How to Stop Office Chair from Spinning

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: March 9, 2022

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How to Stop Office Chair from Spinning

Is your spinning chair giving you a hard time at work? The gas lift, base, wheels, or uneven floor, might be the issue.

Some gas cylinders contain ball bearings with inner bearing parts rotating while the outside ones stay still. With time, the swivel may grow unmanageable, causing your chair to spin even when you don’t want it to.

Learn how to stop office chair from spinning in three easy ways.

Firstly, you lock a spinning chair by tightening any loose screws underneath it or on the stand. Alternatively, you stabilize a swivel recliner by replacing faulty casters or placing the chair on even flooring.

Also, you stop your office chair from spinning by wedging between the pole and plate.

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How to Stop Office Chair from Spinning

To fix your spinning desk chair, determine the cause. Several factors contribute to an office chair’s uncontrolled swiveling, including:

Loose Chair Base

There won’t be enough friction between the cylinder and the seat if there’s too much room between them. So, your desk chair continues to spin.

Loose Swivel Plate

The swivel plate, like any mechanical device, wears down. The fasteners securing the swivel plate in position start to loosen as you use your desk chair. This may induce the chair to revolve repeatedly.

Your Desk Chair is Unbalanced

The swivel mechanism on the seat base allows your office chair to rotate. But once you get up, inertia should halt it.

Your chair’s seat gets unbalanced with use. Once one side gets heavier, the chair revolves even when not moved.

Check if the seat leans to one side. If so, the causes could be:

Uneven Casters

If you have a distorted or damaged office chair’s wheel, your chair leans towards it. It not only induces discomfort when sitting, but it also makes your chair rotate when departed.

Uneven Surfaces

If your flooring is irregular, not all wheels touch it. The tilting occurs towards the deeper sections. While the seat is immobile, it causes needless movement or rotation.

#Option 1: How Do You Stabilize a Swivel Chair? Balancing

Adjust the chair’s position to ensure it’s on stable ground. If your chair is unbalanced due to a bent wheel, you can easily replace it.

Even if you only have one problematic caster, replace the set. Pull, unscrew, or twist each caster out of your desk chair based on your desk chair’s wheel design.

The wheels usually come out easier than when replacing them. Apply lubricant before attaching your new set.

When done, flip the desk chair over to see how it balances. If your chair no longer tilts to one side but still rotates, examine the swivel plates.

#Option 2: How Do You Lock a Spinning Chair? Fastening

Inspect the chair’s base. Each style of swivel chair works differently. Look for a swivel lock or screws at the chair’s base to secure it.

Tighten the brackets or screws underneath your chair or on the stand’s bottom to see if it helps. This stops most desk chairs from rotating, but not all.

#Option 3: How Do You Stop Your Desk Chair from Spinning? Wedging

Place a little rubber wedge between the chair’s base and its swiveling pole. Hammer the wedge carefully into the base. This forms a seal of the space between the pole and the base. Hammer lightly, or you may ruin the chair. The wedge provides friction that limits the chair’s movement.

Suppose your wedge won’t remain in position on its own; tape it. If one wedge isn’t enough to halt the swivel, place another on the pole’s opposite side.


Can I Make a Swivel Chair Stationary?

You can make a swivel chair stationery by screwing. Drill through the two plates using a drill bit. Then attach a screw through the hole. 

How Do You Stabilize a Swivel Recliner?

You stabilize a swivel recliner based on why it’s spinning. Ensure it’s on even ground. Then, check for any loose screws and base and fasten them if so. Lastly, secure the tilt knob.


Sides and armrests of spinning seats frequently contact with desk edges. As a result, the chair and your adjacent furniture may get damaged.

If you notice it happening, inspect your desk chair to see whether you can prevent it. With the simple ways explaining how to stop office chair from spinning above, you are set.


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