How to Lock Office Chair Height (Pro Tips)

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: February 18, 2022

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How to Lock Office Chair Height

Getting the correct sitting posture is imperative in a myriad of ways. You can focus on your tasks and complete them quickly and efficiently with the right sitting height. Moreover, a proper height minimizes issues like neck, knee, and wrist straining.

That’s why the right working height is crucial. Irrespective of your office chair’s height adjustment mechanism, this guide gives you a quick way on how to lock office chair height.

You lock office chair height based on the model by element tightening or control releasing. For instance, you keep your office chair from lowering by releasing the lever on hydraulic models. On the other hand, you lock your office chair height by fastening the nut or screw-on threaded-post versions.

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How to Lock Office Chair Height

Locking your office chair height takes a little while, whether using a power, hydraulic, or threaded post office chair. Doing this varies with which of the three your office chair is.

Let’s see how to lock office chair height on the three.

How Do I Keep My Office Chair from Lowering? (Hydraulic Chair)

Pneumatic office chair height locking is straightforward as these models are easily adjustable. Once you get your optimum height, you can lock them in place quickly.

When you pull their height adjustment handle while sitting on them, the seat lowers in height. Conversely, the gas pressure in your hydraulic lift raises the seat when you remove your weight and tug on the handle again.

When you stop pushing or pulling your height adjustment lever, it locks your chair. Hence, no extra locks are necessary to keep the chair’s height in place.

How Do You Lock a Desk Chair? (Power Office Chair)

Inbuilt motors in some desk chairs allow you to change settings like your height with a single button press.

Like a conventional hydraulic desk chair, a power office chair automatically locks its height when you don’t press the adjustment controls. So, no unique locking is necessary as they can keep their height even when heavily loaded.

A unique characteristic of electric office chairs is memory. These chairs’ technology allows you to store your specific height settings. This way, you can adjust the chair to suit different occasions and return it to your chosen position with a single button press.

Want to learn more on how to raise an office chair without a lever? Visit this guide.

How Do I Lock My Office Chair Height? (Nut/Screw Adjustment Chair)

Locking a screw adjustment chair is entirely dissimilar to hydraulic and power counterparts. Here, you need to spin the chair left and right until attaining the required height.

The issue is that as you move in your chair, it may twist a little and change its height. That’s why you require an extra measure to secure your chair’s height.

Screw-Lock Chairs

These chairs have a small screw at the threaded post’s placement position on the chair’s base. After adjusting the chair’s height to a suitable one, use a screwdriver to fasten the screw.

The screw pushes on the threaded post, preventing it from rotating.

Nut-Lock Chairs

Some threaded-post desk chairs come with a nut that acts as a stopper. It prohibits you from altering your chair’s height until you untighten it.

Unscrew the nut using your hands or a big wrench to modify the chair’s height.

After adjusting, tighten the nut by turning it in the reverse direction. This prevents your chair from altering its height as you move around in it.


Why Won’t My Office Chair Go Up?

Your office chair won’t go up due to a faulty gas cylinder or lever. When the gas cylinder valve gets old, it may not be able to control compressed air within the cylinder. You can solve this by applying lubricant to your lift mechanism. Also, you may replace the cylinder.

In case of a faulty lever, replace a broken one and realign a dislodged one.

Can You Fix an Office Chair That Won’t Stay Up?

You can fix an office chair that won’t stay up in various ways based on the cause. For example, a damaged lift mechanism may need lubrication or replacement.

Alternatively, you can place a clamp around the cylinder to deter movement. If using a screw or nut-adjustment chair, verify that you tightened the screw or nut.


In short, there are four ways to lock your office chair height. The first is by releasing your lever when using a hydraulic chair. A power chair’s locking is as simple as letting go of the button.

Screw and nut-adjustment chairs are a bit more hands-on, though you can get this done in a couple of minutes. 

With these tips on how to lock office chair height, you won’t need to stand up every few minutes to fix it. So, go ahead and enjoy the productivity a stable chair has to offer. Besides, you are a step away from body pains by getting the right height.


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