Recliner Vs. Gaming Chair

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: April 7, 2022

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Recliner Vs. Gaming Chair

The main difference between a recliner and a gaming chair is the design which depends on the chair’s use. A recliner is designed to offer comfort at different reclining positions depending on your present use. A gaming chair is designed to give you comfort while gaming.

So, recliner vs. gaming chair?

A recliner has more padding and is heavier than a gaming chair. A reclining chair leans back to provide a sitting, sleeping, book reading, or TV watching position. On the other hand, a gaming chair reclines back, and you can modify it to your desired position. It’s sleek and resembles an office chair.

This article provides all you need to know about the two chairs and how you can pick the best in the market.

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Recliners Vs. Gaming Chairs: What’s The Difference?

Besides the main difference, which is the design, the two seats have other areas in which they differ.

Let’s look at each of these chairs to understand their features, functionality, types, and more. That way, we can draw their differences in detail.

What Makes Up A Recliner Chair?

A recliner chair comprises many components classified as internal and internal parts.  They include the following:

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The External Parts Of A Recliner

The external parts of a recliner are the visible components of your recliner. These parts ought to be made out of solid and high-end materials. Why? That’s a considerable investment and should therefore be durable. Let’s look at each of these sections of a recliner.

 The Internal Parts Of A Recliner

The internal parts of a recliner are the components behind its outer structure. You find these parts on the recliners’ underside by flipping over your chair’s cover. These parts are as outlined below:

The above components are common to all recliners. Nonetheless, there are advanced features that specific recliner chairs may have. 

Extra Features Of A Recliner

The advanced feature of a recliner allows you to enjoy maximum comfort. In addition to identifying the type of chair you need, consider the advanced features your chair should have, depending on your need(s). However, such recliners cause you to dig deeper into your pocket. Find some of them hereunder.

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Types Of Recliners

Recliners are customized in different ways giving them the categories outlined below.  

The above types of recliners have slight differences in the purpose for which each is designed. That necessitates your understanding of the chair you need before buying one. They also have different extra features that enhance maximum comfort.

What Makes Up A Gaming Chair?

A gaming chair comprises unique components and is designed to provide comfort to gamers. This chair has a high backrest supporting your shoulders and upper back. It’s highly customizable for high-end comfort and efficiency: you can adjust the headrest, backrest, armrest, and lumbar support. 

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Let’s look at each of the parts of this fantastic piece of furniture. 

Ensure that all the above features are present and in good shape before buying your gaming chair to enjoy maximum comfort. Even so, there are additional features that can provide a superb experience in your gaming exercise.

Extra Features Of A Gaming Chair

It’s impressive how customizable a gaming chair is. You should, therefore, not be surprised to find one with additional components such as the following:

GTPLAYER Gaming Chair

Types Of Gaming Chairs

There are different gaming chairs from which you can pick one that suits your needs. The common ones include:

Here is the explanation of each category. Keep reading. 

PC Gaming Chairs

PC gaming chairs are off the floor and therefore commonly used for on-the-desk PC games. They resemble the regular office chair and have a swivel function allowing you to move while still seated at your desk.

These gaming chairs have extra cushioning and a bucket-style seat.  Additionally, the chairs have height-adjustable armrests and provide added lumbar support. Some of them may have a recline feature and a small pillow. 

Platform Gaming Chairs

A platform gaming chair is best if you play on gaming consoles like PlayStations.  These chairs look like recliners but are set on the floor. Additionally, they have side pockets where you can put your game controller and have in-build speakers or headphone ports.

Furthermore, gaming chairs are ideal for multiplayer games where you can play with your friends in the same room. The chairs can rock forward and backward while the floor is the “footrest” of platform gaming chair users. For this reason, the chair isn’t suitable for PC games.  

Hybrid Gaming Chairs 

Hybrid gaming chairs are a combination of PC and platform gaming chairs. They’re raised on a swivel base like PC gaming chairs and take after the platform gaming chair’s body structure. 

Some of these chairs are more advanced to have multiple monitors, game control mechanisms, and built-in sound speakers. You get the ultimate gaming experience with such chairs. However, you’ll have to spend more to buy one, but it’s worth it. 

What should You consider When Choosing Your Gaming Chair?

GTPLAYER Gaming Chair

You should consider several factors when choosing your gaming chair. Your success in gaming highly depends on the comfort you get from your chair.

An uncomfortable gaming chair gives an awkward experience and, consequently, poor performance. Below is a list of what you should look for in your chair for a gameplay experience.

Let’s get deeper into each of these factors.

1. Quality Material

Gaming chairs are a huge investment and should be made with sturdy materials. Generally, there are leather and fabric gaming chairs, and your choice depends on your preference. 

If you like having snacks while gaming, leather gaming chairs are ideal. Why? They aren’t stained by spilled food and snacks. These chairs are durable and therefore suitable for full-time gamers. Nonetheless, leather gaming chairs don’t have proper breathing and can be messy when it’s too hot. It doesn’t only make the chair uncomfortable but also makes it hard to grip the controller.

Contrastingly, fabric gaming chairs are less likely to become sweaty. They also have a variety of colors allowing you to choose the one you like. Nevertheless, these chairs are prone to stains and wear out more quickly. Additionally, they attract dust particles and aren’t friendly to allergic people. If they become sweaty, they produce an unpleasant odor.

2. Advanced Features

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For a superb gaming experience, you’ll want to have a gaming chair with extra features, depending on the choice of your game. These features may include a gaming controller, food storage containers, Bluetooth inputs, vibration capabilities, subwoofers, and more.

If your budget allows, go for a chair with all these additional features as it offers a gaming experience like no other. However, you don’t have to buy a chair with features that you don’t need. Remember, the more the functionality, the higher the price of the chair.    

 For instance, if the armrest or footrest interferes with your gaming system, you’ll want to buy a chair without those parts.  

3. Cost 

Gaming chairs are generally pricey. That results from additional features such as speakers and subwoofers. For this reason, it’s crucial to identify the necessary features that your budget can afford. If you’ve got these features on another tech, purchasing a  chair whose price is extremely high due to such components makes no sense. 

Nonetheless, you shouldn’t focus too much on the cost and overlook the benefits of the advanced features. Certain features enhance a fantastic gaming experience. Evaluate them to find out if they’re worth the price.

Since most gaming chairs are durable, failure to have the extra feature you need may render the chair uncomfortable. Consequently, it might call for an upgrade a few years down the line. That means your old chair investment goes to waste! 

4. Customization/ Appearance

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Your gaming chair looks are an essential factor to consider when buying one. Because it’s part of your room, make sure it blends well with the theme color(s).  It should also be attractive to you and your gaming colleagues when they come over.

A dull color may tire you quickly, and you may be tempted to replace it if not living with discontentment, which can lead to unproductivity.

Luckily, most of the gaming chairs come in various colors. You can also customize your chair with your best games or characters. Since most manufacturers offer customization services, seek to get a chair that aligns with your preferences. The extra customization may be expensive, but it’s worth it because it’s a lifetime investment.

5. Adjustability

Your gaming chair should be highly adjustable. Other people may want to play in your chair but have different preferences from yours. For that reason, your chair should accommodate changes such as further back tilting and having a higher sitting position.

Also, your liking may change in the future. Therefore, your chair should allow any adjustment needed. That is necessary where your gaming chair is long-lasting, and you might want to change your current playing style.

6. Comfort

You’re buying a gaming chair for your comfort during the long gaming sessions. 

For that reason, you need a chair with ergonomic features to ensure the correct posture throughout the body. The feature includes an adjustable neck and backrest, proper lumbar support, mesh siding, and the tilting back function. 

Although this chair gives your comfort and is health-friendly, standing, stretching, and walking around once in a while is necessary. Sitting for many hours may harm your body in the long run.

7. System Stability

Always ensure that your gaming chair is compatible with your gaming system(s). Even though most gaming chairs are fit for several systems, some chairs have limited functionality. For instance, a PC gaming chair isn’t suitable for racing games, and the opposite is true.

Hence, if you’re a multiple games player, you’ll want to have several game chairs or get a multipurpose one. For that reason, you need to conduct thorough research to make sure that you have the right chair for your system.

8. Chair Size

LEMBERI Gaming Chairs for Adults,Ergonomic Video Game Chairs with footrest,Big and Tall Gaming Chair 400lb Weight Capacity, Racing Style Gaming Computer Gamer Chair with Headrest and Lumbar Support

Examine the size of your gaming room and get a chair that can fit, and leave some space for others who would want to play with you. 

Also, gaming chairs have varying height and weight specifications. Put these factors into consideration for the maximum comfort and value for your money. 

Since most of these chairs are available at delivery options, do enough research before buying.  If you discover that you’ve purchased the incorrect size upon unpacking, returning the chair might not be an option. 

9. New Games

The gaming world is evolving each new day. It’s introducing a variety of new games and playing styles. For this reason, consider the compatibility of your new gaming chair with your potential game. 

Since gaming chair purchasing is a considerable investment, ensure that the chair you choose is suitable for the games you may play several years down the line. If the chair doesn’t meet these standards, you may have to purchase another in due time while the old one becomes of no use.

10. Retain The Old Chair

You can have a new gaming experience with your old chair. If your chair has a warranty, you can get a replacement or fixing through cleaning and reupholstering. Get the most out of your old chair first, but you can go for a new one if it has a complete breakdown.


Can You Use A Recliner As A Gaming Chair?

Yes, you can use a recliner as a gaming chair. Intense gaming needs paramount comfort to enjoy great sessions. A recliner can provide an optimal gaming position in which you game for hours without risking your health. Nonetheless, that posture is ideal for console gaming but not desk gaming.  

Can You Sleep On A Gaming Chair?

Yes, you can sleep on a gaming chair. You’ll find the chair quite comfortable because it can lean back and has a wide and durable footrest and a head pillow. However, constantly sleeping on a gaming chair may be a health hazard. 

Why Are Gaming Chairs So Uncomfortable?

Gaming chairs are so uncomfortable because of poor posture habits that lead to humpback. This back condition tightens your back, legs, shoulders, and neck muscles. As a result, you feel very uncomfortable in the initial stages of using a gaming chair. Why? Because the tightened muscles tend to expand. 

Does A Gaming Chair Help Back Pain?

Yes, a gaming chair helps back pain. A well-structured gaming chair maintains the correct posture. How? Its supports your neck, shoulders, head, arms, lower and upper back, and hips. A properly positioned head minimizes your neck strain, and consequently, there is less pressure on your spine, leading to reduced back pain. 

Does A Gaming Chair Improve Aim?

Yes, a gaming chair improves aim. This chair lets you assume the ideal sitting position, enhancing your posture and excellent performance. Additionally, it boosts blood circulation in your body, giving you maximum concentration and increased productivity for an extended period. 

Bottom Line

A recliner or a gaming chair? Whether you’ll purchase a recliner or a gaming chair depends on your need for the chair. The two pieces of furniture serve different purposes. A recliner is excellent for comfort and relaxation after a hard day’s work.  On the other hand, a gaming chair provides the ideal posture for gaming for long hours.

Furthermore, recliners are heavy and difficult to relocate, while gaming chairs are sleek and portable. Despite their differences, the chairs offer you the utmost comfort. Hence, you should consider your needs and budget and choose your ideal chair.   


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