How to Fix Electric Recliner: DIY Today!

by Andrew Smith| Last Updated: February 4, 2022

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How to Fix Electric Recliner

Thanks to their easily usable designs, electric recliners are suitable for more people, including those with limited mobility. Besides, their sturdy build makes them last longer than typical manual models.

Even so, it’s critical to understand their problems and how to get your unit fixed. Not to mention, DIY electric recliner fixes help you minimize repair expenses.

Below, I’ll share the most straightforward ways on how to fix an electric recliner when faced with common power recliner issues.

In short, you fix an electric recliner based on the problems including, broken or loose cabling, stiff joints, power surges, and more. If an electric recliner stops working, begin by verifying a power connection. You reset a power recliner by detaching it and securing its parts.

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How to Fix Electric Recliner

When an electric power recliner malfunctions, it becomes impossible to recline. It’s even more frustrating if you cannot tell where the problem is. 

Worry not. Below, I’ll discuss the possible issues and how to fix the electric recliner.

Let’s see.

Disconnected Wires or Plugs

Relocating your recliner may disengage or loosen the motor’s plug or wires. Your recliner won’t work if any of the connections aren’t secure enough. Even if you didn’t loosen or damage the power plugs, they could occasionally malfunction.

If the outlet is okay, look for damage at the wire’s other end. Fix it if it’s loose, partially pulled out, or frayed.

Surge Damage

Power surges may wreck parts like your power recliner’s motor. A power surge only damages the engine’s transformer, not the entire motor, if you’re lucky.

You can inspect this by looking at your recliner’s motor. If you don’t see a green light or visible harm, your transformer is dead and requires replacement. 

A visibly damaged recliner motor means it’s dead and needs replacement too, which can be costly. It might be best to change it with a quality new recliner.

Learn how much it costs to fix a power recliner by reading this guide.

Damaged Internal Wires

The backseat or footrest may not be fully adjustable sometimes. This could indicate a faulty electrical wire inside your power recliner. Typically, this happens when the wire pinches as you open or close the chair.

A broken wire is probably the cause of a sudden stoppage of your recliner’s mechanism that includes a spark-like noise.

You can repair partially broken wires with electrical tape. Totally damaged ones, however, may require replacement. There’s no electric flow if any wire is completely severed. Fixing the electrical cables to the chair’s frame can help prevent future damage.

Here’s the detailed guide on how to fix a recliner cable.

Other Electrical Problems

Check the outlet first if your power recliner isn’t responding to commands. Plug in a working device to test the outlet’s electricity. If it works, the issue isn’t with your outlet.

As a result, some electric gadgets shut to safeguard their internal systems, wires, and motors. Any surge may cause the electric recliner to quit functioning for a while.

So always use a power recliner with a surge and overcurrent protector. Unplug the recliner if it features a battery backup and tests it for electrical issues.

If its battery and cables are fine, another element may be faulty. The heating parts, inner power supply, lift motor, hand control, massage elements, and relay boxes are among them.

Issues With Motors and Controls

Other electrical issues like recliner motor breakdown, central battery spoilage, or faulty remote control may mess up your chair. These items can all affect the functioning of other parts.

For that reason, you may need to replace multiple recliner components at once. For example, if the motor fails, you may also need a battery, or your recliner may not function.

It gets trickier if your recliner has aspects like heating and massage. If you need to replace multiple vital parts, it may be cheaper to buy a new recliner.

What to Do If an Electric Recliner Stops Working?

To know what to do when your electric recliner stops working, you need to understand the source of the problem. It’s likely that your power recliner:

Using Your Reset Button

Perhaps all that’s necessary is to press the reset button. If you recline frequently, the system may overload. Still, a power surge may shut it down.

First, unplug the recliner, wait a few moments, then replug it to reset its motor. If that fails, unplug your recliner again. Find its reset button and press it.

Typically, the reset button is between your remote control’s close and open switches. In other cases, it’s on or near the motor. Here, you’ll need a flashlight to find it, as it’s hidden.

Insert a small sharp object like a paperclip into the hole to use the reset button. After pressing it, wait around two minutes before replugging your recliner.

How Do You Fix an Electrical Recliner That Won’t Recline?

Recliners have many springs and joints. Your power recliner will be difficult to move if these components become stiff.

To fix an electric recliner that won’t recline, try forcefully opening or closing the recliner. If that doesn’t work, lubricate the internal parts. Lubrication facilitates the movement of parts. After lubricating the components, your power recliner should open and close smoothly.

My Recliner Won’t Close, How Do I Fix It?

If your electric recliner stops functioning while open;

If it still doesn’t work, your wiring is bad. Examine the recliner’s wire connections. Reconnect any loose wires. Make sure the electricity is off.

If a wire gets caught within its mechanism and splits, reconnect it. Tape the two sections together with electrical tape.

 If no cables are loose or snipped, the hand control or motor is likely faulty.

Fixing an Improperly Moving or Noisy Recliner

The lever may not work smoothly on your recliner. While opening or closing your chair, hold the lever for five seconds. Erratic reclining can arise from jerking the handle.

Something may be blocking the handle’s path if you are using it without success. Verify that nothing is obstructing the mechanism.

How Do You Reset a Power Recliner?

Prolonged use of an electric recliner may demand a reset. Doing this deters issues like not changing positions or short-circuiting the motor and wires.

To reset a power recliner, therefore, follow these steps:


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Fixing your recliner doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg–you can easily do it without involving a technician. 

However, if the highlighted methods on how to fix electric recliners don’t work, it’s time to call in a professional. Contacting your recliner’s manufacturer or seller is the fastest and safest way to get your recliner fixed.

Moreover, if the recliner still has a warranty, they may provide free repairs or replacements. Even if it isn’t, these experts can assist you in finding quality materials for your electric recliner.


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