zero Gravity Chair?

You can sit in a zero gravity chair for any amount of time as long as you are comfortable. The raised legs above your heart level cause equal distribution of your weight along your body, minimizing pressure on your spine. A minimum of 20 minutes of sitting in a zero gravity chair or 8 to 10 hours of sleep daily can repair your damaged spine.

How Do You Sit In A Zero Gravity Chair?

You sit in a zero gravity chair by leaning back to the backrest, placing your arms on the armrest while your feet slide under the footrest’s crossbar. Lift your feet slowly to obtain an optimum recline/ neutral position.

Is Zero Gravity Position Good For Side Sleepers?

Yes, a zero-gravity position is good for side sleepers. This chair is designed to minimize or completely remove pressure on your body. When you sleep on your side, you exert much stress on your hips and shoulders. Hence, the chair is ideal for sleeping on the side as there is no pain-causing pressure on your lower back. 

Recliner Vs. Zero Gravity Chair: Which Chair Is Right For You?

There is a very slight difference between a standard recliner and a zero gravity chair. The variance is due to the reclining positions of these chairs. While the former has several reclining positions, the latter has only upright sitting and zero gravity positions.

The recliner’s seating positions offer your maximum comfort and relaxation for long hours. On the other hand, a zero-gravity posture provides the healthiest sitting position in addition to comfort.

With this in-depth write-up, the ball is now in your court. Place the two chairs on a “weigh balance” and pick the one that best suits your need!


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