How To Replace A Recliner Spring: An Easy To Follow DIY Guide

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: May 24, 2021

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A recliner is an impressive piece of furniture to own. The beauty of this chair is its versatility and the several health benefits that come with it.

However, like most things, a recliner is prone to malfunction. While there are many causes of a recliner’s malfunction, in this article, we’ll focus on just one: A broken/damaged spring.

Recliner springs are vital to the comfort of the recliner chair. Believe it or not, when one is broken or damaged, the chair may become unbelievably uncomfortable.

The good news is, you don’t need to get rid of the chair. Recliner seat repair is relatively easy and inexpensive. All you need is time and determination, and before you know it, your recliner will be comfortable again.

Before we learn how to repair how to replace a recliner spring, let’s learn some basics.

What Is the Importance of A Spring In A Recliner?

While shopping for a recliner, one of the essential factors you check is the cushioning. You have to ensure that they are comfortable and firm. What you may not know is that even the plushiest of paddings and cushions would be uncomfortable without a spring.

You see, although the padding and cushions work together to offer you comfort, they should be firm enough not to sink you. And that’s where the springs come in. They make them firm for your ultimate comfort.

Common Issues with Springs.

Some of the common problems with springs include:

  • The coils are breaking hence making the seat uncomfortable.
  • Sagging off causing the seat to lose its firmness
  • Making irritating clacking and grinding noises

Types of Recliner Springs

types recliner springs
Types of recliner springs

Before we show you the easy step-by-step method of replacing a spring, we first want you to know the two types of springs found in a recliner chair. Knowing the types is important as they both have different replacement methods. They are:

  • The recoil spring
  • The Zigzag spring

You can easily tell which one of these two springs has an issue by the reclining action or a slight sag.

If the reclining action of your chair is much easier and doesn’t provide sufficient support, the recoil spring is likely to be faulty. However, if you notice a suddenly uncomfortable sinking, the zigzag spring could be broken.

Whichever the case, don’t fret. Here is a recliner chair spring replacement guide.

Step by Step Guide to Recliner Chair Spring Replacement

Tools You’ll Need

  • Screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Allen wrench
  • New recliner spring replacement
recliner springs

How To Replace A Recliner Tension Spring

  • Turn your recliner chair upside down for easy access to the recliner’s mechanism and interior parts. We recommend you do the repair in a well-lit and ventilated room.
  • Remove the covering the cover and find the faulty recliner spring location.
  • Check to determine whether the coils are missing old or damaged. If they are, use a pair of pliers to remove them at each point of attachment carefully. Remember they are still under high tension, so you should be careful and wear some safety goggles.
  • Purchase compatible replacement recoil tension springs from an online store or in a furniture store near you. However, if you can’t find your specific model springs, you can contact the manufacture.
  • Stretch the springs first before installation. Use two screwdrivers to pull the spring apart gently. Do the same thing to the middle section as well and let it rest for a while.
  • Carefully install the new springs in their rightful position. To avoid any mishap, lock the adjustable pliers.
  • Ensure that the springs are secure before you flip back the chair to an upright position and test if it’s working correctly.

Replacing A Zigzag Recliner Spring

  • Flip the recliner upside down and remove the covering. You can use a staple remover or a screwdriver to remove the staples. Be careful as you will reattach the same upholstery later.
  • Gently remove the fabric and padding to reveal the recliner’s interior and search for the faulty recliner springs location. Finding it should be easy since zigzag springs are large and lay against the back of the seat.
  • Gently pull the top section of the broken spring until it comes off. Once it’s out, removes the bottom of the spring from its clamp.
  • Purchase a new replacement spring that is compatible with your recliner chairs. Ensure that the number of the zigzag spring replacement is the same as the number of the damaged spring. You can Contact the manufacturer If you are not sure of how to measure the recliner spring.
  • After purchasing the new replacement spring, you can go proceed to replace it. Start with attaching the upper part and then reclamp the bottom. This is because the lower part is more visible.
  • Ensure that the spring is secure, then reattach the upholstery.
  • Flip the chair to an upright position and check whether it’s comfortable.

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Parting Shot

A recliner spring tension should no longer give you a headache now that you know how to replace a recliner spring. However, the above is a general guide. Some recliner model”s springs may be a bit complicated to replace. In such cases, we recommend you call a professional.