How to Remove the Base of an Office Chair

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: February 4, 2022

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How to Remove the Base of an Office Chair

Due to prolonged sitting or employing the chair as an additional shelf, office chair bases often undergo excessive wear and tear. Moreover, mishandling your chair, for instance, letting kids jump on it, can damage it. Repeated lever changes and gas cylinder movements also cause additional strain.

This article explores straightforward steps on how to remove the base of an office chair and replace it.

In short, you can remove the bottom of an office chair with ease as most models have a resembling design. You release the base of an office chair by spinning it anticlockwise. Lastly, you replace an office chair base by detaching the old one from the gas cylinder and wheels then fixing the new one.

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Can You Remove the Bottom of an Office Chair?

You may wonder if chair bases have variations. Can you easily remove and place anything on an office chair?

Office chair bases from the same brand typically have the exact attachment sizes. It’s only a matter of preference and material, so you can easily remove and replace them.

There are three primary materials used in office chair bases. You can get metal, plastic, or wood. Some have wheels; some don’t.

The weight that a chair base supports varies by material. Steel carries a large load while plastic can’t. A sturdy base ensures it doesn’t damage quickly, minimizing the need to remove it.

How Do You Release the Base of an Office Chair?

First, prepare your workspace before beginning the procedure. Choose a location that allows you to work at ease.

Step 1: Secure Your Work Surface

Put a fabric or newspaper underneath the chair. Because of lubrication, gas cylinders within desk chairs can emit oils. You can keep grease from getting on your floor by placing these items.

Step 2: Flip it Upside-Down

Place the chair upon the ground or wherever you feel most at ease. Overturn it to expose the base. Check that the base’s center is easily within reach and visible.

Step 3: Locate a Holding Clip

Look for a holding clip at the base’s center. Remove it with pliers or a screwdriver. Afterward, gently bend the clip open and allow it to detach from the piston.

Step 4: Remove the Washer

The washer resembles a miniature car tire. Slide it off the piston to remove it.

Step 5: Detaching the Base

After removing the washer, spin the chair base counterclockwise and take it out simultaneously. The chair base and gas cylinder come off together. The gas cylinder remains within the base. Take care not to dirty yourself too much with grease smears from the coating.

How to Remove the Base of an Office Chair When Stuck

A stuck desk chair base is likely due to a rusted gas cylinder. You need lubricant, a clean cloth, and a mallet to solve this problem. It’s best to avoid white fabric because stains are challenging to remove.

The stuck base should come loose in a matter of seconds.

How Do You Replace an Office Chair Base?

Office chair base replacement is equally simple and requires no new tools. 

Here’s how to do it effectively. 

1. Position Your Chair

If you don’t want to get your floor dirty, use newspaper or cloth on it, just like when removing. The chair should then be on its back or overturned.

2. Strike the Edge

Next, hit the margin on the periphery. Continue to hit the edges until the base falls off or separates from the gas cylinder. The clip snaps before the cylinder disassemble.

3. Take Off the Wheels

The casters are easily removable. Pull them out one at a time. If they have screws, unfasten them.

4. Snap the Caster into Your New Base

Once you successfully remove them, attach them to the new base. Align the wheels with the chair’s socket and apply pressure. If you notice that the wheels aren’t connecting with the socket, lightly grease the chair before inserting them.

5. Connect the Base to Your Chair

Align your chair’s cylinder with the new base, then push down. After that, check to see if the chair is steady. To test the stability, sit in the chair and see if it has a secure attachment to the new base.

Also, learn more from our comprehensive guide on how to disassemble an office chair.


The steps on how to remove the base of an office chair and replace it require minimal effort. However, there are some things to consider:

You can skip tip three if working in a garage or someplace you don’t consider crucial.


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