The Ultimate Guide on How to Fix a Lazy Boy Recliner

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: February 1, 2022

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How to Fix a Lazy Boy Recliner

La-Z-Boy chairs have impeccable features, cementing their place amongst the most luxurious furniture lines. However, these quality specifications come at their costs, with some La-Z-Boy recliners demanding quite a lump sum.

For instance, you’ll spend almost $500 on the La-Z-Boy Edmonton office chair. The thought of dishing out such amounts again is simply unacceptable. That is why learning how to fix a Lazy Boy recliner is critical when your chair isn’t working okay.

That said, many issues may cause your La-Z-Boy recliner to malfunction. Each has its fix, and the complexity, time taken, and expenses incurred vary with your problem.

Dive in for simple fixes to the top problems affecting La-Z-Boy recliners.

How Do You Fix Your Lazy Boy Recliner Arm?

A problematic arm can make it challenging for you to get out of your La-Z-Boy. Here are several hacks to fix a La-Z-Boy recliner arm.

Screw Tightening Method

  • Maximally lean back the recliner, then lean over to your arm’s position. There should be a screw holding its arm in position.
  • Tighten the screw using pliers or an adjustable wrench or pliers until you notice resistance on the opposite side with the loosely tightened arm.

Arm Disassembling Method

If screw tightening fails, remove your La-Z-Boy recliner’s arm. This is a tad more tricky than simply tightening a screw.

  • Loosen all screws attaching the arm.
  • Proceed to tighten back your arm with pliers rather than vice grips or an adjustable wrench.

Here is a handy guide on how to disassemble a recliner like a pro.

Arm Realignment Method

If moving the arm remains problematic, you may have to reconnect it to a new location.

  • Disconnect the arm’s screws.
  • Place your arm in a new location and secure it with the screws again.

If still unable, get expert help.

How Do You Fix a Footrest on a Lazy Boy Recliner?

Probably, your footrest is either unable to move or collapses under your legs’ weight. Based on what ails your footrest, here is how to go about the issue.

Stationary Footrest

There is a simple solution if the footrest won’t move as you pull its lever. A stationary footrest owes to the stiffness of the internal connections.

  • Turn the chair upside down and stretch its footrest. The footrest’s base is near the lever and the internal mechanism.
  • Spray WD-40 on the internal mechanism, paying particular attention to any areas with metal bends. These are the contact points that cause the footrest to move. WD-40 lubricates the mechanism, keeping it from becoming stiff.
  • Return the recliner to its upright position and test the lever. It should move, allowing you to adjust your footrest with it.

Loose Footrest

If the lever is operational but your footrest can’t stay up, your recliner has a spring issue.

  • Overturn your chair to see its internal mechanism.
  • Inspect the recliner exterior until you come upon a network of linked springs. When your footrest extends, this is what holds it in place. The springs could be loose or no longer connected.
  • If so, reconnect them. The fix is straightforward; simply attach the spring’s end back to that of your footrest.
  • Replace a broken spring or one that is challenging to manipulate. Springs are available in local hardware shops and online. Insert your new springs exactly in the slots occupied by the damaged ones.

Hopefully, your footrest is secure and operating correctly.

How Do You Fix a Lazy Boy Recliner Mechanism?

The reclining function of your La-Z-Boy depends on two mechanisms. One employs a cable whereas the other an arm.

A damaged or slack cable is the most frequent source of a malfunction. Follow this technique to fix a La-Z-Boy whose mechanism has failed.

  • Remove the cushion to gain access to your handle or lever and determine whether your cable is loose or broken.
  • If damaged, replace your recliner cable. On the other hand, a slack cable only needs reconnection to the lever.
  • Examine the lever’s condition. It may be the source of the problem if loose. Tighten its bolt and nut. However, a stripped lever demands replacement.
  • Look for components that appear bent or in unusual positions. Realign them straight by flexing them back into their proper places.

How Do You Fix an Electric Lazy Boy Recliner That Won’t Recline?

A recliner has many moving elements, which may cause some wires to snag and loosen with continuous reclining. Therefore, to fix an electric lazy boy recliner that won’t recline, reconnect any loose cables.

  • Detach your La-Z-Boy from power and overturn it.
  • You may need to detach some screws securing the fabric based on the model.
  • Next, inspect for any fallen wires and reconnect them.
  • Flip your recliner around, and, hopefully, it reclines properly.

Why Is My Lazy Boy Hand Control Not Working?

Your Lazy boy hand control may fail to work when you use your hand control to close your recliner. This problem’s troubleshooting is akin to that of a non-moving recliner. Your hand control cable is likely loose and needs reconnection.

Locate the loose wire at your La-Z-Boy’s base. Reconnect it, then secure using electrical tape.

How Do You Fix the Lever on a Lazy Boy Recliner?

Before we look at how to fix the lever on a Lazy boy recliner, understand that there are three kinds of La-Z-Boy recliner backs:

  • Backs with locking levers
  • Those bolted
  • Those with catches or locking tabs

But how to fix the levers?

Locking Lever Fix

Check that brackets attached to the sides of the locking lever are tight. They should be facing downwards and fastened onto your seat’s metal posts when sitting.

Bolted Lever Fix

The catches or locking tabs should secure into place when you slide the back on. To strengthen the back, detach the bracket fasteners then tighten them. After installing the back, confirm that the tab properly eases into its slot with a flat screwdriver.

Locking Tab/Catches Lever Fix

Loosen the back panel’s lower side. You’ll notice the bolts beneath, which you should unscrew. Retighten the bolts to ensure that the back firmly attaches to the seat posts.

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How Do You Fix Your Lazy Boy Headrest?

La-Z-Boy headrests are typically within your recliner’s body. If damaged, it almost always is a clean snap. As a result, you’ve to replace the part.

You’ll need several tools if your headrest’s pillow and cloth wear out, like scissors or something else to cut the fabric. 

So, to fix your lazy boy headrest, open your pillow and insert some new pillowing. Stuffing the pillow gives it a new look.

Once filled to your liking, stitch the open seam shut.

The best spots to cut are near the bottom or directly at your headrest’s top. With these areas hidden, no one is likely to notice your work.

Also, don’t forget to read our recliner headrest cleaning guide.

Why Is My Lazy Boy Recliner Lopsided?

Your lazy boy recliner is lopsided when there is structural damage. Consequently, your La-Z-Boy begins leaning sideways while reclining. Some of its internal components may twist out of shape. Regrettably, in this case, there isn’t a simple solution.

That said, attempt to bend the rods back to shape if the curvature isn’t too severe. This, however, is harder than it sounds. Often, only an expert can solve this.

At last, here is our curated list of the best La-Z-Boy Office chairs to buy in 2022.

Time to Rock

There are several Lazy Boy chair difficulties, but the ones highlighted here are the most typical. By now, the steps on how to fix a Lazy Boy recliner should be effortless to conduct.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that La-Z-Boy provides excellent guarantees for their furniture. Before replacing any of the recliner’s parts, ensure you confirm your warranty.